The Hill Blast – Razor’s Last Stand

Weather was clear.
Foxtrot TAL -QIC
Pax – too many to name, but 21 in all. Notables Razor…aka Venus…

We began with a short mozy down to the amphitheatre. Did a double loop around the mini circle to catch up with Prevac. He’s going to Tuscany, Italy today with his wife. I’ve never been but hear amazing things about the area. I am looking forward to going one day soon.

Circle up for warmup
25 Ssh’s
10 slow count Merkins
15 Mountain climbers
10 Good mornings
10 Willy mays
15 Baby arm circles

The exercise portion begins:

5 Teams of 4
50 per person dips
50 per person merkins hand release
50 per person stadium jumps
50 per person squats with 1 one thousand second count at bottom
2 on team running the mini loop and back while others continue exercises.

First to finish must go to the wall and begin wall sits.

We finished and began to mozy to south edge of campus where we noticed Frougal McDougal administering mouth to mouth resuscitation to Razor…..I thought it was a little strange because later on someone told me he skinned his knee! :)) Hopefuly Razor returns soon!

Anyways, the group trekked on to the gravel road on the south edge and ran straight east towards the track. We stopped for 10 merkins at the top of the ridge.

Next team exercise  began on track-
2 on team running full lap (1/4 mile)
While each person must complete 100 Monkey humpers, 100 lunges , 100 Carolina dry docks head to ground individually

Most teams alternated until each crew had run 3 laps. Yard Sales team completed 4 while rest finished.

With 4 minutes to go, we finished up with quick mozy back to parking lot.  Blue Mules grunts really helped me stay the course!!!
Finished with 90 seconds of Mary.
20 fast count Freddie Merks.
20 slow count J Lo’s!

Cowboy prayed for us. He gets me every time!