A Few of My Favorite Things

Its been a while with me at the helm, but at least I was wearing ranger panties…Also I was so excited I woke up at 2am, so with a new playlist we got moving!

PAX: NumbTucks(QIC), Tebow, 3rd Degree, Kermit, Mr. Opus, Professor X, Little Miss Piggy, CheexWhiz, Trophy Wife, Staples, Sparta, Huggy, Nimbus – *forgot the number, **forgetting someone sorry

Disclaimer; SSH; Baby Arms Circles, Air Presses, Overhead Claps, Slow Squats, Slow Merkins.

Favorite #1: Burpee Apocolypse
(with different burpee variations mixed in) an did 7 twice, I cant count whoc ares.

Favorite #2: Wheel Barrel Fun
Wheel Barrel with a partner but 3 merkins every 5 yards switch partners at the 50

Favorite #3: NEW (Ruck Tag)
Split into four groups. One person in the group begins walking around the field (on the edge) with ruck overhead – fast walk. The rest of the group does an exercise (see below) and then the first person to get up and sprint to leader takes ruck from there.
Exercises: 5 burpees / 20 WWIs / 20 Tebow Skates / 25 Merkins / 20 Tebow Skates / 20 WWIs / 5 Burpees – There was a penalty for those that did not make it to the leader. Always wait for the group to get together to start the next exercise. Flutter Kick until all return.

Favorite #3: Bearway to Heaven – every 10 yards. 

Favorite #5: Burpee Sprint (25 yards)
Sprint to 25yd line, then perform 3 burpees. Repeat until you hate the Q. Got bored so we threw in some sprint relays with 15 burpees for losing team

Mary – Various ab exercises.

Gauntlet November 9th / Next Saturday is Warpath in Franklin / Thursday game night coming / Wednesday Ruck Workout test run this Wednesday (this is breaking news!)

– Little Miss Piggy’s wife who has some pain in the same place she had cancer
– Staples mom, pray meds work
– Thankful for 3rd Degrees new job

It was fun, good job Kermit leading 45 min preparty.

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