Hoover Ball

AO: titan
Q: DintyMoore
PAX: Chunks, Freakonomics, Red Skull, Recharge, Supernova, Crawlspace, Tim the Toolman, Focker, Solo Cup, Spinal Tap, hambone, Black Lung, preacherman, Good Morning America, Hitchhiker, Mr. Emcee
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: Cool and clear

Mosey to top of Dog Park
– Arm Circles (forward and back)
– Seal claps
– Overhead Press
– Michael Phelps
Slow and Low Squats – five count

Mosey to Volleyball courts
Split into 2-4 teams.

Hoover Ball
Medicine ball volleyball
Ball caught in front court must travel to back court on other side
Ball caught in back court must land in front court
Play the ball off the net within these rules
Scoring is like tennis – 15 – 30 – 45 – Match
Game is scored to first team to 5 points

All of this modified to both courts doing 5 merkins each time the heavy ball hit the sand.

Grunge Greatest Hits were played via Spotify

Mosey to StartX
Indigenous People Run with medicine ball

Ring of Fire with Med. Ball in middle while PAX held high plank. Goal was to be last PAX planking while keeping the med ball in the middle. Various activities kept those who left the circle occupied while @vector @timthetoolman and @goodmorningamerica battled to the end of our time.

A brief history of Hoover Ball origins were shared by Mr. Emcee. President Hoover typically did this activity on a regular basis and even held cabinet meetings following this regiment. Analysis of equipment was too firm and too prickly so perhaps the next Q will heed those suggestions.

Hobblin Gobbler on 11.23 at Green Machine

No Noise November continues

Praise/prayer for a good report on @Nancy on latest scans. Praise for @rightsaid and @crawlspace dad who was able to come home after open heart surgery last Friday. Continued healing for both.