Olympic Themed Racetrack

5 PAX (Numb Tucks, Black Widow, Harvey Updike, Deck the Hollis, & Offshore (QIC) braved the 38 degree rainy racetrack this morning to enjoy an Olympic themed workout.

Warm-ups – Mosey from the racetrack to the parking garage to formally disclaim any liability and quickly move into the pre-olympic burn.

SSH x 15

LBAC x 10 & reverse

Willie Mays x 10

Overhead arm press x 10

Seal Claps x 10

Buttkickers x 10

High Knees x 10

Good mornings x 10


In true Olympic fashion, the PAX completed the following x 25 and ran the parking deck up 6 flights of stairs back across top and down between each workout.

O – Overhead/Wall Merkins

L- Lunge across bottom parking deck

Y – BurpYes

M – Merkins

P – Plank Jacks

I – Irkins

C – Clerkins

S – Squat Jumps

For those that finished flutter kicks awaited x 30, LBCs x 30, WWIIs x 15. The PAX then Moseyed back to the Racetrack completing the Olympic beat down and capturing 3 miles of Cardo between the pre- and post-Mosey and stairs.



A Not So Super Rare Blue Blood Moon Workout

QIC: NumbTucks
PAX: Harvey Updyke, Vegemite, Olanmills, Offhore, Umbrella, Calfkiller, Barney Fieval
Weather: Mid 20’s

8 total PAX slowly strolled in, with one showing up after a short warmup. Some mumblechatter about the moon looking not so Blue?? Even though the moon wasn’t very impressive it gave us some light to get in a quick beating.

Started off with 10 burpees in the parking lot to get the blood flowing.

Mosey over to the garage for some warmup in cadence:
20 Side Straddle Hops
12 Good Mornings
12 Willie M’s
15 Baby Arms Circles (Forward and Backward)
15 Air Presses
10 Slow & Low Squats
10 Slow & Low Merkins

Partner up (1 Partner stays on ground level the other runs up and down the garage)
Together complete 150 Merkins & 150 WW1s while other runs up and down.
The partner goes up the garage & first lunges across the garage & second time through broad jumps across (**some mumble about the top being longer that we remembered.) * the other partner remains working on the 150
Once exiting the garage stairs you must collect 5 burpees before taking over for your partner. Run hard back rot your partner.
Those who finished planked and flutter kicked.

Lined up shoulder to shoulder in the parking lot.
Bear crawl across all parking spaces (every other line stop and do 5 plank jacks

Mosey to Park:
2 Rounds of: 10 Jump Squats, 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Mountain Climbers
Jog to Laps
End by Bear crawling across entire field in between track

Mosey to Parking lot for Finish:
Finish with one min of Good Mornings!

Good Morning fellas!

Pit of Misery

PAX: Big Bang, Offshore, Skid mark, Red bag, Vegemite, Dr. Smart, Olan Mills, Private sandman, Yard sale, Funyuns (QIC)

10 PAX graced the grounds of The RaceTrack this AM. Quick mosey up Maryland Way to LBMC parking lot for COP:
10 GMs, 10 WMs, 20 SSHs, 20 BKs, 15 BACs(f), 15 SCs, 15 BACs(r), ATMs(10 ASTsIC, 10 tempo merkins, 10 merkins OYO), 15 BKs. All IC

The Thang:
⁃ Two groups of five. Two 60lb SBs. Each PAX does 3 full squat jumps with SB, drops it, 1 burpee, sprint 25 yards, 10 merkins, mosey back to start. Each PAX did 5 rounds. Perfect numbers for this exercise. Good constant motion.
⁃ Mosey behind hill center on other side of construction lot to the “Pit of Misery” YHC made mental note of the steep hill at this location at last weeks post. PAX line up at bottom of hill. 10 tempo merkins, sprint to top, back down, 10 ASTs IC, sprint, 10 CDDs IC, sprint, 10 Squats IC, sprint, 10 SJs IC, sprint, 10 burpees, sprint. R&R all sets!
⁃ Bear crawl to midpoint of hill. 10 tempo merkins @12, 10 TMs @3, 10 TMs @6, 10 TMs @9, back to 12 for 10 ASTs. Rotate back to 6 and crawl bear to top of hill. Mosey back to parking lot.
⁃ 150m shuttle (25m down and back x 3) every 75 seconds for 5 rounds. Mosey back home for Mary

Mary: 30 FKs IC, 30 LBCs IC


NM: Always a pleasure to lead you guys. I will echo BigBang from today and say how awesome it is to see a lot of you newer guys embrace all 3 Fs. Iron sharpens iron! Great work today



Baby it’s cold outside

A PAX of 8 challenged the cold start at a mere 15 degrees this morning to get the racetrack kicked off right for 2018. Dr. Smart, Black Widow, Too Tall, Harvey Updike, Veggie Mite, Umbrella, Olan Mills, & Offshore (Q) started off the new year with the Murph challenge.

The PAX made a quick mozy down Maryland Way to get the blood pumping for the first 1.0 piece of the Murph. Some of the PAX may have thought the cold got to the Q and confused the racetrack for smokeboots. The PAX then gathered on the racetrack to continue the defrosting process. SSHx10, BACx10 then reverse, Willie Mays Hays x 10, Michael Phelps x 10, & squats x10 all in cadence.

At this point the real work began, the PAX partnered off to attack the Murph of 100 pull ups, 200 merkins, & 300 squats in sets of 10, 20, 30. At this point the Q still frozen from Monday’s convergence had to remove the additional layers that were not needed after Monday’s frost bitten experience. The PAX completed 7 to 8 sets of the Murph before continuing the Mozy back down Maryland way for the remaining 1.0. The PAX then cooled down with flutter kicks x 30, American Hammers x 10, and Maria Carries x 10. Umbrella graced the group with a wonderful and much appreciated coffeeteria to round out the morning.

You’re hands are freezing

PAX: Bagger Vance, Funyuns, Grease Trap, Too Tall, Venus, Nimbus, Harvey Updike, Sandman, CCR, Head Stud, Offshore, NumbTucks, Umbrella, Longboard (FNG), Deck the Hollis (FNG), Olan Mills (Q)

Good Mornings X 15IC
Willie Mays Hayes X 10IC
High Knees X 15IC
Butt Kickers x 15IC

Mosey into the parking garage for some 11’s navigating our way up to the top as we go.
Exercise 1 – Dirty Hookups
Exercise 2 – Burpees

SSH for the 6

Make our way to the bottom of the stairwell. Tee up 11’s part deux making our way up / down the stairwell.
Exercise 1 @ bottom of the stairs – Jump Squats
Exercise 2 @ top of the stairs – Derkins

Mosey back for some brief Mary…
Flutter Kick as we wait for the 6
Finish it off with some American Hammers

All that fun for the low price of 2+ mi of running around in 21°.

Well done guys!!

Offshore at The RaceTrack


Pax of 17 at racetrack this morning. Funyuns, olan mills, black widow, too tall, pop a lock, numtucks, Harvey Updike, umbrella, high heels, private sandman, ccr, headstud, dmishonuts, captain derivative, grease trap, Cinderella , offshore (QIC)

The pax mosied up to the parking deck and warmed up with SSHsx 10, baby arm circles x10 both ways, good mornings x10, willie Mays hays x10, squats x10. All IC

Proceeded to run 6 flights with 6 burpees at top then down and up to 5 with 5 burpees 4,3,2,1 till finished. Then mosey to brick wall for incline merkins x10 and derkinsx10. Another long mosey to the track to rotate between four stations x 3 (10 burpees, 10 WW1s, 10 pull ups, 25 squats). Next partner wheel barrows for twenty yards bear crawl back flapjackx2, then burpee broad jumps for 20 yards and crawl bear.

Mosey to parking lot for Mary with flutter kicks x30, lbcs x30, and WW2s x10.


Great VQ by Offshore this AM. Strong numbers at The RaceTrack as well. Great to see a run of VQs lately. HIMs stepping up! Let’s continue the momentum and get better!


Funyuns (posting for Offshore)

GrowSchool 2.0

0600 Time to Go…Couple of Stragglers coming in on Two Wheels
Mosey to Soccer field w side shuffle L/R, Politician, High Knees and Butt Kickers
WOR (Princess Aurora)
All IC
SSH X 20
The Dirty McDuece
Count off 1s and 2s to partner up
Round I
Merkins, Squats, Ola Dollies x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round II
Atomic Merkins, Lunges, LBCs x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round III
CDD, Jump Squats (OYO), Reverse Crunches x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round IV
Burpees (OYO), Jump Lunges, Flutter Kix x 12 IC
Run 400M
High Plank on Hill for some of the Genesis of F3 Nation.
Looooong Aunt Bea like wandering mosey around the football field, softball field past the playground through the woods, slalom through the red tips.
Plank Progression in parking lot. More on F3Nashville’s beginnings.
Cross country over to JOHS baseball field back up to rear parking lot. Plank progression on Leadership, Fartsacking and the like.
Why do they call it Mary, CCR? From the famous car ride scene in Something About Mary…look it up.
High plank, low plank, flutters x30 IC, American Hammers x20 IC, Mariah’s x13 IC, j-los x13 IC, 10 burpees oyo
Goal today was to replicate the Qs of OBT & DREDD of GrowSchools and GrowRucks of the past. Must say, think we nailed it! Great work by Qs to explain what we do, why we do it and how we do it. Nice work by the PAX in chiming in w the MC and hard work. Probably the most Forward Leaning Rest/Listening Position/High Plank on record.
Proud to be a part of this great group of men. Thank yall for your hard work and dedication to the reinvigoration of male leadership in our communities.
If anyone knows of some small men that may need this, please a little EH on em.
Lots of great stuff going on right now…many opportunities to serve. Please reach out to me if you feel led to serve in any of the roles we mentioned this am or in any other way we would love to help.
I will get all of the GrowSchool info in one document and see about getting it on the interwebs.
Bagger Vance
Bicentennial Man, Brother @ Law, Right Said, PA, CCR, Floppy Disk, FTTAL, TOGA, T Cell, Traffic Jam, HiViz, Bad Boy, Pappa Lock, Frugal McDugal, Life Champ, Dupree, Numbtucks, Nimbus 2K (FNG), Black Lung, Hambone, Crawfish, PreVac, Lewd Wig, Foggy Pirate, Chum, Vegemite, Big Stick, Deep Dish, Cowboy, BV

VQ at the Racetrack

Pax: Greasetrap (Co-Q), Too Tall, Venus, Olan Mills, Funyuns, CCR, Cinderella, Cheese Curd (visiting from North Charlotte), Offshore, Captain Derivative, Private Sandman, Numb Tucks (VQ)

12 Pax total gathered for a new day, with a new Q (thanks for humoring me fellas). With Greasetrap helping the new Q we had sandbags and med balls waiting in the lot. With a quick Molly to the park to drop off the bags and med balls, we headed to the garage. A quick warmup and then the work began.

Sprint up each ramp, at the flat perform 5 4x4s (burpee w/ four merkins, and four mountain climbers – thats one rep) – bear crawl forward to other side and 10 Sit Ups. After another sprint do 5 Worst Merkins (wide merkin – normal merkin, diamond merkin: thats one rep – bear crawl backward – 10 flutter kicks) Do OYO until you reach the summit. Since a VQ led we had to break early and molly to the top before going back down the stairs to the park.

Once all arrived to the park (the men with rucks were working hard) we partnered up into two groups.

Group 1: 10 clean and jerks with sandbags (going down to 1 alternating with partner. Group
Group 2: 5 pull ups, 5 chin ups, 10 dips, 10 lunges each leg, 10 med ball throws and one lap around the racetrack.

After group 1 finished switch. Again timing was off a little but we still got a good workout in. Molly back to the cars for some planks and flutter kicks. Good learning experience, thanks for coming out men.

More Murph at The Racetrack

PAX: Offshore, Life Champ, Red Skull Bone, Numbtucks (sp?), Toga, Shug, Black Widow

Lucky 7 posted to take on The Murph at the Racetrack.  Here’s how it went down.

Mosey down Maryland Way for a half mile to kick things off.  Head back to the pull-up bars at the park. = ~1 mile

Complete 10 rounds of 10 pull-ups, 20 merkins, 30 squats.

Run back down Maryland Way for a half mile and then head back to the flag.  Some folks had time for a little Mary when they got back.

COT: YHC took us out

NMM:  Ludwig’s version of The Murph last week at Cruel Hall got me thinking about doing something a bit more like the original.  The Murph may be the most well known WOD, and you can read more about the amazing act of courage of Lt. Murphy here.  Nobody had body armor or a weight vest nor did we come close to Donald Trump Jr’s sub 32 minute PR (only 4 minutes off of the world record no less).  It was still fun to get out there and knock this out before sunrise.  The PAX cruised through all ten rounds, but the mumble chatter was distinctly light.

Stay Classy,


A Bigger, Better Stick

PAX: Olan Mills, Funyuns, Bagger Vance, Razor, Umbrella, Toga, FNG Suge, Offshore, Edible Arrangements, Big Bang, Cobalt

Q: Toga

11 posted for a correction to a workout previously stolen by Big Stick (notably absent again).  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey to parking lot by parking deck for COP: usual warmup stuff

Mosey to bottom level of parking deck to carry partner up first ramp, run flat, partner two executes wheelbarrow, run the flat, flapjack and continue alternating till we arrived at the top deck.  Some marry to gather the 6 and hustle down the steps.

Run to Franklin Rd by Uncle Julio’s for 10 burpees, mosey to corner of Franklin and Maryland Way for 10 burpees, back to the corner of the lot and Franklin Rd for 10 burpees, and finish at the far corner of the lot for 10 more burpees.

Mosey back to the bottom of the parking deck and repeato the partner exercise back to the top.  Run down and mosey to the pull-up bars at the park.

Complete pull-up and WWII sit-up ladder: 1:3, 2:6, 3:9… 7:21

NMM:  Let’s be very clear about this workout.  It came from Swamp Fox in Charlotte.., at least that’s where it hit me in the face, and I was telling several PAX members about it one day at the RaceTrack.  Big Stick must have thought it was a good idea as he attempted to copy it a few weeks ago.  After reading the backblast, YHC felt it was necessary to do it again.., correctly.  We’ll do it again sometime when Big Stick returns.

The PAX rolled through the workout inspire of lots of Bagger confusion on what’s a flat vs. an incline.  Olan Mills has clearly been wheelbarrowed before as he hustled right up two inclines.  Big Bang eschewed the piggy back method and was running up an incline with Umbrella across his shoulders.  Funyuns appropriately showed good form since he was unable to help the grandparents stack chairs after a 2nd grade concert last evening #recoveryday #t-rexarms.

COT:  Prayers for your brothers dealing with marital concerns.  Be there for those in your life and pray for guidance on ways we can develop strength at home.

Stay Classy,