Dirty 30

PAX:Cathy, Venus, Life champ, Tampa Libra, Pinterest (FNG), Cinderella, White russian, Dr smartt, Nature boy, Umbrella, Black widow, Boones farm, Grease trap, Offshore, T cell, Funyuns, BV
QIC: Bagger Vance

Temp: Mid 70s
Gloom Factor: High
0529:45 – Disclaimer

Mosey theough the park back to circle drive for WOR:

SSH x 14 IC
(Fashionably late Cathy & Razor)
Squats x 14 IC
Merkins x 14 IC
IW x 14 IC

Partner up for form and camaraderie

Mosey throughout the AO stopping at various points for –

Dirty 30
30 Tuck Jumps
Mosey around the short loop
30 Pull Ups
(plank n wait for 6)
30 Merkins
Mosey to cut out on MD way
30 Squats
Mosey to Valet lot behind Brentwood’s tallest building
30 Thrusters (Prone)
Sprint to top of said building…wall sit for 6
30 Air Presses
Bear Crawl to light pole, crawl bear back and sprint to other end of lot
30 ASTs
Bear Crawl to light pole, crawl bear back and sprint to other end of lot
30 OH Claps (wall sits)
Mosey to end of lot down stairs
30 Thrusters (Supine)
Bear crawl steps to MD Way
Mosey back to playground stopping to gather PAX along the way
Tunnel of love
30 Toes to Bar
Mosey to parking lot
30 Burpees
(Flutter kix for 6)
Plank Progression
F Kix x 14 IC
More Planking
5 Penalty Burpees
Beast rt/lt X 14 IC
Butterfly Sit Ups x 14

NMM: Nice to have a large group to post this am. This AO has really taken off, grateful for the leadership of Funyuns and Umbrella, et al.

The Dirty 30 was a modification from a CF WOD that incorporates barbells and all that fancy gym stuff. T claps to yall for indulging my lack of creativity. This is T Cell’s second go round w YHC and the ripping of a CF WOD. COBAINS

I made a point to count out to 14 today in remembrance of a tragedy I read about on the Twitter…a 14 year old in Hermitage was arrested for the murder of another 14 year old. This is so sad and so unnecessary; prima facia evidence of us living in a fallen world. Prayers up for both families restoration and redemption.

Keep the Davis family in your prayers as they bury their 16 year old son today. This tragic situation is one no parent should have to endure.

T shirt order is up and ready. Order a couple to get you through the fall and winter.


T-Cell Racetrack VQ

Conditions: Dark, Humid.

QIC: T-Cell

Pax: Bagger Vance, Black Widow, Umbrella, Olan Mills, Life Champ, Joey Freshwater, Offshore, Cinderella, Old Hickory.

The Thang:

Excited to lead my first time at The Racetrack. Since this has become my new “normal”, I’ve loved getting to know this Pax and this AO. Lot’s of goodies. After a quick disclaimer in which BV reminded me I was not a professional, off we went.

Mosey to the top of the garage with the instructions to hit every step on the way up. I’m convinced they added extra stairs in this garage because it’s WilCo and they could spend the money. Mercy. Home base would be the top of the garage for the first session.

COP – SSH X 20, Willie Mays Hays X 10, Merkins X 10, Mtn. Climbers X 20, Good Mornings X10, Little Baby Arm Circles X 20.

Started with some parking lot shuffle. Ran up the line, shuffle across, reverse down with a burpee at the bottom. Repeat for about 20 or so parking spots. Upon completion, we did this again but with broad jumps up the line.

Headed back down the stairs and over to the Hub. Excited to knock out some DID’s with this group. Black Widow reminded me that DID’s are a T-Cell brainchild. He’s right. First workout I ever Q’d 4 years ago at Titan, these babies were introduced.

Quick mosey down to REI and back up.

Got to baking some fresh ciabatta with box jumps on the way. Mosey back up to top of garage for another round of Parking Lot Shuffle and some Mary while BV discussed dressing up like Billie Jean King for Halloween.


Keep Darth Visor in your prayers. Great reminder that EVERY day is a gift. Even better reason to start the morning with the men of F3. Also a reminder that we all need to be prepared for moments like these at workouts.

Olan Mills was the 6th man. He also reminded us to stay on guys with our EH’s. OM was a BV EH and was head locked for a year before saying yes. So stay on em!



PAX: Bagger Vance, Offshore, T-Cell, Black Widow, Boone’s Farm, Umbrella, Venus, Funyuns (QIC)

Conditions: 70*, wet and soggy

8 PAX made the right decision this AM and showed up ready to get after it at The Racetrack. Due to Goruck Starcourse training schedule, YHC has missed The Racetrack for a little while.  It was great to be back at the original Brentwood AO and lead these fine men through a beatdown.

5:30 AM- Disclaimer (little rusty, but BV took up my slack), then mosey around big loop back to grass field for Warmarama.

Warmarama: SSHsx20, BACs(f&r)x10, SCsx10, Squatsx20, BKSx10, Merkinsx10, ASTsx20, Supermansx10, CDDSx10, BKsx10. All IC

The Thang:

  • 30 8 ct bodybuilders
  • 30-20-10: pullups & squat jumps
  • 20 8 ct bodybuilders
  • 30-20-10: parallel bar dips & bar jump overs
  • 15 8 ct bodybuilders
  • Partner up- P1 holds pull-up (chin above bar) while P2 runs 30 yards and back. Flap jack. R&R (Tclaps to Venus for pushing YHC on the pull-up hold)
  • Mosey back to parking lot for Mary

Mary: 5 8ct bodybuilders, 10 BF situps OYO, 15 Vups OYO, 20 AHs IC, 20 ASTs IC, 5 8ct bodybuilders


NM: Great work! YHC borrowed most of this workout from Grisham. Of course,  he threw in some hand stand pushups. Grisham’s pseudo F3 name is The Griz (amazing the things you come up with while rucking for 3-6 hours each week), hence the name of the workout. Great to BV back from injured reserve. Always a pleasure to lead. The PAX are getting stronger each post.

BH: 4th anniversary at Stonewall 6-7AM on Saturday, with Growschool to follow. F3 scramble Sunday 3PM at Harpeth Hills. Few spots available.

Continue to dig deep in all aspects of life,


Bigstick ReVisit!

PAX: NumbTucks (QIC), BV, Old Hickory, Joey Freshwater, Boone’s Farm, Razor (Venus), Offshore, T-Cell, Umbrella

In the gloom 9 PAX started of remembering a year ago when BigStick gave us all a beatdown. The workout today resembled that same workout.

Warm-Up: Run to Garage
SSH x 15
Baby Arm Circles x 15 both directions
Air Presses x 15
Overhead Claps x 15
Seal Claps x 15
Squats x 10
Merkins x 10

Thang: BigStick ReVisit Garaga Mania
Going back to a year I tried to somewhat replicate Bigsticks workout when I came the first time…it still sucks
We partnered up, and we did different modes of transportation up each “ramp” in the garage and stopped and performed differently exercises and each level (10 altogether)
Station 1: Burpees x 10 (Mode: Sprint)
Station 2: Atomic Merkins x 20 (mode: Partner Wheel Barrel switch halfway)
Station 3: Floating Starfish x 20 (Mode: All out Sprint)
Station 4: WW1 x 25 (mode: Partner Carry switch halfway)
Station 6: Ceiling touches x 50 (Mode: All out Sprint)
Station 7:  LBCs x 50 (Mode: Bear Crawl / Crawl Bear)
Station 8: Mountain Climber MErkins x 20 (Mode: All out Sprint)
Station 9: Flutter Kicks x 30 IC (Mode: Partner Carry switch halfway)
Station 10: Derkins x 20 (Mode: Lung walk halfway and then run the rest)

At the Top of the Garage: Burpee Apocolypse (10..9..8..7…..)

Bear Crawl Down the Stairs and Mosey back to Lot

American Hammers x 20 IC
J’Los X 15 IC
Flutter x 20 IC
Good Mornings

Great job Gang! It has been a good year!

National Relaxation Day

Conditions: Relaxing 70s, overcast

PAX: RedSkull, Offshore, JoeyFreshwater, WhiteGold, Black Widow, Funyuns, Dimples (NC PineHurst), Cinderella, Hot and ready, CapsLock, Chiwawa, Pope, and YHC.

Warmorama: Mosey to top of the Parking Garage, 10 SSH, 10 GM OYO, WMH OYO, 25 Cherry Pickers as YHC Describes today’s Thang

Thang: Relax and put your feet up for 11’s

SIde 1: Derkins, Side 2: Hip slappers. Burpie Broad Jump as a mode of transportation both ways . 11’s quickly was changed to 7’s. YHC didn’t realize the 30yards one way would add up quick. (took us 20-25 mins to complete)

Mosey to the pullup bars: Put your feet up. 10 Toes to bar, other PAX do Flutter kicks. Flapjack and RNR. Notes: Cinderella is a pro at these and gets extra credit. YHC got called out on flutter kicks, with legs not being straight. Fuyuns filling the void of Bagger Vance.

Merkin Lovely Day: Hold Plank and perform a merkin everytime “Lovely Day” is Said in the song. Bill Withers FTW

Mary: Supermans 20 IC, LBC 50 IC, 20 BBSU OYO, 60 sec plank

Moleskin: Don’t settle for the Status Quo

Prayers for Spicoli, group prayer tonight @ Jaden Stevens House 7pm

CSAUP: 9-11 at Percy Warner stairs. Might have 2 options.

1: 440am Start with 30# ruck

2: 515am start no no ruck

both options will be done by 615-620




Just Keep Showing Up

PAX: Big Bang, Olan Mills, Canary, Umbrella, Joey Freshwater, Black Widow, Ebola, Yeti (FNG), En Fuego (QIC)

Conditions: Better than the day before, with a beautiful sunrise in place for Warmarama.

5:30 AM: Disclaimer given – not a professional but have been doing F3 for one year today so there’s that; proceed mosey to top deck of LBMC parking garage.

Warmarama: SSH, LBC, WMH, Scorpion Stretch (PAX-pleaser) and GMs.  Proceed to bottom floor of the garage to begin…

The Thang: We go back in time and perform the same workout that greeted YHC at my first F3 post one year ago today – Q’d that day by HIM Olan Mills.  Details:

  • Sprint up ramp of parking garage to first corner; perform 15 WWIs
  • Bear Crawl right to next corner; perform 15 Burpees
  • Lieutenant Dan down length to next corner; perform 20 2-count American Hammers
  • Broad Jump to next and final corner; perform 15 merkins.  Wall sit until PAX are all in.  R&R 4x.  End with final sprint at top of parking garage and mosey back.  Time.

COT: Welcome FNG Yeti (neighbor of Ebola); prayers for Olan Mills father; Reminder that Warpath and TN Can Ruck are both this weekend.

Great work by the PAX today – appreciate you allowing YHC the opportunity to make first Racetrack post in nearly 12 months and lead you while doing so.

As I was driving home following the gathering in the gloom, I was thinking about this workout today compared to the same one 12 months ago on my Day 1.  As one would hope and expect, while by no means an easy endeavor today, it certainly wasn’t as painful as the first go round, where I was fairly certain and quasi-hopeful that life was going to end after just two sets of the above.

And in thinking about it, the only thing YHC can take credit for since that Day 1 to allow for a more successful 45 minutes today is the fact that I’ve just kept showing up.  Nothing more, nothing less – just kept showing up.  Good reminder of how that same discipline applies to so much more than F3.  In our marriages, with our kids, in our friendships, in our careers and in our spiritual walks, regardless of the conditions of your gloom, sometimes at the end of day all you can do is keep showing up.  And while the fruits of that daily discipline aren’t always as visible as we’d like, make no mistake that in doing so seeds are not just being sown but are being sown well.  Look no further than F3 as proof.


En Fuego

Hump Day Murph at the Racetrack

PAX: CCR, Blackwiddow, Olan Mills, Yard Sale, Vegiemite, Skinny Jeans, Red Bag, Big Bang, Eboli, Joey Fresh Water (FNG), Venus, Bow Flex, Dr. Smart, Offshore (QIC).

WOR: SSH x 10, Willie Mays Hayes x 10, baby arm circles x 10 (both ways), overhead press x 10, good mornings x 10, squats x 10 and seal claps x 10.

Thang: The PAX participated in a hump day murph day at the racetrack with a quick half mile mosey to get started. Everyone grabbed a partner and preceded to attack the murph by completing 10 sets of 10 pull ups, 20 merkins, 30 squats with a lap around the racetrack between sets until the PAX completed the 2 mile run then finished off the remaining sets to complete the hump day murph.

Mary: Flutter Kicks x 30, LBCs x 20, Alabama Prom Dates x 10, good mornings x 10, imperial walkers x 10, american hammers x 20.


Penance Vol. I

Temp –  71

Gloom – Moderate8 Pax endured what was YHCs penance for bad behavior last night.

0529:35 Disclaimer

PAX: Heister, Grease Trap, Black Widow, Umbrella, Canary, Tinder, Life Champ, BV

Grease Trap let it be known that he followed one Calf Killer all the way in from The Shire this AM only to see him turn right into the old Horse Barn to hang out with Fern.  YHC was noticeably disturbed (more than usual) and saddened by this news and we headed over to the Old Horse Barn to wrangle him up to no avail.

As we passed one of the BANKS in Brentwood, Grease Trap commented that he must have not gotten the Memo that Smokeboots moved to B’Wood.  It was at this point that YHC shared his transgressions and broke right with no warning to Crawfish’s old haunt for

SSH x 13 IC, Squat Jumps x 13 IC, GMA x 10 IC, High Knees to Butt Kickers x 10 IC, Willy


More Moseying…to one of the Ewok Village office buildings in MD Farms for some partner work.

P1 Face Melters while P2 Plank n Wait…Flap Jack then RNR to 5

More Moseying over to the second tallest building in Brentwood for some work in the squared off concrete block that has no real purpose save some Wall Sits, IT band stretches…We also Grabbed some Wall and performed 10 Dips OYO.

Back to Partner Work…Partner Indian Run back to Startex and over to Monkey Bars for AYG Pull-Ups palms facing + 5 more with P2 helping.  More MC from Grease Trap about #Form and stuff.

Head over to the Tallest building in Brentwood for more #PartnerWork.  P1 on second landing of stairs, P2 on first and a race to the Top.  P2 passes P1 = 5 Burpees for P1…Flap Jack & RNR.  All hold at the Top for Wall Sits.

Back to the bottom and head back to StartEx for


Flutter Kix X 3 IC

Time Called for Lightning.

NM: YHC loves some running even though it isn’t exactly my strong suit.  All Pax benefit from others Pushing them, YHC included.  Nice to meet Tinder and Canary albeit briefly.  Sorry to cut it short but YHC has begun to err on the side of Caution in my Older Years.


El Maestro, Spicoli, Umbrella’s clients family prayers needed.

413 last day tomorrow

July 4th pig roast and fund raiser for Team Job on Smartt in The Shire…hit up slack for RSVPing

Can Ruck on 21 July

Warpath on 21 July

Grow Ruck in Memphis weekend of 21 Sept




Thr Four Corners of Brentwood

PAX: Umbrella, Vegemite, Big Bang, Cathy, Razor DBA Venus, Tinder, Olan Mills, Proton (F3 Knoxville), Canary


10 got better, or at least sweated like it at the Racetrack this morning.  It went like this:

Capri lap around the parking lot and back for


SSH x 15

GM x 10

Willie Mays Hayes x 10

Cotton Pickers x 10

LBAC forward x 10

LBAC reverse x 10

OH Presses x 10

Big baby arm circles forward x 10

Big baby arm circles reverse x 10


Mosey across Maryland Way to the corner for an explanation of today’s workout. YHC took a gander at Google Maps yesterday to formulate the Four Corners of Brentwood Escalator:

1st Corner: 10 squats and mosey up sidewalk to OHB for

2nd Corner: 10 squats and 20 merkins.  Mosey just below OHB past O’Charleys to Walgreens at corner of OHB and Franklin Road for

3rd Corner: 10 squats, 20 merkins, 30 lunges (15 each leg). Mosey down Franklin Road to LBMC/Hill Center at Maryland Way for

4th Corner: 10 squats, 20 merkins, 30 lunges and 40 OH claps. Mosey back to 1st Corner

Since we’ve reached the top of the escalator, we’ve got to get back down. 1st corner 10 squats, 20 merkins, 30 lunges, 40 OH claps and mosey on same route as before. Repeato each corner subtracting one exercise each time ie., 2nd Corner was 10 squats, 20 merkins, 30 lunges.

All corners completed and back to the parking lot for some


Flutter kicks x 20

Remain on 6 and hamstring stretch each leg 25 seconds x 2. Finish with 25 second stretch in middle.


Moleskin: 3rd F Opportunity at Crievewood Baptist this Saturday about 4 to benefit the Oasis Center. See Slack for details and AO Q is Dupree.

Great work this morning.  I had never run that route and wasn’t certain we were going to finish, but made it with 3m to go.  Each lap is about 1.8 miles, so put yourselves down for approx. 3.6 miles with some decent elevation change and some exercises mixed in.  Great to have Proton join us from F3 Knoxville.  Come back any time!



The Racetrack Summer tribute

Summer Tribute

6.13.18 -The racetrack – conditions 73 degrees and clear.

PAX of 8: Olan Mills, Big Bang, Ebola, Twinkle, Canary, Blackwiddow, Tinder (FNG via Offshore & Canary) and Offshore (QIC).

The PAX took a quick mosey up the hill to the parking garage for some warm ups after the disclaimer is given. SSHx10, goodmornings x10, willie mays x10, baby arm circles both ways x 10, 10 merkins, squats x10 all in cadence.

The PAX then paid tribute to the Summer through a convergence of cardio and strength highlighting the 6 story parking garage as a venue. Each set began by running six flights and checking out of stairwell with 5 burpies to then run the parking deck and down the adjacent stairwell and back. To then enter the stairwell each PAX completed an exercise to then enter back into the stairwell and dog days of summer.

S – squats x 25

U- carolina dry docs x 20

M – merkins x 20

M – diamond merkins x 20

E – lunges x 20 (each leg)

R – sprints 75 yards x 4

A quick mosey back to the race track provided the PAX the opportunity to get 2 sets of 10 pull ups before heading back to the parking lot to finish with some Mary.

Mary – AIC flutter kicks x 30, alabama prom dates x 10, alternating shoulder taps x 10 each arm, low plan for 30 seconds, 10 merkins, and American Hammers x 30.