Loving you was like Red

AO: middle-tooth
Q: t-cell
PAX: Focker, Young Pawn, Toothless, Michelin Man, Chariot, moneyshot, Oatmeal, Betty Ford, DrRupp, Subway, sooner, FeelTheBerns
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS:Warmer than expected. Lots of Red. We were in our Red era. Then the power of TSwift took over and we let her take us where she wished as we fired up the Red album.

WARMUP: 22 SSH, some GM and WMH, followed by some baby arm circles and squats.

THE THANG: Long mosey down Granny White, so much so that MM thought we were headed back to Lipscomb. Wrong. Headed to the Hill!

11’s with 2 exercises = 22 (fuzzy T Swift math) Burpees at the bottom, drop squats up top.

Mosey over to the pavilion where we worked out next two either a dead body or a man sleeping. We will never know, we had DID business to attend to. 25 dips, 20 inclines, 15 declines for 3 rounds.

MARY: No time!

Brewsday, Gobbler, check the Slack

COT: Grateful for Fockers vulnerability and sharing over some recent victories and growth. He’s a true HIM.

In Defense of Middle Earth! :swords: :one-ring:

AO: middle-tooth
Q: Toothless
PAX: Breadsticks, Pole Dancer, Esposa, sooner, Betty Ford, Rocket Mortgage, Young Pawn, Hair Band, Focker, Transfer (F3 Birmingham)
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Prime. Starry. Brisk. Medieval. The stuff of legends.

– SSH (Scarecrows) x 20
– Cherry pickers (Carrot pickers) x 10
– Willy Mays Hays (Eaves dropping) x 10
– Windmills x 10
– Michael Phelps (Brandybucks) x 10
– Good mornings x 10

10 burpees
Mosey out to the school drive through
10 burpees

Dwarf Workout
10’s, from lower entrance to basketball goal, Bernie up mosey down
– Burpees (Forge Bellows) (45 total here)
– Lunges (Striders)

10 pull ups
Bear crawl to upper entrance

Elf Workout
10’s from upper entrance to basketball goal, Bernie out mosey back
– Carolina Dry Docks (Bow Benders)
– Jump squats (Branch Grabbers)

10 burpees

Hobbit Workout
10’s, from school entrance to swings, mosey both ways
– 4 count American hammers (Pint Passers)
– Swerkins (Wheelbarrows)

The Q didn’t keep an eye on time and we ran out of it! Ran back to Post to the Shire pub tune of The Green Dragon.

Mad T-Claps to @breadsticks who came IN COSTUME AS A HOBBIT.

Also props to those intrepid PAX who made sure to round out their 100 burpees for the day during coffeeteeria, graciously provided by @sooner, when I left them 15 short due to time.

– Night Moves this Thursday @ 6, come early to park
– Side Straddle Hops this Friday @ 7, see #2ndF for details
– Bunch of other things coming in October, check that calendar!
– Of course, #octoburpee continues

– Prayers for Betty Ford’s 3 mo who is sick
– Prayers for wisdom for Hairband with a potential job opening
– Prayers for Bareback, his father in law, and their family

>From _The Return of the King_:
> “What do you fear, lady?” he asked. “A cage,” she said. “To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone beyond recall or desire.”

Remember that today is all we have in this life, and even that is not for granted. I’m glad you all came to get better this morning, but don’t let it stop there. Take the strength you build here and bring that back to your friends, families, communities, and workplaces. Make the most of the time we’re all blessed with in the ways that matter most.

— :tooth:

Playground Games

AO: middle-tooth
Q: Chunks
PAX: Oatmeal, sooner, Bad Boy, Young Pawn, Subway, Hair Band, Gump (F3 Kansas City), bluemule
FNGs: None

Lackadaisical mosey around the parking lot
41 SSH
Left Over Right
Right Over Left
Willie Mays Hayes
Good Mornings
13 Forward Little Baby Arm Circle
13 Reverse Little Baby Arm Circle
13 Moroccan Night Clubs
13 Overhead Press
Shake out the Arms

Pass the Speaker Caboose is Loose Run to Playground
PAX struggled with directions of “Pass the Speaker”
It was dropped once, so 5 Burpees were done.

Bear Crawl in a line around playground

Duck Duck Goose
Chase around the playground
Circle Up – Hold Plank
Get caught 5 burpees, group 5 Merkins
Don’t get caught 5 Merkins, group 5 burpees – Select again
Once you’ve either been caught or not SSH till everyone else has gone

Mosey to Tennis Court
Divided into teams for Rock Paper Scissors
Line up facing each other middle of center court
Winner must chase and tag the loser before reaching the end of the far court
1’s stayed in place while the 2’s rotated to face another 1

Mosey back to StartEx
1’s were O’s and 2’s were X’s
Tic Tack Toe
5 Merkins and Two Burpees
Run and place your token
Run back to tag partner
Go until either CAT or winner

Another lackadaisical mosey around the parking lot

Circle up for 5 mins of Dealers Choice


Announcements: Sooner on Q at atlantis Thursday. 4:13 Strong first workout with new cohort this Thursday.

TAPs: Hairbands great grandmother, great aunt and uncle dealing with lots of health concerns and far away from other family. Bad Boy’s brother in law Josh. Oatmeal’s friends wife diagnosed with breast cancer. Young Pawn stepping out to have some crucial conversations with his manager.

We were able to pass out an F3 business card to a guy who stopped by at the end of the workout and wanted to know more about what we were doing.

Thanks for the honor to lead.

III Pillars – 06.13.23 – “TueCon IV”


20 HIM converged at III Pillars for TueCon IV and a no-frills full-body workout in sublime conditions.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Batter, Black Lung, El Capitan, Feel the Berns, Fodder, Formica, Grape, Grisham, Oatmeal, Old Crow, Pedialyte, Pep, Ringo, Siri, Sooie, Sooner, Subway, Yum Yum, Zelenskyy


Mosey to track for Warm-o-rama

  • SSH
  • LBAC F/R
  • WMH
  • Half-Groiners
  • Y’s
  • T’s

Upper Body

Jack Webb from 1 to 10. (55 Merks and 110 Air Presses total)

Mosey to swing set for Pull-Ups x 40. Break up as needed with Ab Thrusters in between sets and to wait for six.

Lower Body

Mosey to the “Little Mountain” to warm up the legs with Bernie x 4

AMRAP 15′ – Groups of three rotating through

  • Major Dans (Iron Mike-Drop Squat)
  • Alabama Prom Dates
  • Lap around track


AMRAP in 8′. 15 reps each.

  • BBSU
  • Lift Overs
  • Heels to Heaven
  • Heel Taps
  • Jane Fondas L
  • Jane Fondas R

AYG back to flag then COT/BOM


Great to see some familiar faces and some new ones as well. This morning’s weather was absolutely fantastic and enough to make me forget how crappy the workout was.



  • 6/15 – Gentlemen’s Cornerly – 1900-2100 at 438 Melrose Ave (Inside Woven Goods)
  • 6/16 – Open Tab – 1730 at Fat Bottom
  • 6/20 – Pep on Q at iiiP!
  • 6/28 – Night Moves – 1930 at Capitol Steps with post-Q hang at Von Elrod’s
  • 7/4 – Independence Day Convergence – 0600 at Sir Ellington


  • Sooner’s ultimate buddy’s shoulder
  • Martin family
  • Siri’s upcoming exam and child

PA out.

Covenant – 03/28/2023

10 men gathered on the morning after the tragedy at Covenant, a mile and a half away from where tragedy unfolded, to remember the lost and hurting, and to work out some anger (or maybe that was just the QIC)

PAX: Rocket Mortgage, Cowboy, FeelTheBerns, Moneyshot, DrRupp, Pole DAncer, Sooner, Subway, Nomad (Very Important Visitor from NW Arkansas), Detective Pikachu (QIC)

Some liberties were taken to spell out Covenant with exercises after the Warmarama. 27 reps each (9 for each of the three children lost yesterday in the tragedy)

Overhead press
V-ups (happy crunchy frogs)
Emperial Walkers (imperial walkers)
No-hand merkins (hand release merkins)
Alabama Prom Dates
Nordic Jacks (mountain climbers)
The Ring of Choice – 1 pax at a time chose an exercise to do 27 of. Pax held plank while waiting

We did many (>6?) laps of the Green Hills Park loop. Each loop was around 1/3 of a mile, so we ran over 2 miles.

Pray for the victims, pray for their families, pray for their friends, classmates, teachers. Pray for our country’s leaders, and pray that they will do the right thing(s).

F3 Nashville 8th Anniversary Convergence – 09.13.22 – “8-Bit”

39 PAX, including one FNG, converged at St. Paul Christian Academy, home of III Pillars, to celebrate 8 years of F3 Nashville with a workout and to knight our knewest Knantan, Michelin Man.

Conditions: Positively sublime

QIC: Oatmeal, Pedialyte, Princess Aurora*, Sooner

PAX: Bad Boy, Bagger Vance, Bareback, Black Widow, Blindside (WL-KNX)*, Boone’s Farm, Breadsticks, Caddyshack, Detective Pikachu, Flying Monkey, Formica, Gov’t Mule*, Grape (LIFO), Grisham, Haggis (FNG), Hipster, It’s Just Lunch, Michelin Man, Moneyshot, Movin’ On Up, NFT, Offshore, Pole Dancer, Ponzi, Ranch Hand*, Right Said, Screwball, Siri, Supernova*, T-Cell, Toga*, Toothless, Topanga, Vector, Venus

*Extra Credit – an 8-ct Bodybuilder Apocalypse from 0515-0525


Welcome, disclaimer, and medium mosey over to field for COP:

  • SSH x 21
  • WMH x 8
  • LBAC x 8 F/R
  • Reverse Flyes (Ws) x 8

Main event:

Count off 1-3 (starting with Bad Boy *whoops* Screwball).  1s are with YHC, 2s with SoonMeal, and 3s with Pedialyte. Each group starts at one of three stations and rotates through roughly every 10 minutes. YHC gave a template to the co-Qs but encouraged them to make it their own. Read on for all iterations!

Group 1 – PA

  • Station 1 – Track
    • “8 Track” – PAX complete descending reps of Ab Thrusters 8>1 with a lap around track after each set (it’s a 200m track).
    • Soundtrack – “Reelin’ in the Years” – Steely Dan, “Born to Run” – Bruce Springsteen
  • Station 2 – The Hill (off side of track)
    • OTD in 1985, Super Mario was first released, so PAX performed a “Super Mario Ladder” – 8 Jump Squats at the bottom (Mario on land), Bernie to top, 8 4-ct Flutter Kicks at the top (Mario in water), run back down. Descend ladder subtracting one rep from each exercise each round all the way to 1.
    • Soundtrack – “Overworld Theme,” “Starman Theme,” and “Underwater Theme” – Super Mario Bros. soundtrack; “Killing in the Name (8-bit Version)” – Rage Against the Machine
  • Station 3 – Jungle Gym/Swing Set
    • “Hangin’ 8s” – 7 pull-ups and 1 Underdog (row on swing), 6 pull-ups and 2 underdogs…1 pull-up and 7 Underdogs. 
    • Soundtrack – “Sultans of Swing” – Dire Straits, “Swing Swing” – The All-American Rejects

Group 2 – SoonMeal

  • Station 1 – abs for 20 count with 1 lap between.
  • Station 2 – 8 count ladder with squats on the bottom, Bernie up the hill, four count flutter kicks at the top.
  • Station 3 – Underdogs aka Down Unders and dips rotating for duration.

Group 3 – Pedialyte

  • Station 1 – 8 reps each of WW1’s, V-ups, American hammers followed by 1 lap. 16 reps of each followed by 2 laps.  24 reps of each.
  • Station 2 – Ladder with jump squats at the top, Iron Mikes (jump lunges) at the bottom.
  • Station 3 – Same as Group 1, but we finished early and did bear crawls from one side of track to the other then 5 burpees, repeating until rotation.

Reconvene at midfield for everybody’s favorite, Jack Webb. 1 Merkin on Q’s call of “down” followed by 2 Air Presses. 2 and 4, 3 and 6,…8 and 16. #crowdpleaser

4MOM honoring the place this whole thing started:

  • Sit-ups x 8
  • Elbow to Knee (L) x8
  • V-ups x 8
  • Imperial Walkers x 8
  • Elbow to Knee (R) x 8
  • Reverse Crunch x 8

Quick photo op, sports team bleacher-style (thanks, Haggis), and mosey back to lot for COT/BOM.


T-claps to Oatmeal, Sooner, and Pedialyte for combining forces to deliver this special workout as well as T-Cell, Toothless, and Michelin Man who also played a part in making this happen. So much leadership on display!

On an occasion such as this, it was only fitting to pass the Nantan baton, and I had the honor, as CCR’s delegate in his regrettable absence, of passing it to none other than Michelin Man. We are grateful for CCR’s gracious service to F3 Nashville and move forward with excitement and anticipation of great things in the Michelin Man era. If I may speak for him, I believe if he would have you remember just one thing from this season, it would be that “you are freed to lead.” Don’t forget it!


  • Welcome to FNG Spencer Westcott aka Haggis!
  • Be on the lookout for more special events as we add them to the calendar. There’s an appetite for them amongst the PAX, so let’s work together to deliver!

Always a pleasure,

PA out.

NASHVILLE – 6/28/22


Middle Earth


Pumpkin Spice


Bad Boy

Dr. Rupp






The Shield



Delightful, high-60s


A little jog around the John Trotwood Moore facilities, stopping by the tennis courts for some warm up exercises.

  • SSH x 10
  • LBAC x 10
  • rLBAC x 10
  • Moroccan night clubs x 10
  • WMH x 10

Main Event


The PAX partner up and make their way to the field (AKA Pelennor Field). One partner does an exercise, the other runs 2/3 across the field (~100 meters) and Bernies back. Flapjack.

Exercises are below:

No hand merkins (Hand release)

American Hammers


Humpers, monkey variety


Incline Merkins



Eight count body builders

After all NASHVILLE exercises are complete, the PAX then moved on for some 3 Pillars exercises, as (save for the most OG Princess Aurora), Middle Earth was the 3 Pillars AO before we were kicked out for COVID. This was an homage to the hallowed grounds of the original iii Pillars.  This was the same idea as the first part of the workout, just different exercises.

3-Count Leg Lifts (3 seconds up, 3 seconds down)

Plank Jacks

Imperial Walkers

Lieutenant Dans

Little Baby Arm Circles

Alternating Shoulder Taps

Reverse Crunches

Split Squats (AKA Iron Mikes)

A total of 2.5 miles of traveling occurred during the morning’s festivities. The PAX then made their way back to the Startex for some Mary EMOM, with Flutter Kicks, Homer and Marge (AKA Alabama Prom Dates), Happy Crunchy Frogs (we missed you T-cell), and Good Mornings.


I mentioned this in my last #Bomber Q last week, but it’s worth reiterating here for the #MiddleEarth PAX. The Nashville PAX have been an immense blessing to me these last 4 years, and I find myself tremendously grateful for your fellowship, encouragement, camaraderie, and fitness. As my last Q while living in Nashville, it was a pleasure to bring things to a close with a NASHVILLE Q. A special thanks to Crablegs for EH’ing me many moons ago. I look forward to popping in for a surprise Q sometime in the future!

It became clear that the coffeteria GOAT needed a proper name for his post-workout refreshment setup, and with #MiddleEarth as the AO name and beverages being served out of the back of his vehicle, after various naming ideas it was only appropriate to name it the Prancing Pony. If you don’t get that reference, I feel sorry for you that you haven’t seen the Lord of the Rings recently enough.


Praise for Moneyshot being back with us after a month out with some health issues.

  • PSpice