Bomber – 11.26.21 – “45 Minutes of Warmth”

7 HIM evaded the post-Thanksgiving fartsack and took the DRP amidst an almost unbearably chilly backdrop at Bomber.

PAX: Crablegs, Michelin Man, Porcelain, Right Said, Salpal, Tim The Toolman

QIC: Cunning Linguist

Gloom Factor:
High. Temp at kickoff was 25, and there was a slight breeze. We remain unafraid to step into the discomfort here in F3.

Frigid temps awaited the men of Bomber this AM. At 0529, the 1MW was delivered, and at 0530, a moderately repetitive Disclaimer was disclaimed.

YHC led us outside the main entrance of Bomber and up Sloan Ave to the upper parking area for McCabe and we began the WOR at “The Bump.” IYKYK

15 x SSH
10 x LBAC
10 x rLBAC
12 x WMH
15 x SnL Squats

We then moseyed to side of Community Center for THANG 1.

Each set totals 40 reps, with two moves per set, and a lap around the Community Center between each set.
The moves today were Merkins and Squats
20/20 (the Barbara Walters set, per Crablegs)
Plank upon completion

Countdown from 20 to 1, then a mosey to the main baseball diamond for THANG 2.

“The Starting Rotation”
Counted off 1 to 4, with 4 standing at home plate, 1 at first, 2 at second, 3 at third.
4 did 10 Burpees
1 did Squats
2 did Carolina Dry Docks
3 did LBCs
Upon completion, home plate calls out “Rotate”
Each base advanced 90 degrees, with movement between bases being Bear Crawls
Continue until all end up where they started.

Brief mosey to STARTEX for Mary.

15 x Freddie Mercury
20 x Alabama Prom Dates
15 x Flutter Kicks
20 x American Hammers
15 x Alternating Heel Taps
12 x Box Cutters
10 OYO LBCs to finish

COT/ Kneeling BOM

Always an honor to lead the Men of Bomber, all of whom put in a fantastic effort this Black Friday. Thank you for letting me take point this morning.

Rumors of a potential F3 Nashville Chess Night are brewing. Check around on Slack for the deets.

See you all on the flip side.


Hobbling Gobbler

Hobbling Gobbler
Temp: 50
Gloom Factor: Nil

PAX: Floppy Disk, PSL, Yard Sale, Rug Doctor, Breadsticks, Crab Legs, Siri, Michelin Man, Cowboy, Old Hickory, D’Frost, BnB, Bagger Vance


Disclaimer : less of a disclaimer and more of a route review which some paid more attention to than others.

THANG : 5 Mile loop around Lipscomb towards Hillsboro HS back up Belmont down Paris and down Lealand to StartEx.

NMM : Some ran faster than others, some ran farther than others and some just ran. Hope this will continue on for years to come. Next year, YHC will post some flags at the turns and possibly print some cheap, heavy cotton Gildan tees.

III Pillars – 11.23.21 – Thanksgiving History

Conditions: A crisp 25º, extremely clear, stars shining brightly

QIC: Toothless

PAX: Cowboy, Moneyshot, Rocket Mortgage

A stalwart 4 PAX gathered this morning in the cold dark gloom to get better together and learn a bit more about the upcoming holiday.


  • 21 x Side Straddle Hops (first Thanksgiving was in 1621)
  • 10 x Quad stretches OYO
  • 15 x High Knees
  • 10 x Willy Mays Hays OYO
  • 15 x Butt Kickers

The Thang


Run to the Lipscomb parking garage, a little over 1/2 a mile


It was in 1863 President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a holiday (although federal holidays as we think of them with time off and bank closures had yet to be established)

  • 1 x Run out, start the next exercises heading back
  • 8 x Lt. Dans
  • 6 x Standing broad jumps
  • 3 x Burpees

50 LBC’s at the halfway point for heart rate recovery

Rinse and repeat x 8 until 0555

Run back towards post, stop at swing set at school roundabout


Give thanks for the harvest our bodies have reaped at GHP, also pay homage to the 50 settlers out of the original 100 aboard the Plymouth bound ships who survived to the first harvest festival we now recognize as Thanksgiving.

  • 15 x Decline merkins at long swing sets
  • 20 x J-Los on tennis courts
  • 25 x Incline merkins on picnic tables
  • 30 x LBCs at far playground
  • 35 x Dips at corner bleachers
  • 40 x Two count flutter kicks at entrance corner
  • 45 x Single count euro steps at gate
  • 50 x Carolina dry docks at post

A quick coffeeteria was shared before PAX loaded up togo containers for the day ahead.

Prayers for safe travel for all and for good health as we visit loved ones. I’m so grateful to have the chance to workout and be in community with you men week in and week out, and as always it was an honor to lead!

III Pillars – 11.09.21 – “School Ties”

23 PAX participated in a field trip to the birthplace of III Pillars, St. Paul Christian Academy. Q instruction was cloudy at times, but the skies were clear and the coffee was hot!

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Bicentennial Man, Cowboy, Cunning Linguist, Detox (FNG), Dr. Rupp, En Fuego, Gables, Grisham, Harbaugh, High Flyer, Howitzer, It’s Just Lunch, Moneyshot, Oatmeal, Pumpkin Spice, r/Eddit, Red Tees, Silver Medal, Sooner, T-Cell, Tater Hole (WL – Hickory, NC), Toothless


Moderately brief welcome and mosey around parking lot with moving disclaimer on the way over to the field for COP:

  • SSH x 14
  • LBAC x 12 F/R
  • SnL Squats x 10
  • WMH x 10

Just like St. Paul, today’s workout was built on three pillars:

Academic Excellence

How do we measure our knowledge attainment in school?  With tests, of course! So YHC gave the PAX a test of their own. In this case, a modified version of the Army PFT. PAX partnered up for administration of the following:

  • 2:00 Max Push-Ups
  • 2:00 Max Sit-Ups
  • ~300 yard shuttle (10 x 30 yd shuttle run for time)

Test complete. Everybody passed. Barely.

Passion for Christ

Galatians 6:2 ESV: Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

Our next segment was inspired by the above verse, and PAX divided into groups of four to complete 200 Burpees as a group. Plenty of huffing and puffing, but lots of teamwork to pick up the six and see that all reps were completed.

Leadership Development

Our final segment took us to the bottom of Bernie Hill off the side of the track. While one PAX performs Crawl Bear/Bernie up to the gate, another leads the PAX in Mary exercise of choice. Next man up picks his replacement leader and so on until time.

Mosey back to flag for one burpee and COT.


Welcome to FNG Chad Elkin aka Detox and Tater Hole visiting from Hickory, NC. It was an absolute pleasure to lead the crew at this AO. With some who had not yet experienced III Pillars at SPCA and several Kotters on hand for the workout, the energy was high and the reunion was sweet. Looking forward to more workouts with these guys and involving even more SPCA dads.


Michelin Man on Q next week!

PA out.


Bomber 11-5-2021: Reviewing 5 Core Principles on the Q’s 4th

A chilly morning with the season’s first signs of frost greeted 21 HIM on the 4th anniversary of YHC showing up in the gloom, nearly falling out by the time Hambone finished his Warm-o-Rama, and deciding to keep coming out to this rag tag bunch of dudes for the next 4 years.  With many new HIM from the past few years around, I realized we hadn’t had much talk of some of the F3 basics.  So today, YHC (using a highly coordinated playlist) reviewed the 5 F3 Core Principles.  Giddy-up!

PAX:  Bad Boy, Black Lung, Blue Mule, Crablegs, Crawlspace, Cub Cadet, Firefox, Hambone, Hi-Viz, McAfee, Michelin Man, Natural Ice, Porcelain, Pumpkin Spice, Princess Aurora, Right Said, Siri, Spinal Tap, Supernova, Tool Man, Vector (QIC),

Conditions:   Frosty, 32 degrees.

Disclaimer given and then mosey up hill and down to the McCabe Rec Center for the Warm-o-rama:  
LBAC x 10, RLBAC x 10, WMH x 10 OYO, Good Mornin’s x 10 OYO

F3 Core Principles:

#1:  Workouts are free of charge.
Song: “I’m Free” – Soupdragons
Hold Air Chair until the word “free” noted in the song –> then do 1 burpee

#2:  Workouts are open to all men.
Song: “The Man” – The Killers
Stationary lunges until the word “man” noted in the song –> then do 1 jump squat

#3:  Workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold.
Songs: “Blame It on the Rain” – Milli Vanilli (or at least lip synched by them)
“Walking on Sunshine” – Katrina and the Waves
“Heat of the Moment” – Asia
“Cold as Ice” – Foreigner
DORA with partner:  100 Pull-ups, 200 WWIs, 300 Squats

#4:  Workouts are peer led with rotating leaders.
Song: “One Thing Leads to Another” – The Fixx
DIDs on the wall for duration of the song – 20 Dips, 20 irkins, 20 dirkins (repeat)

#5:  Workouts end with a Circle of Trust.
Songs: “Circles” – Post Malone & “A Question of Trust” – Billy Joel
Mary PAX Choice — a lot of goodies including Crunchy Happy Frogs to honor T-cell in his absence


  • Praises for Bad Boy and M 10th anniversary!
  • Sincere thanks to the HIM and F3.  F3 has been far more formative for me than I could ever imagine 4 years ago. Being an HIM, inspired by all of you, has made me such a better person and leader. Keep pushing and inspiring me and each other. #ISI



Titan – 11.3.21 – “The World Is A Vampire”

14 PAX (plus 1 runner) took the DRP and posted at Titan for a Smashing Pumpkins-inspired beatdown delivered by YHC.

PAX: Black Lung, Blue Mule, Crablegs, Crawlspace, DFrost, Dry Rub, Hambone, Michelin Man (runner), Porcelain, Right Said, Salpal, Siri, Tim The Toolman, Wood Rider

QIC: Cunning Linguist

Gloom Factor: Low to medium, depending on how you feel about the cold.

YHC arrived to Titan just in time to deliver the 1MW. At 0530, YHC gave a slightly verbose Disclaimer, and then we did a Mosey around the loop in front of the Parthenon for WOR.

15 x SSH
10 x LBAC
10 x rLBAC
12 x WMH
15 x SnL Squats

YHC then led the PAX to the halfway point of the loop and provided details about THANG 1 — a Smashing Pumpkins-themed workout, given that we are past Halloween, and it is fair game to smash all of the remaining pumpkins that we see in our neighborhoods, right?!


According to Porcelain, it’s against the law to smash pumpkins, so please DO NOT DO THAT.


We performed the following in letter pairs (first two were the SM, then the AS, then the HI, then the NG — same process for the word ‘Pumpkins’), running half a lap in between each pair of letters.

20 x Squats
20 x Merkins
20 x Air Press
20 x Squat Jumps
20 x Hillbillies
20 x Imperial Walkers
20 x Nerkins (Knuckle Merkins)
20 x Gorilla Hummers

20 x Pickle Pounders
20 x Ups (V-Ups)
20 x Merkins
20 x Press (Air Press)
20 x Kicks (Flutter Kicks)
20 x Iron Mike
20 x Nerkins
20 x Squats

Next, YHC led the PAX to the other side of the Parthenon for THANG 2

DIDs and Step-Ups
15 x Dips
10 x Incline Merkins
5 x Decline Merkins
50 Step-Ups (25 per leg)

The PAX appeared to be getting stronger here. It’s bizarre. It must have something to do with the power that is deep within the Parthenon. Noticing this, YHC felt obliged to deliver a 3rd THANG.

Bear Crawls/SSH/Lunges/SSH
PAX partner up and Partner 1 performs Bear Crawls along pathway to street while Partner 2 does SSH, then upon Partner 1 completion, they perform SSH while Partner 2 Bear Crawls to the street.
Reverse was Lunges and SSH.

With approx. 7 minutes left, we ran through the Parthenon to the other side for MARY.

Dealers Choice, Clockwise.
15 x Happy Crunchy Frogs
50 x Flutter Kicks (Black Lung FOR THE WIN!)
25 x WWIIs
20 x Alabama Prom Dates
25 x Freddie Mercury
20 x J-Lo
20 x Alternating Heel Taps (shoulders up for this)

End of Workout at 0615



Always an honor to lead, and as usual, the Men of Titan put in a fantastic effort this AM. Thank you for letting me take point this morning.

Prayers of congratulations for Salpal and the M for a successful 1st trimester — prayers of blessings for the future!
Prayers of congratulations for DFrost completing his PMP Certification — you’re a BFD now!
Welcome back, Minus3 — we always encourage those who are injured to show up for the workout and/or coffeeteria! 
Keep showing up!

See you all on the flip side.