The quiet return

AO: pain-train
Q: G-string
PAX: FLO, Timber, El Capitan, Pebbles
FNGs: None
Beautiful summer morning ending with an epic sunrise.

– inchworm walkouts to merkin
– runners stretch
– GOAT stretch
– High plank with five merkins following the mission and each core principle
– Mosey around the track, pick up coupons and burden carry to playground

Thang 1: E2MO2M
every two minutes, complete the following
– 15 shoulder presses
– 10 floor-to-ceilings
– 5 burpees over the block
Completed seven rounds. After the fourth round, add two reps to each exercise if finish before the first minute.

Thang 2: MOT race
Split into two teams. One person on the team raced while the other did block curls.
Race down the cones doing three MOTs on the way out then sprint back to start.
– alligator crawl
– Bear crawl
– Gorilla run
Winning team does 10 block leg extensions per leg. Losing team does 15 goblet squats.
Ran four races

To close it out, we did two rounds of ten SADs (slow ass derkins)

The media portrayal of dads is usually trash. Homer is a lazy idiot, the sultan in Aladdin is a doofus, Bluey’s dad is attentive but he “doesn’t remember the boring stuff” (sunscreen, floaties, essentials). Our kids need good, responsible men to look up to, and the stories we tell should reflect that. Right now, being the prince isn’t cool, and princesses have to do it all themselves.

We need to give our girls an image of good men, so they aren’t satisfied with bad men. And we need our sons to aspire to be heroes who can slay the dragon.

– TWO VQs next week at the Knoll!

– prayers were offered up

The 1975 World Tour

AO: the-castle
Q: SalPal
PAX: Snickers, Pink Slip, Strutter, hambone, Chunks, Pep, Dilbert
FNGs: None

WARMUP: Half-hearted SSH + squats

THE THANG: In honor of The 1975 (a shared passion of mine and Chunks), 4 sets of DORA, 75 reps each, each with a different method of travel:

Part 1:
Travel: Bernie Down/Run Back
– 75 Merkins
– 75 Air Presses
– 75 Dry Docks
– 75 Reptars

Part 2:
Travel: Broad Jump Down/Run Back
– 75 LBCs
– 75 Hammers (each side 1)
– 75 Mountain Climbers (each side 1)
– 75 Shoulder Taps (each side 1)

Part 3:
Travel: Shuffle Down/Run Back
– 75 Squats
– 75 Lunges (each leg 1)
– 75 Calf Raises
– 75 Apollo Ono’s (each leg 1)

Part 4:
Travel: Boo-Boo Bear Crawl Down/Run Back
– 75 WWIs
– 75 Burpees
– 75 Lt. Dan’s

Everyone got to part 4 at time, so we went back to startex for assorted routines to close.

MOLESKINE: PSA: Spotify Pleeb-ium throttles your max volume.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Lots going on in July: runs, launches, night moves, etc. Look at Slack. I’m your Q, not your personal planner. 2.0 support for Sunshine, see Slack for how to contribute.

COT: Praise for Snickers in the promotion, for my M and job search, for Sunshine and new 2.0. All other intentions spoken and unspoken.

Stay salty Nashville. Green Sally out.


AO: offthebooks
Q: Wolfpack
PAX: Wolfpack, Roboman, E-Z Go
FNGs: 1 E-Z Go
CONDITIONS: Perfection



Thang 1
11’s with 30 yard Coupon carries
– Goblet squat
– Iron Mike

Thang 2
AMRAP 4 rounds (30on 15off)
– Jump squat
– Mountain climbers
– Wall sits
– Lt. Dans

Visiting family in NC and got to run my uncle (Roboman) and a FNG through a F3 bootcamp. Decades ago I used to meet my uncle for weight training early in the morning. Awesome to still get at it with him all these years later.

Pizza and pool party tomorrow at Robomans.

COT: Fitness. Fellowship. Faith. It’s hard to go at these alone. Reminder to seek help where needed and lean on others for guidance.

#the Prostitute comes to Hendersonville

AO: the-castle
Q: Strutter
PAX: hambone, Pep, SalPal, Splitter, Sunshine, Dilbert, Country Parkour, Pink Slip, Outta Bounds (OB), Under the Table, Chunks, Outta Bounds, Pink Slip
FNGs: 2 Outta Bounds, Pink Slip
CONDITIONS: Hot and sweaty.

WARMUP: Mosey to the tennis court parking lot. Disclaimer. 10 each in cadence IST, Hillbillies, Abe Vigodas (Windmills), and Long Snappers.

THE THANG: Mosey up the hill to Hazel Path. We began working the corners in an up and down ladder. 1-2-1-2-3-2-1-2-3-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 Corner 1 – 5 burpees.
Corner 2 – 10 Merkins. Sometimes in cadence, sometimes OYO.
Corner 3 – 15 squats. Sometimes in cadence, sometimes OYO.
Corner 4 – 20 Carolina Dry Docks. OYO.
Corner 5 – 50 LBCs in cadence.
Once we returned back to the start of our ladder, we moseied back for Mary.
Freddy Mercury’s
Mercury Freddy’s
Box Cutter
Cutter Box
A voice from the crowd yelled “We don’t go until 7 o’clock!”, so we ended there.

MOLESKINE: we welcomed in 2 new FNG’s. Glad you joined us Outta Bounds, and Pink Slip.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 5k price goes up today. Any interest in a spot on the Bourbon Chase team?

COT: We prayed for spoken and unspoken requests, for our soldiers, LEOs, First Tesponders. It was not by chance that I found this group. Thank you for allowing me to lead today.

OTB around the park

AO: offthebooks
Q: hambone
PAX: Dilbert, Country Parkour, Under the Table, Bloodshot
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Sunny AF but kinda cool

WARMUP: fat guy shuffle (FGS). Dilbert thinks it may be offensive, but the fattest pax by height and weight (yhc) approves of the name.

FGS down to parking lot for SSH, good mornings, arm circles, presses, toy soldiers

THE THANG: parking lot fun in a box.

Round 1 – bear crawl, side crawl, crawlbear, side crawl, 5 squats—repeat 3 times

Round 2 – lunges, side squats, reverse lunges, side squats, 5 merkins—repeat 3 times

We then did the FGS over to the hill by the baseball field. Dilbert managed to yell at s woman about F3 and scared Bloodshot in the process.

Run down, bernie back up—do it 5 times—for two rounds. Situps if youre fast.

Pax then jailbreaked 2 the end. Country Parkour was sandbagging, but then actually sprinted a bit and moved fast AF. Under the Table almost caught him!!

MOLESKINE: Always be EHing, even if it’s a random woman.


COT: prayers for tha kids

Crazy Train!!!! :pain-train:

AO: pain-train
Q: Toothless
PAX: Wolfpack, The Merchant, Timber, FLO, Nubbins, Pitmaster, Cheeks, Pitmaster
FNGs: 1 Pitmaster
CONDITIONS: Sublime, almost crisp at 61º which was a blessing given the previous days of the week

Everyone grabs a Cindy, carry it to church parking lot
30 x SSH
12 x Willy Mays Hays, 2 each side
30 count x Toe Touch
30 count x Flamingo, both sides
10 x Michael Phelps
10 x Scorpions OYO

THE THANG: Four Corner Dora

Partner travels around 4 corners of the main lot with a mosey/shuffle/mosey/shuffle per the 4 sides. Wait for group 6 to change exercises (low plank/pick up reps).

Complete the following as a pair:
– 50 x 10 Count Body Builders w/ Block, i.e. Blockee Builders
– 100 x Goblet Squats
– 200 x Curls
– 300 x Bench Press

MOLESKINE: Modified a bit for time to not rotate between corners for the exercises as originally planned since the cindy carry ate some time on both ends.

Now you know what you were feeling all of yesterday, but Timber has to be feeling it more than most as he went beast mode and crushed 2/3s of our pair’s reps and some of yours too! Pitmaster was knocking out reps with great form too on day one, great to have him out and to learn from his expertise in golf, whiskey, and barbecue, truly the good time trifecta.

– f3dads event on Saturday which was now yesterday, 77 attended!

– Prayers for Pitmaster’s friend Joe
– Prayers for G-string & his new 2.0
– Prayers for the tragedy that occurred recently there at Red Caboose Park

As always, it was an honor to be out at the pain-train, good to see some faces again and meet some new ones! Keep up the great momentum, men! You’ve got a great group and a great AO.

See You In The Gloom,
— Toothless :tooth:

Burpee Warmup

AO: the-castle
Q: hambone
PAX: Chunks, Pep, Dilbert, Under the Table, Country Parkour, Sunshine
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Sky’s out thighs out

WARMUP: 1 lap truffle shuffle. Sunshine was looking good on the run.

THE THANG: Dilbert Country Parkour Country Parkour showed a tad late because of fatherly duties, but they definitely got the work in thanks to burpees.

Yes, burpees.

10 burpees. Go.

10 burpees. Go.

Feeling tired yet?

Chunks got out of the mental funk and started carrying the boats.

10 burpees. Go.

After 12 sets, Q decided he was no longer tired and decided to move the crew on.

The pax moved onto another lap around the park with a stop for low and slow merkins in cadence.

Pax finally moved to the hill to truffle shuffle up and do more merkins. Yeah, we did that a few times. Pep looked okay, but I promise he was feeling great.

Pax headed back towards the start and did some flutter kicks to round out the abs.

MOLESKINE: pax were sulking after the third set of burpees. How many more will we do? How much more of this can we take? Mind has a lot of power over the body.

All pax moved out of their funk and got hard after set 9. By set 11, everyone was getting stronger.


COT: prayers for kids present and kids to come.


AO: offthebooks
Q: Go Fish
PAX: Grape, Zelenskyy, gov’t mule, Harbaugh, Howitzer
FNGs: None

WARMUP: none

THE THANG: 3.2 miles on the white trail at a 12:00 party pace

MOLESKINE: Will was destined to see those people again.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2.0 workout this morning!

COT: thanks to Go Fish for the prayer

Exploration in White House

AO: offthebooks
Q: Chunks
PAX: hambone, Under the Table
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Perfect Beatdown conditions

Stretching and surveying the new park

Short mosey to get the blood pumping and staying close for hambone to find us.

Round 1
20 Squats
20 Reverse Lunges
20 Merkins
20 Big Boy Situps

Another mosey around the park

Round 2 – Hambone joined us
20 Squats
20 Merkins
20 Big Boy Situps
5 Burpees

Longer mosey around the park and found a trail through the woods. Walked on the uphills and mosey on the downhills.

Round 3
20 Squats
20 Merkins
20 Big Boy Situps
5 Burpees

5 Mins Mary
Flutter kicks
Box Cutters
Big Boy Situps

Lots of options at this park and excited to see White House grow. Be on the lookout for next weeks preblast. Dilbert will be sharing.

We’ve also found our coffeeteria spot with the best name. BAD ASS Coffee.

Always a pleasure and honor to lead.



[maypull-up] Final Pull-Up Test

AO: may-you-pull-up
Q: Hair Band
PAX: Good Morning America
FNGs: None

WARMUP: oyo arm circles, t claps, lat stretches

Pull-up test
GMA: 14
Hair Band: 10

I felt like I had a couple more in me but I had a very hard time holding on to the bar and my biceps were still sore from Black Lung’s stronghold workout Thursday.

T-claps for GMA for going from 8 to 14 pull-ups!!


Family, work, and health