Magnificent 7 @ The Pound – 11/14/19

7 PAX chose wisely; they were Kermit, Staples, Prof X, Huggy, Hot Dish, Stats, & Tebow (QIC)

After the last couple of frigid days, this morning’s ~30 degree temps felt balmy.

Quick lap, SSH, HB, IW, BACs, Lunges, Squats, Merkins, MC

Brief explanation of a minor theme for today: injury prevention. We do a lot of forward/backward movement, but not much lateral movement. This means we’re no doubt deficient in some of those critical stabilizer muscle groups that can help us bullet proof our knees from injury. With that being said,


Bear crawl two light poles down
*every 4 parking space lines perform 20 lateral hops
Then, Crawl Bear/Crab Walk back

Partner up, 4 Rounds:
P1 – hop on one leg (seriously)
P2 – side shuffle down two light poles, sprint back, switch
*5 burpees for each partner if P1’s second leg touches the ground before P2 returns (no penalties were awarded)

10 burpees, 10 lungees

Short mosey to the concession stand, Partner up, AMRAP 6min
P1 – wall sit
P2 – (4 MC + 4 Low MC + 4 Merkins) x 4, switch
*these were pretty nasty; we’ll see them again

Flutters IC (get those soft, bent legs outta here)

Mosey back to parking lot for
10 burpees, 10 lungees

MARY: bear crawl stance shoulder taps x 20, Huggers, GMs

Prayers for Staples’ mom and LMP’s wife.
Great job by all,

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