Titan 6.17.20

Perfect weather – just slightly cool.



Black Lung
Cub Cadet
Michelin Man
Right Said (QIC)
Bad Boy
D Frost

Long mosey around Centennial warm up (fences everywhere)

Warm up:


overhead presses


Cherry Pickers

Merkin Doomsday clock to Thunderstruck by AC/DC (people’s chair after failure)

Grass hill repeats with SSH until all-in to Chariots of Fire theme song
Mary – dealer’s choice to Proud Mary by CCR

Next two QICs:
Cub Cadet


Fun was had by all.


Parking lot coffeteria at Cafe Prius.



Agility Fest

PAX: Not a Sport, Hugs Not Drugs, Umbrella, Toga (QIC)

Gloom: 70 and sunny

Four HIM posted at The Purple Cow to get a bit more agile this morning.  Lateral movement and recollections of sports seasons gone by were rampant.

The Thang:  warmup mosey to BHS field, standard warmarama then lineup for ye ol’ agility drills: high knees, butt kickers, stick and move, 2 in 2 out, side to sides, carry overs, and d back drills.

Head back to BMS parking lot, dodge the dump trucks, then form up for EMOM 7s with burpees and WWIIs.  Finish with some Mary.

Stay Classy,


Lunging up to lovers circle

Monday 6/8/20

PAX: Defrost, Harvey Updyke, BnB, Vector, PA, Drago, Hi Viz, Siri, Right Said, Cub Cadet, Black Lung, Trapper Keeper (QIC).

Gloom Factor: 73° with lower humidity

Disclaimer given and then mosied around to the east side of WEMS for warm up.


IPW x 12 IC
SSHs x 12 IC
Squats x 12 IC
LBACs x 12 IC
BBACs x 12 IC
Air presses x 12 IC
RLBACs x 12 IC
RBBACs x 12 IC


After the PAX warmed up we took a run up to the base of lovers circle where we transitioned to walking lunges from the base, up to the circle.

Once we reached the circle the PAX participated in clock work which consisted of every quarter of the circle the PAX performed a different exercise. The PAX start at 12 o clock with 12 SSHs, and then moved the big hand to 15 burpees, then to 30 merkins, and then to 45 squats. I difference to time the PAX did not complete the hour but made our way back down to WEMS. Once the PAX reached the pinic tables at WEMS, divided among the tables to take on 15 split squats with each leg while the other portion of the PAX took on 15 merkins and then flip-flopped.

Headed back to parking lot for some Mary.


Freddy Mercury’s x 10 IC
J-Los x 10 IC
Flutter Kicks x 10 IC
HCFs x 10 IC
Box Cutters x 10 IC
LBCs x 10 IC
Hello Dollys x 10 IC
Drago’s Russian Twists x 10 IC
WWIs x 10 IC
APDs × 10 IC
BBSs x 10 IC

Prayer for our country, communities, leaders, and prayer that we value and love others no matter race, creed, ethnicity, etc., for everyone is made in the image of God.

~ Trapper Keeper

May 27, 2020 – Remember the Titan

May 27, 2020


Temp: 60s

Gloom: Why did Snoop Dogg need an umbrella? (Fo’ drizzle.)




Black Lung



D Frost

Trapper Keeper


Right Said



Mosey to Lizzie the Dragon



Seal Claps

Air presses

Cherry Pickers




Mosey to Parthenon parking lot

Circle up

F3 version of improv game Zip-Zap-Zop

Each PAX calls an exercise and a rep count and “throws” that exercise to another PAX

All PAX perform exercise. Pax who received exercise calls next exercise and next PAX. Repeat until time. Memorable exercises include merkins, burpees, Iron Mikes, squats, planks, hillbillies, correct form box cutters, and sprints.

Social distance was maintained. A good time was had by all.




Rain & Parking Lot Pain

Gloom Factor:  Dark and Rain…lots of it.

Pre-Party:  Nimbus and listening to the radio in our own cars debating whether or not we really wanted to workout in the monsoon.

PAX in Attendance:  Record attendance – Glengarry, Nimbus1500, and Creeper!

Warm Up: None.  Too much rain and little patience for baby arm circles and side straddle hops.

Thang 1

Mosey to bridge and Bear Crawl the length of it.  Mosey to parking lot of Pork Belly Farmhouse.

Thang 2

Each assigned their own “Parking Curb” (not saying that’s the technical term for it).  4 exercises using the curb as a foundation:   Plank Merkins x 25, Merkins x 50, Loaded Beasts x 75 (each side = 1 rep), and 100 “Rapid Fire” (each foot = 1 rep); MOT between each set = Bear Crawl to other “Curb” across from starting point and Mountain Climbers x 25 (1 leg = 1 rep), Bear Crawl Back to starting point.

Thang 3

Round 2 with own “Parking Curb”. 4 exercises using the curb as a foundation: Carolina Dry Docks x35 (Nimbus termed them “Dry Dicks” but I remembered what the third F of F3 means, so I didn’t use it…well, I guess I just did), Merkins x 50, Squats standing on Curb x 75 and 100 “Rapid Fire” (each foot = 1 rep); MOT between each set = Walking Lunges to other “Curb” across from starting point and Loaded Beasts x 25 (1 leg = 1 rep), Walking Lunges back to starting point.

Thang 4
Mosey back to bridge and Bear Crawl all of it.  Mosey back to parking lot.

No coffeteria, no music.  Just rain.  Straight up prison workout.

Prayer Requests
Continued prayers for LMP’s wife and his brothers recovery, families still recovering from the tornado.
Announcements                                                                                                                                     Reminder that the end of this month is deadline to give to the Alvarez family

Thought of the Day:  John 16:16-33 “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble. But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”    In this time of uncertainty, fear of the unknown is crippling a lot of us.  While this coronavirus is something not to be taken lightly, this passage is a great reminder of where our focus should be.  We will have trouble in our lives.  All of us have ran into some before.   This time would be considered troubling.  It’s on us to lead with no fear showing others what faith looks like even though it’s tough to do.  Jesus kicked death in the face (that’s my redneck translation of the last sentence of the passage).  So let’s kick fear in the face and live our lives with no fear, faith, and a servant’s heart.

Bomber 3-13-2020: 50

To celebrate the 50th birthday of YHC tomorrow, 16 PAX welcomed the day and enjoyed a 50 themed party

PAX:  PA, T-cell, Crablegs, Drago, Toothless, Bareback, en fuego, Cub Cadet, Pop-a-Lock, Hambone, Hi-Viz, Pumpkin Spice, Cunning Linguist (“The Colonel”), Porcelain, Dfrost, Vector (QIC)

Conditions:   Balmy, high-50s.

Playlist:  Turning 50 is a big deal that requires a big playlist. Music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and genres ranging from rock, country, folk, disco, new wave, and R&B.

In da Club – 50 Cent
Birthday – The Beatles
It’s My Party -Leslie Gore
Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees
Respect – Aretha Franklin
What’s My Age Again?  Blink -182
1985 – Bowling for Soup
I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair – George Jones
A Little Respect – Erasure
Old Man – Neil Young
When I’m Sixty-Four – The Beatles
50 Ways to Lose Your Lover – Paul Simon
Happy Birthday – Altered Images

Warm-o-rama, Thang, Mary:  

50 reps each of

Seal Claps
Moroccan Night Clubs
Jump squats
Plank Jacks
Lunges x 2
Pull-ups and Box Jumps
Flutter Kicks (with AARP card relay)
J. Los
Freddy Mercurys


  • Prayers of thanks for Michelin Man’s 2.0 (a.k.a Training Wheel)
  • Prayers for those affected by last weeks tornadoes
  • October –> TN Convergence — be there!
  • And sincere thanks for the HIM and F3.  Days like today and times like these vividly illustrate the importance of F3 in our lives. Being an HIM, inspired by all of you, has made me such a better person and leader. This week (and the weeks to come) has benefited from my time with you. 50 is a big line to cross, but one I feel much more prepared to traverse. Keep pushing and inspiring me and each other. #ISI



Honoring the Day We Lost Waylon 2.13.20

Honoring the the day we lost Waylon Jennings in 2003 – 2/13/20
PAX @Covenant Eyes @Crablegs @defrost @Toothless @Bareback @CowBell

Gloom Factor: Misty and 45F

Disclaimer was said – PAX mosied around the side loop of the park reaching the back parking lot destination

Warm up:
SSHs x 20 IC
Baby Arm Circles
Willy Maze Haze(y) x 15 IC
Good Mornings x 10

PAX lunged in a straight fashion while listening to “only daddy that will walk the line”
moving on to a suicide style sprint to the tune of “Ramblin Man”
Mosey to the Pizza Hut:
Commenced “are you sure Hank done it this way” Merkins
an ironical “rainy day woman” ad lib exercise/
Pax became “Highway Men” as the song played cruising along the water highway
Performed OYO reps on the swings for pull-ups for “luchenBACK texas”
continued rambling back up to the pizza hut for “DIPS of Hazard theme song” performed on the benches
PAX took down “MAMAS don’t let you BURPEES grow up to be cowboys” burpee apocalypse with class
some “are you ready for the country” crunches

PAX performed a non Waylon related experimental game of pick an exercise zummie zummie in the circle with a ring of fire suggested by @Covenant Eyes to finish strong

thanks for the patience on the VQ

7 for Fun and Games at Titan 2/12/20

Gloom: Medium (slight rain, cool but no wind)


Ahab (FNG)
Pop a lock
Crawl space

Right Said


Warmup in the parking lot for Johnny-Come-Latelies


Good Mornings

Looong mosey around the perimeter of the park with 10 Merkin “speed bumps” along the way.

Circle up at end of Parthenon. Finish warm up exercises.

Don Quixotes





100 Merkins

200 LBCs

300 Squats

Partner runs starts to Parthenon doors and back.


Fun and Games:

Crawlspace led PAX in game of “hacky sack run and ride.”

2 PAX with hacky sacks. Remaining PAX try to avoid being tagged with hacky sack, but must stay under the roof of the Parthenon. 10 Merkin penalty for being tagged. There was much running and many unsuccessful attempts to hide behind columns. Fun was had by all.

Welcome FNG Ahab (EH of Black Lung). Ahab provided a plethora of nameworthy stories from his past. Notable name candidates were Big Tuna and Junior Asparagus.

Coffeteria afterwards. Good discussion about what the Q-Source is and isn’t.


MAMBA Mentality

9 PAX including 2 Willy Lomans showed up to celebrate the life of Kobe Bean Bryant, employee #8, AKA Black Mamba, and the 9 total passengers aboard this weekend’s helicopter flight

QIC: En Fuego

PAX: Pumpkin Spice, Cowboy (Respect), Rock Drop (WL, Respect), Reveille, Burrito (WL), DFrost, Trapper Keeper, Money Shot

Conditions: Per Pumpkin, a degree outside of IC credit

Following welcomes and introductions to our WLs, a disclaimer, and assurances to Rock Drop that III Pillars was in fact not a running AO, we mosey’d over to the base of Mt. Covenant to set up WOR shop, in preparation for a workout that could be mistaken as a running AO workout.

  • SSH x 20
  • WMH x 15
  • LBAC x 15
  • Scorpion Stretch x 12 (PAX knew it was coming and delighted in it)
  • GMs x 10 OYO

The Thang:

Head over to Mt. Covenant where YHC tees up that we will be honoring the legacy of Kobe by tapping into our Mamba Mentality (per Kobe: “The mindset isn’t about seeking a result – it’s more about the process of getting to that result.  It’s about the journey and the approach.  It’s a way of life…And you have to work hard in the dark to shine in the light.”).  With that, we recognize his 20 seasons, two jersey numbers (8 & 24), 5 rings and commence with the following:

Round 1

  • Perform 8 Merkins; Bernie to first light pole up Mt. Covenant, run back for:
  • 8 Merkins, 8 Air Squats; Bernie to second light pole and run back for:
  • 8 Merkins, 8 Air Squats, 8 Mike Tyson’s; Bernie to third light pole and run back for:
  • 8 Merkins, 8 Air Squats, 8 Mike Tyson’s, 8 Bonnie Blairs; Bernie to fourth light pole and run back for:
  • 8 Merkins, 8 Air Squats, 8 Mike Tyson’s, 8 Bonnie Blairs, and 8 Alternating Leg Raises (aka flutter kicks, 4-count); Bernie to top of Covenant and hold plank / SSH for the six.  All in, Mamba mentality fully engaged, we proceed  to base of southern entrance of Covenant for…

Round 2

  • Perform:
    • 24 Merkins at base;
    • Run to the top of hill for 24 Merkins & 24 Air Squats;
    • Run back to bottom for 24 Merkins, 24 Air Squats and 24 total reps of Mike Tyson’s & Monkey Humpers (12 each);
    • Run back to top and in interest of time straight into 24 Alternating Leg Raises

All in, head back to shovel flag and time called upon arrival.  COT / BOM, with T&Ps for healings amongst the PAX, CCR and his family, TK adoption process this Friday, and Pumpkin and Crablegs for their Ms and upcoming 2.0 arrivals.


Excellent effort by the PAX – Mamba leading to 3.05 miles traversed with 51 stories climbed.   As previously coined by PA, those Driveway to Heaven suicides are brutal, especially when Bernied.   Great having Burrito & Rock Drop join representing Chattanooga and Lexington, SC.

Always appreciative of the opportunity to lead.  YHC will leave you with a quote Louisville basketball coach Chris Mack told his team when breaking the Kobe news:

“I told my team today how lucky we are to breathe, how lucky we are to have problems, how lucky we are to have one another.  Sometimes in the midst of all our problems we need to realize we’re having the time of our lives even if we don’t know it.  Find it in the little things man.  In things like driving your kids to school.  Like telling your son a bedtime story…”

En Fuego



Bears & Burpees


Gloom Factor: Clear skies and cold enough for 2 layers except for Tebow

Pre-Party: Stats.  May have been Han Solo because he didn’t tell me if anyone else joined him or not.

PAX in Attendance: Pocahontas, Humpty, Deliverance, Staples, Best Balls, Professor X (Respect), Barney,  Sex Ed, Tebow, Nimbus 1500, FNG (Weed Whacker), FNG (Land Shark), FNG (Baby Shark), MicDrop, Huggy, Creeper,  Numb Tucks, Typo Positive, Bieber, Numb Tucks, and Stats

Warm Up:  Lap around football field back to parking lot. Disclaimer, 10 “L” Reaches (5 each side), 10 Dwarf Kicks (5 each side), and 10 1 Legged Toe Touches (5 per side)

Thang 1
4 trees as markers and each represent a set + repetitions (4 sets – 10, 20, 30, 40 reps) – “Deconstruction of a Burpee” exercises with Sideway Bear Crawls as MOT in between sets.

10 Burpees
20 Burps
30 Double Knees
40 Merkins

At end of exercises, parking lot “Box Bear Crawls.”  Bear Crawl using parking space as a “square,”  MOT Bear Crawl to next parking space until reach other end of parking lot.  3 total squares on the way up and on the way back – 6 total “Box Bear Crawls.”

Thang 2

Rinse and repeat Thang 1, but in descending order with Sideway Bear Crawls still MOT.

40 Merkins
30 Double Knees
20 Burps
10 Burpees

Thang 4
Parking lot partner work Bear Crawls aka “Awkward Bear Crawls if Partner Stops Suddenly.”  Partner 1 assumes Bear Crawl position while Partner 2 provides resistance while grabbing the shoe heels of Partner 1 while they do Bear Crawls to the 1/2 way point of the parking lot (light pole).  Partner 2 does his best to look straight down and not straight ahead because hard to have that visual so early in the morning.

Thang 5
Parking lot “Stationary Bear Crawls” in parking space (10 total – 3 sets) Bear Crawl to next parking space, repeat until reach other end of parking lot.  Rinse and repeat on way back.

Thang 6

Cool down w quick mosey and “Loaded Beasts” ( 1 minute)

Number Off/Name-a-rama/COT – 3 new FNG’s – Weed Whacker, Land Shark, and Baby Shark
Prayer Requests
Continued prayers for LMP’s wife
Ironclad signups – encourage everyone to step up to the challenge, Yardwork for