Some 3S2T Fun in the IIIP Sun

PAX: Silver Medal, Toothless, Pop-A-Lock, En Fuego (QIC)

Conditions: Muggy to Quite Muggy

4 PAX heeded the call to action to show up and claim the guarantee that their 3S2T would be tested and improved.  0530 arrives, we disclaim, grabbed a 30lb ruck plate and began our mosey to the track to set up WOR.  Some SSH, LBAC, WMH, GMs and Scorpion Stretches later, we got into the…


Head to the end of the soccer field, partner up and begin with the Strength and Speed portion of the workout:

    • Perform 80 merkins, 60 squats and 40 WWIs as a team of 2 (roughly 40, 30 and 20 per PAX).  Pop-A-Lock goes into modification mode – believe he is still performing squats somewhere right now
    • Upon completion, sprint length of the field down, back and down again (180 yards total sprint effort)
    • R&R for total of 3 sets of the above

First circuit of Strength and Speed complete, we turn our attention to Stamina:

    • Coupon Bataan Death March
      • Last person drops and does 5 bodybuilders while the rest of the PAX Indian Run around the track (lead PAX carries the 30lb ruck plate);
      • After completing the bodybuilders, the bodybuilding PAX runs to catch up with the group, tapping the last PAX on the shoulder, who then stops to begin his 5 bodybuilders, while the former bodybuilding PAX runs to the front of the line and takes over coupon reigns.
      • Every one takes a turn running with coupon; complete just under .5 miles  

We then head to the playground and begin Circuit #2 of Strength and Speed:

    • Perform 40 2-count flutters, 30 Steve Irwins and 20 swerkins
    • Upon completion, sprint length of the field down and back (120 yards total sprint effort)
    • R&R, knocking 10 reps off each in the interest of time

All in, it’s back to Stamina – we grab the ruck plate and Indian Run around track a couple laps and then head back to Shovel Flag. Time called.  Huddle up for COT, followed by 100% attendance for some 2nd F Coffeeteria


    • Prayers continue for Boone’s and his family; YHC discussed a couple ways F3 as a group can help him out these next few weeks per communication with Boone’s M.  Details coming…
    • Swaggy P on its way – get ready to HC for some inner AO friendlies
    • Upcoming dates
      • Yuck Ruck – Aug 17th
      • 5-year F3 Nashville birthday convergence – Sept 14th
      • 26.2 GoRuck Star Course – Nov 2nd

Excellent job to the 4 PAX – always a pleasure and am appreciative of the opportunity to lead

En Fuego







MicDrop’s First Q – The Remix and Cadence

MicDrop had his VQ today and dropped the mic with style.

PAX:  19 strong!  Typo+, Staples, MickeyMouse, SexEd, Professor X(Respect), TV Guide, Double Bird, Mufasa, GlenGarry, ShowMe, Huggy, Barney, Kermit, Gaylord FOcker, 3rd Degree, Tebow, MicDrop (VQiC)


Typo+ – Parking JOG – 1 lap
Welcome, Intro’d the VQ, then Turned over to MicDrop
Good Mornings – 5 on your own
Willie Mays Hays – 5 on your own
Tebow Calf Stretches (I tried) 🙂 … – Q Lead
Baby Arm Circles – 20, In Cadence…make them bigger
Side Straddle Hops – 20, In Cadence

THANG 1 … Column Run, to Cadence….RHYTHM!!

2 Column Jog/Indian Run  ///  Cadence calls:  Q LEADS

Thang 2 & 3 were mixed in as SpeedBumps.

THANG 2 – CARDIO for your Heart-ee-ohhhh

Failure To Launch – x10, In Cadence
(Assume Al Gore position; Q counts down from 10; explode jump/squat, return 2 Al Gore)
High Knees x20 – OYO
Mountain Climbers x30 – OYO
Plank Jacks – x40 OYO

****MOSEY – Column Run/Cadence

THANG 3 – Core, Cardio, Core

Burpees X10 – On your own
Shoulder Taps X20 – OYO
American Hammers X30 – OYO
Annie X40 – OYO  (Plank position; wax-on with right, left hand balance, 2 spins; switch hands) Each side one

Speed Bump

Merkins, X30 // LBCs x30 // Freddie Mercury’s x30

Water Break

+ 10 Burpees for some: TV Guide, 3rdDegree, BarneyFeivel, MicDrop


Mosey Back to Parking Lot…


Flutter Kicks X20 – OYO // WWI x20 -OYO


Prayer Requests

Little Miss Piggie, Soccer Mom, MicDrop’s Wife,

Praise .. ShowMe’s kiddo accepted Christ!  BIG PRAISE!

Forgot to do this, but try to encourage someone this week.  Pick 1 person who you can be a positive light in their life.  Encourage them and let us know how it goes!


-MicDrop, out!

The Forge – 7/27/19

Pre-Party (5 PAX)
25 yd bear crawl, 5 warhammers, 25 yd crawl bear; 25 yd lunge walk, 5 floating starfish, 25 yd burpee bj; 5 tire flips/pax while other pax bear crawled/crawl beared beside; 3rdD, Staples, Huggy, Piccolo, and SexEd did that

17 PAX for the main event: 3rd Degree, Old Hickory, Kermit, Topper, Pocahontas, Freud, Guack, Barney, Sparta, Staples, TVG, Sex Ed, Huggy, Mufasa, Mr. Opus, Piccolo, Tebow (QIC)

Jog lap, then tennis court line drills –
high knees, butt kickers, high kicks, walking lunge, inch worms –
into GMs, BACs, calf stretch, lunge stretch

4 rounds (tennis court):
Wall walks x 3 (scale: HR merks x 10)
Duck Walk / Walk Duck (court width)

Parking Lot Burpee Suicide Race
1 burpee at 1st parking space line, run to curb (~60 yds) and back to 2nd line
2 burpees at 2nd line, run to curb and back to 3rd line
3 burpees at 3rd line, …

10 burpees at 10th line, run to curb / finish line

Playground Push/Pull:
Burpee Box Jumps
*10 underdoggies after each set

Back to the parking lot for a couple mins of Tabata to finish –
AH, WWII, MC, IW, Merkins

Happy birthday to Mr. Opus! Several celebrated his 37th with a post party of 18 double shots & 1 single shot of jack burpees. That’s a lotta jack. The playground push/pull was described as a couplet, but some debate arose about whether that was the case given the presence of a third exercise #teamcouplet. Props to the medic during this workout – needed it. Great work by all. See y’all next time


Up By 5’s

GLOOM FACTOR:  no gloom.  it was a beautiful morning to exercise.


PRE-PARTY: 3rd Degree, Barney Feivel, Stats for 10 burpees on the minute for 10 minutes


PAX IN ATTENDENCE: Huggy, Professor X (Respect), Barney Feivel, 3rd Degree, Swinger, Show Me, Hush Puppy, Stats, Typo+ (QIC)


Q went long on his morning call with Mother Nature and came in hot.  3rd Degree led the PAX on a Show Me lap while Q planted the flag.  Q started, then ShowMe showed up!



15x Low-in-Slow Squats IC

10x SSH IC

5x Merkins OYO

Stretch Routine to loosen up

Good Mornings and WMH OYO



Buy-In: 5 Yurpees


5 Burpees

10 Merkins

5 Burpees

*moseyed to Painground*

15 Copenhagens

5 Burpees

20 Pull-Ups

5 Burpees

25 Lunges (per leg)

5 Burpees

30 WWI

5 Burpees

35 American Hammers (each side ½)

5 Burpees

40 Dwarf Kicks

5 Burpees

45 Squats

5 Burpees


Buy-Out: 5 Yurpees




Moseyed to back parking lot.  Split into two groups.  Group 1 goes while Group 2 recovers; flip flop.


5x Burpees + Sprint to the Trees.


We got in 5 rounds, then moseyed back to front parking lot.



Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama


POST-PARTY: ALL 9 participated in a 3rd Degree led 1 minute of Imperial Squat Walkers.  BOOM.  That’s right, all 9!


Q has been reading 1 & 2 Samuel over the past month or so.  From the time David was anointed King by Samuel to the time he actually became King over all Israel was something like 3+ years.  Once Saul died, he was anointed King over Judah.  Two years later he was anointed King over all Israel.  The takeaway is that David’s Kingship did not happen in his own time or in his own way.  It was completely God’s will and timing.  As you deal with your life, as you wait on things, please remember that they will happen in God’s timing and in God’s way, not your own.  Run to God and pray, read His word, and fellowship with other believers while you wait.  This is what God wants.  He wants you.


Despite having sleeping issue the night before every Q, I love leading this group and being led by the group.  You keep me moving in the right direction.



25 July 19 413 Class 020 Week One

Temp: 60
Gloom Factor: Nil-ish

PAX: Worm, Twenty-One, Sticks, Offset, Famo, Zoom, Pretty Boy Floyd, Carrot Top, Mater, Sug, Chicken Hawk, Wiz, Tool Time, Spider Monkey, Hot n Ready, Black Widow, BnB, CAPSLOCK, Porcelain, CCR, Brother @ Law, Hot Route, Red Skull, TOGA, Reveille, Pop a Lock, The Dude (FNG), Bagger Vance


0529:30 – Disclaimer

Mosey to Tennis Court/Parking Area

Squats X 13 IC
Supermans X 13 ICp
IW X 13 IC
HB X 13 IC


Burpees 10, 9, 1, 8, 2, 3, 7, 4, 5, 6
8 Count Body Builders x 5

413 Strong Q
4 Stations 4 Movements x 13 Reps w Mosey in between
413 & F3 Men pair off…413ers instructed to learn F3 Five Core Principles

Stop I
Squats x 13 IC
Merkins x 13 IC
Flutter Kicks x 13 IC (hands out to sides)
Squats x 13 IC

F3ers instructed to learn 413 Four Core Principles

Mosey to up main road w some side shuffle thrown in to little parking lot behind main building

Stop II
Jump Squats x 13 sgl ct
Atomic Merkins x 13 sgl ct
Flutter Kix x 13 IC (hands behind head)
Jump Squats x 13 sgl ct

Form up two lines for Indian Run back to Toga’s Gravel Pit with two speed bumps for 5 Burpee.
Flying EH on a runner, turns out that was Red Skull’s EH that was late and had been looking around for us at the StarEx.

Jump Lunges x 13 dbl ct
Peter Parker Merkins x 13 sgl ct
Reverse Thrusters x 13 IC
Jump Lunges x 13 dbl ct

Line back up and IR to Bus lot

Stop IV
Tuck Jumps x 13 sgl ct
Merkins x 13 IC
Reverse Thrusters x 13 IC
Tuck Jumps x 13 sgl ct

Mosey back to StartEx


Circle Up while one PAX from 413 recites F3 Five Core Principles as the remaining PAX Burpee’d for +/- 2 mins and one PAX from F3 recites 413 Four Core Principles +/- 1 minute.

Flutter Kix X 28 IC


Class 020 launched w/ a huge outpouring of support from the PAX. Love the idea of the F3ers and 413ers partnering up to get to know one another a bit and to learn each org’s Core Principles. T Claps to CCR for coming out pre-flight. Kotters to Reveille coming off the IR. Red Skull and I commented on how awesome it was to see all the F3 HIM out to support the new Class. Welcome FNG, The Dude, 413’s YOGA and Meditation guru.

5 Year Anniversary on 14 Sept, be there or be forever remembered as a guy who wasn’t there. Or not, who knows.


MuRSA VQ Fever @ ThePound 7/25/19

Pre-Party: None

Conditions: PERFECT!

16 PAX in attendance for the last minute VQ from MuRSA:  BarneyFievel, Netflix, SexEd, Huggy, GlenGarry, Tebow, Nimbus1500, ShowMe, MicDrop, NumbTucks, HushPuppy, Mickey, OldHickory, TVGuide, MuRSA (VQiC) & 3rdDegree (CoQ, YHC)


ShowMe lap

  • SSH IC x 10
  • SJ IC x 10
  • Inchworm Merkins OYO x 5
  • Tempo Sumo Squats IC x 10
  • GM OYO x 3


MuRSA Got down to business:

doctor making GIF

Mosey to the Soccer Fields to relive his past and spell his name:

  • M: 70 Merkins, because he was number 7, and no one should do just 7 merkins
  • u: Up-Downs…Football practice was relived with running in place until Q yelled “Hit it” when PAX drop to a Merkin then jump back up to continue running in place. We did this a thousand times because MuRSA scored a thousand points as a Kicker. Nimbus may have Q-jackman’d at somepoint…

Mosey back to the FootBall field

  • R: Creative Casey Jones tribute where PAX high-planked (or varied based on tiredness or woosiness of what they were planking over and subsequent PAX jumped over planking pax then when they reached the end of the line, they planked up. We progressed Sideline to sideline x 2.
  • S: MuRSA got injured and temporary paralyzed playing soccer so we honored his disability by baby-crawling, Seal-crawling and variations of both from endzone to midfield (take that signs!) Really, we did this because MuRSA noted our shoes were dirty and needed a thorough soaking and sand-scrubbing. Mission accomplished.
  • A: lastly, MuRSA wore a thousand different jersey numbers and made some game-saving tackles because his special team teammates apparently can’t tackle and left him to kick and cover, so we did 30 AHs each side was 1/2. Barney tempted the fates with the “How many?” question, but Q was merciful and left the number at 30.

The glory-days of MuRSA’s football and futball careers were over and left us fired-up like:

tackle GIF

MuRSA passed the baton to YHC and we headed to the bridge after recovering the Medic and rescuing it from some bad tunes…

Inspired by the #nutrition channel on F3Nolensville Slack, we had a Burpee Buffet and Bridge crawl with breakfast like kings (10 Burpees) then bear-crawl the bridge. Recover and Eat lunch like princes (7 Burpees) then crawl-bear back to start across the bridge with 3 Bonus Squats for any pausing needed and dinner like paupers (5 Burpees) and flutter Kix to the 6.

Lastly, on our mosey back to the parking Lot, we all performed variations of 10 pull-up buy-out. Don’t cheat your self with poor form. Humble yourself and get a buddy to help pull your chin over the bar if needed and go down to straight arms every rep.

1 minute high-plank to wrap it up.

CoT / Counterama / Namerama


  • Great Job MuRSA keeping the Steak alive as KermiT would say…
  • 9th man was Nimbus who regaled us with tales of headphones, foster kids and cheap burgers.
  • IronClad Challenge is coming! Sign up for it (check the tab at the bottom) and/or sign up to Q HERE
  • Continue to keep health issues of multiple PAX or their families in your T&P: Sparta, SnowBall, Swinger, NumbTucks, LMP, Carrot, MicDrop and others I’m sure…
  • 3rdF opportunity to Bless NetFlix’s family with a meal to congratulate them on their daughter’s (premature) arrival: sign up HERE
  • NightPath: free night Ruck CSAUP Friday, July 26 with F3Franklin. Talk to 3D for more info.
  • F3Dads Camp in Tennessee in September!!!

That is all.

3D, OUT!!!!

23 July 2019 — 5 PAX Calisthenics, Track, and Pullups @ III Pillars

PAX:  Moneyshot, Trapper Keeper, En Fuego, Toothless, Blue Mule

Conditions:  Very cool for summer in Tennessee.  Nice mellow sunrise.

Mosey from start to track

Warm-o-Rama:  Arm circles and claps, squats, good mornings, Willie Mayes Hayes

Thang 1:  Five stations:  run around the 1/8 mile track, burpee box jumps, squats, sit ups, push ups, each PAX takes a station, flapjack until all PAX has done each station four times (or was it five? I can’t remember….)

Thang 2:  Two groups:  One does knees to elbow pull ups, one does a lap around the track.  Rinse and repeat 5x, aim for 100 pull ups.  TCLAPS to all who hit the mark.

Sprint back to start and do five burpees.

Done.  Doesn’t look like much on paper, but don’t judge it if you weren’t there!

Bullhorn:  Libeery tonight, CSAUP Friday, 100 PAX convergence September, Qs go through AO Qs now, lift up those who are sick or unwell.

SYITG.  Blue Mule OUT.

Broken Wheel on the roll

18 Pax got after it this morning as Broken Wheel Rolled on!

Pre Party: 3D led in Pre-party with Kermit and Show me for a tandum of Pull ups, diamond merkins and sumo squats on the minute

Conditions: Gloomy, 72 degrees and damp.

Pax: 3D, ShowMe (QIC), Nimbus, ToolTime, SteinBrenner, IG, TVG, Tebow, Kermit, DoubleBird, Mufasa, RagDoll, NetFlix, Mickey, GlenGarry, Scrooge, HushPuppy, Professor X

Show Me Lap

Warm up

Baby arm circles – 10 IC

Baby arm circles back – 10 IC

Copperhead squats -10 IC
Copperhead merkins – 10 IC
Side strattle hop – 10 IC
Smurf Jack – 10 IC
Australian snow angel- 10 IC (In honor of Q’s sister in New Zealand!)
Thang 1 – Parking Lot Fun
R1 – Pax lined up on far light poll
1 burpo for every 3 – lunges across Parking lot increasing 1 burpo after every lunge set.
R 2
3 – Bobby Hurleys to every 3 – lunges across parking lot
Duck walk to middle light poll. 10 burpos commence duck walk to far light poll.
Thang 2 – Blue Falcon 
Pax were divided into two teams to brain storm for 30 sec and form a 2 minute workout challenge together as a team. Losing team 10 burpee penalty.
Team 1 – AMRAP Double shots of Jack
Team 2 –  30 Merkins 50 Squats
Thang 3 – jacked up – 
But first our 10 burpee penalty for Q’s stupidity and not having the rules to his own game!
50 – ssh
12 – Smurf jacks (Thanks to clever negotiation tactics from some of the PAX)
Seal Jacks – 20 IC

Q encouraged Pax to consider 1 John 2:14 –  I have written to you, young people, that you are strong, and the word of God resides in you, and you have conquered the evil one. Does the word of God reside in us? Do you know Jesus as savior? Life is purposeless without this relationship.

9th Man Ragdoll thanks for sharing!!!


BBQ Night coming soon

Iron clad challenge coming soon too.

Post Party

3D and Ragdoll busted out 10 Atomic merkins

Until Next Time guys!

Show Me

Westeros 22 July 2019 – ~1.75 Miles with Coupons, Endless Pushups

Westeros 22 July 2019 – ~1.75 Miles with Coupons, Endless Pushups

PAX: Vector, Drago, Bicentennial Man, BnB, Crablegs, Harvey Updyke, Hi-Viz, Cub Cadet, Crawl Space, Blue Mule (QIC)

Gloom Factor: Sunny, hot, and humid. Not much gloom to speak of.

Coupons: 4 sets wrapped bricks weighing ~25 pounds. Awkward. Heavy. Relentless. Get some.

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey (with bricks, so how much of a warm up was it?), arm circles, squats, good mornings, willie mayes hayes.

The Thang: Mosey with coupons. Trade off as needed. Mosey from parking lot to top of Lover’s Circle and back. Pause twice on the way and twice back for AMRAP merkins – 60 second, 60 seconds, 40 seconds, 12 reps. At top AMRAP merkins while partner sprints around top of Lover’s Circle.

Mary: 50 count flutterkicks.

Doctor’s Orders: That was a lot of coupon carrying. 5 minutes as needed stretching in order to loosen up whatever ails you. You deserve it after all that coupon carrying.

Doesn’t look like much on paper, but the heat and distance ran really snuck up on you.

Men, it was a pleasure to lead you.


Blue Mule OUT

Bomber 12 July 2019 – 2100 Army Pull-Ups and Road Work

Bomber 12 July 2019 – 2100 Army Pull-Ups and Road Work

PAX: Bicentennial man, Hi-Viz, Bad Boy, Dewey Decimal, Firefox, Pumpkin Spice, Porcelain, Slater, Crablegs, Twin Peaks, Hambone, Lemon, Crawlspace, Toothless, Rightsaid, Trapper Keeper, Princess Aurora, Duplex, T-Cell, Tiny Dancer, Blue Mule (QIC)

Gloom Factor: Basically zero. Sun was up. Heat was obvious. Humidity was obnoxious.

Warm-O-Rama: Mosey short distance to the community center. Arm circles, side straddle hops, squats, and other nice and easy exercises to get loose.

Thang One: Group into threes. Goal = 100 Army pull-ups, which basically means a pull-up where your knees touch your elbows. One PAX does a set of pull-ups while one PAX does squats while one PAX runs one lap around the community center. When that runner gets back everyone flapjack. Rinse and repeat until everyone has a good faith chance to hit 100 – basically 6 rounds.

Thang Two: Road work. Run as a group around the golf course. Stop once for 20 sit-ups, once for 15 burpees, once for 1 minute squats, and once for 20 slow merkins.

Mary: Flutterkicks, hello dollies, jane fondas, and Homer to Marge.

Doesn’t look like much on paper, but the heat and distance ran really snuck up on you.

Men, it was a pleasure to lead you.


Blue Mule OUT