Sharknado: Tara Reid has big hits.

AO: the-castle
Q: Strutter
PAX: hambone, SalPal, Pep, Chunks, Splitter, Horshack (Ohio)
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: allegedly humid.

WARMUP: getting out of the car and Mosey to start was all the warmup we needed.

THE THANG: Sharknado: a series of 5 exercises each followed by a lap around the 🏰.
1) 10 burpees
2) diamond merkins
3) WWII’s
4) merkins
5) scorpion dry docks
Each lap was approximately .1 miles.
Repeato until the Q got 2 miles, 4 rounds.

I have certainly enjoyed getting to know the Pax, and I look forward to seeing you all in the gloom.


Prayers for Pax going through hard times.

Killers are more than a one hit wonder

AO: pain-train
Q: Chunks
PAX: Siri, Cheeks, FLO, Timber, El Capitan, Cash Cab, Bar Fly
FNGs: None

41 SSH – Cause I’m 41 years old.
Brough to you by chat GPT. Prompt “Create an F3 45 min workout where there are two teams and each team has 1 cinder block”

Round 1:
– Cinder Block Carry: One member carries the cinder block 50 yards and back.
– Bodyweight Exercise: Team does Jumping Jacks until the cinder block carrier returns.
– Switch and Repeat until each team member has carried the cinder block.
Round 2:
– Cinder Block Squats: One member performs 15 squats with the cinder block.
– Bodyweight Exercise: Team does Mountain Climbers until squats are done.
– Switch and Repeat until each team member has done squats.
Round 3:
– Cinder Block Overhead Press: One member performs 20 overhead presses with the cinder block.
– Bodyweight Exercise: Team does Plank Hold until presses are done.
– Switch and Repeat until each team member has done presses.
Round 4:
– Cinder Block Lunges: One member performs 20 lunges (10 each leg) with the cinder block.
– Bodyweight Exercise: Team does Burpees until lunges are done.
– Switch and Repeat until each team member has done lunges.
Round 5:
– Cinder Block Sit-Ups: One member rifle carriers a block down and back..
– Bodyweight Exercise: Team does Big Boy Situs until the block carrier returns.
– Switch and Repeat until each team member has carried the block.

Because Siri said he likes to run we did a lap around the school dropoff circle between each round.

Moseyed back to Startex for some P90X Yoga to end with.


Always an honor to lead. Thanks and Strength and Honor

Lots of stuff going on. Check Slack ask a friend.

Copa de Mt Juliet

AO: mistymountain
Q: McAfee
PAX: Skeet, Flash, Linus, Transporter, Sanders, Mt Man x4 (Randall, Craig, Johnathan, Brandon), Green Tea, Tater, Jaeger, French, Fry, and “I farted”
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: warm and humid

WARMUP: mosey

Teams raced up and down the pitch executing absolutely mental levels of precision passing, triangle give and goes, and long ball hail Marys. This was met with flying headers and sliding goal saves. It was an awesome morning and most importantly featured no injuries.

MOLESKINE: Coffeteria by the impeccable Linus was greatly appreciated as always. The sad state of American presidential candidates took up a lot of conversation, but overall we as men know that we will find a way forward regardless.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Skeet is out a month after next week, Johnathan has a new schedule, Craig’s got bible camp, and next week is the launch of Speed Shop!! Tuesday @ 5:30 at Wilson Central high school.


AO: thebuffalo
Q: greyalbum
PAX: Ultratecht, Hot Route, The Bobs, Daylight, Duplex
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Rainforest




Seal Claps
Overhead Press
Runner’s Stretch


Partner or trio up (if trio add 100 reps to each set)

THIS IS A RACE FOR DISTANCE. The team that makes it the farthest in the allotted time wins the event.

After completing a set each group earns 20 seconds of running time. The faster you run, the farther you get!

ADD a set of 10 burpees after your 200 reps and get 10 extra seconds of running time!

Mid point between where both runners end up is where they start from next, i.e. one guy runs 100 yds, one guy runs 50 yards the team starts next from the 75 yd mark.

Divide reps up as needed between teammates:

200 squats
200 merkin
200 overhead press
200 lunge walk
200 curls
Surprise! The clock will run for 30 seconds. Do as many Crunchy Frogs as possible. Number of crunchy frogs determines number of giant steps the team can take.

Game Over! Ultratecht and The Bobs are champions!




The Fourth F

AO: atlantis
Q: Firefox
PAX: SalPal, Pole Dancer, sooner, Oatmeal, Subway, Siri, Toothless
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Misty with a light haze of bugs

WARMUP: Mosey down to the farthest field, plus some SSH, WMH, and GM.

Part 1: F3 Disc Golf
All PAX were given a disc golf putter. A Kanjam goal was set at the other end of the field. PAX had to get their disc into the goal in as few throws as possible.
– Lunge walk to the landing spot of your first throw
– Bear crawl to the landing spot of your second throw
– Murder bunny to all subsequent landing spots until complete
We multiplied the best and worst scores to determine how many burpees to do, which I believe ended up being 3 x 5 on the first pass.

We repeated this except doing bear crawls to the first landing spot and murder bunnies thereafter. Results were much better with us doing 3 x 4 burpees on the second round.

Thang 2: Ultimate!
Between points, scoring teams did 10 merkins, scored-upon teams did 5 burpees.
SalPal Pole Dancer Toothless and Subway (shirts) versus YHC, sooner Oatmeal and Siri (pasty white skins). It was a back-and-forth affair to start until Team PWS started pulling ahead. Shirts made a nice mini-run at the end.

MOLESKINE: Thanks for the push to pivot on the plan today. The real birthday Q at bomber tomorrow!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Oh so many. Check the calendar. Off the top of my head:
– Hunger Games
– Brewsday farewell to Bareback
– Night Moves
– Run at Geodis

– Disappointment to process and new challenges to navigate for SalPal and family
– Road trip well wishes for Toothless

Thanks for the opportunity to lead! Post any favorite moments/plays in the thread!


AO: greenmachine
Q: Michelin Man
PAX: Focker, moneyshot, Haggis, Cowboy, Michelin Man, Deep State, Triple Pane, Missing someone?
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: acceptable

WARMUP: run around the Machine


3 pullups -> bearcrawl -> 5 merkins -> bearcrawl -> 7 rows -> run back to start.

Repeat for 40 minutes.

5 minutes of sprints.

COT: Love being in the circle as always.

Special 11

AO: middle-tooth
Q: Rocket Mortgage
PAX: sooner, Betty Ford, DrRupp, moneyshot, Toothless, Oatmeal
FNGs: None

WARMUP: The usual. Sooner was tired.

THE THANG: Ran to playground. 3 sets of
10 Pushups
20 Carolina DDs
25 Squats
Lap around the playground

Ran to Tennis courts

11s – Burpees on one end, Star Jumps on the other. Mode of travel was lunges (painful) one way – Bernie on the way back. Was hard. Y


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Busy July – check Slack

COT: Prayers for travel & mental acuity.

Thanks for being tired with me!

Ring Around the Rosies

AO: the-knoll
Q: Sparrow
PAX: Pebbles, El Capitan, Timber, Sooie, Malibu, WordPress, FLO, Gabby Cat, Bookworm, Smoltz, Iowa, Tonks, Fishbiscuit, Foxy, Samwise
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: 67 Degrees, Partly Cloudy

WARMUP: (5 mins) Inch Worm. Start from touching you toes, walk hands down to down dog. Pedal legs, walk back up to standing, do 15x calf raises. Repeat, except replace pedal with leg lifts. Repeat till time is out.

(Ring Around the Rosies) – Group 1 that met criteria will run a lap, the group 2 will do an exercise till everyone finishes lap, those who finish early will join exercise. Cycled through Burpees, High Knees, Side Squats, Apollo Onohs, Lung Jumps). Q picked.
Core workout (15 mins): Pattern 45 sec hold, 15 sec rest:
Set 1: Plank Jacks, R Side Plank Crunch, Back Plank with Leg lifts, Left Side Plank Crunch, Plank Shoulder Touch
Set 2: Scissor Legs, Bicycles, ww2’s, Superman Alternating, Rest
Set 3: Repeat Set 1

Cooldown (10 mins): Freeze Tag. 2.0’s are freezers, but it takes 2 unfrozen players to simultaneously touch to unfreeze someone. 2.0’s WON two rounds

As men we often have been conditioned to think in terms of left brain/right brain, reason vs feelings and put a wall between them. This has some merit but sometimes it leads to feeling a disjointed and anxious life. God created our hearts, our desires, and the deepest fundamental reality of who we are. When we see our feelings as flowing from our God given desires, and our thoughts/reasoning as flowing from our heart- it can lead to freedom and contentment, and fellowship with our creator.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Lots of stuff going on in F3 Nashville, Check the slack! No Knoll workout next Thursday as there will be a convergence at Green Machine.

FLO will be doing VQ This thursday. Go FLO!

Prayers offered and lifted.

Final Tortoise & Hare for Class 42

AO: thestronghold
Q: Red Skull
PAX: Skeet, Right Said, Hair Band, Chunks, SalPal, Longhorn, baggervance, bluemule, Natural Ice, Decaf, Cabana Boy, Moon Walk, Tealfin, Midnight Club, Practice?, Night Light, Chef Boyardee, Cruise Line, LifeSaver, Dr. Seuss, Skechers, Double Flush
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: 70 degrees – perfect weather for setting a PR

WARMUP: Circle Up 1 min late as YHC lost track of time while pairing pace setters with runners. Standard warm-up of SSH, IWs, Squats and stretching.

THE THANG: Every 4:13 Strong man was assigned an F3 man who was charged with setting and holding a pace. The pairings and pace assignments ensured that every 4:13 Strong man would be able to set a PR if they stayed with their pacer.

The pacers did a fantastic job. The 4:13 Strong men not so much. We had two reach a new PR and two that came very close. The other eight turned in a pretty pathetic final run.

MOLESKINE: You may be set up for success, but succeeding still requires effort. The 4:13 Strong men had everything they needed to turn in their best run of the class…the only thing lacking was the attitude and the effort.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Signing Day for this class is this Friday (6/28). We will gather at 11:30am. The ceremony will begin around 11:40am and will last less than 30 minutes. Lunch and fellowship will follow. Come join us and help celebrate what these men have accomplished.

COT: Practice? jumped in to close out our morning. Following the COT he shared that was his first time leading a group prayer.

Feel the Pump (Again)

AO: iiipillars
Q: Focker
PAX: Black Lung, t-cell, Haggis, princessaurora, Two Face, YumYum, Full Monty, Swiffer
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Sticky with more construction equipment

WARMUP: started 2 minutes late so abbreviated stretches
Bear crawl and crab walk up hill to gate

Mosey to low brick wall
30 sec on, 10 sec off
Right leg step ups
Left leg step ups

Mike Tyson push up
Jump ups

Bicep incline push ups
Monkey humpers

Mosey to start
Pumping jacks (Merkins to failure, 15 SSH, and repeat until we all suck at merkins)
Tough round of Mary

MOLESKINE: great mumblechatter to start the workout, definitely decreased as it went on. Good to have Black Lung back from the UK.
“Cold coffee and hot Gatorade” was provided.
Men, my shoulders and chest are toast

ANNOUNCEMENTS: lots of stuff in July, check Slack!

COT: multiple illness related. Reminder to lean into our people’s lives and needs. Prayers for my ability (or inability) to communicate with my wife