8 January 2019 Adam Brown WOD

Temp: Unseasonably Warm
Gloom Factor: High
PAX: Brother at Law, CCR, Big Stick, Floppy Disk, CAPSLOCK, Black Lung, Boy Band, Red Skull (Respect), Too Tall, Venus, PreVac, Bagger Vance

Today’s Q was in honor of Chief Adam Brown, US Navy Seal Team 6. While the Crossfit Hero WOD calls for more lifting and no running, as we do in F3, we modified. Brown was killed on 17 March 2010 while on a mission to capture or kill objective Lake James, a Taliban fighter that had more kills under his tunic than almost any other Taliban other than Bin Laden. Brown’s death was the direct result of his actions to protect his teammates and to take out two insurgents, one of which was Lake James. Brown’s team ended up being the one that killed Bin Laden and have become legendary. While Brown’s heroics in the Navy are awe inspiring, his overcoming a chronic addiction to crack cocaine is to me just as unbelievable. So, anyway, check out the biography on his life…Fearless. Amazing story.

Long mosey up Manley, right on Rochelle, right on Hogan and right on Marchant for

SSH x 24 IC, IW x 13 IC, HB x 13 IC


Pair up 1s and 2s. P1 is the runner w sight, P2 is the blind runner. (Brown was blinded in his right eye by an air soft bullet in a training exercise)

Worksets X 10 (year of his death 2010)

Work x 3 exercises (month of his death)
Reps x 17 (day of his death)

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective I – corner of Hogan and Rochelle

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Flap Jack runners

Objective II – corner of Rochelle and Brentlawn

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Sighted run to Manley and Cochran

Objective III – Manley and Cochran

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective IV – 1/2 up Cochran Blind runner P1, sighted runner P2

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective V – Oakley and Cochran
Flap Jack runners

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective VI – 1/2 way down Cochran
Flap Jack Runner

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective VII – Manley and Cochran
Flap jack runner

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective VII – CHUM school bus, sighted run by all

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective IX – rope in parking lot
P2 runs blind and backwards, P1 guides to rope

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Objective X – end of lot, flap jack runners

Merkins x 17
Squats x 17
Plank Thrusters x 17

Finish running portion of 2.4 miles. 24 was Brown’s number in high school football and became his favorite number hence the 2.4 miles.

Circle up for 3 MOM:

Plank progression


NMM: as most of yall can figure out, YHC is getting more in tuned w the HERO WOD concept from Crossfit and the guys in F3Greenwood. So intrigued by Adam Brown’s story and his family. One of the most compelling pieces of his story and his life was that he had a team, family and wife that never gave up on him. Even when he was figuratively blinded by crack or literally blinded by the air soft gun, he had a fellowship there to protect him, drive him on and help him accomplish his objectives. That was the driver for our blind partner runs and is such a telling part of F3 for me, that there are HIM that want the best for me.

Pray for the family friends of Funyuns who are both struggling with cancer.
Pray for Tampa’s friends who lost their daughter this past weekend to a rare genetic disease.
Leadership lunch at Richland CC, Bad Boy on Q. Cost is $20 and the buffet there is so worth it…not to mention the speaker, Clay Stouffer from Woodmont Christian Church.

Thank yall for posting, leading is only worth it when those who are led are willing and are looking to get better.

Bagger Vance

The (Sir E) Strangler

15 PAX made the right decision:

Bagger Vance, Floppy Disc, Donuts, PSL, Dilly Dilly, Black Widow, Boy Band, Funyuns, Big Bang, Blood Clot, White Russian, Edible Arrangements, Razorback, Caps Lock, QIC The (Scranton) Strangler

Warm Up

Short Mosey/ 12 Good Mornings/ 20 SSH/ 12 Baby Arm Circles/ 12 Reverse Baby Arm Circles/ 12 Overhead Presses/ 12 Willy Mays Hays/ Sets of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 Hand Release Merkins

Partner off 1’s and 2’s

Thang 1:

One partner will run to Marchant Drive and back – while the other will knock out the following sequenced workout:

100 Squats

100 Merkins

100 Mountain Climbers

100 Split Leg Squats

Thang 2: In no particular order

A lot of squats/ Pause Squats

A lot of Merkins/Hand Release Merkins

1 set of Bear Crawls

2 Sets of Walking Lunges Across the parking lot

Multiple Indian Runs around the church

Numerous Sprints

Zero (0) Burpees

Teaser Marry

20 WWI’s

20 Count Flutter Kicks

Thang 3:

More Indian Runs/ Additional Merkins/ and more Squats

Marry X2

Good Mornings


-New AO at the Concord Road YMCA (Titled “Slamboots?” By Dmish) Will be a 4:45 to 6 AM workout of a Slamberry/Smokeboots themed mix.

-Everyone please check out the YES Christmas Store. It is a great opportunity to give to the community and those less fortunate in order to provide a Christmas meal/presents to various families. Check out Slack or reach out to Tampalibra for more information.

-12th man leadership/first Friday lunch this Friday at Richland Country Club (11:30 AM). RSVP to Umbrella no later than this Thursday. Tickets are $20. See slack for more details.

Thank you all,

The (Scranton) Strangler


PAX: Dilly Dilly, PSL, Black Lung, The Strangler, Boy band, Yard Sale, Big Stick, Tiny Dancer, Red Skull, Prevac, Rooms-2-Go, Blood Clot, Bagger Vance, Venus, Edible Arrangements, Black Widow, CAPS LOCK

QIC: Floppy Disk

Conditions: 42 with a chilly breeze

Disclaimer then quick mosey around the church.

CoP (all IC)
SSH x20
High Knees x15
Butt Kickers x15
BaC F x15
BaC R x15
Overhead Claps x15

Mosey to the bottom of the Cochran hill, some of us more speedily than others. Simple. Each PAX must mosey to the top of Cochran and back 3x as well as perform 200 reps of each exercise: Merkins, Squats, Big Boy situps. Exercises could be broken up as desired. If you finished early head to the playground and perform the following until all PAX were in: 5x Pull-ups, 10x CDDs, 15x Rows, 20x Dips.

Flutter Kix x20 (IC)
J-Lo’s x10 (IC)

Great to have Rooms-2-Go back in the fold, if only for a day. There’s a chance that he may be moving back to town next summer. We anxiously await confirmation. Black Lung’s standard practice of rolling up 5 minutes late finally backfired on him. We were not in a regularly visited part of Sir E, so he spent almost the entire 45 minutes scouring the grounds for the PAX. He found us with about 5 minutes to spare. Big Stick had to take care of some business midway through the workout. I wouldn’t recommend picking up a pair of socks if you happen to come across them in the woods near Sir E.

Room at the Inn this Saturday, 11/24. Reach out to Dupree with any questions.

Floppy Disk

Partner work and a few tunes

PAX: Pop-A-Lock, PSL, Tiny Dancer, Cathy, Big Stick, D’Mishonuts, Old Hickory, Dr. Smartt, Black Lung, Dilly Dilly, Too Tall, CAPS LOCK, Venus, The (Scranton) Strangler, Joey Freshwater, Red Skull, White Russian, Razorback

QIC: Floppy Disk

19 PAX + 1 wandering BV red pilled this morning at Sir E for a CUMC-centered workout. We rolled out with a warmup mosey at 5:30 on the nose, with the disclaimer dropped in the first 100m. We did the almost figure-8 around the church and circled up in the lower parking lot for some WoR.

Warm-O-Rama (all IC)
High Knees x15
Butt Kickers x15
BACs F x10
BACs R x10
Air Press x10
Deep Squats x15
Good Mornings x10
Willie MH x10

PAX instructed to count off 1-2 for partner-work. Before the partner work, though, we did a quick round of Bring Sally Up… always a PAX pleaser.

Head over to the playground and with your partner do 4x rounds of the following:

  • 5x Pullups (legitimate, lock-out)
  • 15x Merkin variation (Regular, Irkins [on planking partner], Dirkins [on planking partner], Hand Clap)
  • 15x Rows (partner holds your legs)
  • 20x Dips

7’s on the playground hill. Start with 6x Hydraulic Squats at the bottom and 1x Jump Lunge at the top. Backpedal up the hill. With our quads burning we did some quick ab-work. Partner 1 run the loop around the church while partner 2 performs AMRAP LBCs. Switch.

Mosey to the start, with just enough time for Peaches by Presidents of the USA. Perform a Merkin on each “Peach” or “Peaches”.

10x Good Mornings (IC)

Floppy D

The New Cooper

Conditions: Swimming Pool, 70ish degrees

PAX: Funyuns, Floppy, Too Tall, Big stick, Pope, Fttal, CCR Donuts, Dilly dilly, Umbrella, Caps lock, Dupree, Tiny dancer, Psl, Prevac, Venus, YHC

Warmorama: Who Cares

Thang: The New Cooper

Start: 50 Burpies

Famous Hill Lap

50 WWIIs

Famous Hill Lap

40 Burpies

Famous Hill Lap

40 WWIIs

Famous Hill Lap


Floppy was on the round of 10 and then YHC called time.

Head over to the hill by the Gazebo,  Crawl Bear to the Top

Head home for MARY:

Mary: 2 minute plank

COP: Pray for your Brothers in F3 and the daily struggle that is life.

Moleskin: Great work dun by all, even though the delay tactics in asking all sorts of stupid questions did work.

3rd F: Keep a lookout for Duprees slack message

Lots going on this summer: TN Can Ruck, Warpath 8, 4th of July Convergence, and Ironclad to do lists.


Sparty ON and SYITG,


FORMal Beatdown

6/12/18- Sir E- 72* and clear

PAX: Bagger Vance, Donuts, Too Tall, Venus, Big Stick, FTTAL, Big Bang, Bloodclot, Dr. Smart, Skid Mark, Cinderella, Floppy Disk, Dilly Dilly, Vegemite, Umbrella, BrotherAtLaw, Red Bag, Black Lung, Spider Bite, SlugsNBugs, Pocahontas (F3 Greensboro), Funyuns (QIC)

22 PAX decided to get better this AM at Sir E. 5:30 AM- mosey from CUMC up Manley and back to north parking lot of CUMC. Side shuffles, politicians, butt kickers thrown in during the mosey. Circle up for COP.

COP: SSHsx20IC, GMsx12IC, BACs(f)x5IC, BACs(r)x5IC, APsx5IC, SCsx5IC, Tempo merkinsx10IC, ASTsx20IC, Scorpionsx10IC, Supremansx10IC

The Thang:

During the F3Heavy 006, Cadre Danny (F3 Linus) instructed the PAX on the importance of proper form during exercises. He has posted at different  AOs all over the country and noticed poor form consistently across the board. He said we are cheating ourselves and not getting better when we choose the half-ass our exercises. With that in mind, YHC wanted the PAX to focus  on proper form. We partnered up for accountability. Oh yeah, form always tends to break when tired, so we did a lot of burpees in between sets. It looked something like this:

6 burpees every 30s for 5 minutes

P1 AMRAP merkins (elbows locked at top, break parallel at bottom, head up) for 1 minute while P2 checks form. Flap jack

6 burpees every 30s for 2 1/2 minutes

P1 AMRAP WWIIs (hands locked behind head, shoulders touch ground, chest to knees) for 1 min, P2 checks form. Flap jack

6 burpees every 30s for 2 1/2 minutes

P1 AMRAP squats (DILLY DILLY with proper form example, legs break parallel at bottom, legs locked at top), P2 checks form. Flap jack

6 burpees every 30s for 1 minute. Mosey to playground

P1 AMRAP pull-ups (hand down arms extended, pull up with chin above bar) for 1 minute, P2 checks form. Flap jack

6 burpees every 30s for 1 minute

P1 AMRAP 4 ct. flutter kicks (BV with demonstation, toes pointed up, legs straight, 6 inches above ground), P2 checks form. Flap jack

Mosey back to parking lot

6 burpees every 30s for 1 minute

Laney Lou for 1 minute


NM: We need to do things the right and honest way all the time. Yes, we will slip and fail at times. That is why it is so important to have a brother or brothers to hold us accountable in all aspects of life. Let’s continue to sharpen each other physically as well as mentally and spiritually!





Better late than never.  Actual Date 5/8/2018

Q: Skidmark

PAX: Black Lung, Too tall, Cathy, Big Stick, Pop-a-Lock, Venus, Capslock, Dr. Smart, Big Bang, Edible Arrangements, Off-shore, Bagger Vance, CCR, Floppy Disk, Calf-Killer, Donuts, PSL, Dupree, Prevacid (FNG), Goose (FNG)

21 Pax showed up for a refresher course on Basic Life Support. We started with a mosey up to the house for some warm-o-rama.

WOR: SSH, Squats, Windmills, Baby arm circles, seal claps, overhead press


PAX partnered up as live support is a team effort. Seeing as we have had a PAX brought to medical attention recently, it seemed fitting that we should all have some idea of what to do in a medical emergency.  The first step in any emergency situation is to assess the scene for safety so we took a mosey to the bottom of the loop to assess for any signs of danger.

Next, it’s time to see if the victim has a pulse and/or is breathing on their own.

-10 second pulse/respiration check = 10 Burpees

No pulse. Activate the emergency response system and get an automatic external defibrillator (AED). Start compressions at 100 beats per minute 

-1 PAX ran the long speedbump loop back to the stables to get the AED, while the other did 100 merkins (50 Derkins with feet on the chains, 50 Irkins with hands on the chains).  Flapjack.

After the second rescuer returns, it’s time to start 2 rescuer CPR. For this we took a mosey to the playground.  2 Rescuers can give compressions and breaths at a rate of 30 compressions to 2 breaths.   Time for some PUMPS.

Pullups 30 – Windsprints 2

Up-Downs 30 – Windsprints 2

Merkins 30 – Windsprints 2

Plankjacks 30 – Windsprints 2

Squats 30 – Windsprints 2

Five rounds of 30:2 at 100 beats per minute is about 2 minutes.  At this point, it’s time for another pulse check. Since we have an AED we can let it assess if a shock is needed.   

10 second pulse check = 10 burpees

The AED says it’s time to shock, gotta charge to 200J.

100 flutter kicks and 100 LBCs per PAX to charge to 200.

Shock delivered pulse returned.  We can no deliver rescue breaths if needed until EMS arrives.  Mosey to the parking lot.

Mary: Flutter kicks, Box Cutter’s, J-Lo’s x15 each.


Mumblechatter: “What is the difference between a Burpee and an Up-Down?!”

Welcome to new PAX Prevacid and Goose. Glad to have you guys out!

Century Club

12 PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Prevac, Yard Sale, PSL, DMish, Floppy Disk, Blue Mule, Umbrella, Bagger Vance, Venus, Dupree, Life Champ

Long mosey to the other side of the Ellington


SSH x 10, Good Mornings x 10, WMH x 10, BAC x 10, RBAC x 10, Overhead Claps x 10


Mosey to the bottom of the hill at the 3 way stop on Marchant for the Century Club workout:

10 Flutter Kicks at the bottom, then run up the long hill (about 175 meters)

90 American Hammers at the top then run back down

20 Deep Squats at the bottom then head back up

80 Hip Thrusters at the top

30 Single Leg Donkey Kicks at the bottom

70 Mountain Climbers at the top

40 Merkins at the bottom

60 Gorilla Humpers at the top

50 Carolina Dry Docks at the bottom

50 Jump Squats at the top

40 Gorilla Humpers at the bottom

60 Merkins at the top

30 Mountain Climbers at the bottom

70 Single Leg Donkey Kicks at the top

20 Hip Thrusters at the bottom

80 Deep Squats at the top

10 American Hammers at the bottom

90 Flutter Kicks at the top

Plank and wait

Long Mosey back to the parking lot for COT


Chain Gang

PAX: PSL, Donuts, Bagger Vance, Princess Aurora, Big Stick, Prevac, Pop-a-lock, Vegemite, Too Tall, Skid Mark, Ludwig von Oshkosh, Bug’s Life (FNG), Focker, Big Bang, Offshore, Venus

QIC: Floppy Disk

18…er… 17 posted at Sir E this morning for some targeted muscle group work. Funyuns left to dutifully perform his coffee duties for his bride. We missed him out there. It was a chilly 31-degree April morning.

YHC dispensed with the disclaimer before we knocked out a quick 10 merks and proceeded with our warmup mosey around the church before convening in the lower parking lot for some WoR.

SSH x20
Squats x20
High Knees x15
Slow ‘n Low Merks x10
BACs F x15
Slow ‘n Low Merks x10
BACs R x15
Beetle Baileys (Overhead claps) x15
Air Press x10
Good Mornings x10
Windmills x10

The PAX couldn’t stand any more warmup so we moseyed to the playground to start the festivities.


On the playground, 3 sets of:

10x Pullups
15x various Merkins (Diamond, Derkin, Hand Release)
20x Dips
20x Inverted Rows

Once we were all in we moseyed over to the entrance of Ellington for a first-time Sir E surprise. Complements of Prevac we did some arm work (BICEPS!!) on the chains between the brick columns along the walking path. Everyone had their own stall and we (most of us, anyway) started with 3 sets of: 30x single arm bicep curls, 30x single arm upright rows. It became abundantly clear to me that my short reconnaissance of the chains and the few reps I threw up as a test did not do full justice to the weight of the chains. 30x became 20x for the second and third set. PA demonstrated textbook form, the rest of the PAX, not so much, but we still got good work in.

For the last portion we headed over to the steep hill overlooking the gazebo for some leg-work via 7s on the hill. This was a real PAX-pleaser. The exercises were Tuck Jumps at the bottom and Hydraulic Squats at the top. PAX were instructed to reverse mosey up the hill and regular mosey down the hill. It became apparent quickly that quads would take the brunt of this portion. Many reverse moseys turned into slow/intentional reverse hill walks.

Time was drawing to a close. We took the longish loop home around the main Ag Center loop, and returned to the CUMC parking lot in time for about 80 seconds of low plank action.


Great to have PA out in the gloom with us at Sir E! It was a reminder to me that I’m overdue for a visit with our west Nash F3 brethren. Welcome to FNG Bug’s Life (Marshall Alexander)! He’s a friend of Big Sticks, which everyone expressed condolences about, but besides that he’s an allright dude. Hopefully he makes it back out again soon. BV tried to cut corners again. Classic! It was fun to mix in something new at Sir E today. I really enjoyed it out there!


We continued to pray for Spicoli, Olan Mill’s dad and El Maestro.

The Q calendar is wide open gents! If you want to co-Q just let me know. I’m always up for it.

Finally, the F3Nashville shirt order is live until 4/24. Get those orders in! Check Slack for deets.


Sir Ellingtunes

PAX: PSL, Donuts, CCR, Bagger Vance, Yard Sale, CAPSLOCK, Big Stick, Holiday, Frogger, Edible Arrangements, Karamazov, Cowboy, Dilly Dilly, Prevac, Pop-a-lock, Dr Smartt, Vegemite, Too Tall, Floppy Disk

QIC: Floppy Disk

19 showed for a windy, musical workout at Sir E yesterday. Quick mosey up to the big house to get warmed up.


WoR (all IC)
Goofballs x10
Skaters x10
Cotton Pickers x10
Guten Morgens x10
Willie Mays x10
BabyACs F x10
BigACs F x10
BabyACs R x10
BigACs R x10
Calfkiller Squats x10

THANG – 4 songs plus a little extra credit

FlowersMoby (aka Bring Sally Up): Push-up on “bring sally up”, down on “bring sally down” and keep the chest of the ground.

Mosey to the big lot.

ThunderstruckAC/DC: Various hopping-related exercises (ssh, high knees, butt kickers) for the duration of the song then burpee on every “thunder” or “thunderstruck”.

Mosey to the neighboring field.

BodiesDrowning Pool: In a plank for the duration of the song doing a combination of plank jax and mountain climbers. During the chorus perform an atomic merkin each time the bodies hit the floor.

Mosey to the bottom of the big hill for a “quick” set of 7’s. Jump Squats at the bottom, split lunges at the top. Reverse mosey up, regular mosey down which was eventually modified to regular mosey both ways based on time constraints.

Long mosey through the beautiful Sir E grounds back to the church for one final song.

Guerrilla Radio – Rage Against the Machine: various ab exercises for the duration of the song that consisted of: Freddie Mercuries, Flutter Kicks, Hola Dollies, LBCs and Crunchy Frogs.


BH: Keep Spicoli, Olan Mill’s dad and El Maestro in your prayers.