It’s not back to back frisbee when the week in between is cancelled

AO: atlantis
Q: SalPal
PAX: Detective Pikachu, Chunks, sooner, Cable News, Subway, Three Stooges, Tea Party, Hair Band, Toothless, Pole Dancer, Dr. Stoogie (sp?), Lotso
FNGs: 2 Dr. Stoogie (sp?), Lotso
CONDITIONS: Damp and moist.

WARMUP: Misc stretches + fence jumps.


3 burpicides to give the illusion of a proper workout. Then, ultimate frisbee!

MOLESKINE: Call out your favorite moments in the comments.

1st F: Brew Ruck, Night Movez, GEODIS 5k, Gulliver’s Travels
2nd F: Sooie Party, Hunger Games

COT: Lotsa prayers – family difficulties, work, kids, changes in living situation, career. Keep offering it up fellas.

The Fourth F

AO: atlantis
Q: Firefox
PAX: SalPal, Pole Dancer, sooner, Oatmeal, Subway, Siri, Toothless
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Misty with a light haze of bugs

WARMUP: Mosey down to the farthest field, plus some SSH, WMH, and GM.

Part 1: F3 Disc Golf
All PAX were given a disc golf putter. A Kanjam goal was set at the other end of the field. PAX had to get their disc into the goal in as few throws as possible.
– Lunge walk to the landing spot of your first throw
– Bear crawl to the landing spot of your second throw
– Murder bunny to all subsequent landing spots until complete
We multiplied the best and worst scores to determine how many burpees to do, which I believe ended up being 3 x 5 on the first pass.

We repeated this except doing bear crawls to the first landing spot and murder bunnies thereafter. Results were much better with us doing 3 x 4 burpees on the second round.

Thang 2: Ultimate!
Between points, scoring teams did 10 merkins, scored-upon teams did 5 burpees.
SalPal Pole Dancer Toothless and Subway (shirts) versus YHC, sooner Oatmeal and Siri (pasty white skins). It was a back-and-forth affair to start until Team PWS started pulling ahead. Shirts made a nice mini-run at the end.

MOLESKINE: Thanks for the push to pivot on the plan today. The real birthday Q at bomber tomorrow!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Oh so many. Check the calendar. Off the top of my head:
– Hunger Games
– Brewsday farewell to Bareback
– Night Moves
– Run at Geodis

– Disappointment to process and new challenges to navigate for SalPal and family
– Road trip well wishes for Toothless

Thanks for the opportunity to lead! Post any favorite moments/plays in the thread!


AO: atlantis
Q: Grape
PAX: SalPal, Firefox, Schnauzer, Puzzlah, Pole Dancer
FNGs: None

WARMUP: typical shoulder burner to help YHC’s shoulder be ready for all the burpees that were to come

20 SSH
10 OH Press
10 OH Clap
10 Seal claps
10 Moroccan night clubs
9 burpees for Puzzlah being 3 minutes late and missing the first 3 exercises (see, 3×3 makes 9, so we did 9 burpees, get it?)
Mosey to the big parking lot

THE THANG: SalPal asked me to be psychotic, so we had a crazy workout

Partner work, one partner runs while the other does the exercises. The twist is that every time both partners had completed an exercise, then both had to do burpees before moving on. Then repeato sans burpees until time. Key is constant motion

C- Carolina dry docks
R- regular squats
A- ab thrusters
Z- zebra kicks
Y- IYT’s

Mosey to startex for 5MoM

MOLESKINE: really enjoyed the vibe at Ramblin’ Joes and appreciate 100% PAX participation in coffeeteria

ANNOUNCEMENTS: night moves, 5k, check slack

COT: prayers for SalPal M in job hunt and pregnancy
Prayers for Pole Dancer M in job hunt
Prayers for Firefox and relationship with parents


6/6 Beatdown

AO: atlantis
Q: Pole Dancer
PAX: CubCadet
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Hot and Muggy

WARMUP: Mosey around the perimeter, active warmups, and light stretching as we navigated to the Pizza Hut

THE THANG: Per instructions from SalPal we put on a nice beatdown to kick off a sweaty month at Atlantis. Sets of plyos separated by a run around the tank, adding one exercise each cycle

10x Burpees

10x Burpees
25x Merkins

10x Burpees
25x Merkins
50x Lunges

10x Burpees
25x Merkins
50x Lunges
100x LBC’s

10x Burpees
25x Merkins
50x Lunges
100x LBC’s
150x Squats



COT: Dedication is easy when its easy- and hard when its hard. Put in the effort when its hard and reap the rewards!


Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

AO: atlantis
Q: SalPal
PAX: SalPal
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Foggy and gloomy.

WARMUP: Light stretching.

THE THANG: Short solo jog.

MOLESKINE: The difference between solitude and loneliness is the willingness to embrace that quiet space alone. Glad I was able to turn today into a quiet morning of reflection and easy running.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: ….but don’t worry, the bitterness and saltiness will be back in short order, so I guess I’ll have to take it out on the poor souls at bomber tomorrow.

COT: Sending well-wishes and prayers to the usual suspects, hoping that summer travel is treating you well, and looking forward to seeing you out there next week!


AO: atlantis
Q: SalPal
PAX: Firefox, Young Pawn, Toothless, Pole Dancer, Crawlspace, Right Said, sooner, Lunch Lady, Timber, Wolfpack, Sooie, The Merchant, Subway, Siri, Bareback, Chunks, Skidmark (lol)
FNGs: 1 Skidmark (lol)
Please comment the person I forgot and I’ll add. Running on 3 hours of sleep and as many cups of coffee.

CONDITIONS: 2 inches of water on every playable space at West Park

WARMUP: Quick circle of standard warmsups

THE THANG: 10 men took their shirts off, 9 left them on, played 7v7 ultimate with subs. Good times had by all.

MOLESKINE: Loved the energy and commitment to the game out there. Thanks for coming out guys.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: pain-train launch! may-you-pull-up ongoing. Comment if I missed any.

Siri’s dog
Lunch Lady and ongoing improvement in health + friend’s funeral this weekend
Right Said Crawlspace family recovering
Young Pawn and M on tough conversations
Intentions spoken and unspoken

Birthday Vibes

AO: atlantis
Q: DintyMoore
PAX: Pole Dancer, DintyMoore, Puzzlah, Toothless, CubCadet, Schnauzer
FNGs: None

WARMUP: shoulder work, good mornings, Willy mays Hayes, long mosey around the park

Thing 1
100 Air Squats
80 Lunges
60 Freddy Mercuries
41 Burpees
60 Freddy Mercuries
80 Reverse Lunges
100 Air Squats

Thing 2
Merkins to every PBJ (41) reference

Mosey cool down then Mary to finish

2.0 inspired birthday workout playlist

MOLESKINE: thanks for celebrating 41 years with me.

#Plankpril Continues
Bring an FNG next week 5/2
Ultimate Frisbee convergence 5/9
Official launch the-castle
Official launch pain-train

COT: Prayers for Toothless baby no. 2 and happy, healthy checkups

Puff, Puff, Pass

AO: atlantis
Q: Puzzlah
PAX: SalPal, Toothless, Pole Dancer, Schnauzer, Grandpa Bear (DR), Uncle Rico, Tuna (DR), Redeye (DR)
FNGs: 3 Uncle Rico, Tuna (DR), Redeye (DR)

WARMUP: Indian run to find an entrance to the field. Tossed the rugby ball around a bit in the dark.

420 theme here:
4 exercises, 20 reps each:

20 ssh
20 shoulder taps
20 mountain climbers
20 Burpees

So fun, we did it a second time and did the world’s greatest stretch while we went through the rules for the Thang.


Deep inhales all around.

400 m run to the fence
20 merkens
20 lunges (L+R = 1)

Do that 4 times

When we finished, did a little pole run:
Ran Forward to the first pole, then ran backwards to the start (50 out, 50 back)
Ran forward to the second pole, then ran backwards to the start (100 out, 100 back)
Ran forward to the third pole, then ran backwards to the start (150 out, 150 back)
Counting is hard in this state, so all distances are made up.

Moseyed back to the flag and finished with 6 minutes of Mary.

This Q does not condone, advocate, or judge anyone’s partaking in the events surrounding today’s theme of 420. But, good vibes, good buds, and good times were had by all. Grandpa Bear joined us from Louisville, brought two of his work colleagues, Uncle Rico (who lives in Green Hills) and Tuna (didn’t catch where he was from), and they picked up Redeye in the lobby of the hotel as they were leaving. Only my second Q, so grateful to have the support of SalPal, Toothless, and Pole Dancer to guide our 3 FNGs and helping me through some cadences.

atlantis Bring a friend May 2.
Ultimate Frisbee May 9 (did not catch where)

Went from a silly Q to serious discussion of Passover, wrestling with the challenges we face (discretion), and the power of Hope. Redeye opened up about the challenges he has faced and inspired all of us to seize every opportunity we have to be better men and to overcome the odds. Prayers for jobs, families, clarity, safe travels, and health and happiness.

Death March to the Danger Zone

AO: atlantis
Q: Three Stooges
PAX: SalPal, Cable News, Pole Dancer, Toothless, Firefox, Schnauzer, Hurl Mary
FNGs: None

Danger Zone – Side Straddle Hop to Kenny Loggins Danger Zone. Squat every time he sings “Danger Zone.”
Mosey to bigger parking lot.

Bataan Death March – Burpee Indian Run. PAX mosey in a line. Last man drops and does 5 burpees. They then run to catch the others, tapping the new last man for their burpees, and continue to the front of the line.
15 minutes came to 1.5 miles.

Mosey to Pizza Hut

Tabata exercise
2 sets: 1 min exercise/30 sec rest
Alabama Prom Dates

Plankpril 2 min plank

Finished with some Mary

Thank you all for a great VQ. We had a great turnout and I had a lot of fun. We keep working and getting stronger everyday. Tomorrow is going to continue to be better than it was today.

Plankpril – we’re at 2 minutes
Bring a Friend Under the Sea Day – May 2nd
The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny – May 9th
Show support at the new AOs if you can
pain-train(Fridays in Bellevue)
the-castle (Wednesdays & Saturdays in Hendersonville)
Chunks is having a UFC watch party with BBQ Saturday. See 2ndf for details.

Intentions were shared for friends and family members. Finished with an Our Father.


3, 2, 1…let’s count!

AO: atlantis
Q: Grape
PAX: Three Stooges, Cable News, Sally, Right Said, Puzzlah
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: cold, but not cold enough for sleeves

Quick run around the parking lot to warm up my arms (@Sally reminded me that’s not how it works)
20 SSH
10 Imperial Walkers
10 Hillbillies
10 OH Claps
10 Seal Claps
10 Moroccan Night Clubs

Let’s count animals!
1 Bear Crawl around the parking lot
2 minutes of Monkey humpers (this was much harder than I was expecting)
3 sets of 3×3 inchworm merkins
4 sets of 4 crunchy frogs

Mosey to the bigger parking lot

Let’s count down!
Dora 3-2-1
300 Squats
200 Merkins
100 BBSU’s
50 Burpees (I don’t think any group finished this)
Runner was going to the second tree and back

Mosey back to startex for Mary

MOLESKINE: super proud of the guys working hard. Was worried about Cable News for a bit, but like a true HIM he powered through! Also loved when Puzzlah would say “sweet” in a high pitched voice every time I gave him the rep count in the Dora. Thanks for having me y’all!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: brewsday, plankpril, murder mile

COT: everyone shared an intention, including prayers for family members and friends who are battling cancer, high school decisions for Puzzlah, and work stuff for Sally