Dragonslaying and Other Recreational Activities

AO: handsomizer
Q: SalPal
PAX: Black Lung, Freakonomics, Strutter, Cuban Missile, Rocket Mortgage, Frasier, Betty Ford, Patty, Natural Ice, Blueliner
FNGs: None


THE THANG: Tiamat is a legendary five headed dragon goddess with high armor class, limited magical immunity, elemental resistance, the works.

How do you take down this dragon? Sweet sweet sustained damage per second.

Start with 1 Durpee at the bottom of the stairs. Run up to each landing and back, doing a durpee at the bottom. Each landing is 5 Dips, 5 Derkins, 5 Dive Bombers, 5 Diamond Merkins.

Repeato, increase Durpee by 1 and landing reps by 5. Finish doing 5 durpees at the bottom and 25 reps at each landing.

MOLESKINE: Black Lung made a healing joke. I laughed/coughed up blood.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: A lot happening. Bourbon run (see Strutter), Brew Ruck, Hunger Games, Night Moves, Castle Run, Gulliver’s Travels.

Lift up the men who need F3.

SKA is not only a musical genre…. it’s a lifestyle

AO: handsomizer
Q: Natural Ice
PAX: Freakonomics, Salami, Blueliner, Cuban Missile, Strutter, BCG (F3 Harrisburg PA), Detective Pikachu, Red Skull, Spinal Tap, Old Maid, Natural Ice
FNGs: None
The majority of my musical teenage taste was focused on Rock and pretentiously seeking out Indie music. However my punk rock friends and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 added a little SKA flavor to my Youth. After seeing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4nKY1QfWvg about Bart SKA-mpson, I felt inspired to dig into the genre and torture the PAX with my findings.

CONDITIONS: Amazing Sunrise

Mosey to the Stairs. PAX was informed that is the SKA man started yelling “Get it Up Get it Up Get it Up” we would have to stop what we are doing and run up the stairs…… spoiler alert that happened a few times.

SSH, LBAC, Seal Claps, Moroccan Night Clubs, OHP, Merkins
SKANKING – SKA version of an imperial walker – arms are more loose and your kind of hoping. Its a SKA thing…

Stair Run Race in pairs
Crossed soccer field with 2 lunges and a burpee broad jump, returned by SKANKing
Stair Run
Short 1 minute tabata – Reverse Lunges, Merkins
Stair Run
Bear Crawl down the soccer Field
Stair Run
Slow Alabama Prom Dates, Freddy Merks and Supermans
Stair Run, and second stair run to get the speaker 🙂

MOLESKINE: Its ok to like Bad Music, Dont Yuk the Their Yum

www.nashvillesc.com/geodispark/events/5k July 8th at 7pm here at the Handsomizer location

Hunger Games Round 3 – BBQ and Board Games July 12 at 7pm at the Ice Haus

August 2nd Detective Pikachu is moving and needs your help. Beer and Pizza to be provided

COT: Praise for Detective Pikachu M getting a job at higher than asking salary

Cafe Prius


Brought to you by Chat GPT

AO: handsomizer
Q: Chunks
PAX: Grape, Red Skull, Blueliner, Spinal Tap, Natural Ice, Freakonomics, Salami, Old Maid, Cuban Missile, Frasier
FNGs: None

WARMUP: Nah, Lets’ get into it.

Divided PAX into two teams by counting off 1’s and 2’s. Didn’t think this would be that much of a struggle for the PAX, but it is Friday.

Each team grab a coupon and caboose is loose run passing the coupon to the back and sprint to the front.

Stopped at the back parking lot for the thang

I used the prompt “Create an F3 45 min workout where there are two teams and each team has 1 cinder block” to create the workout and I think it delivered

Station 1: Relay Run (5 minutes)
– Teams line up at the starting point.
– One member from each team runs to a designated point (50 yards) carrying the cinder block, drops the block, and runs back to tag the next team member.
– The next member runs to the block, picks it up, and returns to the start line.
Station 2: Block Exercises (10 minutes)
– Each team performs the following exercises with the cinder block. Teams rotate after each member completes their set.
1. Cinder Block Squats (10 reps per member)
2. Cinder Block Overhead Press (10 reps per member)
3. Cinder Block Curls (10 reps per member)
4. Cinder Block Tricep Extensions (10 reps per member)
Station 3: Team Circuit (10 minutes)
– One team member performs the exercise with the cinder block while the rest of the team does a bodyweight exercise. Rotate after each member completes their block exercise.
1. Cinder Block Thrusters (10 reps) – Rest of the team does Plank
2. Cinder Block Lunges (5 reps each leg) – Rest of the team does Mountain Climbers
3. Cinder Block Rows (10 reps each arm) – Rest of the team does Flutter Kicks
4. Cinder Block Russian Twists (20 reps) – Rest of the team does Burpees
Station 4: Block Carry Relay (10 minutes)
– Teams line up and each member takes turns carrying the cinder block around a 100-yard loop.
– While one member is running with the block, the rest of the team is doing continuous exercises:
1. Round 1: Merkins (Push-Ups)
2. Round 2: Squats
3. Round 3: Plank
4. Round 4: LBCs (Little Baby Crunches)

PAX did some laps with sprints between each station.

Made our way back to Startex with the coupons, but set them down and did another sprint to the finish.

Ended with about 3 mins of Mary
Always and honor to lead you men.
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads
Congrats to Frasier for a big week last week
Sign up for the 5k on July 27th at this illustrious AO.

Till next time. Strength and Honor

Not Easy but Not Diabolical

AO: handsomizer
Q: Hair Band
PAX: Blueliner, Roadrunner, Cuban Missile, Black Lung, Lee LaFleur (F3 Tool), Old Maid
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: slightly warm, mostly perfect

Michael phelps
Imperial walkers
Walking lunge
Sprints (50, 75, 90)

At the stairs:
10 burpees
Squat walk up stairs
Hold plank at top until all in
15 4ct mountain climbers
Recover, back to bottom of stairs

15 burpees
Squat walk up stairs
Hold plank at top until all in
Skip 4ct mountain climbers
Recover, back to bottom of stairs

40 dips
Squat walk up stairs
Hold plank at top until all in
15 4ct mountain climbers
Recover, back to bottom of stairs

40 (20e leg) iron mikes or bulgarian split squats
Squat walk up stairs
Hold plank at top until all in
15 4ct mountain climbers
Recover, back to bottom of stairs

Mary at bottom of the stairs
Squat walk up stairs
Mosey back to start

• 2.0 workout at middle-tooth tomorrow

• each man shared a prayer request or praise report: job search, family health, personal health, traveling mercies

Thank y’all for giving me the opportunity to lead. I’m blessed each day to be a part of this group.

Rock on,

Hair Band :the_horns:

In my head take 2

AO: handsomizer
Q: Grape
PAX: Pep, Natural Ice, Spinal Tap, Frasier, caprate, Black Lung, Old Maid
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: very pleasant, unlike the attitude of the lady setting up for Vandy commencement

10 good mornings OYO
Mosey to the bottom of stairs (a couple burpee stops along the way)

THE THANG: Partner up
Run the stairs while other partner does exercises
Change exercise with each new song

Ab thrusters
Monkey humpers
Back to startex with some Mary stops along the way

COT: prayers for Pep in his search for a project and for parents approaching summer


Passing of the Flag

AO: handsomizer
Q: Natural Ice , Freakonomics
PAX: Detective Pikachu, Grayson Adkins, Salami, Black Lung, Down Range from Atlanta – Can anyone share his name to get properly tagged?
FNGs: None



Thing 1 – YHC Natural Ice led the PAX through the rain to the top of the parking garage – instead of the planned burpee-stairway-a-clock-alypse we pivoted to the ramp-running-burpee-apocalypse. Pax performed a burpees apocalypse descending from 10 at each level of the garage. Once we hit the bottom we ran back to the top where the Q was handed off

Thing 2 – Freakonomics took the pack back down the garage, and each each level we performed a variety of exercises including, merkins (decline and incline), squats, lunges, and bear crawls!

Merry – A very long planril low plank, and a dealers choice ended in burpees

ANNOUNCEMENTS: A big warm welcome to Freakonomics stepping up as the new AOQ for Handsomizer! He has always brought a very energetic and positive attitude to the AO and I am excited to watch him continue to grow our handsome location!

COT: Prayers for Black Lung and his 2.0’s safety this weekend during their white water canoe trip. We also as lifted prayer for his family as they navigate a new job for his M and the changes to their schedule.


AO: handsomizer
Q: Chunks
PAX: Spinal Tap, Grape, Right Said, Red Skull
FNGs: None

Mosey to the Parking Garage
Normal warm up of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Little Baby Arm Circles
Exercise at the bottom of the ramp, mode of travel up the ramp to half way do the exercise again, mode of travel to the top of the ramp excercise again
Exercises: Merkins, Hand release merkins, big boy situps, LBCs, Lunges, Jump Squats
Mode of Travel: Bear Crawl, Lunges, Mosey, Bernie

Pass the Speaker Caboose is loose run back to the startex
Reach the top of the parking garage
Paused for a moment to take in the sunrise and think about the meaning of the upcoming Easter Weekend.
Shared a little bit of what I said at my Grandfathers funeral about being present in everything we do

4:13 Class in need of encouragement, so make plans to come and encourage these men as they start a new life.
UFC 300/BBQ on 4/13/124 in Hendersonville. Check out 2ndf for details
Plankpril startes 4/1/24. Check slack for all the details

Closed in prayer for Easter and all of us dads to be present with our kids.

Elevens and Economics

AO: handsomizer
Q: Detective Pikachu
PAX: Freakonomics, Frasier
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Slightly chilly

WARMUP: 1 mile run around The Stadium, followed by stretches

THE THANG: Elevens on the Gated Hill to the southwest of StartEx. Merkins and WW1s. Mosey back to StartEx for Mary. Too many Jane Fondas.

MOLESKIN: good economics education from Freakonomics. You had to be there

ANNOUNCEMENTS: QIC is now under contract on a house. We’ll be leaving Nashville in August for the Upstate of SC.

Relay for Life

AO: handsomizer
Q: Hair Band
PAX: Natural Ice, bluemule, caprate, Chunks, Spinal Tap, Mansport, Plunger
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: perfect English weather

Good mornings
Air press
Michael phelps

Relay Race day! Two teams

15 burpees for lead off runner, rest of team continues to do burpees until runners get back
Runners Run ramp
Once all in winner is declared and winning team gets to choose a different exercise for themselves, that exercise can only be used once though. Winning team also adds 5 reps to their exercise each time they win
Rinse and Repeat

Final scores
Team blue mule, mansport, chunks, and Hair Band 3 wins
Team Spinal Tap, Cap Rate, Plunger, and Natural Ice 1 win

Rugby might be the best sport?
If you are traveling to Scotland, start in Edinburgh or Glasgow and travel around the Highlands

– murder mile at greenmachine, check channel for details
– bluemule hosting a beer tasting for his birthday, likely happening the 22nd
– Plankpril, check 1stf channel for details

– each man shared a prayer request, prayers for health, wellness, deaths of family members and friends, new jobs, job search, traveling mercies

As always, thank you for having me out to lead! It was an honor and a privilege to become more handsome at the Handsomizer.

Rock on,

Hair Band

Find your adventure

AO: handsomizer
Q: G-string (Eli Kresta)
PAX: Natural Ice, Rocket Mortgage, Freakonomics, Red Skull, Spinal Tap, Black Lung
FNGs: None
Rainy and chilly. Perfect for a beatdown… in the parking deck.

– Motivator X6
– Inchworms
– Mosey to the parking deck
– BACs
– Back-BACs
– Overhead Claps
– 20 burpee buy in (hero style)

Split into two teams
Thang 1:
Rotate through the following exercises
– Pullups on the ledge
– endorphins with the sandbag
– Bear-crawl up the incline and back

Thang 2:
Complete the reps as a team
– 150 perfect merkins
– 200 sandbag rows
– 250 air squats

– 25 big-boys
– 25 LBCs
– 25 slow leg raises
– 45 second hollow hold

“The most extraordinary thing in the world is an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children.” -GK Chesterton
Looking back on my life, my twenties were full of adventures (travel, missionary work, moves, etc.), but now that I’m thirty, I am married with a child. There is a lot less obvious adventure in the day-to-day operations now. HOWEVER, it fills my heart just as much as the adventures did in my twenties.

How do we view adventure? How do we see the extraordinary in our daily lives? Do we see our roles as husbands and fathers as truly heroic, and do we treat them as such?

Biscuit run tomorrow

Friend of PAX has lost multiple children in the last 12 months. Prayers for him.