Humid at Sir E

PAX: Tandem, Fairyweather, Trickle (FNG), Too Tall, Edibles, Foxtrot, Dupree, Pedialyte, Yard Sale, Big Stick, PSL

QIC: Floppy Disk

WoR (IC)
SSH x25
Windmills x10
Good Morns x10
Willie Mays x10
Squats x10
SnL Merks x10
Air Press x15
BaC F x10
BaC R x10
Michael Phelps x10


Kicked things off with a burpee apocalypse  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Got the juices flowing.

7’s on the steep hill: Squats and Squat Jumps, backpedal up the hill (quad burner). Big Stick showed off his incredible backpedal skills.

Figure 8’s. At each speed bump (9 bumps) perform the following:
10x Atomic Merks
10x Squat Jumps
15x Mt Climbers (each leg)
15x Carolina Dry Docks

This was hard.

Catch our breath for 30 seconds then back to the church for some Mary.

20x Flutter Kicks
15x Freddie Mercuries
15x Hello Dolly’s
30s Low Plank

Welcome FNG Trickle!

26 May 2020 Q

26 May 2020 Q

Temp: 60s
Gloom Factor: Nil

PAX: Foxtrot Talks A Lot, Yard Sale, Red Skull, Black Lung, Dupree, PSL, Bagger Cance (QIC)

Several awkward moments as YHC, RS and Dupree wondered who’s would show. Ended up with a quorum, so that was a bonus. Since YHC has been battling some shoulder injuries, today’s Q would be more cardio based and less pull/push based.

Started out w a short loop around the church complete w a couple of side shuffles returning to the main parking area where we met FTAL, YS and BL.

All IC X 13

Basically run the outer loop of the AG center down to Cul2vate up to the Mansion and back to start ex.

Along the way we stopped at

UT Extension
Squats x 26
High Plank x 26
Low Plank x 26
LBCs x 26
Lunge Walk x 26

Three Way Stop(ish) Sign
Jump Squats x 26
High Plank x 26
Low Plank x 26
LBCs x 26
Iron Mikes x 26

Bernie Sanders up to TWRA office
OH Squats x 26
High Plank x 26
Low Merkin x 26
LBCs x 26
Skaters x 26

Cruise to Cul2vate
Goblet Squats x 26
High Plank x 26
Low Merkin x 26
LBCs x 26

Back to the White Barn
Squats x 26
High Plank x 26
Low Merkin x 26
Bulgarian Split Squats x 26
LBCs x 26

Over to Ellington Mansion
Wall Sits x 26
High Plank x 26
Low Merkin x 26
LBCs x 26
Side lunges x 26

Back to lot for Mary:
Flutter Kix x 26
AL prom dates x 13
Ola Dollies x 26
AL prom dates x 13
Plank Progression 3 minutes


It goes without saying that the last few months have been less than ideal. So great to get a little sense of normalcy with 6 other HIM at Sir E; T Claps to them for joining in on the classic pearl on a string Q.


Dupree will be taking over as Site Q for the time being at Sir E due to Boy Band’s Covid ICU service this summer. ThanQ for stepping up brother.

New 413 class at The Stronghold starts on Thursday. Come join us tonight at Foster Ave this evening as we get to know the new crew and take them through the Naming ritual.


Farewell 2019

2019’s Come To An End

Temp: Cold 39
Gloom Factor: High

PAX: Burrito, Floppy Disk, Red Skull, Yard Sale, Boy Band, Black Lung, Too Tall, Pedialyte, Bagger Vance


0530 Disclaimer

Take off up Marchant to Big Lot

IW X 19 IC
HB X 20 IC
Willy x 10 IC

A tour of the highlights of Sir E throughout the years. We’ve had some memorable and some laughable Qs at this site. YHC intended to relive some of those and to get a good run in as well. So we are off to:

Procurement Building –
20 Merkins
19 Squats

Barn Shuffle –
20 Diamonds
19 Plank Jax

Cul2vate –
20 AST
19 Squat Jumps

Big Stick Hill –
20 Atomics
19 Walking Lunges

Aunt Bea’s 11s Mud Hill –
20 Curls
19 Razors

Randon TWRA Building –
19 Curb Hops

Three Way –
20 Burpees
19” Sprint

Calf Killer Ultimate/ “I hate running FNG’s path” –
20 Larry Craigs
19 Squats

Three Way –
20 Burpees
19” Sprint

Random Amphitheater –
20 Inc Merks
19 Bulgarian SS

Mansion Loop –
20 Power Merks
19 Jump Lunges

Sprint Entrance to Entrance up Marchant

5 Merks
F Kix x 19 IC


Great way to finish w a 20 rep 19 rep string of pearls theme.

Black Lung found us in record time.

Burrito from Chatty was silenced by stop #3.

We hit all the major stopping points along the Sir E AO trail w a nod to some of the famous/infamous Qs.

Hard to believe this AO has been around since 2015. It’s come a long way from meeting at the Iris parking lot. Believe it or not some of the Redwoods were Binary, Bad Boy, Grisham and Rooster. Keep up the fire men, Boy Band continues to lead it well.

Prayers up for Rooms 2 Go’s wife Katie and the loss of her Mother this week. Please pray/think/meditate for them as they go through this time of mourning.
Also Burrito from Chatty is her for his cousins funeral, K Mosley. She leaves behind a husband and two grown children and a loving extended family.

Honor to lead and to close out 2019 with a small but hearty crew.


FitTest preview at Sir E

PAX: Dupree, Too Tall, Foxtrot Talks-a-lot, Black Widow, Prevac, Boy band, PSL, JK, Red Skull, Pedialyte

QIC: Floppy Disk

11 on a drizzly morning at Sir E.

Disclaimer dispensed, head up to the big house for some Warm-o-rama.

WoR (all IC)
SSH x20
Windmills x10
Good morns x10
Willie Mays x10
High Knees x10
Squats x10

THANG – taste of the FitTest in Nolesville this coming weekend.

50x hand-release burpees
Mosey to the big lot
Bear crawl hopefully about 100 yards
Crawl bear back
Mosey upper loop (a little over 0.5 mile)
Crab walk hopefully about 100 yards
Broad jump back
Mosey upper loop (a little over 0.5 mile)
Bear crawl about 30 yards
Crawl bear back
25x hand release merkins
25x jump squats

Mosey back to the church lot for some Mary

20x Flutter kix IC
10x Good morns IC

Tough workout today. These are a few of my least favorite things. When I announced the 50x hand release burpees PSL said, “That’s unfortunate”. Indeed! Everyone worked hard, though, and pushed through the discomfort.

Until next time,
Floppy D

How fast is Floppy Disk? Too Fast… Sir E 9/3/2019

It was a glorious morning at Sir Ellington with 18 PAX arriving for the festivities.

QIC: Boyband

PAX: FloppyD, PSL, DillyDilly, RedSkull, Prevac, CAPSLOCK, Foxtrot, BigStick, Edibles, BagsofAnts, Yard Sale, Movin on Up, Black Lung, Vegemite, Dr. Smartt, Hunter Mayhem, JK

We took a short lap  around the near hill and back to the parking lot for some warm-o-rama.

SSH x30, Squats, slow and low merkins, baby arm circles, and emperial walkers

The group split in half with Bagger taking the charge in IronPax week 1 makeup, and YHC taking the rest of the PAX to the Cochran hill.

Announcement: Per Strava Floppy Disc is the king of the Cochran hill segment with a 1:30 time up the VERY steep 0.2mi segment. He wouldn’t toot his own horn, but he went up the hill 3x that day collecting the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fastest times for the segment’s all-time history, all while completing a 7 mile run.  In order to see just how fast that was, we tried to replicate it as a group.

Round 1:

We climbed the hill with goal of <2min pace; most finished in <1:45. At the mid way point, mumblechatter was heard “Oh wait…it keeps going?!”  On the way down we performed the BOMBS workout with a stop at each light pole for one exercise before moving on to the next. Burpees, Overhead claps, Merkins, Big Boy Situps, and Squats. 20 reps each.  (Flutters/LBCs for the 6)

Round 2:

Climb the full hill again, but turn it around and run in reverse half way up. We performed BOMBS on the way down again with 10 reps each.  (Flutters/LBCs for the 6)

Round 3:

Race to the top; first man there stopped the group where they were. Go to the nearest lightpole and repeat BOMBS stopping at each remaining pole on the way down with 10 reps each.  (Flutters/LBCs for the 6).

At that point, there were 10 minutes left and the Cochran group ran back to the IronPax set up where we performed suicides with 10 merkins at the end. Rinse and Repeat and bearcrawl it in with the last man standing on Ironpax.

Mary: Freddy Mercury’s x20, Flutters x20, Supermans x20, Dying Cockroach x20


Announcement: Don’t forget the 9/14 convergence.

Moleskin: I have a new appreciation for each time I get the opportunity to lead you men. I am thankful to have the opportunity to know all of you and for the support you bring to me and each other. Keep up the good work. Prayers for OchoCinco who’s mother recently died.  Reach out and show your support.


Backstreet’s back, allright!

PAX: DMish, Too Tall, Cathy, Venus, Foxtrot Talks-a-lot, Offshore, Prevac, Boy band, PSL, CAPS LOCK, JK, Tampa Libra, Yard Sale, Black Lung

QIC: Floppy Disk

15 for some humid station work at Sir E this morning.

Disclaimer dispensed, head up the long road to the big lot for some Warm-o-rama.

WoR (all IC)
SSH x20
Squats x10
Good morns x10
Willie Mays x10
Cotton Pickers x10
Big Arm Circles F x10
Big Arm Circles R x10

Count off 1-4. 4 corners. Each station performed specified exercise for 1:00 then slowsey to the next station.

Round 1
1. Merkins
2. Carolina dry docks
3. Atomic merks
4. 8ct. Body builders
RnR x1

Group sprint ~75 yards. Sprint back.

Round 2
1. Gorilla humpers
2. Jump lunges
3. Jump squats
4. Tuck jumps
RnR x1

Mosey to the tractor pavilion for 3 sets of:
– Derkins x10
– Toe touches on bench (15x each leg)
– Dips x20

Long mosey back to the start.

20x Merkins IC
20x Flutter kix IC
20x Crunchy Frogs IC
20x Freddie Mercuries IC
1:00 Low plank

We were serenaded today by the Boy Bands & Girl Groups – 90s Pop Spotify playlist. It started a little slow, but really picked up towards the end. Mary was done IC to Everybody by Backstreet Boys. Crowd pleaser for sure. Mucho MC by most PAX. Cathy was disappointed that I cut my hair, suggesting that I should have trained it instead. DMish complained about back-to-back chest heavy days. PSL quietly went about his business, per usual. Foxtrot actually didn’t talk a lot, except something about his lame neighbor. I tried to skip Offshore in name-o-rama, and he made me feel really bad about it. Prevac told us a story about a friend with horses. Boy band took a page out of Prevac’s book, but did leave some damn cold coffee. CAPS LOCK and I discussed all the ways that Crieve Hall is superior to other Nashville neighborhoods. Yard Sale gave us some heartfelt feedback about the new mural. Found out JK ran track, which when combined with his age, makes him measurably faster than everyone else. Venus’ name-o-rama sound effects continue to play a vital role in the overall camaraderie of the group. Tampa Libra detailed the finer points of successful small business ownership. Too Tall, per usual, teased us with not quite enough midriff during name-o-rama. Finally, in keeping with tradition, Black Lung showed up about 10 minutes late. I would be lost otherwise.

Pleasure, gents. I look forward to the next one!

Floppy D

Paula Abdul vs Sir E.

Image result for opposites attract images paula abdul

12 PAX greeted the brisk morning gloom for a Cochran hill climb.

QIC: BoyBand

PAX: Pope, Dupree, Floppy D, Dilly Dilly, Razorback, Too Tall, Yard Sale, Renegade, PSL, Tampa-Libra, Dr. Smartt

We started with a short mosey to the bottom of Cochran hill for warm-o-rama.

WOR: SSH x25, Good mornings, willy mayes, baby arm circles forwards and backwards

Thang: Paula Abdul

-As the song “opposites attact” goes (and I mis-quoted this morning) 2 steps forwards and 2 steps back. Well, that gets you nowhere so we did 2 steps forwards and 1 step back all the way up the hill and then 1 step forwards and 2 steps back down the hill. Each “step” was a light post on the East side of Cochran.  We stopped at each light-post to perform an exercise before heading to the next designated stop.

Up: 2 up – Clock Merkins – 5 in each position; 1 down – WWIs x20 facing up the hill

Alternating sets of flutter kicks and supermans for the 6.

Down: 1 up – Derkins x10, 2 down – 10x4ct flutter kicks (we ran the uphill portions of the hill backwards to get a good leg burn)

Alternating sets of hello dolly and supermans for the 6.

Still 10 minutes of time….Short course pull ups and bear-crawls!

Started at the playground and performed the following in sequence:

5 pull ups -> bear-crawl up the hill -> bear-crawl down the stairs -> rinse/repeat

MARY: Hello Dolly x20, Alabama Prom Dates x20, LBCs x20, Side hip raises x10 each side


Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Don’t forget the leadership lunch coming up on 7/20.  Keep Ludwig’s wife, Dupree’s wife, and Spicolli in your prayers.





07 May 19 Riley Howell

Temp: 50s
Gloom Factor: Moderate

PAX: Renegade, Black Lung, CAPSLOCK, Yard Sale, Foxtrot Talks a Lot, Big Stick, PSL, Brother @ Law, Razorback, Dr Smartt, Boy Band, Too Tall, Dilly Dilly, Floppy Disk, Bagger Vance

Today’s workout is in honor of Riley Howell. All reps will have something to do with his DOB, age and DOD.

21 Pull Ups to Start


Date of Birth 12/13/1997
12 Imperial Walkers IC
13 Hillbillies IC
97 second high plank


Partner Up
Age at Death 21
21 Hill Ascents AYG
ODDS 21 Squats
EVENS 21 Merkins

Date of Death 04/30/19
Flutter Kicks 30 IC
Plank Jax 19 IC
Hello Dollies 30 IC
Supermans x 19 IC
Flutter Kicks x 30 IC
Mountain Climbers x 19 IC
Hello Dollies x 19 IC
High Plank x 30 sec


NMM: Felt an overwhelming desire to honor the late Riley Howell after reading several articles highlighting his heroics. A selfless young man in an age of selfies. There is an opportunity we all have to die to ourselves, everyday we can choose our needs or put the needs of others first. Thankfully, most of us will never have to make the decision to lay our life down so that others can live but if so, let us do it boldly and without fear. More than likely, we will be called to give up what we want for the well being of our wife, our children, work or our community…let us do so with the same courage that Riley did.

Prayers up for Kate and her brain tumor removal. Meal Train, yard work and kids days calendar to help Ludwig to follow.
Prayers for Barbara, CAPSLOCKs M in Law and her surgery recovery.
Prayers for Adam and Margaret in CA, victims of a theft and mugging that they are healed and come to know the Lord through all this.
Prayers for me and Leslie as we travel to Italy from 8 May to 18 May. Safety for us and for our children as they stay here w inlaws and sitters.
Concord Road YMCA BACK LOT
0500 Murph
0700 Speed Ruck
Come for all or come for one.


Death by Cochran

15 total PAX (13 actually completed the workout) showed up in the early morning gloom. Spring has settled in and the level of sweat has been increasing with each workout as the early morning temperatures rise.

QIC: BoyBand

PAX: Black Lung, Pope, Razorback, Yard Sale, PSL, CCR, Brother-at-law, Duvall (Willy Lowman from Seattle), CAPSLOCK, Too Tall, Red Skull, Dupree

Bagger Vance (left before the workout, but after a speed ruck) and Big Stick (showed up late and couldn’t find us until the last minute of Mary).

We started with a lap around the church and then settled in for…

WOR: SSH x20, Good Mornings, Willy Mays, Baby Arm Circles forwards … Black lung arrives… 10 Burpees, Baby arm circles backwards, overhead claps


Mosey over to the Cochran hill for a duplication pyramid.  At each light post (there are 6 total) we performed an increasing number of the following 4 exercises:

Burpees – Squats – Merkins – WWIs

The sequence was as follows:

1-2-4-8-16-32 on the way up

32-16-8-4-2-1 on the way back down -> Flutter kicks for the 6

While the pain and dizziness left us seeing double, it was time for Cochran suicide runs.  Stop at each street light and return to the bottom. 1 Burpee at each stopping point to mark the stop. We completed 6 of the 8 possible stops before we ran out of time.

Mary: Almost didn’t make it, flutter kicks for the 6 and then 1 minute of low plank

Thanks for letting me lead, good to see everyone out there.


$100,000 Pyramids at Sir E – 4/23/2019

19 PAX posted for a glorious morning of strength building exercises. YHC had prepared a running-lite workout to save the legs of those who would be running the upcoming marathon this weekend (Nashville and others).

QIC: BoyBand

PAX: Big Stick, Dmish, FTTAL, Floppy Disk, Bagger Vance, PSL, Too Tall, Dilly Dilly, Prevac, Danger Zone (FNG), Yard Sale, Tiny Dancer, Blue Mule, Red Skull, Edible Arrangement, Umbrella, … I lost track

We started with a lap around the church and then it was time for

WOR: SSH x50, Squats x15, Good mornings x4, Willy mays x8, baby arm circles forwards/backwards, overhead claps, seal claps


We broke in to groups for 3 separate pyramid workouts.  Goal was to go to failure, once failure reached in any of the exercises, go back down the pyramid. Each pyramid was a set 3 exercises that would be done sequentially.  Exercise 1 would set the pace. Exercise 2 would be double and exercise 3 would be triple that of exercise number 1 for each step of the pyramid.  Once you were done with your pyramid, it was time for an interlude and moving on to the next pyramid.

Pyramid 1:  Pull ups 1x, Merkins 2x, Squats 3x  (sequentially increasing to 2, 4, 6 then 3, 6, 9, then 4, 8, 12, and so forth); then back down once you reached failure on any exercise

Interlude 1: Lap around the church

Pyramid 2: Rows 1x, Derkins 2x, Freddy Mercury 3x

Interlude 2: Bearcrawl to basketball hoop and crawlbear back

Pyramid 3: Hand release merkins 1x, Supermans 2x, 4ct flutter kicks 3x

Interlude 3: Burpee Apocalypse; counting down from 10

At about 10 minutes in to the first pyramid it was quite obvious that the HIM of SirE are beasts and would not reach failure in each set within the confines of a roughly 40 min workout. Thus we modified each round to last no more than 10 minutes.  Interludes remained the same.

We finished the pyramid sets with 2 minutes left and Mary consisted of burpees until time was out.



This workout was designed to focus on upper body strength with equal attention to chest and back.  It was intended to allow for those of us who are running the upcoming marathons to rest our legs, but still get in a good workout. Based on the amount of sweat that I saw after the workout, it’s either summer or mission accomplished or a little of both.  As always, thanks for letting me lead.