Labor Day Weekend of 400 Love

PAX: Deep Dish, FoxTrotTalksAlot, The Bell, Bad Boy, Hambone, Tommy Boy (from F3 Atlanta), and YHC TheJeweler

Gloom Factor: Are you kidding me?? It was the first taste of fall and beautiful

Disclaimer was given and still everyone stuck around

Songs on the playlist for the day: Too Close (Alex Clare), Radioactive (Imagine Dragons), Extreme Ways (Moby), Sinnerman (Nina Simone & Felix da Housecat), Under Pressure (David Bowie & Queen), Almeria (Everydayz & Phazz), Survival (Muse), Isolated System (Muse), Les Preuves Du Temps (Everydayz), Batter Up (Nelly), Typical (Mutemath)

WarmUp: Short jog through the park, we circled back to pick up The Bell and FoxTrot.  – Circle up for: 20 SSH, 10 GM, 10 WMH, 10 BAC, 10 RBAC, 10 Air Presses, 10 Hillbillies, 10 Imperial Walkers… all done in cadence

Line up for sprint drills down and back 20m: High Knees, Butt Kicks, A Skip, B Skip

The Main Event: Jog up the hill across Granny White to Clayton Ave.  This is the start of the 400m.  We sprinted to the far side of Clayton to Belmont Ave. dropped and did LBCs until all in + 20 seconds.  Then we sprinted back 400m down Clayton back to Granny White.

The PAX moseyed back to the pavilion for a 5 min round of 10 exercises 10 sec rest by 20 sec exercise 10 sec rest etc…  The exercises were as follows:

  • Step up and jump (standing with one foot on the picnic table bench, you jump up off one leg and back down) 5-6 on each leg
  • Dips
  • Box Jumps (on to picnic table)
  • Decline alt shoulder taps
  • Bulgarian Split squats Right Leg
  • Bulgarian Split squats Left leg
  • Windmill sweeps (starting from standing position with legs apart and both arms up to one side at approx 1 o’clock, rotate down sweeping your hands across the ground at 6 o’clock up to 11 o’clock and them back… alt back and fourth
  • Slow merkin… 1 merkin over 20 seconds lowering yourself as slow as possible
  • Toe Raises
  • Fire Hydrants (working that inner thigh in honor of Labor Day)

Mosey back up to Clayton/Granny White for 2 more 400s then another round of 10 exercises at the pavilion

Back to Clayton for 2 more 400s then one final round of 10 at the pavilion.  Bad Boy was thrilled when Batter Up by Nelly came on the playlist as we were about to start 400m number 5!

MARY: Circle up back in the parking lot… On your 6!

20 x Labor Day Alabama Prom Dates (An Alabama Prom Date with your legs spread)

10 each: APDs with right leg up, APDs with left leg up

20 x Flutter Kicks

10 Happy Crunchy Frogs

10 Olympic Situps

10 pike WW1s

10 right side crunches

10 left side crunches


Prayer Request: Hambone has a big decision about a new job opportunity.  All of the people affected by the hurricane

Announcements: Iron PAX challenge starts 9/2… that’s this Monday Gents

5 year anniversary coming up on Saturday 9/14

Coffiteria: All 7 present for discussions about terminator robots, and new business ideas.  Don’t worry, I won’t give it away FoxTrot.

Great work today everyone!  As always it was a pleasure to lead and be led.

~Jeweler Out

08.29.2019 – Pirate’s Booty

Building onto Walk the Plank at Detention, Pirate’s Week concluded with Pirate’s Booty.

PAX: Brother at Law (QIC); Pocket Chicken; Hot Route; Hipster; Small Things.

Gloom Factor: Absolutely delightful.  What a life.

Mosey with a loop behind the building and some tennis court shuffles.

WOR: Standard stuff like SSH, GM, WMH, LBAC, Reverse, Plank work (regular and side).

Thang: Grab three weight plates and three slam balls from Pocket Chicken’s car and make our way to the play ground.  YHC has been battling a nasty cold all week and I didn’t much feel like running, so here is what we did:

Split into 2 groups and alternate these exercises for 1 minute on, short rest, then 1 minute on the next, and so on and so forth until all four are completed.

Round 1: Wall Balls, Dead Man Walks (walking lunge with plate overhead), Slam Balls, Goblet squats.

Mosey the building.

Round 2: Bulgarian split squat (leg 1); toe touches at bench; Bulgarian split squat (leg 2); box jumps.

Mosey the building

Round 3: RDLs, lateral box step (leg 1); goblet squats; lateral box step (leg 2).

Mosey the building

Lightning round: 5 exercises, 40 seconds each exercise, 10 second rest, rotate.  Exercises were: RDLs, box jumps; wall balls; swingset TRX jump squats; goblet squats.

MARY: Fire hydrants; 10 merkins.  Fin.

Always an honor to lead.  The weather was an absolute delight this morning.  Lots of good coffeeteeria talk about how expensive home ownership is.  The American dream!

There is talk of a second East location amongst these five stalwarts.  Keep your ears to the ground and keep spreading the word.

Enjoy your Labor Day.


11 for 7s – Titan 8/28/19

11 PAX came out in the prime gloom to get a little bit stronger.



HI viz
Sal pal
Florida man (FNG)
Cub cadet
Right said
Hot route
Warm up:
Long mosey around the chain-link fence perimeter to back side of Parthenon
Air presses
Cherry pickers
DIDS x 3 around elipse
7s on hill (burpees and squats)
Dealers choice abs
With his first 2.0 delivered, Porcelain passes the shovel flag to YHC as the new Titan site Q.
4 for coffeteria.
-Right Said

Getting FAT at the Pound

Gloom Factor:  Gloom fartsacked; perfect morning.

Pre-party:  Kermit led Creeper, Old Hickory, and Staples in a surprise preview of the Thang.

PAX in Attendance:  Kermit, Creeper, Old Hickory, Nimbus, Stats, Inspector Gadget, Barney, Scrooge, Sex Ed, TV Guide, Professor X (respect), Show Me, Hushpuppy, and Staples (QiC)

Disclaimer/Warm Up:  Show Me lap, disclaimer, SSH, Imperial Walkers, Good Mornings, WMH, Tebow stretch, and Toy Soldiers.

The Thang:  Partner up for encouragement and mosey to the track to get in some FAT (feet, arms, and tummies) work.  The goal was 6 (big) laps with speed bumps at each side.  Side A’s exercises were (20) squats, (20) merkins, and (20) overhead presses.  Side B’s exercises were (20) WWI’s, (20) LBC’s, and (20) flutter kicks.

The HIM’s brought their A-game and knocked out some reps and miles.  All in, we covered 2.5 miles and did (100) or more reps of each.  Time caught us and we moseyed back to the parking lot.

CoT:  Count off, Name-o-rama, a word (this community of men is a blessing to me and I pray it is to you all, and, I thank each one of you for sharpening me), prayer, and announcements.

Post-Party:  Stats, Creeper, Nimbus, Show Me put in some additional work.

Announcements:  3rd Thursday lunch is today at Oscar’s at 11:30am, F3 Dad’s camp is next weekend at the Ocoee, Wild Beast Feast is September 7th at 6:00pm at Staples’ place

Prayer Requests:  Soccer Mom in Uganda, prayers for safe travels for all headed DR over the coming week/weekend (especially ocean going PAX)

28 August 2019 Faulkner Sub Q

Not a Sport
Black widow
Double check
Off shore
Temp: 70ish
Gloom Factor: Moderate

Got a frantic call from Faulkner last night needing a Q sub for today. Naturally, I leapt at the chance to step in and inflict some woggle on the PAX. Turned out my designed Iron Pax Week 0 was welcomed with chagrin from Leatherneck and Offshore, “Man, that’s what we did at Purple Cow on Monday”. Learning from that: 1) Post BB so we don’t repeato the Qs 2) Stay informed on the Slack channels that you don’t always post to as a regular.

Mosey around the Racetrack loop w some side shuffle, high knees, butt kickers and Politicians up to the Valet lot of Brentwood’s tallest building for

IW X 13 IC
AL Prom Dates (finishing position) x 13 IC

Partner up for BV Classic at The Racetrack…up to the top of BTB, wall sits for the 6, head back down to Holler N Dash as the THANG gets laid out.

Merkin/Squat Combo w 10 Burpee Speed Bump at the Top Six Rounds

Odd Ascents – Merkins
Even Ascents – Squats

5,10,15,20 at each landing

IPR (Indigenous People Run) back to startex.

Hold Plank for 6

Merkin ROF while we waited for PAX to recite:
F3’s Mission
F3’s 5 Core Values
F3’s Credo

F Kix x 30 IC
Merkins 5 Sgl Ct
Al Prom Dates x 13 IC
MERKINS X 5 sgl ct
Ola Dolly x 13 IC
Beast R/L x 10 IC
F Kix x 13 IC


Great work today men. Always a pleasure to lead. Sorry about the confusion with the work this am. Duly noted for next time. Love partnering up, hope yall got to know a bit more about one another.

Don’t forget why we do what we do and how we do what we do…

To reinvigorate male community leadership through small peer led workout groups:

Open to all men
Held outdoors
Free of charge
Led in a rotating fashion of peers
Always ends in COT

We never leave a man behind but we also never leave him where we found him.

Now get out there and share those things with another man in need i.e go EH some Sad Clowns.

IronPax Challenge begins Monday 0530 @ Detention, Westeros, Purple Cow and The Skunk
Sign up here:

5 Year anniversary 14 Sept RSVP here:


It’s Huggy’s World, We Just Live in It!

GLOOM FACTOR: Minimal…humid with a little bit of misty-rain to get us started.

Pre-Party – KermiT, SexEd, Typo+, Staples, Barney and Old Hickory

Main Event PAX: Tebow, Stats, Staples, Typo+, Gaylord Focker, GlennGarry, MicDrop, KermiT, Show Me, 4×4, Old Hickory, Barney, Hush Puppy, SexEd, Professor X, Huggy (QIC)



Show me lap

Circle up for:

SSH x 15

Imperial Walker x 15



Overhead press x 15 RECOVER

Squats x 15

Good mornings and WMH OYO


Thang 1


At the far light-pole, sprint up 2 parking spaces, do 2 burpees, back peddle 1 space, do 1 burpee, sprint 2 spaces, etc. Light-pole to light-pole. Mosey to the sidewalk.

Counted off into 1s and 2s for the upcoming exercises.

Bear crawl to picnic table shelter, 1s do 15 dips, 2s do 15 merkins. Switch exercises when done. OYO.

Forward crab walk to rally point on the track.

Thang 2


YHC gave some brief instructions for the PAX:

1s and 2s race in opposite directions around the small loop, stopping in each corner for an exercise. Four exercises were: SSH x 20, AH x 15, Merkins x 10, Burpees x 5. First team to have all members back to the rally point avoids wins and avoids punishment.

*The goal here was to encourage competition, and get the HIMs running HARD. Mission accomplished*

1s were victorious so they only had 10 burpees after the race, 2s had to do 20 burpees.

Mosey to the goal line on the football field and partner up. Your partner could not be someone on your team.

Thang 3

Partner wheelbarrow crawl from goal line to goal line AND back. Partners switched positions as needed.

Mosey from the end zone up to the concession stand for a people’s chair (wall-sit) and BTTW hold. YHC kept count in my head.

All in and mosey back to picnic table shelter for Mary:

Flutter kicks x 20

Inverted crunch x 20

LBCs x 50

High plank to right arm up, 10 oblique dips. Both sides. 10 mountain climbers to cap it off.



Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama (No FNGs)


Prayer Requests and Announcements:

  • Prayers up for YHC’s travels to and from Buffalo, NY this week.
  • SoccerMom and F3 Amazima
  • 2nd F Event at Staples – WILD BEAST FEAST, September 7th
  • F3 Nashville Anniversary workouts on September 14th and Sevier Park
  • Nolensville/Franklin convergence on September 21st

YHC took us out with a prayer. Helluva morning today, HIMs!


Backstreet’s back, allright!

PAX: DMish, Too Tall, Cathy, Venus, Foxtrot Talks-a-lot, Offshore, Prevac, Boy band, PSL, CAPS LOCK, JK, Tampa Libra, Yard Sale, Black Lung

QIC: Floppy Disk

15 for some humid station work at Sir E this morning.

Disclaimer dispensed, head up the long road to the big lot for some Warm-o-rama.

WoR (all IC)
SSH x20
Squats x10
Good morns x10
Willie Mays x10
Cotton Pickers x10
Big Arm Circles F x10
Big Arm Circles R x10

Count off 1-4. 4 corners. Each station performed specified exercise for 1:00 then slowsey to the next station.

Round 1
1. Merkins
2. Carolina dry docks
3. Atomic merks
4. 8ct. Body builders
RnR x1

Group sprint ~75 yards. Sprint back.

Round 2
1. Gorilla humpers
2. Jump lunges
3. Jump squats
4. Tuck jumps
RnR x1

Mosey to the tractor pavilion for 3 sets of:
– Derkins x10
– Toe touches on bench (15x each leg)
– Dips x20

Long mosey back to the start.

20x Merkins IC
20x Flutter kix IC
20x Crunchy Frogs IC
20x Freddie Mercuries IC
1:00 Low plank

We were serenaded today by the Boy Bands & Girl Groups – 90s Pop Spotify playlist. It started a little slow, but really picked up towards the end. Mary was done IC to Everybody by Backstreet Boys. Crowd pleaser for sure. Mucho MC by most PAX. Cathy was disappointed that I cut my hair, suggesting that I should have trained it instead. DMish complained about back-to-back chest heavy days. PSL quietly went about his business, per usual. Foxtrot actually didn’t talk a lot, except something about his lame neighbor. I tried to skip Offshore in name-o-rama, and he made me feel really bad about it. Prevac told us a story about a friend with horses. Boy band took a page out of Prevac’s book, but did leave some damn cold coffee. CAPS LOCK and I discussed all the ways that Crieve Hall is superior to other Nashville neighborhoods. Yard Sale gave us some heartfelt feedback about the new mural. Found out JK ran track, which when combined with his age, makes him measurably faster than everyone else. Venus’ name-o-rama sound effects continue to play a vital role in the overall camaraderie of the group. Tampa Libra detailed the finer points of successful small business ownership. Too Tall, per usual, teased us with not quite enough midriff during name-o-rama. Finally, in keeping with tradition, Black Lung showed up about 10 minutes late. I would be lost otherwise.

Pleasure, gents. I look forward to the next one!

Floppy D

Detention 2019.08.26 – 17 Walk the Plank with Brother at Law and CCArrrrrgggggghhhhhh

17 of Nashville’s gnarliest Blackbeards and Calico Jacks braved the rain, flew the skull and bones, and walked the plank this morning. Here’s how it went down.

PAX: Bagger Vance, No Show Jones, PSL, Accounts Receivable, Foxtrot, Yardsale, Tampa Libra, Rosemary, Movin’ On Up, Master Splinter, White Russion, School Girl, Sandman, Bueller, Prevac, CCR (co-QIC), Brother at Law (co-QIC).

WOR: Mosey the bus loop and divert to to pavilion.  Then for a very standard WOR mix of SSH, GMs, WMHs, LBAC, LBAC reverse, and HOPKICKS!  Pirates dance by just doing hopkicks.  So the more you know.

Today’s Walk the Plank workout was a plank heavy tabata led by Brother at Law, with a CCR adventure after every two tabatas.  Here’s what we did:

Tabata 1: Mountain Climbers

Tabata 2: Merkin Jacks

CCR Adventure: Down to bottom of hill for 20 180 squats, run back to pavillion.

Tabata 3: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Taps

Tabata 4: Groiners

CCR Adventure 2: 20 rows, 10 pull ups, 15 burpees.

Tabata 5: Cross Body Mountain Climbers

Tabata 6: Alternating Merkin Jacks (odds) and Plank Jacks (even).

CCR ran the baseball loop back to the parking lot for some MARY: low plank, flutter kix, burpees x10.  And that’s all she wrote.

Playlist: “He’s a Pirate” from Pirates of the Carribean Soundtrack; “Sloop John B” by the Beach Boys; “Sea Stories” by Sturgill Simpson; “Ocean Breathes Salty” by Modest Mouse; “Ocean Man” by Ween; “Gallows Pole” by Led Zepplin; “Sail on Sailor” by the Beach Boys; “Come Sail Away” by Styx; “I Sat by the Ocean” by QOTSA.


Five year convergence September 14th at 6:00 AM at Sevier Park.

413 Strong class is almost done.  Go see them on Tuesday for a run or Thursday for a boot camp before they wrap up.

Prayers for sick and suffering friends and family.


Typo+ Anniversary Q

GLOOM FACTOR:  Zero…while on the humid side, it was a very nice morning.


Pre-Party 5:15 – TV Guide, SexEd, MicDrop, Nimbus;  + Sparta getting in a ½ marathon before the Thang.

Pre-Party 5:45 – Staples, Old Hickory, Typo+ for some Core work.


PAX in Attendance: Huggy, Tebow, Creeper, Swinger, Professor X (Respect), Nimbus, ShowMe, SexEd, MicDrop, Stats, TV Guide, Old Hickory, Mufasa, Hush Puppy, Sparta, Wolverine, Staples, Typo+ (QIC)



Show Me Lap




12x SSH IC


12x rLBAC IC

Guided Stretch Routine


Good Mornings OYO

Huggers OYO


Q explained how this is the One Year Anniversary of his starting F3!  He and the amazing TV Guide started on the same day a year ago.  This workout would be very similar to the one 3rd Degree did on that day.  SoccerMom EH’d me and Mursa EH’d TVG!




Mosey over to large parking lot.  While Q set up cones, PAX sprinted to far end, did 5 burpees and sprinted back.  Q joined in for a second round.


Round 1:  Start on one side of parking lot doing 10x merkins.  Bear crawl to the side with the cones, advance up to next cone and do 10x WarHammers.  Bear crawl back to starting side of parking lot.  Advance up to next cone.  Rinse and repeat all the way up the parking lot.  Mosey back to start and Core of choice to the 6.


Round 2: Same as before, but with 20x Squats and 20x WW1s (modify for those whose tailbone was getting mouthy).  Mosey back to start and Core of choice to the 6.


Let’s finish it off the same way we started, but adding a few more Burpees.  5 Burpees at start, sprint to far side of parking lot, 5 more burpees, then sprint back to start.  Rinse and repeat once more.


Mosey back to Shovel Flags.



Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama (no FNGs)


Prayer Requests and Announcements:

  • MicDrop’s M is on new meds for Rhuemetoid Arthritis. It’s helping but continued prayers.
  • Staples parents and their health issues.
  • SoccerMom and God’s work at Amazima.
  • F3 Dads event Sept 6-8 in East TN (see TV Guide for more info)
  • 2nd F Event at Staples – WILD BEAST FEAST (see Staples for more info)
  • F3 Dads event Sat Sept 14 at Symrna Lowe’s – Build a FireTruck with yo kids.
  • F3 Nashville Anniversary Convergence for those who can go – Sept 14
  • Nolensville/Franklin Convergence Sept 21 in Franklin.


Q had a Prayer Request, but also made it the closing encouragement.  I am dealing with Pride in some areas of my life.  He is revealing it to me through my wife and the book I am reading for ICC.  Please pray for me as I lean on God and my wife to identify those areas and work to rid my life of this pride.  The encouragement for PAX:  if God is asking you to work on something in your life, please seek help, accountability, and encouragement.  He is faithful and just and has a plan for your life.



The 40 Gifts That Keep On Giving

25 HIM converged to celebrate YHC impending birthday. Much to the chagrin of those from the Shire who made the trek that the official day wasn’t until Monday, I assure you that today was the day we celebrated.

Conditions: Lil muggy, but overall great.

Q: T-Cell

PAX: Vector, Trapper Keeper, Firefox, Hambone, Dinty Moore, Crablegs, Sal Pal, Duplex, BnB, High Viz, Pumpkin Spice, Bad Boy, RiverDawg, Toothless, Boyband, Floppy Disk, Black Lung, CCR, DMish, Covenant Eyes, CAPSLOCK, Juan Valdez, Princess Aurora, and FNG Hurl Mary.

The Thang:

COP at top of the hill. 40 SSH, 10 Good Mornings, 25 Little Baby Arm Circles, 10 Willie Mays Hays while holding arms out, and then 20 Merkins.

Mosey down to the main parking lot where we cranked The King (George Strait) and started opening gifts.  A PAX was able to open one gift. Below is not the order we pulled, but here is what was completed:

2 Trips Up Hill – Weekend at Bernies
4 Sprints
6 X10 plank hold
7 Sevens – Squats/Merkins
8 Eight Count Body Builers IC
10 Manmakers
14 Decline Merkins
16 Parking Lot Spaces Crab Walk
18 Caroline Dry Docks
19 Lt. Dans
20 Burpees
21 Crunchy Frogs
23 Flutter Kicks
24 Big Boy Situps
25 Side Straddle Hops
29 Dips
32 Plank Jacks
35 Crunches
37 Calf Raises
39 Side Straddle Hops
40 Merkins

Great leading you guys this morning. You’ve made trips 35-40 around the sun very special. Grateful for each of you. And in case you were wondering, below is what we didn’t get to. Will save them for 41.

Unfinished Business: 

1 Crawl Bear Up Hill
3 Laps around the Community Center
5 Bear Crawl trips around roundabout
8 Eight Count Body Builers IC
9 Swerkins
11 Bobby Hurley’s (squat, slap, shot)
12 Wide Arm Merkins
13 Diamond Merkins
15 Pull-Ups (plank when waiting on bar)
17 Box Jumps
26 Lunges
22 V-Ups
27 Hello Dolly’s
28 Squats
30 Bulgarian Split Squats
31 Gorilla Humpers
32 Plank Jacks
34 Little Baby Crunches
36 Mountain Climbers