Bagger, Movin On Up, Tiny Dancer, Father Rico, Ocho Cinco, Old Fashioned, Pedialyte, Black Widow, Vegemite, Rambis (FNG), Uncle Jerry, Faulkner, Noodler, Topanga, Bogey, YHC

Bus loop mosey front, side, side, back. Scorpion, WMH, Rice Planters, LBAC Fr/Back, Air Press

100 merkins in sets of 10 with a 10-second low merkin hold in between each set. Accumulate 10 burpees and 10 4-count flutters for every 10-second pause you take. Looks like the average was about 5-6 breaks so that ~50-60 burpees and flutters.

100 jump-squats, thanks to Movin’ on Up for the demo. Sets of 10 with a squat-hold. Accumulate either 5 Lt. Dans or 15 flutters for every 5-second break, dealers choice.

Partner up for 2 rounds of buddy carries and 2 rounds of sprints.

On your 6 for 20 APDs, 10 single-leg APD each side, 40 APDs. Then 20 hand-release merkins, 15 hand-release merkins, and dealers choice of 10 hand-release merkins or 5 8-count body-builders.

4:13 signing day today
Prayers for Sinclairs, Duffeys, Penny Loafers, and Fogartys.

Last Dance 413 Class 001 2020

Temp : 32
Gloom : High

PAX: Red Skull, The Baby, Juicy Juice, GoalDLocks, Baby Joker, Benjamin Button, Dae Dae, Titan Man, Pop A Lock, Reveille, DanOSaur, Hot Route, Brother @Law, Pickachu, Bagger Vance

Pretty somber crowd this am as we embarked upon the last workout for this class. Quick dispensing of the Disclaimer then a down to and through the STEM bus lot.


15 Burpees
20 Squats
20 Merkins
20 Pistol Crunches
20 CDD
Run lap

Lead lap got five rounds in. We Flutter Kicked and waited on the 6.

Mary :
Olá Dolly x 13 IC
5 Merkins
Flutter Kix x 13 IC
5 Merkins
Plank Progression
MC at a fever pitch so we argued into 10 Burpees called out by YHC.
AL Prom date RT leg up, LT leg up
Plank Progression


Hard work today men. Thank y’all for persevering. Proud of this class of 413 and how they have stuck with the program. #BreakTheMold


Robbie Miller MOD

Bagger Vance, Floppy Disk, PSL, The Situation, SoccerTeaze, Ocho Cinco, School Girl, CCR, Movin’ On Up, Grisham, Faulkner, Vegemite, YHC.

Prevac, Dupree, Bueller, Donuts, Too Tall, Dilly, and Razorback

Stolen phrase from Bagger: “MOD”. We did a slightly modified version of the Robbie Miller WOD as follows:

  • (6) block curls each arm (12 each arm for those with the small block)
  • (6) burpee squats
  • (6) 4-count mountain climbers
  • (6) block getups

Traditional RM-WOD replaces the curls with pullups.

Goal: 12 rounds

When Q called time we mosied to the handrails for max inverted rows with partner. Return coupons and mosy to startex, (1) 8-count bodybuilder for every round under 12 completed.

Final week of 4:13 events. Run tomorrow, 4:13 AO Thursday, signing day Friday lunch.

Continued prayers for Charlie and Ludwig’s bride.

Hard Stop

PAX: Umbrella, Boone’s Farm, Ocho Cinco, Soft Serve, Old Fashioned, Back Lash, Pop a Lock, Not A Sport, Faulkner, Bagger, and YHC.

3 PAX for a pre-ruck. Mosey to the garage, ruck up the ramps, down the stairs x2 and back in time for launch.

Mosey to garage where PAX was instructed to perform 10 squats followed by a 10-second hold, on the next landing 10 merkins with a 10-second low merkin hold. R&R adding 10 reps and 10 seconds each time until we got to 40’s. Mode of transportation up the ramps varied from lunges, inchworm, karaoke, walk, Bernie Sanders, and more. Q has dreams of lunge/inchworm each time but A. It sucked and B. It was taking forever.

Part II on the new stairs case heading into the park. 30’s by 5 a la the style of 7’s. So 5 jump squats at top, 25 calf raise at the bottom and so forth.

Finish up with 100 calf raises, 25 irkins, 15 dirkins, and we’re done.

Backlash made a strong case to be renamed ‘Hard Stop’, Ocho has rubber Achilles showing off the deepest calf dips YHC has ever witnessed, Bagger on IR still considered bringing everyone Panera coffee..but didn’t, and bolo on Venus.

Honored to struggle with the HIM.


Stonewall – 2.22.20 – “Rage Against the ‘Wall”

5 HIM got after it in the below-freezing gloom on a Saturday morning to challenge each other and themselves by way of an out-RAGE-ously complex set of workout routines courtesy of YHC.

PAX: Care Bear, Crawlspace, TheJeweler, The Situation

QIC: Cunning Linguist

Gloom Factor: Legit, in a bone-chillingly cold kind of way. You know when you still feel like you’re freezing after 15 solid minutes of working out? Yeah, that’s the one!

INTRO: YHC rolled up at 0529 due to missing his exit on 440 and having to circle back to the entrance to Stonewall (which included getting stuck at a railroad crossing, I kid you not), and thus, the One Minute Warning was called out and YHC gave the F3 Fistbump to all PAX present.

At 0530, YHC gave a moderately verbose version of the Disclaimer and then set off on a Mosey to the Gale Lane Community Park (affectionately known as “The Circle” by some PAX) for our Warm-O-Rama.


12 x SSH
14 x LBAC (oops, YHC was still clearly waking up here)
12 x rLBAC
12 x WMH
12 x SnL Squats

Then, one loop of the track and back to the starting location of WOR for our Theme of the Day: The recently-announced Rage Against the Machine reunion tour being held in various locations across the US in 2020.

Rage (or RATM, for the cool kids) was formed in 1991 — 29 years ago. And thus, we started on a Rage-themed routine for THANG 1

The RAGE Routine
29 x Reverse Lunges
29 x Air Press (overhead)
29 x Gorilla Hummers
29 x E is for Burpees (because words are hard, people)
All OYO, with lap around the track between each letter in the word RAGE.
High plank upon completion

At some point during the aforementioned routine, a car pulled into the small parking area at this park, and it was difficult to discern what was going on inside. Be safe out there, folks (even in the broad daylight of the morning)!

Countdown from 30-1 was called out, then we moseyed back to the gazebo nearest STARTEX for THANG 2.

DIDs (2 rounds)
15 x Dips
10 x Incline Merkins
5 Decline Merkins

Another countdown from 30-1, then Mosey to the main house at the top of the park for THANG 3.

10 (4-count) x Alternating Shoulder Taps
10 x Tempo (Slow and Low) Merkins
10 Fast Merkins

Another countdown from 30 to 1 was needed (desperately, as YHC was perhaps on the verge of Merlot Splashage at this point in the workout), then we got started on THANG 4.

Modified Dora
50 x Merkins
Lap around the large house
100 x LBCs
Lap around the large house
150 x Squats
Lap around the large house
Al Gores upon completion

Mosey to Playground for our final THANG of the day.

6 pull ups
Mosey to fence at house on hill
1 jump squat
Countdown until we had to cut short for time (believe we ended at 3 pull ups and 4 jump squats) and Moseyed to STARTEX for Mary.

All IC
10 x Flutter Kicks
10 x LBCs
10 x Alabama Prom Dates
10 x Freddie Mercury
10 x WWIs

At this point, the clock struck 0700 and we were good to go for countoff, COT, and BOM. Oh, and 2 runners (Black Lung and Right Said) appeared at around this time after putting in another solid 8+ miles this AM. Well done gents!


Always an honor to lead, and the Men of Stonewall put in a fantastic effort this AM. Thank you for letting me take point for an hour!

-TAPs for all families (including the Fogarty family) that are suffering right now.
-TAPs for TheJeweler and his M – ask him directly for more info if you wish to dig deeper into what this means!
-BOLO for Biscuit Run details on Slack – the event is next weekend!
-Same for the En Fuego-led CSAUP – also being held next weekend, BOLO for more deets on Slack!

As stated above, it is always an honor to lead you men! This is your Colonel, signing off!


2.19.20 – “Climb the mountain” @ Titan

Wednesday, February 19th 2020

Gloom: cold and clear 36°

PAX:  Revielle, Defrost, Drago, BlackLung, CowBell, Ahab, TrapHouse(FNG)

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: quick jog to the Parthenon, side straddle hops, Willie Mays Hayes, slownlow squats, slow merkins, lil baby arm circles, reverse lil baby arm circles etc…

Work: B.O.M.B.S. up the mountain

Everyone partnered up so we had 4 teams of 2. Using the four levels of large steps leading up to the Parthenon we did four sets of (25 each level) incrementally less difficult variations of each letter of the acronym BOMBS as you moved up. One teammate worked on climbing the mountain while the other ran to the dragon and back. After each of the 4 levels (4 variations) were completed for each letter we planked and waited to move on to the next letter all together.

B is for Burpee:

1st level: 25 box jump burpee

2nd level: 25 hand release burpee

3rd level: 25 Regular burpee

4th level: 25 no merkin burpee

O is for overhead press:

1st level: 25 upside down overhead press (hand stand push up)

2nd level: 25 overhead press in al gore position

3rd level: 25 regular

4th level: 25 regular

M is for Merkin:

1st level: 25 decline merkin

2nd level: 25 diamond merkin

3rd level: 25 regular merkin

4th level: 25 incline merkins

B is for big boy sittups:

1st level: 25 American Flutters

2nd level: 25 WW1’s

3rd level: 25 Regular

4th level: 25 crunches

S is for Squat:

1st level: 25 box jump squats

2nd level: 25 jump squats

3rd level: 25 regular

4th level: 25 single leg squats (alternating)

After summiting the mountain we lined up for Mary.

MARY: hello dolly, flutter kicks, J-los, in and outs in plank position etc…

COT: We all want to continue lifting up Charlie and his family with prayers, thoughts and support, as well as loved ones travelling and recovering from injuries.

We welcomed one of my Volleyball buddies, Moe now “Traphouse” due to his research work at Vanderbilt which involves killing mice.

We closed out the workout with a brief prayer and continue to sharpen each other’s iron and move up the mountain together. Good work everyone!

Pop-a-Lock joined in for 6 at a Rev led Q source at Three brothers as well – good work, men!


YHC Crawlspace


1600 Pennsylvania Ave. – 17 Feb 2020 @ Westeros

Westeros – 17 Feb 2020. Presidential.

13 PAX took on the beautiful holiday  morning with vigor and without the ability to count or follow directions.

QIC: Crablegs

PAX: Black Lung, Vector, Bicentennial Man, Cowbell (wearing sneakers!), Drago, Michelin Man, Defrost, Blue Mule, Pumpkin Spice, T Cell, Crawlspace, Ahab


  • Mosey on over to the Crab trap for some SSH, WMH, Squats, & walkers


PAX approached the oval office – aka Circular hill by the gym that we frequent and prepared for 45 reps of the following with a trip around the hill (clockwise) after each:

Windshield Wipers

High Knees (4ct?)

Impeccable (Impeachable?) Merkins

Teddy Roosevelt Twists, aka American Hammers – 2-4ct

Extenders -some count.

Speedy PAX waited with Capitol Hillbillies for the 6 then round 2.

House-y Crunch Frogs

Obama (Bear crawl up the hill with 4 merkins every 4 hand moves – west side delight)

Urkell (Czech for Original) – Washington Walkers (imperial)


Extra Squats (recount!)

Fun was had by all and we finished right on the number.


Beautiful morning – always a pleasure to lead


T&P for the Fogartys, Bad Boy, Hipster, Siri, and all of our other walking wounded.


Honoring the Day We Lost Waylon 2.13.20

Honoring the the day we lost Waylon Jennings in 2003 – 2/13/20
PAX @Covenant Eyes @Crablegs @defrost @Toothless @Bareback @CowBell

Gloom Factor: Misty and 45F

Disclaimer was said – PAX mosied around the side loop of the park reaching the back parking lot destination

Warm up:
SSHs x 20 IC
Baby Arm Circles
Willy Maze Haze(y) x 15 IC
Good Mornings x 10

PAX lunged in a straight fashion while listening to “only daddy that will walk the line”
moving on to a suicide style sprint to the tune of “Ramblin Man”
Mosey to the Pizza Hut:
Commenced “are you sure Hank done it this way” Merkins
an ironical “rainy day woman” ad lib exercise/
Pax became “Highway Men” as the song played cruising along the water highway
Performed OYO reps on the swings for pull-ups for “luchenBACK texas”
continued rambling back up to the pizza hut for “DIPS of Hazard theme song” performed on the benches
PAX took down “MAMAS don’t let you BURPEES grow up to be cowboys” burpee apocalypse with class
some “are you ready for the country” crunches

PAX performed a non Waylon related experimental game of pick an exercise zummie zummie in the circle with a ring of fire suggested by @Covenant Eyes to finish strong

thanks for the patience on the VQ

2.13.20 – BOMBSandwich! @The Stronghold

Thursday February 13th 2020

Image result for shit sandwich meme

Gloom: not raining and 42°

PAX:  BrotherAtLaw, RedSkull, MichelanMan, BabyJoker, TitanMan, PawPatrol, DaBaby, Juice, Revielle, PopaLock, Danasaur, Dada, BenjaminButton, Goldilocks, TinCan, BaggerVance

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: (Bread) quick jog to the parking lot, set of 20 side straddle hops, Willie Mays Hayes, slownlow squats, slow merkins, lil baby arm circles, air presses, reverse lil baby arm circles etc…

Work: (The meat) B.O.M.B.S. with cinder blocks
Each PAX grabbed a partner and a cinder block then headed to the basketball court. Each individual does 60 of each letter of the acronym while trading jogs to the other end of the court with their partner. Cinder blocks were incorporated where possible (Overhead presses with cinder blocks, squats with cinder block etc.)

Bread: we wrapped up with a game of bean bag tag with a 10 merkin penalty if tagged or pelted. After 3 victims the bean bag is passed on. Just about everyone got some extra sprints and merkins in.

COT: We all want to continue lifting up Charlie and his family with prayers, thoughts and support, as well as TinCan’s mother. We closed out the workout with a brief prayer and continue to sharpen each other’s iron and move up the mountain together. Good work everyone!


YHC Crawlspace

Racetrack 2/12/20 – Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre

PAX: Ochocinco, Tampa Libra, Blackwidow, Toga

QIC: Boone’s Farm


  • SSH x20
  • WMH x10
  • LBAC x10 F/R


Run up stairs, across 5th level, down other stairs, back across bottom of deck

Mosey to bottom of 1st level ramp.  After every 2 exercises backpedal up ramp, run straight away to next level.  RnR to level 5, run down stairs, RnR thru exercises, each exercise x14

  • S – Storm Squats
  • A – AL Prom Dates
  • I – Iron Mikes
  • N – Never Cross Dolly (Hello Dolly’s with Iron Cross)
  • T – Tempo Merkins IC
  • V – V-Ups
  • A – Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • L – LBCs
  • E – Elevated Leg Kicks (Flutters) IC
  • N – Nolan Ryan’s
  • T – Tempo Merkins IC
  • I – Iron Mikes
  • N – Never Cross Dolly
  • E – Elevated Leg Kicks IC
  • S – Spiderman Merkins (Peter Parkers)
  • D – Diamond Merkins
  • A – AL Prom Dates
  • Y – Yurpee (Clerkin with 2 jump tucks)
  • M – Mountain Climbers
  • A – Apolo Ohno
  • S – Squats
  • S – SSH
  • A – American Hammers
  • C – Carolina DD
  • R – Reverse Crunch
  • E – Elevated Leg Kicks IC

Completed last round up ramps with each of the 4 Pax choosing exercise and heading back to bottom of deck to finish.

Great work by all. Remember those who are sick and need of healing, continue to lift one another up to be more engaged and impactful in relationships with wives, kids, co-workers, employees, churches

Always an honor,