AO: thebuffalo
Q: greyalbum
PAX: greyalbum
FNGs: None

WARMUP: Was already pretty warm

THE THANG: Looked around in all directions for possible PAX

Poured myself a cup of coffee

Drove away at 5:33am 😂


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Happy Thanksgiving let me know if you want to grab a Q spot!



AO: thebuffalo
Q: greyalbum
PAX: The Bobs, Giving Tree, Ultratecht, Hipster, Hot Route, @Clothesline, @MattFoley
FNGs: 1 @MattFoley
CONDITIONS: Honeycrisp


Cherry Pickers
World’s Greatest Stretch


Grab a coupon

40 Jump squat
30 Diamond Merkin
20 LBC
10 WW1

40 Overhead press
30 Lunge
20 Crunchy Frog
10 Burpee

40 Wide Merkin
30 Skull Crushers
20 Freddie Mercury (2 is 1)
10 8 Count Body Builder



COT: @greyalbum grateful for brand new baby at home, Nava Lucille!

PLAYLIST: Whiskeytown – Pneumonia

King of the Hill

AO: thebuffalo
Q: greyalbum
PAX: 40 Minutes, The Bobs, Ultratecht, Hot Route
FNGs: None
Extra crispy

Mosey down the park road
Mountain Climbers
Worlds Greatest Stretch
Mosey back to bball court

Took coupons to base of Long Ave hill
One man runs up to the top to complete exercise while men at the bottom all run through separate exercises. Cycle through all PAX R&R

1. Top of hill – 10 blockees/bottom of hill squat thrusters with coupon

2. Top of hill 15 V ups with coupon/bottom of hill overhead press, curls, skull crushers, goblet squat, lunges, bus drivers

3. Top of hill 20 overhead press/bottom of hill curls, skull crushers, goblet squat, lunges, bus drivers

Seated Freddie Merc
Prom Dates
Side Planks
Box cutters
Flutter kicks
American Hammers


COT: Each man gave a brief life update on how they’re doing open to interpretation. We had a strong time of sharing. We all need each other. One person shared that they’ve learned with age that true strength is shown in your ability to ask for help.

I’m a loner Dottie. A rebel.

PAX: Giving Tree, Ultratecht, 6 Degrees, 40 Minutes, Hot Route, Brother-at-law, YHC

Disclaimer, quick mosey around the adjacent building, and back to startex. YHC provided a heartwarming backstory for the Vagrant Records tribute and WOR commenced.

20 SSH, 10 Good Mornings oyo, 10 lbac each way, 10 slow and low squats.

50 squats, 40 big boy situps, 30 merkins, 20 v-ups, 10 burpees, run the loop x 4. YHC allowed for a 30-minute cap and all pax beat that.

At this point 40 minutes gave a hearty ‘Great Q!’ to YHC who then informed him we still had 15 minutes left. Hell, we hadn’t even made it to Dashboard Confessional yet.

In honor of Vagrant Records industry-leading compilation albums – 5 Years on the Streets, Another Year on the Streets, Another Year on the Streets Volume 2, and Another Year on the Streets Volume 3 we did two rounds of the VAGRANT with 8 reps each (1 for each year on the street).

V: V-Up
A: Aligator Merkin
G: God Bless America
R: Reverse Crunch
A: Angle Grinder
N: Never Cross Dolly

– 9/11 Convergenz details coming soon
– IronPax Challenge @ Detention on Mondays
– Prayers for Ludwig and his family

Honored to lead and thrilled to share an important part of 16-year-old me. Here is the playlist:

AdeQuate Q


PAX: In Picture


Ssh, WMH, Scorps, Cherry Pickers

Count off to 4s

Hell in a Cell
15 X
1s – 8 ct BB
2s – Lt Dans
3s – Burpees
4s – Squat Jumps

Bear crawl baseline
Crawl bear alleys

All in, head to parking lot for Curbies
15-1 decline and incline Merkins
Bear crawl and crawl bear to and from each side of parking lot.

All in, mosey 1/4 way down greenway

hell in a cell on my count w a couple twists.

Mosey 1/2 up hill for some PreMature Mary and more Merks

Hit the lot for 54 Squats and circle up for Right On Time

Plank Progression
Flutter Kix X 50 IC
Plank some mo
Ola Dolly x 40 IC
Burpees on my count X 8ish


Great to see the PAX turnout in support of our Beastside Bros.

So, YHC lost his Weinke on the way over and had to improvise the Q. Was hoping my tunes would jog my memory but sadly had to defer to Big Stick who threatened to take his tunes and go home (turns out we all wish he had).

The theme was going to be a running heavy Q but thankfully, we just got to chill on the top side of the Buffalo.

Was also gonna Russian Roulette the tunes between 400mHz white noise on repeat, Beethoven and a bluegrass version of Taylor Swift’s greatest hits.

The consensus of the PAX was the MacGaugh’s donuts were better than anything YHC or Big Stick had to offer.


Prayers up for the displaced and hurting people of Middle Tennessee. Please look to slack or the Beastside Bros for more ways to help.

Families that need our prayers : Fogartys, Duffys, Sinclairs and surely more.

Great to hang w y’all. Look forward to coming back again soon.



The Buffalo celebrates 1995 and PUSA

PAX: Latin Grammy, Tool (Willy Loman – NOLA), THE Country Gentleman, Hot Route, Brother-at-Law, Vegemite, CCR, Quick Stik

QIC: Floppy Disk

An inspiring level of masculinity was represented by the 9 that posted at The Buffalo this morning. Recognizing music is of great import to our East Nash brethren, I knew that the playlist would need to be both inspiring and thought-provoking. In that vein, it seemed fitting to turn back the clock to 1995, and structure the entire workout around the genius of the Presidents of the United States of America’s self-titled album released that year. The album length is 37:54, just about perfect for an F3 workout, but I knew time would be tight. Accordingly, our warmup mosey and subsequent warm-o-rama was brief.

WoR (all IC)
SSH x15
Good morns x10
Windmills x10
Willie Mays x10
BaC F x10
BaC R x10

Partner up


Kitty: Caterpillar – 2 lines
Feather Pluckn: Catch me if you can – 5x atomics, then sprint to catch backpedaling partner. Flapjack
Lump: 7s with atomic speed bumps (jump squats, jump lunges, 3x atomic merks)
Stranger: Lt Danger
Boll Weevil: SSH verse and Mtn Climbers chorus
Peaches: Merkin on “peach” or “peaches”
Dune Buggy: Partner Leg Throws – 10x then switch
We’re not going to make it: Suicides
Kick out the Jams: Hop kicks
Body: 8ct Body Builders
Back Porch: Partner 1 low plank, Partner 2 jump over partner then 1 jump lung each leg. 5x then switch
Candy: 10x gorilla humpers, 5x squats
Naked and Famous: Pamela Anderson (burpee with nipple scraper merkin)

Good morns to tail end of Naked and Famous

Had a blast with this one! Always love going to see the Buffalo crew. Thanks for the opportunity to lead you studs.

Floppy D

Slow and Low

It’s been said the slow and low playlist is the greatest collection of artists since the We Are The World collaboration.  YHC led the PAX through a beautiful medley of lower body, low to the ground, slow, and intentional movements to get the freakin’ weekend started off right.


CCR, Floppy, Vegemite, Brother At Law, YGR, White Cloud, Hot Route, Reba, Hipster, Pocket Chicken, and yours Qly Tampa Libra.

Mosey, with 3 tampons (Tampa’s coupons) to the pavilion, alternate coupon carrier every 30 seconds or so.

Group: 10 bulgarians each leg, 20 hand-release merkins, 10 box jumps, 20 captain thors.

3 PAX in the middle do 50 tampon curls in low squat position.

Repeat until all PAX complete curls.

Rinse and repeat all of the above with 5 block merkins where one side is on the block, the other on the ground, switch sides for another 5.

YHC timed us at 3 minutes for completion. Rinse and repeat with 10 each side, with the goal of beating the 3-minute mark. PAX hit time right on the dot and was rewarded with 5 8-count bodybuilders.

Mosey to the path. Line up in rows of 3 and perform 20 strict bear crawl steps followed by 5 under-the-fence merkins. Roughly every-other set the first wave drops to the back. This went on for 15-20 minutes.

Mosey to the lot for MARY:
Alabama Prom Dates to match the sensual song selection followed by a round-robin of core-callouts.

New bEAST SIDE AO launching on Mondays in two weeks. Prayers for intention in all we do.

Don’t forget the post-coitus callout, please. It was an honor to lead you all this morning, tell your significant others I said you’re welcome. Tampa out.

The Buffalo – 07.05.19 – “Wimbledon’t”

4 PAX shook off the firework haze to get served up a little bit of Wimbledon in some soupy conditions.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Brother-at-law, Magellan (FNG), Pocket Chicken (LIFO)


Brief mosey around the community center and into “The Cage” for a COP in the service box.

  • SSH x 15
  • SnL Squats x 10
  • WMH x 10
  • LBAC F x 10
  • Randys x 10
  • Overhead Presses x 10
  • LBAC R x 10

Nice and warm, it was time to bust out the McEnroe, a combination of the Daisy Chain and R.O.S.E.  Beginning at the net, PAX lateral shuffle to the baseline, jog forward to center service line, shuffle back to the net, jog forward to doubles sideline, shuffle to baseline, cross over to the next court, and repeat pattern on court 2, then on the other side of the net.

With the PAX familiarized to the Daisy Chain route, PAX perform the R.O.S.E: 5 reps each of Reverse Crunches, Overhead Squats, SSH, and E2K (ea side). Follow that with one run of the Daisy Chain and plank for six to complete one McEnroe. Repeat two more rounds, adding 5 reps to each exercise each round.

Slowsy over to and down the big driveway to an acceptable point for a half-Dora: Merkins x 50, LBCs x 100, and Squats x 150 with a run up to the stone gates at the entrance.

Back over at the crowd of picnic tables, PAX set up for a round of DIDs at 15, 10, 5. RnR. Then over to the swingset for Underdogs x 15 x 2.

Quick step over to the lot for Mary consisting of Flutters x 10 and Alabama Prom Dates x 10.



This was definitely a post-4th hangover workout as evidenced by the low numbers and general groaning and moaning (maybe that was just me?) during a relatively moderate workout.

Welcome to FNG Magellan, a driving EH from the previous day’s convergence. Having heard about F3 through someone he was helping move, he sought us out at Bicentennial after he saw a bunch of (obviously fit) men ascending and descending Capitol Hill. An Uber driver, music enthusiast, and former HR dude with a few moves under his belt, this guy’s been all over the map like our boy, Magellan!


  • TAPs
    • Prayers for Magellan’s friend, Glenn, who is battling cancer.
    • Safety for all traveling PAX and healing for the injured.
  • Announcements
    • July 20 – Potluck Cookout hosted by Porcelain
    • July 23 – Libeery at Fat Bottom Brewing- Crablegs will be leading the discussion on Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism. Reading is not a prerequisite for attendance
    • July 27 – Nightpath – Night ruck CSAUP at Percy Warner.
    • August 17 – Yuck Ruck – Social Ruck/Community Service. Trash pickup followed by beer and fellowship at a local watering hole.
    • September 14 – F3 Nashville 5th Anniversary at Sevier Park – where it all began. Special guests from F3 Nation will be in town, so you don’t want to miss it. Mark your calendars as the goal is 100+ PAX in attendance. Be a part of F3 Nashville history!
    • October 19 – TNCANRUCK 002 – Social Ruck/Community Service. Ruck across Nashville stopping at select breweries and bars to pick up canned good donations and deliver them to Second Harvest. Last year’s event ended with 700 lbs of donations. This year’s goal is 1,000 lbs.

PA out.

14 June 2019 ModiFran, Loredo

Temp: 60
Gloom Factor: Nil

PAX: Brother at law, CCR, Vegemite, Ed Hoculis, Locusts and honey , Tampa Libra , Dick Whitman, Small Things, White Cloud, Brexit (FNG), Bag of Ants aka Bagger Vance

Mosey around the community center, back to the lot for WOR:
SSH, GMA, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Squats x10-13 IC

1s&2s for Evolution I ModiFran
From the Cross Fit WOD Fran

21 Pull Ups
21 Burpees
15 Pull Ups
15 Burpees
9 Pull Ups
9 Burpees

Grab some Wall for the 6. To honor my Spirit PAX, Grisham, we hit 10 HSPU

Evilution II

Laredo HERO WOD … one of my go to Qs …
24 Squats
24 Merkins
24 Walking Lunges
Run 400 Meters
X 6

Turns out the Mosey to the bottom of the Hill truncated our work sets and we had to head back after Rd 4.

Head back to StartEx Indian Run style. After two rounds, YHC threw out the Double IR…run up, run back and then run back up. #CrowdPleaser for sure.

Some flutters led by B@L.


Welcome FNG Brexit…a polo playing attorney, God named Nigel.
Dick “Alarm Clock” Whitman was right on time at 0533 as usual as was White Claw.
Locusts n Honey had some equilibrium issues, T Claps to Tampa for not leaving his Pardsy behind.

Keep up the Weird on the East Side yall.

Keeping Ludwig, Dupree and Penny Loafers and their wives/families in your prayers.
Leadership Lunch @ Thistle Farms on Friday, hit up Vector for deets.

BV ??