A Classic-(al) Beatdown

Low 60s made for a welcome respite from the 70s and high humidity we’ve been experience lately.

14 HIM posted for a beatdown history lesson celebrating YHC’s classical music upbringing.

CCR, OchoCinco, Venus, Too Tall, Tampa Libra, Big Pipeline, Topanga, Yard Sale, Accounts Receivable, FoxTrot Talks A Lot, Movin’ On Up, BV, Ludwig van Oshkosh (QIC)

WOR: Very Standard

SSH, WMH, Good Mornings, LBAC (r), But Kickers, Air Presses


3 well-known classical pieces served as the soundtrack for our day. Not exactly the most pump you up and get you inspired to work hard music, but they still served our purposes effectively. CCR served as our Spotify maestro.

1 – 1st movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

Slow ‘n Low squats the entire piece without stopping. To keep the musical explanation simple, the piano has a “1 2 3 4 5 6” pattern the entire piece. Down on the first 3 beats, up on the 2nd 3 beats. Roughly 140 total.

Ran a capri lap after the piece.

2 – 1812 Overture – As noted previously on Slack, this piece is popular at American patriotic festivals, leading to the popular and incorrect belief that is has something to do with the war of 1812. It was composed by Tchaikovsky to commemorate the 1812 Russian defeat of Napoleon and the invading French.

18 Plank Jax, 12 Merkins, 18 Mountain Climbers, 18 Burpees – entire superset X2, then run capri lap. RnR until piece is complete

3 – Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no. 2 – 2nd movement

Melody serves as the verse in Eric Carmen’s 1975 hit “All By Myself.” He believed Rachmaninoff’s music was in the public domain by that time, which it was, in the US only. Rachmaninoff’s estate informed Carmen that his compositions were still under copyright protection internationally, and so Carmen agreed to a 12% royalty outside the US.

Piece was composed in 1900, which was the also the same year the modern zeppelin first took flight — so we did some BLIMPS. Two rounds of BLIMPS, then run a capri lap. RnR until piece is complete.

Just enough time left for a little Mary.

18 flutter kicks, 12 WW1s oyo


Plenty of Time

Q: A_R

CCR, Noodler, Old Fashioned, Ocho Cinco, Juan Valdesz, Bagger Vance, Michelin Man, Movin-On-Up, Tapenga, Yardsale, Ludwig, A_R

Warm up
– 20 count side straddle hop
– 10 count imperial walkers
– 10 count willie Mays
– 10 count hill billies
– 10 burpees

– Run to bottom of the road (by Elington)
– Run back up
– At each driveway do 10 Merkins
– And 10 mountain climbers
– Grab coupon and meet at hand rails

4 sets of
– 20 rows (waited optional)
– 10 pull ups
– 20 overhead presses with coupon
– 20 dips
– Side straddle hop for the 6. Start each set together.

Back to parking lot
– Sprints with 5 atomics in between

Flutter kicks and box cutters until 6:15

Robbie Miller MOD

Bagger Vance, Floppy Disk, PSL, The Situation, SoccerTeaze, Ocho Cinco, School Girl, CCR, Movin’ On Up, Grisham, Faulkner, Vegemite, YHC.

Prevac, Dupree, Bueller, Donuts, Too Tall, Dilly, and Razorback

Stolen phrase from Bagger: “MOD”. We did a slightly modified version of the Robbie Miller WOD as follows:

  • (6) block curls each arm (12 each arm for those with the small block)
  • (6) burpee squats
  • (6) 4-count mountain climbers
  • (6) block getups

Traditional RM-WOD replaces the curls with pullups.

Goal: 12 rounds

When Q called time we mosied to the handrails for max inverted rows with partner. Return coupons and mosy to startex, (1) 8-count bodybuilder for every round under 12 completed.

Final week of 4:13 events. Run tomorrow, 4:13 AO Thursday, signing day Friday lunch.

Continued prayers for Charlie and Ludwig’s bride.

Explore the space

CCR, Bagger Vance, PSL, Too Tall, AR, Rooster, Grisham, Dine N Dash, BoyBand, FTTA, Faulkner, School Girl, Ocho Cinco, Movin On Up, Prevac, JK, Floppy, Ludwig, Paul Blart

Mosey the ball field loop. Circle up under pavilion for 30 SSH, 12 GM’s, 10 Squats, and 20 Hillbillies

YHC was excited to explore an unused area of the AO. Mosey to the gully for instructions.

1. 2:4 Jack Webb with Irkins on the slope. 2 Irkins, 4 AirPresses..4 Irkins, 8 AirPresses……up to 20 Irkins, 40 AirPresses

2. Partner up. Partner 1 does 1 Burpee, ~5-6 ft Wall Climb, 1 Lt. Dan, back down – going up 1 rep each time.

Partner 2 runs to the swings and back. Switch.

RR until around ~8-10 reps.

3. 1:2 Jack Webb with Dirkins on the slope.

4. Partner 1 starts moving Lt. Dan on the bus loop while Partner 2 runs to the swings and back. Switch.

After a mosey back to the lot circle up, on your 6, for 10 minutes of MARY.
20 Captain Thor OYO
20 Flutters IC
20 Alabama Prom Date IC
20 Flutters IC
25 Single-Leg Alabama Prom Date IC
25 Single-Leg Alabama Prom Date IC
20 Flutters IC
10 Fire Hydrant each side
10 Fire Hydrant with kick each side
20 Captain Thor OYO

For I will pour water on the thirsty land,
and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring,
and my blessing on your descendants.
– Isaiah 44:3

Buddy Murph

Conditions: perfect
18 PAX: Ludwig, Vegamite, Blacklung, Floppydisk, DillyDilly, Dmish, TooTall, MasterSplinter, Reefer, Flugtag, BigPerm, MovinOnUp, CCR, BoyBand, EdibleArrangment, PSL, BrotherAtLaw, AccountsReceivable
Intro / Disclaimer
Warm Up:
5 burpees
Jog around bus loop
20 side straddle hops
15 imperial walkers
10 bac forward 10 backward
Indian run around neighborhood loop
(struggled with maintaining a consistant pace. ūüėČ )
Partner up (Partner Murph)
100 pull-ups
200 pushups
300 squats
1 partner does AMRAP (through one exercise at a time) while other partner
runs suicide (back pedal to starting line)
Each pair combines reps to hit totals.
30 sec body saw (low plank)
20 ww1
20 plank jacks
10 good mornings
10 windmills
10 Goodmornings
20 Alabama prom dates
20 Alternating shoulder taps
Circle up for prayer and java.

Blarney Stoned – 03.18.2019

14 turned out for an Irish folk-scored, coupon-heavy (Blarney Stones), cardio-heavy, workout at Detention.¬† Because I’m related to CCR, it was my AO with him on 2.0 duty.¬† It’s the law.

PAX: Floppy D, Reefer, Ludwig, PSL, Greencastle, Dmish, Drone Zone, Old Hick, Dine and Dash, Black Lung, Dilly Dilly, Brother at Law (O’Q), Movin’ on Up, Bad Boy.

WOR: Ran a bit, did the greatest hits a bit: SSH, GM, WMH, LBAC, RLBAC, Navy Babies, Overhead Press, Slo and lo merks.

THANG: Count off 1’s and 2’s.¬† 1’s go grab blarney stones.¬† 2’s head to Pavillion.¬† One partner would do an exercise while the other did a run.¬† Here’s what we did:

One partner suicide sprints while the other did the following exercises.  Flapjack after each suicide and wait for the six: 1) Goblin squat; 2) RDL with upright row; 3) plank jacks; 4) coupon lunch; 5) curlies for the girlies.

One partner¬†runs the hill while the other did the following exercises.¬† Flapjack after each hill and wait for the six: 1) bench jumps; 2) RDL with curl; 3) blarney o’hammers nee american hammers nee Russian twists;¬† 4) lateral coupon lunge; 5) dips; 6) squat thrusters.

Return coupons.  Stop at the railing for 17 rows, 17 merkins, 17 rows.  Cool.

Return to top lot for sprinting mary (TM).  True Moo cut off our sprinting lanes, so we did a sprint and back instead of our typical 100m dash.  Alas.  Sprint, flutter kicks x25, sprint, high plank followed by 20 ASTs, sprint, circle up for Alabama prom dates, I think maybe american hammers again, then GMs to see us on through.

With final sprint we officially cleared 2 miles by my watch.  A good weekday morning for sure.



3/29 Leadership lunch at Richland with Ret. US Army Ranger John Belman.  See Slack for details or contact Bagger.

3/23: Westside CSAUP The Scorpion.  Begins at Titan and ends at West Park.  See Slack or contact Princess Aurora for details.

Great to have Bad Boy out with us 6 days after welcoming his new baby girl.  Looked super rested.

Prayer: Grateful to be able to get up in the morning with you all.¬† Don’t want to take it for granted.

Brother at Law

Welcome to Miami

14 of F3’s finest came out for a glorious 55-degree morning in the Hall.¬† CCR regaled us with tales of Miami, Predators, and airplane wardrobe changes. Walter White edged out PSL in a foot race. And someone released some heinous anus on the basketball courts. So yeah, you could say it was a glorious morning.

CCR, Dilly Dilly, Hollowback Girl, Too Tall, Vegemite, CAPSLOCK, PSL, Accounts Receivable,  Razorback, Frank and Beans, Black Lung, Walter White, YHC Tampa Libra

Warmup: Mosey the loop then circle up for SSHx9, WMHx9, Good Morningsx9 Hillbilliesx15, Squatsx15, Air Pressesx30, CDDx9.

10-minute AMRAP – 15 swing set leg curls, 9 inverted rows, 15 hand-release pushups, run the loop

10-minute AMRAP – 9 box jumps, 5 pullups, 9 swing set arm curls, run the loop

Swing set arm curl to failure

Mosey to the lot and split into two groups for sprints. Second person in line holds in pushup position, rest of the line air squats, first person sprints and tags #2 who does a pushup before taking off.

Started off Mary with a little mobility work, heard lots of mumble chatter about yoga and jazzercise but it seems to die down as the pain set it.

Finished with 50 heel touches each side and a 10,8,6,4,2 ladder of around the worlds.

Announcements: CCR put out a plug for 4:13 Strong

Prayers: Hollowback Girl’s mother-in-law has been in the hospital for a spell (2 weeks?), praise for Black Lung’s dad leaving the hospital today. Prayers for our city. Over 400 churches of various faiths and backgrounds are joining together to devote the month of February to prayer and fasting for our city.

Tampa, out.


My Hammies are Barking – Detention 01.28.2019

25 beauts showed up to get better on a cool Monday morning.¬† What a way to kick off the week.¬† Here’s how it went down.

When: 01.28.2019 5:30 AM

PAX: CCR (Co-QIC); Brother at Law (Co-QIC): Juan Valdez; Black Lung; BV; Boy Band; T-Cell; Kiss by a Rose (FNG); Frank and Beans (FNG); Floppy D; Accounts Receivable; Dine and Dash; Dilly Dilly; Too Tall; Dmish; Caps Lock; Edible Arrangement; Razorback; Tampa Libra; Ludwig; PSL; Walter White; Toto; Yard Sale; Vegemite.

Tunes: An extremely eclectic mix of Weather Report, Sturgil Simpson, Drive-by Truckers, Gang of Youths, Jawbreaker, Susto, Band of Horses and Fleetwood Mac.

Warmup: Bus loop mosey with some shuffles, then everybody grab a coupon (shout out to Razorback who grabbed the large rock instead) and met at the Pavilion for a fast-paced brother WOR, which included: SSH, GMs, WMH, LBAC with lunge; RBAC with lunge; hopkicks (obviously); overhead press; seal claps; low and slow squats; low and slow merkins.

THANG: Brother at Law kicked us off with the following 12 minute super-set:

Squat and press x10; plank for remainder of minute

5 low, 5 high, 5 full curls; plank for remainder of minute

RDLs x10; plank for remainder of minute.

Do that a total of four times, then CCR tagged in.

Mosey to the bottom of the Hill for a couple of suicides.  Exercises 1/3 up the hill then back to the bottom; exercises 2/3 up the hill then back to the bottom; then pull ups at the top of the hill.  Here were the sets:

Set 1: 1/3 = Atomic merkins x10; 2/3 = Jump squats x10; 3/3 = 10 pullups.  Flutter kix for the six.

Set 2: 1/3 = 4 count mountain merkins x10; 2/3 = jump lunges x10; 3/3 = 10 pullups.  20 more atomic merkins and WW1s for the six.

Set 3: 1/3 = 10 reverse burpees aka Grishams; 2/3 = burpees x10; 3/3 = 10 pullups.  20 mountain climber merkins and then plank for the six.

Drop off coupons and mosey to upper lot for final workout: Diagon Alleys.¬† Shuffle and shuttle run the zig zag the diagonally striped parking lanes and at the bottom of each “stall” (for lack of a better word) do 3 merkins.¬† My guess is there were 10-12 stalls, but I wasn’t counting.

That’s all she wrote.

Announcements: Welcome FNGs Kiss by a Rosé and Frank and Beans.

Tampa Libra confirmed that First Friday Lunches are still going strong, be there this Friday, February 1, at the Cookery at 11:30 AM.  BV reminded folks to check out 4:13 Strong on Thursdays, one of the coolest things going in F3 these days.

Prayers for Black Lung’s father-in-law and their entire family as he struggles with advanced stages of cancer.¬† I think for many of us a grandparent was the first serious death in our lives, so special prayers for Black Lung’s children especially as it can be a hard and confusing time.

I offered up my intention for the week, which was Ignatius’s Presupposition, the general theme of which is to not assume the worst in people and to instead put a good interpretation on another’s actions/statements at the outset, then work from there.¬† Helpful lesson in these times and something I often forget.

Always an honor to lead.

Brother at Law and CCR

The Boys Are Back In Town

18 of the most handsome men in Nashville turned out to celebrate an unseasonably warm January day in Crieve Hall.¬† Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys are Back in Town” played on repeat, except for Jeff Rosenstock’s “Festival Song” (link:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5qjTzPeA1E) in the middle.¬† After all, the boys were back in town.

When: 01.07.2018

PAX: Floppy D; Black Lung; Dilly Dilly; Dr. Smartt; A/R; Tampa Libra; Pop a Lock; Stirrups; CCR; Dine and Dash; Boy Band; Too Tall; Ludwig; Reefer; Edible Arrangements; Juan Valdez; Bagger Vance; Brother-at-Law (QIC)

Warm Up: We did three mosey laps around the bus loop: 1) a brisk jog; 2) a side shuffle up the loop; 3) then a side shuffle facing the other way around the loop.  Much grumbling.  Then we did a walking lunge and reach to engage our core.  Thin Lizzy engaged our ears.

The Thang:  Split into two lines.  Too Tall Loop American Indian Run.  We lost Juan Valdez, who went to poop without telling anybody (he texted me).  So after the run there was some brief confusion.  BV had already gone to find Valdez by the time I saw the text.  It was all very confusing.   CCR had folks doing what appeared to be rows and pullups down at the playground.  Thank you CCR.

After order was restored, we split back up into two groups at the playground for the following:

Group 1: 10 minutes AMRAP Cindy (5 pullups, 10 merkins, 15 squats).

Group 2: 10 minutes AMRAP of the following super-set: 10 swirkins; 10 bunsen burners (bulgarian split squats with a foot in the swing) each leg); 10 ASTs.

Switch after 10 minutes.

Mosey back up to the lot for a series of sprints, plank jacks, planks/side planks, American hammers, and cash out with 5 burpees for notorious burpee lover Juan Valdez.¬† That’s all she wrote.

Announcements: Leadership lunch next Friday 1/18 organized by Bad Boy and put on at Richland Country Club (apparently excellent catering?).  See Slack for details.

Ironclad signup closes tonight I think.  Good way to stay accountable during the dreary months.

4:13 Strong AO opens back up next Thursday.  An awesome program, AO, and group.  Make it out there for a few workouts this session if you can.

Prayers for the Santos and McCauley (spelling, sorry) families.

Loved seeing so many guys kicking off the post-holiday period off right.  2019 will be a good one.  I feel it.