BLIMPS over Brentwood

TEMP: 50
Gloom Factor: Nil
0529:45 Disclaimer

PAX: Toga, Umbrella, Black Widow, Boone’s Farm, Offshore, Bagger Vance

SSH, Windmills, HB, BAC F/R, WMH, Phelps x 8-10 IC

Mosey to GWP and explain the Thang. We will move around the path in Indigenous People Run fashion. Once YHC gets back to the front we will knock out some BLIMPS:

Lunge Walk
Imperial Squat Walkers
Plank Jax

RI – x 15
RII – x 20
RII – x 16
RIV – x 15

At this point our IPR broke down as YHC attempted to find a station for rows and or pull-ups. We finally stumbled upon a railing that would suffice at the front of the middle school.
Rows w Bros x 10,9,10

Back to the lot for Mary:
Pistol LBC X 20 IC
Plank progression x 2 Mins
FKIX / Ola Dolly x 30 IC
Plank Progression x 1 min
5 Burpees


Good tour of GWP and all that public schools have to offer in Wilco.
Pleasure to lead and be led.

Praying for all families, specifically The Fogarty family, The Duffy Family and The Sinclair Family. Prayers up for Glenn, TOGA’s friend who lost his wife suddenly at Christmas ‘19.


Purple Cow: 1/6/2020

PAX: Tiny Dancer, Umbrella, Black Widow, Toga, Not a Sport

QIC: Boone’s Farm


  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • Squats x10
  • Merkins x10
  • Scorpion x10


Mosey to bottom of driveway for 7’s:

  • squat jumps at bottom
  • backpedal up
  • burpees at top
  • forward down

Mosey to BHS track and partner up:

Partner 1 run lap around track while Partner 2 is working thru exercises combined totals; flapjack until complete

  • 100 merkins
  • 200 squats
  • 300 LBCs

Mosey to GWP. Run around path, stopping at playground for:

  • 10 pull-ups
  • 15 swerkins
  • 20 dips


All in, finished with indigenous peoples run back to parking lot. Completed just over 3 miles and some hill work.  Great work by all to get the week started right.

Always an honor,


12 More Days

PAX: Black Widow, Toga (QIC), Umbrella, Boone’s Farm, Leatherneck, Wish List (FNG Connor)

Gloom Factor: Sunny and 70

Six redwoods posted on Christmas Eve Eve to conduct one more version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and John Denver and Muppets kicked us off.  It went something like this…

Mosey to foot of steps behind BHS STEM building to complete the following in escalating order:

  • One Bear Crawl Up and Down the Stairs
  • Two block curls with halos ea. direction
  • Three block tricep extensions
  • Four block squats
  • Five block merkins
  • Six times up and down the stairs
  • Seven block swings
  • Eight lawn mower pulls ea. arm
  • Nine block presses
  • Ten jump tucks
  • Eleven block sit-ups
  • Twelve block burpees

Mosey the blocks back to Leatherneck’s sled and COT.

NMM:  TClaps to Boone’s who able to EH Wish List into coming out this fine morning, and we wish him the best as he prepares for his OCS boards in the Spring.  Hopefully F3 Chattanooga can help him along the way.

Stay Classy and remember that Santa is watching!


Super Coupon Monday

PAX:  Black Widow, Not a Sport, Leatherneck, Umbrella, Boone’s Farm, Offshore, TOGA (QIC)

Seven redwoods posted to get a bit stronger with coupons today, and it went something like this:

Mosey around to Murray Ln and then back for warmarama.., the usual stuff.  Next we grabbed coupons out of Leatherneck’s sled to commence a coupon fest that bared no resemblance to the running only workouts of the past two weeks.  The fun included: curls, squats, single leg squats, deadlifts, lawnmowers, goblet squats, various merkin configurations, and Umbrella’s favorite, the weighted sit-up.

COT with YHC taking us out.

Stay Classy,


Keeping things moving at the cow – 11/25/2019

PAX: Tiny Dancer, Leatherneck, Umbrella, Black Widow, Toga, En_Fuego, Not a Sport

QIC: Boone’s Farm


  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10


Mosey to GWP. Run around path, stopping at playground for:

  • 10 pull-ups
  • 15 swerkins
  • 20 dips


Mosey to parking lot and partner up:

Partner 1 run lap around parking lot perimeter while Partner 2 is working thru exercises combined totals; flapjack until complete

  • 50 burpees
  • 100 squat jumps
  • 150 merkins
  • 200 LBCs
  • 250 flutter kicks (4-count, or 1000 for Leatherneck)

All in, finished with 1 gasser on the basketball court before  heading back to parking lot.

Great work by all to get the week started right.

Always an honor,


Jack Webb mutation

Not A Sport, Black Widow, Penny Loafers, Tiny Dancer, Boone’s Farm, Leatherneck, yours Qly Tampa Libra.

SSH, WMH, Good Mornings, Imperial Walkers, Inch Worms

Mosey with an assortment of coupons (cinderblock, kettlebell, ruck, bumper plate) to the football field. YHC followed Leatherneck the hard way over the fence while the rest of the PAX simply walked through the open gate. All PAX tested their gut and squeezed through the next fence which was actually closed and locked.

Exercise 1: YHC created a variation of the Jack Webb (1:4) as follows: 1 merkin-jack, 4 air press, 1 Lt Dan. 2 merkin-jacks, 8 air presses. 1 Lt. Dan…up to a 10 count on the merkin-jack. The air got pretty heavy starting around 20 reps.

Exercise 2: Partner up on the track.

P1: Run a loop
P2: Squat hold with coupon

Loop / Coupon overhead hold. Swap.
Loop / American Hammer with coupon. Swap.
Loop / Chest press (standing 4-count: press out, in, press incline, back in). Swap.

Exercise 3. Incline Jack Webb (1:4) on a set of bleachers.

Mosey back for a quick MARY: Captain Thor x 15 oyo.

Oprah approved book club this Friday. Tampa family movie night this Sat, invite to follow. Prayers for Dilly’s wife’s uncle. Penny Loafers bride is Cancer free Praise the Lord!

Purple Cow is a fantastic AO with an even better collection of PAX. Humbled to fight along side you all in this battle and grateful for the opportunity to lead this morning.




Let’s try this one more time

PAX: Toga, Black Widow, Umbrella, Deck the Hollis, Penny Loafers, Offshore, Olan Mills (QIC)….6  more than when I led  this same workout a week ago. 


Mosey around front of BMS / Stem building and back to in front of gym


SSH, Willie, Good mornings, Bac, Bac-R


11’s on incline driveway – 10 burpees / 1 Jump squat

Over to picnic tables

10 – derkins, 15 – airkins, 20 – dips; x4

Over in front of STEM bldg – 50’ish yd sprints down – 10 WWIs, sprint back – 10 American Hammers x3 increasing by 6 reps each down/back.

7’s on incline driveway – 6 atomic merkins / 1 squats

20 Box jumps on tables

Mosey back to parking lot


Flutter kicks, J-Lo’s

CoT…Penny Loafer’s wife to have surgery next week and their daughter is off to her first spend the night camp (she’s a bit stressed about the idea). Deck the Hollis’s job transition is going good and he’s got a big meeting today.

Pleasure to lead you al this morning.

A little running at the cow – 6/3/2019

PAX: Backlash, Offshore, Penny Loafers, Tiny Dancer, Leatherneck, Olan Mills, Umbrella, Black Widow

QIC: Boone’s Farm


  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Merkins x10


Mosey to GWP.  Complete 3 full laps around 0.8 mi path, stopping first lap at playground for:

  • 10 pull-ups
  • 15 swerkins
  • 20 dips


2nd lap stop about quarter way around for:

  • 10 burpees
  • 20 merkins
  • 30 LBCs

continue to playground:

  • 10 alternating shoulder taps
  • 20 squats
  • 30 flutter kicks IC (YHC mistakenly called out LBC and then proceeded to confuse everyone)

RnR for 3rd lap, with addition of 2 gassers on the basketball court before finishing lap and heading back to parking lot.

Great work by all to get the week started right.

Continue to pray for those with illness and need of healing (Penny Loafer’s wife, Ludwig’s wife, and Spicoli).

Saturday 545 ruck with Leatherneck, meeting at First Watch on Franklin Rd, breakfast at 7.  Come get workout and fellowship

Always an honor,


Round Three for PFT Prep.., a Swingin’ Good Time

PAX: Tiny Dancer, Offshore, Umbrella, Boone’s Farm, Olan Mills, Penny Loafers,  Black Widow, Toga (QIC)

Conditions: Sunny and 70

A lucky 8 showed up to put in a little PFT prep in the gloom.  Here’s how it went down:

Quick disclaimer then mosey to GWP, warmup COP: SSH, cotton pickers, Don Quixote, squat thrusts, T-ups, scorpion stretch

Mosey to playground for PFT Prep Round 3= Partner up with P1 executing an exercise while P2 executes a different exercise.  Quick switch every 30 secs for 3 rounds then move to next station.  Stations=

  1. Pull-ups and atomic pushups
  2. Curls and Atomic oblique merkins
  3. Rows and suspended crunches
  4. power pulls and suspended oblique crunches
  5. One round attempted of Suspended Spiderman merkins and suspended pikes

Indigenous People’s Run back to flag and Mary.


  • No workout next week.  Go to the convergence!
  • New AO in Spring Hill, see Tiny Dancer
  • Prayers for those awaiting test results and in need of healing

Stay Classy,


Work Stations

AO: Purple Cow -5/13/19

Conditions: 50 degrees and perfect

PAX: Black Widow, Boone’s Farm, Leatherneck, Offshore, Penny Loafers, Umbrella

QIC: Leatherneck


Today’s workout was a rotating “station” workout that included ruckplates, rucksacks, dumbbells and, as usual, PAX bodyweight.  YHC had a little fun creating cards for each station detailing the exercise and number of reps (noted as R#) on Sunday night (pic included).

Disclaimer.  Warmorama…short – quick mosey, SSH (10), Merking (10 – 4ct), BAC/RBAC (each 10 OYO).


9 Stations (rotating from one station to the next) – 25 min AMRAP.  Stations/exercises were as follows:

    1. 20lb rucksack merkins (R10)
    2. Flutterkicks (R30)
    3. 30lb ruckplate (or 20lb dumbbell) shoulder raises – lift from waist to all the way overhead (R10)
    4. 30lb rucksack American hammers (R10)
    5. 20lb ruckplate (x2 – total of 40lb – one in each hand) walking lunges (R10)
    6. 8-count bobybuilders (R10) – CROWD FAVORITE #1
    7. 30lb ruckplate standing overhead tricep extensions (R15)
    8. Merkins with 20lb (or 15lb) dumbbell (x2 – one for each had) row.  Do a merkin, row with left arm, row with right arm is 1 rep (R10) – CROWD FAVORITE #2
    9. 30lb ruckplate standing bicep curls (R15)

Quick clean up of the gear straight into an approximate 1 mile Indian Run.  Started at BMS AO staging area – run down BHS parking lots to end, U-turn and all the way back.  3 mins left.  Audible to bottom of AO entrance.  Sprint up and down the hill entrance (x 3).  Time.


Great work by the PAX today.  The ability to do the AMRAP workout with various coupons was the combined effort of the PAX.  Ruckplates provided by YHC, Umbrella and Penny Loafers.  Rucksacks provided by YHC and Offshore (more were brought).  Dumbbells provided by YHC and Boone’s Farm.  Workouts using various equipment can be created/performed with a little preparation and teamwork.

Prayer requests:

    1. Boone’s Farm – upcoming MRI (part of the 4-month cycle)
    2. Penny Loafers’ M
    3. Ludwig’s M

Finally, as Umbrella appropriately stated (won’t repeat his words), PurpleCow PAX need some work on their fist bumps.