Buns of Steel

5 Pax greeted their Friday right with a dose of Slamberry

Pax: Tampa, Funyuns, Grisham, Rosemary, and Greatrap (QIC)

Start off with a good warmup lap then circle up for stretches. We did a fast pace group of many stretches and everyone was being to sweat.


10 min running clock of Lt. Dan’s with 95lb on back. Rules were every time you needed to take a break and drop the weight, you had to do 5 burpees before you began again. Legs were smoked after this. Everyone has a good looking butt for the holiday weekend.

2 min break as we discussed the Metcon. There was a lot of chatter of the start of the next run of our legs not working. They would not move.


Buy-in: 400m run

25-20-15-10-5 of the following:

Russian KB swings

Hand release merkins


Cash-out: 400m run

I was struggling pretty bad toward the end but the guys kept me going. In all, it was a great and hard workout.

Grisham didn’t have enough so he led us in 8 count body builders for 10 reps.


Till next time,