From 30K Feet – Balls and Belly

The Gloom – Low 40s w/Moisture on the Ground

PreParty – Staples & Creeper

PAX: Staples, Creeper, Professor X, ShowMe, GlenGarry, Nimus1500, Stats, Secret (4 year break, but not FNG), Huggy, Old Hickory, CheeseWhiz & Who’d I miss?

Scattered Warm/Disclaimer – Showme lap, stretch something on your own, 20x SSH & low and slow merkins – Medic was so loud, nobody would’ve known what I was saying i

Thang 1:

THE BALL SACK – Fill in edition

  • Ball Handler – Staples
    • Reverse Lunge Walk – 26 Jump Squats
  • Ball Handler – GlenGarry
    • Crab Walks – 16 Iron Mikes
  • Ball Handler – Stats
    • Revers Lunge Walk – 26 WWI’s
  • Ball Handler – Professor X
    • Bear Crawl – 20 Something SSH
  • Ball Handler – Old Hickory
    • Bear Crawl – Some amount of something
  • Ball Handler – Secret
    • Bear Crawl – 11 Burpees (Almost had 30, Q voided the pull as a duplicate)

There may have been more, but the ball handlers all looked the same in the dark.

Mosey to the field house

Thang 2:

PARTNER UP: Wheel-Barrows (Barrels for 3rdDegree) up the stairs – Bear Crawl down the hill and switch – 6 mins

Crawl Bear up the Steps – Bear Crawl Down the Hill – 5/6 mins

Thang 3:

For the Planned Section of Today’s Workout, a New Ab Circuit.

1 Minute of Each Exercise, with 10 Second Breaks Between

  • Switches
  • High Plank
  • Floating Starfish
  • Push Planks
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Dwarf Kickers
  • Standing Oblique Crunches (30 secs per side)
  • Wine Mixer
  • WWI
  • Beast Planks
  • Side Crunches (30 secs per side)

Thang 4:

With just enough time left, we got in an Indian Run around the track back to the parking lot so we could listen to the latest edition to my playlist, “Old Man Jones”.  It was thoroughly enjoyed…

Stats peeled out to find our modifying newcomer and made it back just in time to count of. (Way to go Stats!)

PostParty by Huggy – 24 Merkins & 24 Jump Squats

COT – Talked about C4.  Confidence in anything is a process, whether at F3, work, home or anything.  To gain Confidence in something, you need to have the Courage to start, Consistency to build Competence and that will lead you in to Confidence. (ShowMe was feelin’ it through this brief word and it fired me up)


·      The mumble chatter is greatly impacted when 3rdDegree and Numbtucks aren’t present, but we had some moments.

·      I let a few pop songs slip into the mix and it almost derailed the whole workout, it won’t happen again!

·      3rdDegree has us well conditioned for Bear Crawl bridge, everyone slowed almost to a stop and looked back as we passed the bridge on the Indian run back to the parking lot.  If only we had time…

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