Perfect 7 for Lucky 13

Temp: 50
Gloom Factor: Nil
PAX: Bad Boy, Foxtrot Talks A Lot, Deep Dish, Pop A Lock, Vegemite, Hambone, Bagger Vance

0600: Disclaimer

Long Mosey to the playground across from Third Person’s old hooch.

Circle Up for WOR:

SSH x 13 IC
Willy x 10 IC
GMA x 10 IC
IW x 10 IC


Lucky 13 (Modified due to lack of coupons)

Three Rounds x 13 Reps
Knees to Elbows/Box Jumps
KB Swings
Push Press
Walking Lunges
Mtn Climbers
Supine Thrusters
Pull Ups/ Rows

After R1 we did a quick lap around the park and started w R2.

After R2 we knocked out 6 8 ct Body Builders at Deep Dish’s request. Actually DD wanted more burpees but Pop thought 8CBB were better.

As we headed back to startex, Indian Run called out. When we completed R1, YHC threw curveball, PAX IRing would loop around the other PAX and then return to the front again. We alternated between Regular and the Double back home.

PAX planked out as YHC grabbed football for what reason YHC still can’t say…

PAX finished out R3 w some mods but all exercises and reps accounted for.


First things first, never partner up w Pop A Lock when Bro Rowing that is unless you enjoy getting T bagged. Ask Deep Dish for details.
YHC failed on starting Garmin until about 5 minutes in so our mileage was a bit off. Cobains.
Also, some Qonfusion on IC, OYO and some of the exercises but all PAX seemed sufficiently smoked.

Vegemite’s wife going back to work Mon after a long recovery from ankle surgery.
Pop finishing up grad school.
Bad Boy and M adjusting to baby girl.
Keep me in your TAP, supposed to meet with George on Tuesday to develop a strategy on our partnership, terms, etc.


Memorial Day – Concord Rd Y

0500 Murph

0600 Main Event

0700 Speed Ruck

Triple Down if you’re Hard Enough

Bagger Vance

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