Dealer’s Choice

AO: handsomizer
Q: Chunks
PAX: Grape, Red Skull, Salpal, Natural Ice, Freakonomics, Young and Restless, Cuban Missile, Cash Cab, Mr Emcee (Tallahassee), Plunger, Blueliner
FNGs: 1 Blueliner
Last nice morning before it gets cold

Advised the PAX to stretch before because there would be no warm up today.
Started with 5 mins of Mary, thanks for the idea @hairband
In honor of Native American Heritage Month, Indigeneous Peoples Run the long way around the stadium and down the ramps to the bottom of the stairs, but when we heard the word Run in the song “Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine the PAX had to sprint.
Met at the bottom of the stairs and Bear way to Heaven up the stairs. Grape remarked that it was harder today than usual, probably because we didn’t do arm circles to warm up. Moseyed down the ramps to the bottom of the stairs.
PAX took turns picking an exercise to do while they ran up the stairs touching each step and running down the ramps.
Ran back up the stairs together and did a 5 Burpee buyout.
Indigenous Peoples run back to Startex with a Sprint to the finish.

Check slack for all the things
Blueliner was added to the PAX today.
Prayers for all those traveling for Thanksgiving

The goal of F3 is to grow leaders. Part of being a leader is asking for feedback. I asked the PAX for 2 things I could have done better as a Q today. 1. While the 1 PAX is running have the rest do the exercises in cadence instead of everyone for themself. 2. The run/timer was a little long to be doing just one exercise for that long. Also, received feedback my playlist was “meh” (Salpal), but he will understand the joys of being a dad to a teenage girl soon enough.

Thanks as always for the honor to lead.