21 Oct 21

6 Essential Functional Movements / Cardio EMOM

TEMP : 50ish
GLOOM : High

PAX: Spandex, shocker, Dan & Dave, black widow, Hambone, TOGA, Red Skull, Bagger Vance, whale water, match stick, Barely Legal, juicy juice, glow stick, Einstein, Yogi, September

Disclaimer Claimed 0530

WOR : Mosey to Bus Loop with some Side Shuffle, Bear Crawl and Bernie mixed in.


Reverse Hairburner
Drag (R/L)
Dead Lift
Right shoulder carry
Left Shoulder Carry
Curl/Press Lunge
Bear Hug Carry
Rows (R/L) x 13 Sgl ct

Shuttle Run (5-10)
Skips/Bernie (10)

Reverse Scorps
High plank foot in hand R/L


NMM: First 413 Q in 8 weeks or so. Good crew over there. JJ & WW back in the mix this time; their really leading well over there.
As we age, we need to be sure that functional movements and mobility are a large part of our routine. Hence the days work.
Tunes : Roku Erickson “Halloween 197-1981. Punk Pioneer.


PurpleCow – 2021/10/18 – 40th Birthday Bash

PAX: Toga, Blackwidow, DoubleCheck, Umbrella, Offshore, House on the Praire, Venus, Red Skull, Not a Sport, Wedding Singer

QIC: Boone’s Farm

Conditions: Perfect


Mosey to BHS football field, 1 lap around track

  • SSH x20
  • LBAC x10 F/R
  • Squats x10
  • Air Presses x10
  • Merkins x10
  • Scorpion


Line up on back of end zone:

  • 10 squat jumps,
  • 40 yard sprint
  • 19 merkins
  • 40 yard sprint
  • 19 LBC
  • 40 yard sprint
  • repeat x3 substituting for LBC American Hammers, Flutters IC, APD
  • run 1 lap


Mosey back to parking lot

Great effort by all this morning. Prayers for healing for Wedding Singer’s wife’s cousin in hospice for mercy and peace for him and family.  Praise for Umbrella’s niece health.  Appreciate y’all helping me celebrate my 40th.  Appreciate y’all

Always an honor,


Bomber – 10.08.2 – “5 x 5 x 5”

‘Twas a beautiful Friday morning for YHC’s long-awaited return to Bomber, and, for 12.1 PAX, two miles of shuttle runs seemed the most appropriate way to celebrate.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Bad Boy, Booger, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, Cunning Linguist (*very* LIFO), McAfee, Michelin Man, Puddle, Rico Sauve (Tallahassee), Salpal, Sooner, Vector


Mosey around the upper lot and circle up for COP:

  • SSH x 20
  • SnL Squats x 15
  • LBAC F x 15, Hold for :30
  • LBAC R x 10
  • WMH x 10

Count off in 5s then quick mosey down to playground to explain the 5 x 5 x 5. 5 stations, 5 reps of each exercise followed by suicides escalating shuttle runs with 5 touch points. Rotate stations after 5 minutes. Stations are

  1. Hand Release Merkins
  2. Pull-Ups
  3. Carolina Dry Docks
  4. Irons Mikes (5 ea side)
  5. Ab “Swingouts” (ab rollout using swingset)

Mosey back to flag for Mary:

  • “Liftmasters” x 10 ea side (on six with right leg extended, left foot crossed over knee as if preparing to stretch left glute, raise right leg as high as possible)
  • Partner up for Six Inches and Leg Lift Overs (taking name suggestions). P1 extends legs to hold six inches while P2 extends legs to one side of P1’s feet and lifts over to other side for 10 reps each side. Flapjack. RnR.
  • People’s Chair until time



Good to be back in the saddle after a long layoff due to injury and rehab. Thanks for shuttling your way to fitness.


TAPs for Quinns, the Parents Hartley, Mrs. Saling, and mental health.

Cub Cadet Campfest this Friday, Oct 22. See slack for details.

PA out.




18 October 21
Temp: 46
Gloom: Moderate
PAX: WFAG, CCR, Cinderella, Yard Sale, A/R, Big Perm, Grisham, Movin On Up, Bagger Vance
0530 – Disclaimer Claimed

Bus Loop
SSH x 13 IC
IW, HB, BAC (F/R), Phelps, Scorps X 10 IC

(25) Pull Ups
(50) Deadlifts w Block
(50) Merkins
(50) Box Jumps
(50) Knees to Chest w Block (L/R/C)
(50) Thrusters w Block
(25) Pull Ups

Push, Pull, Carry
Hair burners
Reverse Hair Burners
OH Carry
Chest Carry
Farmer’s Carry (R/L)
(5 Squats between each)



Stonewall – 10.9.21 – “Imprompt-Q”

3 HIM (+ 4 runners) got after it on a Saturday morning and posted for a mildly creative beatdown that was (prior to 0600 hours) completely unplanned.

PAX: Breadsticks, Zalinsky (WL from The Rock aka Rock Hill AO)

Runners: Black Lung, Cowboy, Deep Dish, Michelin Man

QIC: Cunning Linguist

Gloom Factor: Mild. Low dew point and a temp of 65 degrees made for rather exquisite weather conditions.

YHC arrived about 10 minutes early and found traveling salesman Zalinsky from Rock Hill in town for a wedding. Breadsticks and others appeared in time for the 0600 kickoff.

At 0600, YHC gave a condensed version of the Disclaimer and then set off on a Mosey to the Gale Lane Community Park for our Warm-O-Rama.

15 x SSH
10 x LBAC
10 x rLBAC
10 x Imperial Walkers
10 x Hillbillies
10 x Good Mornings OYO
12 x SnL Squats

Given that there was exactly 3 of us, we performed a modified DORA for THANG 1 (and thanks to Zelinksy for the creative input on this one)

DORA 1-2-3
Partnered up as a trio
150 x Merkins
300 x LBCs
450 x Squats
Between each movement, mosey to halfway point around the loop where one person did LBCs (uncounted) and the previous LBC person would then run the reminder of the loop.

Upon completion, countdown from 30-1 was called out, then we moseyed back to STARTEX for THANG 2.

Real American/Merkin Routine
YHC grabbed his phone from his ride and played Rick Derringer’s classic “Real American”
During Verse 1, Overhead Press AMRAP
During Chorus 1, Real Merkins AMRAP
During Verse 2, Windmills AMRAP
During Chorus 2, Real Merkins AMRAP

Another 30 second countdown, then mosey to the corner of the park nearest the intersection of 12th Ave S and Kirkwood for THANG 3.

Simple Sprints
One PAX run from the bridge to end of the path where the walkway does a zig-zag/switchback.
The other 2 perform Lt. Dans while waiting their turn.
End when all 3 have their turn to sprint.

At long last, a sprint to STARTEX where we had approximately 5 minutes to spare and witnessed the runners returning just in time to join us for MARY.

All IC
10 x LBCs
10 x Happy Crunchy Frogs
10 x American Hammers
10 x Freddie Mercury
10 x Alternating Heel Taps
10 x Alabama Prom Dates
10 x Flutter Kicks


Always an honor to lead, and as usual, the Men of Stonewall put in a fantastic effort this AM. Thank you for letting me take point for an hour!

Welcome to F3 Nashville, brother Zalinsky from THE ROCK aka Rock Hill. It was a pleasure meeting you and having you in attendance today!

TAPs for all families (including the Michelin Man family) that are experiencing various health challenges right now.

YHC encouraged everyone to make outreach to those who have gone “radio silent” lately. 

See you all on the flip side.