The Pound – 12/12/19

10 PAX: Tebow (QiC), GlenGarry (QiC), Old Hickory, Professor X, Dongle, Deliverance, SexEd, Stats, Show Me,  Creeper

WARM UP: SSH, HB, IW, GM, BACs, Lunges, Merkins, MC

THANG 1 (Tebow)
Suicides with Exercises
5 burpees at the starting line
1st light pole – 10 Merkins
5 burpees at the starting line
2nd light pole – 20 Merkins

Round 2: Rinse and Repeat with Iron Mikes instead of Merks (each leg=1/2)
Round 3: Rinse and Repeat with Floating Starfish instead of Iron Mikes (each leg=1)

20 WWIIs, 15-4ct flutter kicks, 24-4ct AHs

THANG 2 (GlenGarry)
Mosey to shed for coupons
Coupon Squats
(great timing for some Vince Guaraldi Trio from the medic while we suffered)

Mosey back to parking lot
Loaded Beasts

– Prayers for Show Me, LMP, SoccerMom, Staples’ Mom.
– Glengarry hates Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is Comin to Town” ?!
– 3rdF opportunity – Nashville Rescue Mission; Glengarry and family are serving Christmas Eve

Great work by all; Merry Christmas,

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