Duck Hunt

16 Sportsman came out for a guided tour of the marshes of Nolensville this morning guided by yours truly….

Conditions: It ain’t Teal season boys….. So forget the September temps. The mallards are flying for this late season hunt! 30 degrees with about 1-2 mph NW wind

Pax: 3rd Degree, Sterno, Barney Fievel, FNG – Snow Ball, Kermit, Inspector Gadget, Stats, Creeper, TV Guide, Ragdoll, Tebow, Netflix, Altidore, Micdrop, Nimbus, Show Me (Q) aka lead guide.

Pre-Party : Something ridiculous, hard, and grueling…(Which is why Q skipped so he could get his shotgun ready)

Warm Up:

18 was a special number today

18 – Side Straddle Hops

18 – Squats

18 – Merkins

18 – Forward Arm Circles (Q’s cadence struggled but it was because he wanted his Quack cadence to be stellar for the rest of the hunt)

18 – Backward Arm Circles

Mosey to the Blind where we will put in!

Thing 1 – The DUCK Blind Mill Creek (River) Bridge

#1 – Decoy Set up

Mill Creek Bridge was our hunting blind this morning. The mallards love the river bottoms and we were there to make sure we smoked em when they committed to our blind. But first we had to get our decoys across the river…. You can’t expect to get on em if your mojo ain’t in proper flying position… Q made the sportsman duck walk the bridge to get their decoys out. But since sun was coming up and we needed to be timely about a 5 burpee penalty/reward was issued for any hunter who gave in early.

#2 – Harvest Retrieval (don’t tell the Mrs.’s)

Any duck hunter worth his salt doesn’t leave his kill in the river and since we didn’t have a dog with us we were our own dogs. Pax were issued partners and partnered bear crawl back across the bridge as far as they could make it with their partner pax strapped to their waist. Once pax were exhausted and ducks started to sink pax’s switched up and completed the bear crawl back to the boating ramp.

Mosey  to Mill Creek Brewery Parking lot

Thing 2: The Clean Up

Time to clean our kill…

18 – Calf Rises

Duck walk the parking lot to the other side

6 – Iron Mikes in honor of Michael Waddell the great Realtree host

Rinse and repeat 2 additional times…. Why you wonder? The daily bag limit is 6 but the possession limit is 3 times the bag limit BABY so lets go!

Mosey to the pain ground

Thing 3: 6 pack

We ate a lot of Duck so we want to work off the flab even though this routine has nothing to do with our core.

1 Pull up and 5 Merkins repeat with 2 pull ups and 4 merkins and so on each time to equal 6. Once the sportsman hit 5 pull ups and 1 merkin the lead guide ShowMe showed no mercy and told them to rinse and repeat to wash off all that filthy duck meat from their teeth…..


18 – Freddy Mercury

18 – WWI

Q had struggled on his calling cadence giving too many quacks in the blind so graciously 3rd degree and Tebow stepped up to the shooting platform and unloaded one final good load of steel shot on em…

18 – American Hammers (courtesy of 3rd degree)

18 – Crunchy Frogs (Thanks to Tebow because he knew we needed sushi after all that wild game)

Circle of Trust

Q encouraged the sportsman with the importance of spending quality time with their 2.0;s and how this is so vital. Outdoors is simply one way to do that. Be intentional with our time, put the phone away and invest in those who need us the most.

9th Man – Stats allowed us to peak in a little bit more to his world and shared about hometown, love for running, F3, and his bride.



The guillotine I mean gauntlet (sorry Sterno) is coming soon….

Welcome Dave Ramsey’s Snowball to the group.

2nd F this Thursday lunch meet up not sure where yet?? Tebow has mentioned potentially Brothers  Burgers on Slack…


That’s all for now men. Thanks for getting on the waders and diving in the water with me this morning and making some memories. Keep your guns loaded and your calling reeds cleaned out for our next hunt…. Sometimes them coots come in hot!

Shoot your 3pt Shot

PAX:  Vector, Pumpkin Spice, Bad Boy, HiViz, Porcelain, Cunning Linguist, Harvey Updike, Autotune (FNG), Right Said, Crawlspace, Crablegs, T-Cell

Temp: low 40s, damp and gloomy

12 PAX got the week started off right with a trip to Westeros. The original plan was scrapped when Vector’s Blue Devils schemed themselves open to break the hearts of Nole nation everywhere.  Thanks to this, we worked until Reddish in the face today.

Mosey to the back parking lot for WAR:

SSHx15, WMH x 12, Cherry Pickers x 12, LBAC x 15, Air Presses (air ball for Vector, but really for me) x 15, rLBAC x 15. We picked partners and were thankful for an even 12 PAX prior to mosey to the playground for some modified DORA.

DORA: 100 pullups, 150 merkins, 200 squats. The traveling partner would run to the steps of West End Middle School, bear crawl up the steps, 3 burpees at the top (3 at the top of the key, so to speak), and crawl bear down prior to returning to their partner. This was tough and many thanks to Bad Boy and others who helped ease the squat burden for struggling PAX (YHC included).

This was followed by a quick mosey back to those same steps for 7s: Jump squats at the bottom, burpees up top. PAX were given the opportunity to choose their means of traveling up the stairs. Most ran while Pumpkin Spice went with the crawl bear.

Next up was a mosey to the west edge of the park for an AYG hill spring to the shovel flag and a bit of Mary go round.

We wrapped up with the COT and the welcoming of FNG Autotune who was brought by Pumpkin Spice. He will now claim his ironclad credit and we will hope that Autotune returns.


-RSVP for Leadership luncheon

-4:13 strong starting back up. Incredible opportunity here.

-Be on the lookout for a more consistent F3 Presence at West Park on Thursday mornings, with a new AO coming quite soon. You could even HC for a workout this Thursday if you want. An official name will be chosen on this day.

How many loafers do you really have?

PAX:  Black Widow, En Fuego, Offshore, Toga (QIC), Penny Loafers (FNG), Leatherneck, Boone’s Farm

Temp:  70 and sunny

Lucky seven posted for another day on the range at the Purple Cow.  Spirits were high and clothing was aplenty as we got after it like this:

Quick disclaimer then mosey to Granny White Park.  Perform tracers (forward, side shuffle, backwards, side shuffle) through each parking space across the main lot.  Perform standard issue warmup COP then repeat tracers in alternate  direction.

Mosey to playground for 8 pull-ups, 16 swerkins, 24 dips, 8 setups ea. leg, 16 squats and 24 calf raises.  Repeato x3

Mosey to basketball court for “death by shuttle run” = 10 yr shuttle run EMOM adding one rep each minute.  Most of the PAX was done at 12, but BF, LN and OS made it through 13.  Blue Mule’s record is very much intact.

Mosey back to BMS parking lot for Mary,

COT with Offshore taking us out.

NMM:  Funyuns, Black Widow, Boone’s and YHC have been working on getting Penny Loafers (FNG- Monty) off the less than free workout train and onto the F3 express.  Today was his inaugural post, and he got after it with the rest of the PAX.  Thanks to Black Widow for talking him out of a couple of layers before we left the parking lot.

Stay Classy,


“Friendly Friday”

PAX: PA, Crablegs, Hot route, Porcelain, hambone, Tiny dancer, brother-in-law, T-Cell, Vector, Cunning Linguist, Hi-viz, Right said, Ride-along, Silver medal, Bicentennial Man, Studio 42, Trapper keeper, Firefox, Lunch lady, Bad Boy.

Temp: 22 Degrees.

Chilly 22 degree morning didn’t stop 20 PAX to come out to get better. YHC posted on slack if any PAX could bring an FNG to a Friendly Friday workout sub 25 degrees, they would officially get 5 reps off of every exercise. How many did we have? Zero. So I changed up the workout a little.

Quick Mosey around the back of the golf course. On the way picked up the pre-hustle crew, which including one nifty head-lamp from PA. Was a lot darker behind the course than I thought it would be. YHC had head-lamp envy.


SSH X 30

Cherry Pickers x 15

Willy Mays Hayes x 20

High Knees x 25

Air Press x 25

The Thang:

Mosey back down to the parking lot to the hill, for a good round of 11’s.

Simple: Burpees & Squats.

I will say, there wasn’t a lot of Mumble Chatter, but a lot of heavy breathing. The combination of the 11’s + Hill + temp = heavy breathing.

Completed 11’s, PAX went over to the wall. Line up, Plank position parallel to each other. One by one, each PAX would step behind the Plank and lift legs for a little bicep action. This was both tough for the PAX curling legs, and the 20 PAX holding plank.


Flutter kicks x 30

Crunchy Frogs x 15

Hello Dolly x 30


Prayers to Ride-along’s family for the passing of his Grandfather.

Congratulations to PA and his new job! Will be on the road to the West Coast more, but still commits to posting on Friday’s.

Leadership Luncheon: January 18th. Dr. Clay Stauffer. Richland Country club. 11:30. Please HC to Bad Boy to get a count for the food order.

Coffeeteria: PC, Tiny Dancer, Studio 42, Ride-along, Hambone, Bi-centennial Man, T-Cell, Vector, Hi-Viz, Crablegs, Right said, Cunning Linguist, Bad Boy.

Tom Petty’s Stonewall Odyssey

A balmy 45 degrees with some light rain greeted the PAX as they arrived this morning.  In a true first, Black Lung arrived early and had already run a few miles before the workout began (good luck with the marathon). Hambone had just finished a pre-ruck.

QIC: Boy Band

PAX: Black Lung, Hambone, Harvey Updike, Care Bear, Brother-at-Law

Disclosure was given and we started with a short mosey lap around the inner park loop and a quick WOR.

WOR: SSH, Baby Arm Circles, Squats, Willie Mays, Hill Billies


A few of us are getting started with marathon/half-marathon training, and previous discussions with the Jeweler after the New Years convergence left me wondering how many miles we could put in for a single workout.  So YHC planned a workout in which we would try to optimize mileage while still maintaining a good whole body workout. Goal >4mi in 1 hr workout.

Tunes: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Greatest Hits

Instructions: We will be running through the 12 South area. At random, we will stop and a single PAX will be chosen to lead the group in 10 reps of an exercise of their choice.  Additionally, the pace was altered intermittently to increase the difficulty.

The Route: We ran up 12 South towards Portland Brew. As we headed north on 12 South, an odor of vomit and manure greeted us at the edge of the park and lingered until we reached Hambone Hill.  At Hambone hill, we headed upwards, then hung a right and headed to Belmont. From Belmont we mosey’d back to 12 South and again to Hambone Hill. A second trip up Hambone hill and we worked our way to Blemont Blvd to avoid the smell of 12S hippies, or whatever it was.  Around this time, a very refreshing light rain moistened the remainder of the run. We passed Martin’s barbecue and made a turn back towards Sevier park at Gale Ln. We passed the running circle and turned back towards the park at Leland.  As we reached the park, we started a backwards mosey to parking lot.  Total Distance 4.1 miles.

The Exercises:  6 PAX x 4 rounds/PAX x 10 Exercises/Round  = 240 exercises (+/- as some were not countable, i.e. bear crawls)

My Imperfect Recollection is as follows: Squats, Merkins, LBCs, Mt. Climber Merkins, WWIs, Burpees, Lt. Dans, Bear crawl up and down a staircase, J-Los, Ranger Merkins, Freddy Mercuries,  Jump Tucks, Lunges, Merkins, Squats, WWIs, Imperial Walkers, Carolina Dry Docks, ~50yrds Bear Crawl.

Mary Mode: Burpees, LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Hello-Dolly, Plank/Nolan Ryans.

We finished with 10 Burpees OYO.


Thanks to everyone for allowing me to lead. I enjoyed the miles with you men.  Major kudos to Hambone who dug deep and finished the running despite his pre-ruck, as always with a smile on his face.  Unfortunately, Brother-at-law didn’t get to tell his story about the “Outdoor Voices” store as we passed it due to our brisk pace. Ask him about it.

My calorie count for the workout was 973 which also helped with my other goal of cutting weight.  Next time we’ll try for the even 1000.

Coffeeteria was well attended by all but B-a-L.


A Burptacular Time at The Forge

11 Strong for a Burptacular Beatdown at The Forge this morning.

PAX: Numbtucks, MicDrop, Ragdoll, Altidore, Stats, Show Me, Mr Opus, Kermit, Little Miss Piggy, Tebow, Typo+ (QIC).


Pre-Party: 2 songs of Tabata Burpees.  Altidore, Stats, Little Miss Piggy, Kermit.



Mosy for a few.  Circle Up.  Intro’s, Disclaimers, etc.

Side Straddle Hop (10 IC)

Baby Arm Circle (10 IC, Reverse)

Low-N-Slow Squats (10 IC)

Stretches OYO (Good Mornings, Willie Mays Hays, etc)




10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Reps of…

Burpees, Squats, Burpees, Lunges, Burpees, WWI

Bearcrawl Down and Politician back.

Audible: called it early to make sure we had time to get everything in.  Finished at around the “4 rep”.

Red Barchetta

Designed to get the heart rate up, much like the song by Rush of the same name.  Q set up cones at approximate yardage.

100 Yard Dash then 100 SSHs, run back to start point to do one 4×4, then plank/wait for six;

75 yard dash then 75 mountain climbers, run back to start point to do one 4×4, then plank/wait for six;

50 yard dash then 50 LBCs, run back to start point to do one 4×4, then plank/wait for six;

25 yard dash then 25 Merkins, run back to start point to do one 4×4, then plank/wait for six.


*Moseyed to LMP’s truck to pick up Coupons.   Circles up for the next round of fun.


PAX, in a circle, hold small yard blocks straight out in front of them while one PAX sets down his block to run inside the circle pressing down on the others blocks. The next PAX sets his block down as soon as the guy next to him is on the move. Ends when the final PAX completes his lap. Did two clockwise and two counterclockwise.  Numbtucks thought he’d be funny and not start when we was supposed to.  On our last one, Stats stood in front him smiling…that’s what you get!






Q finished by reading Romans 5:3-4:

We rejoice in our sufferings knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.


Post-Party: Dips, Dirkins, Irkins, Box Jumps – 15 of each.  Stats, Altidore, NumbTucks, Little Miss Piggy, and Ragdoll.


Our suffering in a F3 beatdown in the gloom helps build our endurance, that endurance produces more character in us, and our improved character produces hope in our lives.  Q is very encouraged in his life (esp during the winter) by the amazing group of guys.


*Pray for Soccer Mom and his family while they adjust in Uganda.

*Third Thursday Lunch #2ndF event is this week.  Typo+ will send out location on Wednesday.


Thank you for letting me lead this morning and grow better with each passing burpee!



Hillympics final group challenge

A chilly 24 degrees this morning – feels at least 5 degrees lower when at The Hill though, amirite.

PAX: Boy Band, Too Tall, Big Stick, Hot N Ready, Yard Sale, Money Shot, Frugal, Pop-A-Lock, Red Skull, Tampa Libra, Prevac, Black Lung.

Warmups with SSH, Good Mornings, WMH, and Hillbillies. Passed out a paper to each team with a verse from the Bible (NIV, even though Too Tall requested The Message). Instructions were given to memorize your team verse, although many folks proclaim they did not hear said instructions. No worries, everyone nailed it and points given freely!

Frugal “lost the keys” so sled sprints were nixed. No worries, head to the playground hill where instructions were given for 10 situp+glute bridges, backpedal up the hill, five 8-count bodybuilders – AMRAP for 6 minutes. I said instructions were given, doesn’t mean they were necessarily followed.

Hit the weight room where each member had 5 minutes to warm up to their personal 5 rep max with goblet squats. An impressive display of strength gents!

Next, grab a jump rope and 25lb plate and head to the Tampa-theatre (TM).

One member does weighted merkins to failure while the others jump rope. Count each rotation, subtract 5 for each trip. Points for both jump ropes and merkins.

Each team grabs a 20 and 10lb med ball for Spartans. Team White graciously loaned Black Lung to Team Blue to allow even the numbers. Each two-person team races to 100 total reps, so again there were two chances to win points here.

No time for deadlifts (sorry BadBoy), clean up, hit the parking lot to recite the memorized verse, count off, and prayer. YHC almost overlooked the count off and was firmly put in his place.

All 3 teams nailed their verse, pasted below for reference. All 3 verses touch on the heart. YHC has been convicted this week that the enemy is real and there is a literal war taking place on the battlefield of your heart. YHC encourages you all to focus on your heart this week, protect it, point it towards the Kingdom, and when the battles wear on you remember that we can lean on the Father to stand and fight with us.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

Though an army besiege me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident.
Psalm 27:3

May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD
Psalm 19:14

Nimbus’ Favorite Thangs

7 PAX out this morning in the low 20s for Nimbus’ list of Favorite Thangs!

PAX: Stats, Altidore, Tebow, Ragdoll, Sterno, Creeper & Nimbus1500


  • SSH x25
  • Tempo Squats x20
  • Big Arm Circles OYO (definitely needed before the sequence below)
  • Toy Soliders x10ish each leg OYO

The List

Thang Combo #1

Quick Mosey to the swing set for our partner swap Burpups (Prairie Grass Pullups for those of you who took the journey on the Oregon Trail pt. 2) and HipDips.  With 5 sets of 5, each PAX completed 25 Burpups and as many HipDips they could squeeze in while their partner was on the pull up bar.

Thang Combo #2

Mosey to the Snack Shack for some wall work.  In pairs, one PAX would run to the trees and back while the other PAX would do the wall exercise until the runner returned.  We did three rounds, 1st Wall Walkups, 2nd Balls to the Wall (lotta balls in my workouts lately?), 3rd Donkey Kicks.

Thang #3

Indian run from the snack shack to the bridge, where we did one lap of partner carries.  Each PAX rotated in as needed to complete the lap.

Thang #4

Since we were there and we hadn’t had enough shoulders yet, we Crawl Bear’d the bridge and Bear Crawled back.

Mosey back to launch


Quick mary with 3 mins remaining, but we got in some new flavors of planks I’ve been experimenting with…from my wife’s Barre classes:).  They have dumb names at Barre, so I’ll call the first one, “The Hillbilly Plank”.  We completed 20ish of those and then knocked out 10 “Push Planks” (name is in review).

Like most of my Qs, I had a lot more favorites to share, but didn’t have enough time.  A sequel is likely…

Playground Noah’s Ark

40F clear with plenty of near new moon gloom.  Pumpkin Spice joined YHC Porcelain for a 445 pre-hustle run down Broadway.  Made it to the courthouse this time.  Look out Bridgestone and Lower Broadway drunks here we come.  4.1 miles 7:50 pace.  Topic of discussion was Q source.  Got back with about 7-8 minutes to spare.  Grabbed speaker and some water.  Good convoy coming in at 0529.  Disclaimer delivered after meeting our FNG Eric now to be known as Captain Crunch, EH’d by Crab Legs.  16 total PAX for the main event: Q-Porcelain,  FNG-Captain Crunch, Harvey Updike, Right Said, Preacher Man, Bicenntenial Man, Bad Boy, Reveille, Studio 42, Brothers-at-law, Trapper Keeper, Hot Route, Crab Legs, Vector, Crawl Space, Blue Mule.

Not really much running for the main event.  Started with slow mosey with the Shovel Flag to the playground as promised to Brother-at-law.

COP-sshx20, wmhx10, 6 count burpees x11 (moleskin: cadence call became difficult at the end.  It’s really the only good way to get good form out of people.  Unashamedly stolen from the F3 Nation 43 feet podcast.), little baby arm circles forward and reverse x10each.

The Thang:

Elevens: optional which to start 1 or 10.

1: balls to the wall handstand push-ups on the side of the art center then bear crawl to other station

2: pull-up on playground bars then lunge walk to other station

Tree wall sits waiting for the six.  Definitely took more time then I expected so I audibled away from Dora around the 6am pull-up completion.

Everyone picked a partner and had to rotate through 3 stations.  Timer for partner exercise was the other partner animal walking ~30 feet to the shovel flag and back.  Each partner did both activities once then moved on to another station.

Station 1: inch worm animal walk while partner did swerkins.

Station 2: crab animal walk while partner did picnic table step ups.

Station 3: duck walk while partner did bar hanging knees to shoulders.

Slow mosey return to the kindly gentleman statue.  One minute of flutter kicks for Mary.

Announcements that I almost forgot.  Friendly Friday this Friday at Bomber.  Bad boy heading up a sure to be excellent Leadership luncheon coming up January 18th at Richland Country Club.  Brother at law leading the charge on Angelman’s disease fundraiser at Smith and Lentz February 7th at 7pm.  Burritos!

Prayer: Been working my way through the F3 Q source leadership framework (google it).  Had everyone place right hand on their brother’s shoulder then turn around and face out to cover each other’s six.  Today was a red pill day but I can struggle with the blue pill too.  Like Neo coming to reality in the matrix movie being referred to, Reality is tough. Taking the blue pill browsing a smart phone is easy.  Come out to guard the six of the men to your left and your right.  Thanks for helping make me better and I hope I am doing the same for y’all.  Closed with a short excerpt from the Our Daily Bread app this morning because I thought it was timely looking at the 3rd F of the get right.

Jesus still doesn’t always meet our expectations of Him. Yet He is so much more than we can imagine. He’s the provider of eternal life (vv. 47–48). He is good and wise; and He loves, forgives, stays close, and brings us comfort. May we find rest in Jesus as He is and keep following Him.

Great 3 bros coffeeteria turn out: right said, crawl space, bicentennial man, vector, Harvey Updike, bad boy, brother-at-law, Porcelain, crab legs, TK.

Who doesn’t like lunges?

PAX: Umbrella, Joey Freshwater (Kotter), Black Widow, Boone’s Farm, Tampa Libra, Funyuns, Toga (QIC), Venus, Tiny Dancer, Double Check, Razorback, Offshore, Pop a lock

13 lucky contestants didn’t skip leg day at The Racetrack.  Here’s how it went down:

Quick disclaimer then mosey to parking lot beside the parking deck.  Warmup COP: SSH, imperial walkers, hillbillies, T-Ups, cotton pickers.  10 burpees for Tampa Libra being late.

Mosey to stairwell for a quick ascent to the top of the deck.  In honor of the great American songwriter Paula Abdul, we began “one step forward and two steps back”= run down the ramp, backpedal back up, complete 10 merkins, run down to the flat and lunge the flat to the next down ramp.  Repeato till the bottom floor then execute pole smokers till the six arrived.  Mosey to the wall outside Holler and Dash, dream of biscuits then execute 1 rd of DID (Incline merkins, dips, decline merkins), and complete 10 step-ups for each leg.

Mosey to stair well.  Attempt to beat previous time for PAX to ascend stairs, fail, and get better with 10 burpees.

Mosey to monkey bars back at the park.  Execute 6 pull-up pyramid then get in formation for old school football ground drills.  Mosey back to the flag.

COT and Joey FW took us out.


  • Prayers for those dealing with illness and loss
  • Warpath this Saturday
  • Leadership Lunch next Friday, 1/18.  See post and RSVP
  • We’re back at 4:13 next Thursday.  Get back out there to support these young men entering the program.
  • The Standard week 2 happens tomorrow!

NMM:  The Racetrack has a lot to offer.  You’ve got the parking deck, the park, and Umbrella’s tiny flag.  Everyone worked hard this morning, and it’s great to have Mr Freshwater back in the mix.

Stay Classy,