1/21/22: Form Matters

AO: #Bomber

QIC: @pumpkin spice

Conditties: Bone-chilling

@Michelin Man
@Natural Ice
@pumpkin spice
@Tim the Toolman


SSH x 15
LBAC x 15
rLBAC x 15
Moroccan Night Clubs x 15
High Knees x 15
Butt Kickers x 15


Today’s workout emphasized the importance of proper form. Because after all, as @Crablegs appropriately likes to say, we came here to work out. As @River Dawg used to say (maybe he still says this, he’ll have to come back for a visit to find out), as fast as you can — not as fast as you can’t. Modifying as necessary is commendable, cutting corners is not.

Phase 1:

The PAX line up on the top deck parking lot. Bearcrawl across the parking lot, and stop at each line in the parking lot to do a hand release Merkin. You can’t cheat on those. Once moved across the whole lot, flutter kick and wait for the six.

Phase 2:

Lunge across the lot and do 5 squats at each line. 90 degrees on the squats, or else. If YHC or the AOQ spot anything less, everyone has to stop and do 10 Big Boy Sit-ups. There were some repeat offenders. When anyone tried to flying EH women, we also had to do 10 Big Boys. Hello Dolly and LBC for the six.

Phase 3:

High knee across the lot, and stop at each line to do 5 Plank Jacks. Hard to cheat on those too. Alabama prom date and box cutters for the six.

Phase 4:

Partner up and make your way to the top of the main entrance hill. PAX take turns doing sets of stationary exercises at the top of the hill, with the other partner moseying to the bottom of the hill and traveling back up in different modes of travel. At the top of the hill partners collectively perform 100 Merkins, 200 Iron Mikes (each leg is one), and 300 American Hammers (each side is half; keep your hands together and must touch the ground on each side for it to count). Traveling exercises alternated between Apollo Ohnos and Bernie.


@bluemule is hosting the next rendition of side straddle hops tonight. See 2nd F channel for details.

Pray for @Popalock’s friend who is suffering from a mysterious medical illness

– Spice

13 Jan 22


Guero (WL), FNG – Shotgun, Shootuh, Shocker, Life Champ (Kotter), Black Widow, PopALock, BnB, Detective Pikachu, Bogey, Hambone, Blue Mule, Dan N Dave, 413ers – Pipes, Astaire, Shaguar, Pusher, Jimmy John, Moonwalk, Red Skull, Bagger Vance (QIC)

Disclaimer, Claimed

Long Mosey out main road back to Smokestack w Side Shuffle L/R, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Bernie





Partner Up – 2 F3:1 413er

Mountain Climbers (4ct)
F Kix (4ct)

Run to top of Lot –
Lateral Bounds (2ct)
Ola Dollies (4ct)
8 Ct BB

RnR x 4

Round 4 completed at StartEx on my count.

1’ APD


Nice to have such a large crew to welcome 413 Strong class 1 of 2022. Willy Lomans – Guero pasted as promised along w Bogey. Kotters to Life Champ who’s back in the game. PopALock is a man on a mission back in the fold w a new fiancé. BnB laying out his plans for 2.0 sleep patterns, feedings, etc. Show of speed after coffeeteria from Astaire, Jimmy John, Moonwalk and Shaguar was nothing short of impressive. So glad they were sprinting and not smoking post Q. Pretty cool having the F3ers chime in on NameORama this class. We’ve got one 413er down w a stomach issue.

Tortoise n Hare kicks off next Tuesday 0530 same location. 5K loop around campus.


RaceTrack 2022/1/12

PAX: House on the Praire, Ponzi, Hugs not Drugs, Black Widow, Umbrella, Tampa Libra, Big Bang, Cinderella, Merida, Wedding Singer, Movin on Up, Not a Sport, Barkley, Venus (met up with us at COT)

QIC: Boone’s Farm

Conditions: a balmy 32 or 35 depending on whose weather app was used


  • SSH x20
  • Squats x10
  • Shoulder Presses x10
  • Michael Phelps x10
  • Merkins x10


Mosey to stairs beside parking deck for AMRAP of running up the stairs pausing for 10 Irkins and 10 Merkins on the way up, 20 LBCs at the top sidewalk, 10 merkins and 10 Derkins on the way down, and 20 Squats at the bottom

Mosey back to start for:

  • 50 4-count flutter kicks
  • 20 4-count American hammers
  • 30-sec plank

Great effort by all this morning.  A pre-party of Ponzi and Big Bang did a Murf, so the several hundred additional merkins was not very appreciated.  Quote of the day goes to Ponzi who said near the end that after all the merkins “I’m going to need to be fitted for a bra after all these merkins”.

Prayers for Snoop (F3 Franklin) battling Covid on ventilator, Not a sport’s mom battling depression, Hug’s mom’s surgery, House on the prairie Marine OCS, Merida and wife’s jobs keeping them apart for next several months

Always an honor,


New Year’s Day 2022 Convergence – “I’m Feeling 22” – 01.01.22

36 PAX (+1 Runner) from across Middle Tennessee descended on Stonewall for an NYD convergence manwich as can only be concocted and delivered by the dynamic duo of Foxtrot Talks A Lot and Princess Aurora (YHC).

Conditions: Positively sublime.

QIC: Foxtrot Talks A Lot & Princess Aurora

PAX: Bad Boy, Bagger Vance, Black Widow, Carebear, Cinderella, Cocoon, Cowboy, Crablegs, Cross Stitch, DFrost, Dinty Moore, Hambone, Hi-Viz, House Arrest, Margot, Michelin Man, Moneyshot, Oregon Trail, Ponzi, Pumpkin Spice (PP), Red Skull, Rug Doctor, Shocker, Sooner, T-Cell, Toolbit, Toolman, Tuna, Vector, Vespa, Waterboy, Whoopie, Winger, Works For A Guy, Yard Sale


PA Bread Bottom Slice

Upon issuing a Happy New Year welcome and standard disclaimer, PAX set off on a medium mosey up and around Sunnyside Mansion as we made our way to the basketball court for a raucous COP mostly backed by Blondie’s “Call Me.” The extra challenge to stay on beat was much appreciated.

  • SSH x 22
  • Squats x 22 (went from double count to single count pretty quickly)
  • LBAC F x 11 (Hold for bridge)
  • LBAC R x 11

Quick yog to the tennis court for 11s from alley to alley. Jump Squats and 4ct Mountain Climbers with a wall sit for the six. We also had a visit from a nearby neighbor who complained to Michelin Man about how Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” stirs up too much emotion in her and is making her NYE hangover worse so could you turn it down please?

Handoff to FTTAL for Meat and Cheese

Team Building Exercises:

Four teams, four stations, four minutes of work with a minute to rest and rotate. Tally up all of your reps with a special prize going to the winning team!

Station 1: Leap Frog from playground to path around mansion. Odd man Broad Jumps. Each rep counts as 1.

Station 2: Pull-ups on Jungle Gym

Station 3: Merkins in parking lot

Station 4: 100m Sled Push

RnR with 2:00 stations and sled resistance set to zero (or was it only never zero for our group???)

Handoff back to PA for the Top Slice of Bread

How do you get to 22? With two 11s of course! Circle up in the parking lot for Stationary 11s with Clerkins and Big Boy Sit-Ups. Plank for six.

Time called and the winner is….everybody and nobody!

COT/BOM and ice baths for a select few.


From Foxtrot:

Happy New Year F3 Men!!

Having 36 willing participants for Stonewall’s first post of the year was definitely a treat. As I sit here nestled on my couch, the pain of yesterdays tenuously choreographed 60 minute workout symphony rings in my ears (and my lower leg parts).

MVP was Princess Aurora. From the beginning stretches, the circuit audible, the Mary intensity, the closing prayer and his brave “I’ll go first” ice plunge.
Honorable mention goes to my wing man Yard Sale. Set up and break down of the ice chamber and tiki torch ensemble was much appreciated. Not to mention the ice contribution!!!

Highlight of the workout goes to DFrost. His smile when hearing all the 80’s throwback music was beautiful. And him unfurling his love sword when getting into the ice bath was truly priceless.

The ‘until next time’ award goes to the Franklin crew. Their unwillingness to try their first ice bath post F3 workout was understandable. We will bring it again next year!!


TAPS for the families of the sick and those we lost this year.

Please continue to pray for Spicoli’s family. There will be a celebration of his life on January 8 at City Church Franklin.

Also please pray for Franklin’s Snoop as he is battling serious complications from COVID right now. You can also support his family here.

May you be courageous in your goal-setting and tenacious in your pursuit!

PA out.