A Letter to the PAX – 01.01.20

This morning’s F3 Nashville New Year’s Day convergence (our sixth) was bittersweet as it marked not only the beginning of what is sure to be a great 2020 but also the conclusion of my time as F3 Nashville’s Nantan (our second). As I reflect on the last 20 months since Bagger Vance passed the baton, I’m amazed by what has occurred in the F3 community in Middle Tennessee.

We have seen the launch and rapid growth of F3 Nolensville. We crossed the river into East Nashville – this time for good – under the leadership of Brother-at-Law and Hot Route, and we are up to 17 AOs in the region proper. We have empowered the likes of Tiny Dancer and Reveille to take F3 to their communities in Spring Hill and Lebanon, respectively. We have run two Ironclad challenges with a third on the way (yes, you read that right), organized a couple of CSAUPs like The Scorpion and TN CAN RUCK among others, and poured into each other through initiatives like the 12th Man and QSource groups. We even got to celebrate our 5th Anniversary with 90 HIM at the place where it all started back in September 2014.

Honestly, I had no clue what this would become on that first day, but I can say I’m extremely encouraged by and grateful for the growth not just with F3 but in myself and the brothers that surround me. I want to give a special thanks to my “cabinet” members and trusted advisors: T-Cell, Bagger Vance, Hi-Viz, Dupree, and Hambone. I also want to thank all of our AOQ’s. These are the guys doing the real work of leading from the ground up and bringing out the leaders in all of us. Thank them when you see them, and then encourage other men to come out and meet them, too.

I know there is still so much more to be done and many more lives to impact, but, having accomplished the goals I set for myself, I am obliged to let another HIM take the reins of F3 Nashville. Rest assured that the revival will continue – this one just might have a little more Creedence Clearwater flavor.

CCR, it’s all yours.

PA out.