12 February 2018 5 7 19 21

32 ish degrees as the 5 RedPillers anxiously awaited the arrival of YHC.  Disclaimer given at 0530 and off we went down Bowling Ave up to the Bowling Ave. entrance of WEMS.

SSH x 21, Imperial Walkers x 5 Squats x 7, GMA x 7


The numbers 5, 7, 19 and 21 would be integral to today’s workout as we made our way down Bowling to Woodmont to Sharondale to Elmington and back to StartEx.

Head down Bowling to Whitworth Entrance for

5 Burpee’s, 7 merkins, 19 plank jacks, 21 mountain climbers

To Richland Place (?)

5 Burpees,  7 reverse Burpee’s, 19 lunges, 21 jump squats

To Woodmont and Bowling

5 Burpee’s, 7 downhill burpees, 19 donkey kicks, 21 lunges

Guardrail on Sharondale

5 Burpee’s, 7 reverse Burpee’s, 19 Irkins, 21 Dirkins

To Sharondale and Elmington

5 Man makers, 7 merkins, 19 lunges, 21 jump squats

To Whitworth entrance on Elmington

5 Curb thrusters, 7 curb dips, 19 curb thrusters, 21 Dirkins

To Whitworth Racket Club (where YHC plans on making a sales call later today)

5 Bear crawl merkins, 7 merkins, 19 squats, 21 walking lunges (starting to feel unwelcome)

Back to StartEx for Endex


Plank, Beast R/L, Flutter kix, Mariah Carey R/L


PAX: Bicentennial Man, Bad Boy, T Cell, Third Person, Hi Viz, Bagger Vance (QIC)


Always good to explore the space and see some PAX that don’t make it out to The Shire much.

The importance of 5 7 19 21 is that on May 7, 1921 the site we ran around was Chartered as the original location of Richland Country Club which was formerly Nashville Country Club.  Fun facts can be found at https://richlandcm.wordpress.com/club-history/

A point was made to re EH PAX that had been out a while, Megatron, Right Said, Butch Please, etc.


F3 Nashville Serves Qd  by Dupree has lots of neat things coming up, please reach out to me or him directly for more info.



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