MARSOC, Back Spasms and Epistaxis

31 Jan 22


Temp : 30
Gloom : Moderate
PAX : W4AG, D Frost, Movin on Up, Cinderella, Bagger Vance (QIC)

Day started out poorly for YHC with a bloody nose that lasted most of the AM. Quick Disclaimer then Mosey out on the Too Tall loop only to realize we lost Cinderella due to a back spasm.
Return back to StartEx to retrieve Cinderella and perform

WOR (D Frost retrieved a tampon for YHC to stem the blood flow. Didn’t really work as desired)

Cobra x 10 IC
Downward Dog x 10 IC
IW X 10 IC
HB X 10 IC

(Discard Nosepon)

30 Merkins (SGL)
30 Squats (SGL)
30 F Kix (IC)
10 Burpees
10 Windmills
30 Merkins (SGL)
30 MTN Climbers (IC)
30 Pistol Crunches
10 Burpees
10 Chain Breakers (IC)
30 Merkins (SGL)
30 SSH (IC)
30 Supermans
10 Burpees
10 Cherry Pickers
30 Merkins
30 Lunges
30 Hello Dollies
10 Burpees
10 American Hammers
Mosey to playground
3 Rounds max Dead Hang Pull Ups

To StartEx
Inch Worm
Peter Parker
(RnR in Rev)

Plank Progression


Cinderella and YHC really showed our age with his back spasm and my uncontrollable bloody nose.
Sorry the workout wasn’t as intense as planned; had to adopt and overcome.

Willa, D Frost’s 2.0 is now potty trained.


18 October 21
Temp: 46
Gloom: Moderate
PAX: WFAG, CCR, Cinderella, Yard Sale, A/R, Big Perm, Grisham, Movin On Up, Bagger Vance
0530 – Disclaimer Claimed

Bus Loop
SSH x 13 IC
IW, HB, BAC (F/R), Phelps, Scorps X 10 IC

(25) Pull Ups
(50) Deadlifts w Block
(50) Merkins
(50) Box Jumps
(50) Knees to Chest w Block (L/R/C)
(50) Thrusters w Block
(25) Pull Ups

Push, Pull, Carry
Hair burners
Reverse Hair Burners
OH Carry
Chest Carry
Farmer’s Carry (R/L)
(5 Squats between each)





Temp: 37
Gloom Factor: Nil
PAX: Topanga, Faulkner, CCR, T Cell, Grisham, Tampa Libra, Movin on Up, Too Tall, Accounts Receivable, Bagger Vance

UA: Razorback, Dupree, High Flyer, Vegemite

Noticeable Absences: W4AG, Trot, Rug Dr, Noodler, Pedialyte, D Frost

SSH, IW, SnLSquat, Inch Worms, Pistol LBC

Mosey the baseball loop in reverse (no handicap ramp in honor of Razorback) to swing-set for

5 Big Boy Pull-Ups
5 Burpees
10 Lt Dans
15 Inch Worms
20 Merks
25 Pistol LBCs
30 Squat Jumps
1 Baseball Loop

RnR 30’

After R 5 of work set, PAX instructed to Coupon walk the length of the swing-set holding ‘pon in different ways : Farmer, OH, Bear Hug
Return Coups and circle up in lot for

F Kix x 15 IC (2X)
Plank Progression
1’ of Burpees to finish


Good output today men. Pleasure to start the week w y’all. Looks like Too Tall has restarted his Tiger Blood routine. Be advised.
Nice to hear the work was adequate to get the blood flowing and the week stated.
Topanga continues to grind out one armed burpees, one armed merkins and one armed pull ups. It’s a sight to see for sure.
Welcome back to the Shire, T Cell. CCR nailed it… a co post from T Cell and Grisham can mean only one thing, SpringBreakY2K21 just around the corner.
TL and I shared some horror stories regarding our IBS issues from the AM
Rooster aka Mike Bannon and some other shadowy character were hanging out under the pavilion with some weights.

Didn’t get a Q for next week but I’m sure TL has that on lock.

Prayers up for Martin family and for Ludwig and his family. See F3 General tab for ways to help Ludwig.



30 Nov 2020

TEMP : 38

PAX : Yard Sale, Accounts Receivable, Faulkner, Bagger Vance (QIC) … CCR rolled in for 2nd and 3rd Fs

Disclaimer Claimed

Grab a mini coup and head to Pavillion

Hops w BAC x 10 IC (F/R)
Side Hops w Mike Phelps x 10 IC
DL w Mini Coup x 10 IC
GMA x 6 IC
HB x 10 IC
IW x 10 IC


35 Mini Coup swings
30 Merks
25 Pull Ups
20 Box Jumps
1 Baseball loop (RX : 1 Mile)

As Many Rounds as Possible

We all got through 4 rounds


Plank 30”
Wall Sits RT leg across LT
Wall Sits LT leg across RT
Plank Progression 2’
Wall Sits RT leg extended arms parallel to ground
Wall Sits LT leg extended arms parallel to wall



Looks like we need a KEEP DETENTION ALIVE campaign. Cold, wet weather post Thanksgiving had to be the culprit.

Good to have CCR catch some 2nd and 3rd w us at the end. He’s looking for an alarm back up if anyone has ideas.


Job Ruck this Saturday. Hit up Grease Trap for details.

Prayers up for the Umbrella and Ludwig families as they go through medical and family struggles.

Prayers up for the Fennema family. Pastor Mike just moved here from Augusta, GA and was recently in a tragic mountain biking accident. He’s at Vandy right now. See GoFundMe attached.

Fundraiser by Brittany Same : Praying for Mike Fennema


Coupon Monday

Labor Day Q

Temp: 73
Gloom: Nil

PAX: High Flyer, Big Bang, Works for a Guy, Yard Sale, Venus, Dine n Dash, Tampa Libra, Bagger Vance (QIC)

Disclaimer 0529:30

WOR: Mosey the top loop, grab a block and head to the bus loop.

P1 Works
P2 Runs

R1: Squats
Front x 24
Overhead x 24
Bulgarian x 12 (R/L)
(Flutter Kix)

R2: Hinge
Perfect Mans x 12 (R/L)
Coupon Swings x 24
Dead Lifts x 24
(V Ups)

R3: Press
Chest Press x 24
Thrusters x 24
Merkins x 24

R4: Pull
Curls x 24
Coupon Drags x 12 (R/L)
Bent Rows x 24
(V Ups)

R5: Carry
Lunge Walk Press x 24
Bear Hug (speed bump to speed bump)
Farmer Carry (SB2SB)

Pons back to the shed, PW46

Flutter Kix x 24 IC
Merkins 6 SnL IC
LBC x 24 IC
Merkins 6 SnL IC
Pistol LBC x 24 IC
Merkins 6 SnL IC
Ola Dollies x 24 IC
Merkins 6 SnL IC



Hearty group of HIM to honor those who Labor. So great to have one of the OGs, Big Bang back out in The Shire.


Shirt order still live, link here:

Prayers up for the Sinclair family (Ludwig)

Prayers up for the young men who recently graduated 413. We also recently lost Sleeves from this last class. Red Skull is going to assess the demeanor on campus today and I will give y’all an update.


Block Party

PAX: Bagger Vance, Ludwig, Noodler, A/R, Dine N Dash, Topanga, Too Tall, Edibles, Yard Sale, Rug Doctor, Swingline, YHC

Prime conditions this morning. Disclaimer and mosey the baseball loop, grab a block at the end.

50’s a la 7’s style starting with 45 block merkins and 5 kb block swings. lunge down and shuffle back each time.

That’s a total of 225 merkins, 225 kb swings, and avg 175-200 lunges.

Finisher: 40 block curls, 20 block cdd’s left, 20 block cdd’s right, 40 4-count flutters. YHC was hoping to walk that all the way down the ladder but time was called.

COT: Slow run tomorrow at 4:13, prayers for school/kids.

A Classic-(al) Beatdown

Low 60s made for a welcome respite from the 70s and high humidity we’ve been experience lately.

14 HIM posted for a beatdown history lesson celebrating YHC’s classical music upbringing.

CCR, OchoCinco, Venus, Too Tall, Tampa Libra, Big Pipeline, Topanga, Yard Sale, Accounts Receivable, FoxTrot Talks A Lot, Movin’ On Up, BV, Ludwig van Oshkosh (QIC)

WOR: Very Standard

SSH, WMH, Good Mornings, LBAC (r), But Kickers, Air Presses


3 well-known classical pieces served as the soundtrack for our day. Not exactly the most pump you up and get you inspired to work hard music, but they still served our purposes effectively. CCR served as our Spotify maestro.

1 – 1st movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

Slow ‘n Low squats the entire piece without stopping. To keep the musical explanation simple, the piano has a “1 2 3 4 5 6” pattern the entire piece. Down on the first 3 beats, up on the 2nd 3 beats. Roughly 140 total.

Ran a capri lap after the piece.

2 – 1812 Overture – As noted previously on Slack, this piece is popular at American patriotic festivals, leading to the popular and incorrect belief that is has something to do with the war of 1812. It was composed by Tchaikovsky to commemorate the 1812 Russian defeat of Napoleon and the invading French.

18 Plank Jax, 12 Merkins, 18 Mountain Climbers, 18 Burpees – entire superset X2, then run capri lap. RnR until piece is complete

3 – Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no. 2 – 2nd movement

Melody serves as the verse in Eric Carmen’s 1975 hit “All By Myself.” He believed Rachmaninoff’s music was in the public domain by that time, which it was, in the US only. Rachmaninoff’s estate informed Carmen that his compositions were still under copyright protection internationally, and so Carmen agreed to a 12% royalty outside the US.

Piece was composed in 1900, which was the also the same year the modern zeppelin first took flight — so we did some BLIMPS. Two rounds of BLIMPS, then run a capri lap. RnR until piece is complete.

Just enough time left for a little Mary.

18 flutter kicks, 12 WW1s oyo


Plenty of Time

Q: A_R

CCR, Noodler, Old Fashioned, Ocho Cinco, Juan Valdesz, Bagger Vance, Michelin Man, Movin-On-Up, Tapenga, Yardsale, Ludwig, A_R

Warm up
– 20 count side straddle hop
– 10 count imperial walkers
– 10 count willie Mays
– 10 count hill billies
– 10 burpees

– Run to bottom of the road (by Elington)
– Run back up
– At each driveway do 10 Merkins
– And 10 mountain climbers
– Grab coupon and meet at hand rails

4 sets of
– 20 rows (waited optional)
– 10 pull ups
– 20 overhead presses with coupon
– 20 dips
– Side straddle hop for the 6. Start each set together.

Back to parking lot
– Sprints with 5 atomics in between

Flutter kicks and box cutters until 6:15

Robbie Miller MOD

Bagger Vance, Floppy Disk, PSL, The Situation, SoccerTeaze, Ocho Cinco, School Girl, CCR, Movin’ On Up, Grisham, Faulkner, Vegemite, YHC.

Prevac, Dupree, Bueller, Donuts, Too Tall, Dilly, and Razorback

Stolen phrase from Bagger: “MOD”. We did a slightly modified version of the Robbie Miller WOD as follows:

  • (6) block curls each arm (12 each arm for those with the small block)
  • (6) burpee squats
  • (6) 4-count mountain climbers
  • (6) block getups

Traditional RM-WOD replaces the curls with pullups.

Goal: 12 rounds

When Q called time we mosied to the handrails for max inverted rows with partner. Return coupons and mosy to startex, (1) 8-count bodybuilder for every round under 12 completed.

Final week of 4:13 events. Run tomorrow, 4:13 AO Thursday, signing day Friday lunch.

Continued prayers for Charlie and Ludwig’s bride.

Explore the space

CCR, Bagger Vance, PSL, Too Tall, AR, Rooster, Grisham, Dine N Dash, BoyBand, FTTA, Faulkner, School Girl, Ocho Cinco, Movin On Up, Prevac, JK, Floppy, Ludwig, Paul Blart

Mosey the ball field loop. Circle up under pavilion for 30 SSH, 12 GM’s, 10 Squats, and 20 Hillbillies

YHC was excited to explore an unused area of the AO. Mosey to the gully for instructions.

1. 2:4 Jack Webb with Irkins on the slope. 2 Irkins, 4 AirPresses..4 Irkins, 8 AirPresses……up to 20 Irkins, 40 AirPresses

2. Partner up. Partner 1 does 1 Burpee, ~5-6 ft Wall Climb, 1 Lt. Dan, back down – going up 1 rep each time.

Partner 2 runs to the swings and back. Switch.

RR until around ~8-10 reps.

3. 1:2 Jack Webb with Dirkins on the slope.

4. Partner 1 starts moving Lt. Dan on the bus loop while Partner 2 runs to the swings and back. Switch.

After a mosey back to the lot circle up, on your 6, for 10 minutes of MARY.
20 Captain Thor OYO
20 Flutters IC
20 Alabama Prom Date IC
20 Flutters IC
25 Single-Leg Alabama Prom Date IC
25 Single-Leg Alabama Prom Date IC
20 Flutters IC
10 Fire Hydrant each side
10 Fire Hydrant with kick each side
20 Captain Thor OYO

For I will pour water on the thirsty land,
and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring,
and my blessing on your descendants.
– Isaiah 44:3