Passing the Torch

AO: iiipillars
Q: Grape , princessaurora
PAX: Harbaugh, Vector, Natural Ice, It’sJUSTLunch, Baguette, Black Lung, YumYum, Go Fish, Focker, Tackle Box, Swiffer, Bard, Govt’ Mule, Howitzer
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: crisp and bright

WARMUP: Mosey, SSH, WMH, Good mornings, LBAC F, Moroccan night clubs, OH claps, and then a bunch of LBAC R

THE THANG: Partner up to do pull ups or swing set inverted prom date leg rows (or something like that) then flapjack

Jack Webb

2 laps around the track passing the speaker

Burpee relay (one PAX does 2 burpees and calls out an exercise for the rest of the circle to do, second time around the circle increased burpee count to 4)

2 laps around the track passing the speaker

Bear crawl relay with a partner

Most back to startex

ANNOUNCEMENTS: No noise November, hobbling gobbler

COT: prayers for F3 Nancy, for Luka, and for the St Paul Community

Special shout-out to @princessaurora for trusting YHC to take over as AOQ. Excited to continue his strong legacy!