Racetrack – Wet 11’s

QIC:  Umbrella

PAX: Vegemite, Numb-Tucks, Black Widow, Pop-A-Lock, Offshore, Brown Nose, Umbrella, Baby Scout (FNG)

8 faithful PAX saddled up and didn’t let a little rain keep them from getting better this morning.


Quick mosey up to parking structure:

SSH x 20; Squat x 10; Forward BAC x 10; Reverse BAC x 10; Air Press x 10; Tempo Merkins x 10; Good Morning x 10; WMH x 10


11’s…..Worst Merkins & Lt. Dan’s

Start at west side of parking garage with 10 Worst Merkins.  Sprint to east side and 3 burpees to exit structure.  Up stairs all the way to Maryland Way. 1 Lt. Dan. Back down stairs and 3 burpees to enter the garage.  Sprint to far side of the garage and get back after it….you know the drill.

Pop-A-Lock came out of the gates like he stole something and never looked back.   Random mumble chatter about the worst merkins… but the PAX put their head down and got to work.  Rain and wind be damned.


Flutter Kicks x 20; LBC’s x 20; Mariah Carey’s x 20; American Hammers x 20

Mosey back to parking lot for COT.

Coffee Q

It is always a pleasure to be with you men…the less than ideal weather makes it that much better.  Good work today.  It was a privilege to lead you all.  Thank you for your example and commitment.

Peace out,

Sir Ellington’s Big Brass Balls 02-27-2018

QIC: Skid Mark

PAX:  Bagger Vance, CAPSLOCK, Spider Bite, Umbrella, Vegemite, Dr. Smartt, Olan Mills, PSL, Jigsaw, Donuts, Tulip (FNG), Deck the Hollis, Frogger, Foxtrot-talks-a-lot, Funyuns, Tidy Cats, Karamazov, Floppy Disk, Blue Mule, CCR, Edible Arrangement, Prevac, Black Lung, Too Tall, Venus, El Maestro, Yard Sale, Big Bang, Fristcasso

30 PAX sacked up for this morning’s festivities. As we were coming out cold, we started with a quick mosey up the hill to get the juices flowing. Once we made it to the house it was time to circle up for the warm-up.


B – Burpees x10 OYO

I – Imperial walkers x10

G – Good Mornings x10


B – Butt Kickers x20

R – Reverse arm circles x 15

A – Arm circles forwards x15

S – Seal Claps x 15

S – SSH x 20

Thang:  BALLS

As they usually hang in pairs, the PAX partnered up with like-sized partners. Mumblechatter began immediately as they knew what they were in for. Though hanging close together can keep you warm on a cold morning, groans about knees and backs began before the exercises even started.

We began with a buddy carry around the back loop. Partners changed at each speed bump to spread the work around.

Every ODD numbered speedbump (1, 3, 5, 7, 9), the PAX performed the following exercises and swapped partners for the next buddy carry:

B – Burpees x10

A – Atomic Merkins x20

L – LBCs x30

L – Lt. Dans x20

S – Scorpion Dry Docks x10

For every EVEN numbered speedbump:  5 Burpees and swap partners.

A few pairs were swaying back and forth as they made the run. It started off easy with a slightly downhill trot, but became increasingly harder towards the end as we headed back uphill. Upon returning to the house, it was reverse snow angels for the 6.

A second loop was planned, but we were beginning to sag and time was short. With the pairs now sweaty and warm, it was time to air it out with a mosey back to the parking lot where the PAX circled up for some workout themed music.

AC/DC: Big Balls – Merkin for every time you hear “ball” and Burpees for every “biggest balls of all”

Mumblechatter was overheard “this song must have been written by an 11 year old boy” and giggling was rampant.

Running short on time, we cooled down with a short Mary: Flutter Kicks: x25, J-Los: x15



Thanks to everyone today for coming for my VQ. I enjoyed the enthusiasm and effort that went into the workout as a group.

YHC decided to drive his car off the small cliff at Ellington on the way in while trying to avoid hitting a deer. Thanks to Edible Arrangements and Karamazov for doing the extra work of pushing my car back up the hill. Big balls and big hearts.


Bagger mentioned there may still be spots for the Biscuit Run, a half-marathon from Franklin to Loveless Café.  Hit him up on Slack if you want to run.

Glad We Ain’t Norway

QIC – T-Cell

The Pax – Hi-Viz, Crawfish, En Fuego, Blue Mule, Porcelain

Looks outside at the house, heres the patter of rain, cusses under his breath, walks outside, feels nothing but dry and 47 degrees. That’s a win.

The Thang:

After some Amy Grant mumble chatter, we headed out of the parking lot and straight into a dead end. Not a good start to the workout. Circled back and headed toward the school. Twas a good thing because Porcelain rounded it about the same time as we did. The dead-end saved him some searching.


Good Mornings X 10, Willie Mays Hayes X 20, SSH X 30, Squat w/ thrusters X 30, Imperial Walkers X 20, BBAC, maybe something else thrown in. It was time to go.

Mosey around the back of the school to what I can only describer as the car-rider circle in front of the gym. The circle driveway was perfect for paying homage to the finale of the Olympic games. And like any good Olympics, we started with a time trial. Took us 57 sec to loop the circle. This was a number we needed to stay in the green with when hitting our splits.

After some discussion on the Olympic ring colors, it was finalized it was blue, yellow, black, green and red. Our workouts would follow these colors. And our reps were determined by the amount of medals won by the US. Luckily it was a paltry 23 or this thing could have turned into a real smoker.

First up was 23 burpees, followed by another lap. If we did not beat our time of 57 sec, the burpees would double on the next trip. We made this next trip by just a few seconds. After a quick warning to the pax that we were close, we settled in for the next exercise round.

23 burpees and 23 Y-Ups. Followed by another lap. This would continue with us each time adding an exercise. The ultimate exercises were Burpees, Y-Ups, Big Boy Sit-Ups, Groiners, and Reverse Burpees.

Upon completion, mosey back to the parking lot via Indian Run.


Not gonna lie, this workout snuck up on the pax, including the Q. YHC tried not to be too offended when Porcelain said he wore long sleeves because he wasn’t fearing a Princess Aurora smoke show. He was however smoked and I will not forget that comment. Ever.


First Friday lunch this week 11:30 at Cookery.  Be there before CCR finishes all the Australian Down Under Meat Bonanzas.


Stonewall – 2/24/2018 – The Strenuous Life


11 Pax appeared on a soggy Saturday morning for another Teddy Roosevelt Laced workout.

PAX: Foxtrot, Hambone, Pop-a-Lock, Deep Dish, Third Degree, Crawfish, Umbrella, Chatty Cathy, Cowboy, Vegemite Third Person

Quick mosey to community center parking lot.



“He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” – Jim Elliot

14x SSH

15x BAC front and back

??? Butt kickers? It was early….

15x Seal claps

10x Squats


10 Muktar and Cry’s in cadence – Start in High Plank, down to Low Plank, JLo, up to High Plank and one Merkin (1 rep).

Quick mosey to open area next to tennis courts.

PAX paired off. While one HIM was in high plank, the other did 5 Merkins, then jumps over teammate, then crawls back underneath him. Repeat 20x per PAX, flapjack as necessary. Deceptively difficult. Sufficiently awkward for a Pop-A-Lock Q. With odd numbers, Q completed with an invisible partner, eliciting chuckles and mumblechatter from PAX.

Counted to 10. PAX nervous of a rinse and repeat.

Mosey around the tennis courts. Diverted onto tennis courts, to the relief of the PAX.

Round 1: Crabwalk suicides to ¼, ½, ¾ and full court. Face one direction the whole time. Every time the start point is reached, do 40 1 count flutters.

Triceps burned out.

Count to 20.

Round 2: Ankle grabber (duck walk holding ankles) suicides in same pattern. 20 ab thrusters when baseline is reached.

Quads screaming.

Count to 30.

Mosey to back of hill with flagpole, PAX (and the overly enthusiastic Q) rejoicing there was no rinse and repeat.

Round 1: Bear crawl to flagpole, 20 derkins at top. Bear crawl back, 20 squats at bottom.

Round 2: Crawl bear to flagpole, 20 derkins at top. Crawl bear back, 20 squats at bottom.

Triceps and shoulders completely burned out at this point.

Rounds 3: Back pedal up hill, 20 derkins at top. Sprint back, 20 squats at bottom.

Mosey to hill above playground.

PAX 1 PlankJacks while PAX 2 runs to pull up bars and completes 5 reps. Runs back to top of hill and flapjacks. Repeat 3x for each PAX.

Mosey to parking lot.

Circle of Trust

I wish to preach, not the doctrine of ignoble ease, but the doctrine of the strenuous life” – Teddy Roosevelt. Had severe asthma, exercised out of it. Charged San Juan Hill, built the Panama Canal, established the National Parks. Known to kill mountain lions by hand and swim the Potomac in winter (Secret Service in tow).

PAX lived strenuously today. Rinse and repeat every day.


Spontaneous Q

It was a gloomy morning on the Hill for a fun spontaneous q from yours truly, Frugal Macdoogal.

PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Pop-A-Lock, Umbrella, Bagger Vance, Funyuns, Blood Clot, Too Tall, Big Bang, Tampa Libra, Skidmark, Vegemite, Cowboy, Money Shot, PreVac


Mosey to the football field.

SSH x 10; WMH x 10; GM x 10; Forward BAC x 10; Reverse BAC x 10; Overhead Claps x 10; Shoulder Press x 10; Seal Claps x 10


Football Field Suicides: Start on goal line. Run 5 yards and do one merkin; run back to goal line and do one deep squat.  Repeat increasing 5 yards and one merkin/deep squat each time.  Work up to running 100 yards and 20 merkins then running back to goal line and finishing with 20 deep squats.

PreVac led abs until all in.

Partner up.

Exercise 1: Partner Hamstring Curl x 20.  Partner One lays on ground in merkin position and pushes up to kneeling position using hamstrings to curl up then returns back down to starting position as controlled as possible to work hamstrings.  Partner Two provides weight on ankles to assist.

Sprint to the 50 yard line and back for Partner Two.

After both partners have gone, rinse and repeat at 10 reps each.

Exercise 2: Partner Leg Throws x 20. Partner One lays on ground on back holding the ankles of Partner Two.  Partner One then kicks their legs up to Partner Two’s chest and Partner Two pushes legs back down.  Partner One stops legs before they hit the ground to work abs and then kicks back up.

Sprint to the 50 yard line and back for Partner Two.

After both partners have gone, rinse and repeat at 10 reps each.

Exercise 3: Burpee Broad Jump x 50 yards

MARY:  5 Minutes of Abs – each PAX chooses an ab exercise to lead until time is called.

10 Burpees OYO


Great work today fellas!  There were some announcements about some biscuit run and some other dates that I’ve forgotten, but I’m sure BV has slacked about it, so check it out.

As a reminder, we’re planning on having a quick devotion after each Hill workout.  Today, BV shared about our calling as husbands to love our wives like we do Jesus and be intentional in our relationship with them.  It was a great work and encouragement to me as I definitely give leftovers too often when things get busy.   Pop-A-Lock will be sharing next week, but feel free to sign up on the Q signup beside The Hill workout Q signup.



Westeros – 02/19/18 – “Friends and Lovers”

QIC: Princess Aurora 

The PAX: Hi-Viz, T-Cell, Pop-A-Lock (LIFO), Crawfish, En Fuego, Blue Mule

It was a veritable steamy morning chock full of lessons in love at Westeros. 7 men came.

The Thang:

In need of a little blood flow to get things started, 6 PAX took off on a quick mosey from the parking lot when who should appear coming in hot but our dear LIFO, Pop-A-Lock. Continue to lawn outside of the gymnasium and circle up for some foreplay filled with laughter (isn’t it always?).

  • SSH x 69
  • LBAC F x 15
  • Air Press x 15
  • LBAC R x 15
  • Chinooks x 15
  • Squats x 20 finished with 20″ air chair

Take a quick lap to get focused before inserting ourselves into the main event.

For this portion, we focused on control, lowering slowly to 4 ct cadence:

Split Squats x 9 e/s

SL Deadlifts x 9 e/s

Take a lap, then RnR slowing our tempo down even more.  Another lap, then, because it’s always advisable, we upped the rhythm AND the duration. 20 reps each exercise, followed by one more lap to regain our composure.

Over to the jungle gym to work on our pushing and pulling out in this wonderful weather. 10 pull-ups followed by 10 merkins. 9 pull-ups, 9 merkins…all the way down to 1 of each, resting as needed.

After some brief fumbling around, we finally got situated again for the final stretch. To work on our power, 3 sets of 10 dragon flags and 10 glute bridges. A lucky female pedestrian was able to take it all in before continuing on her stroll. I’m sure we all would’ve stopped to let her go by, but our eyes were closed and we were past the point of no return.

One final sprint to the finish and we circled up for a much needed cooldown with a glute melting 7-way hip progression complete with awkward moans, groans, and sighs of relief.



Starting a gofundme for Pop-A-Lock’s new alarm. Pop-A-Clock?

Thanks for enduring the awkwardness and inconsistency with the Q today. This has never happened before, I swear.


Memorial ruck on 3/4 for Jerome Gonzalez, a GRT who tragically passed after collapsing during the Bragg Heavy. Consult Pop and Slack for details.

Prayers for The Jeweler and his wife as they navigate some hardship.

Clear your calendars for Saturday, June 23. YHC is planning a community service CSAUP: Nashville’s inaugural brew ruck. This will be a fun event that does some good, too!

Also, while you have your calendar out, go ahead and save September 22 for what will be a truly epic CSAUP. I mean it

PA out.


Cruel Hall 02/16/18 – Knowing is Half the Battle

QIC: Vegemite

PAX: Bagger Vance, PreVac, Ludwig Von Oshkosh, Big Stick, Floppy Disk, Skidmark, Olan Mills, Edible Arrangements, Black Lung, Razor (Venus), Tidy Cats, Rooster, Swampfox, Accounts Receivable, Yard Sale, Foxtrot Talks A Lot, Frogger, Offshore, Brother-at-Law, 3rd Degree, Spider Bite, Balloon Knot (FNG), Sandlapper (FNG) (Missing two on this list — ping me on Slack if I didn’t include you.)

YHC’s first solo Q saw 26 HIM up bright and early for a little Cruel Hall action. As there were two FNGs today, BV suggested I drop the disclaimer before a quick mosey out of the parking lot and back around for today’s WOR:

SSH x15 IC
Slow and Low Squats x12 IC
Good Mornings x10 IC
Willie Mays Hayes x10 IC
Calf Stretch x10 IC
Baby Arm Circles x10 IC
Reverse BAC x10 IC

PAX counted off by twos, and the 1s looked to their left to find their partner for the day. Then we all moseyed down to the bottom of the bus loop for an explanation of today’s THANG:

A documentary series on Netflix called The Toys That Made Us inspired today’s workout. If you were a kid in the 80s, you owe it to yourself to check it out. One of the toys they covered was G.I. Joe, so what better way to take everyone back to their childhood than by working together to defeat Cobra. This was a variation on B.O.M.B.S., and I’ve listed the modifications below:

Cobra - A ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

C: Carolina Dry Docks x150
O: Overhead Claps x200
B: Big Boy Situps x200
R: Reverse Lunges x200
A: Americans (AKA Merkins) x150

Partners worked together to complete all reps. Partner 1 started the exercises while partner 2 ran the bus loop. Flapjack that until each team completed all reps. Teams planked and waited for the six.

Once we finished that up, YHC realized there wasn’t enough time to properly pay tribute to one of the most B.A. characters in the G.I. Joe universe, Snake Eyes. Don’t worry, we might revisit my plan for him at some point in the future.

Instead, we moseyed back to the playground area for 80 rows split among each team. Partner 1 started while partner 2 did AMRAP merkins. Once we finished that up, we moseyed back up to the parking lot to end the week like Ludwig started it. We actually finished two rounds of his excellent Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear Suicide and Burpee Extravaganza. Partner 1 started off with the Bear Crawls, while partner 2 did AMARP burpees — we flapjacked that after P1 finished.

Somehow during the Bear Crawls/Burpees, the timer on my watch stopped. It seemed strange that there was always 5 minutes left every time I looked down at it. After the suicide/burpee combo, MARY consisted of 20x Flutter Kicks followed by 20x Hello Dollys. Fortunately, someone else knew it was time to stop after that.

Keep Prevac and his wife in your thoughts and prayers. She’s been dealing with dizziness, head/neck pain, and nausea due to some inflammation in her mandible. Also, please continue to keep Ludwig and his wife in your thoughts and prayers. Last Friday was one year out from her brain tumor surgery.

I appreciate y’all allowing me to Q, and I’m looking forward to more in the future.


A Balmy Morning At Bomber

PAX: 3rd Person, Porcelain, Ebola, Firefox, Vector, EnFuego, Pop-A-Lock (LIFO), Bad Boy, T-Cell, Princess Aurora

QIC: Hi-Viz

11 HIM ignored the siren’s song of the fartsack and were rewarded with a rare 70-degree February morning in Sylvan Park, along with burpees, bear crawl, and a fair amount (2.2+ miles by my count) of running.

Quick mosey to the pub parking.

Good Mornings X 10 IC
IW X 15 IC
Hillbillies X 15 IC


Mosey to Edley’s for People’s Chair. (Wait, is that Pop-A-Lock coming in hot? Indeed!)

Mosey to the top of the hill for 7s. Burpees at the top. Jump Squats at the bottom. The change of direction and longer run was a definite crowd pleaser.

Mosey to the Murphy Bench. One PAX runs to the roundabout for a bear crawl lap and back, while the remaining PAX perform a dealer’s-choice exercise. Burpees, Durkins, Crawl Bear, Lt. Dans, VeryBigArmCircles (VBAC???), etc. (YHC is running short on memory and time to recall all of them. Great variety, however.)

Mosey to home base for Mary. 

Hello Dollys X 20 IC
J-LOs to Finish



Good spirits and great work this morning, men. Always a pleasure to hang with you.

BOLO for details on PA’s BeerRuck coming this June. Should be a good time. Also, he’s planning a September CSAUP.

Also, check out the Slacker for 3rdF opportunities and snag one if you’re interested in Qing one of your own.


Viz out.



Loud GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


PAX: Bagger Vance, PreVac, Lewd Wig, El Maestro, Big Bang, Black Widow, Big Stick, Karamazov, PopALock, Floppy D, Funyuns, Skidmark, PSL, Olan Mills, Edible Arrangement, Cowboy, Black Lung, Razor, Vegemite, Cathy*

*I am leaving out a pax, investigation is ongoing

22 HIM rose and show for some Mid-30 degree fun at Sir E this morning. Light MC before capri lap around the parking lot and back for a little WOR all IC:

LBCs x 10 front

LBCs x 10 reverse

BAC x 10 front

BAC x 10 reverse

Seal claps x 10

Air presses x 10

Deep squats x 10

Good Mornings x 10

Willie Mays Hayes x 10


Mosey across the street to the Ag Center to the right base of the circle drive. En route, little MC from BV assuming which exercises YHC didn’t care for, more on that later.  Pax to run AYG up the hill, lunge in front of the mansion, jog back, plank for the 6. All in. 5 squats OYO.  Face the “pond” (BV contests this description) and shuffle AYG up the hill, butt kickers in front of the mansion, plank for the 6.  All in.  5 squats OYO. Face the flagpole, shuffle AYG up the hill, high knees in front of the mansion and jog back for the 6.  All in. 5 squats OYO.  Back peddle up the hill, lunge in front of the mansion.  People’s chair for the 6.

Mosey to the museum lot. All pax line up at base line for merkin suicides.  Run to island 1 for 25 diamond merkins, back to base line.  Run to island 2 for 25 wide-base merkins, back to base line.  Run to island 3 for 25 regular merkins and back to base line.  All in

Mosey back to Church playground and borrow Tidy Cats fence for leg lift/ alabama prom date 11s.

Crap, still 10 minutes left.

20 pull ups, 20 Irkins, 20 rows OYO. Lt Dan to top of the hill for some…


20 SSH in cadence just for BV’s assumption from earlier

Tempo Merkins x 10

Flutter Kick x 20

Tempo Squat x 10



Praise: So amazing to have our friend and brother El Maestro back out there this morning.  Fingers crossed we get to see more of him very soon!

The title of today’s workout was inspired by the origin of my F3 name, given to me by Blue Mule.  One time when I was in law school, someone told me that listening to me argue a case was like listening to someone stuck on CAPS LOCK.  While it was so accurate I couldn’t be offended, it made me think about the way I communicate to make a point.  Short story, if you’re loud and passionate about everything, you’re loud and passionate about nothing.  As we enter the Lenten season tomorrow, let us remind ourselves that there is a time and place for loud words, but equally a time and place for impactful actions.

The pleasure, this morning, was entirely mine.




12 February 2018 5 7 19 21

32 ish degrees as the 5 RedPillers anxiously awaited the arrival of YHC.  Disclaimer given at 0530 and off we went down Bowling Ave up to the Bowling Ave. entrance of WEMS.

SSH x 21, Imperial Walkers x 5 Squats x 7, GMA x 7


The numbers 5, 7, 19 and 21 would be integral to today’s workout as we made our way down Bowling to Woodmont to Sharondale to Elmington and back to StartEx.

Head down Bowling to Whitworth Entrance for

5 Burpee’s, 7 merkins, 19 plank jacks, 21 mountain climbers

To Richland Place (?)

5 Burpees,  7 reverse Burpee’s, 19 lunges, 21 jump squats

To Woodmont and Bowling

5 Burpee’s, 7 downhill burpees, 19 donkey kicks, 21 lunges

Guardrail on Sharondale

5 Burpee’s, 7 reverse Burpee’s, 19 Irkins, 21 Dirkins

To Sharondale and Elmington

5 Man makers, 7 merkins, 19 lunges, 21 jump squats

To Whitworth entrance on Elmington

5 Curb thrusters, 7 curb dips, 19 curb thrusters, 21 Dirkins

To Whitworth Racket Club (where YHC plans on making a sales call later today)

5 Bear crawl merkins, 7 merkins, 19 squats, 21 walking lunges (starting to feel unwelcome)

Back to StartEx for Endex


Plank, Beast R/L, Flutter kix, Mariah Carey R/L


PAX: Bicentennial Man, Bad Boy, T Cell, Third Person, Hi Viz, Bagger Vance (QIC)


Always good to explore the space and see some PAX that don’t make it out to The Shire much.

The importance of 5 7 19 21 is that on May 7, 1921 the site we ran around was Chartered as the original location of Richland Country Club which was formerly Nashville Country Club.  Fun facts can be found at https://richlandcm.wordpress.com/club-history/

A point was made to re EH PAX that had been out a while, Megatron, Right Said, Butch Please, etc.


F3 Nashville Serves Qd  by Dupree has lots of neat things coming up, please reach out to me or him directly for more info.