Nolensville/Franklin Convergence #2 – The Forge – 6/1/19

PAX (30, including 6 FNGs): Stirrups, Macaroni, Stats, Little Miss Piggy, Maytag, Pope, Hot N Ready, Cheese Whiz, Torch, Beeker (FNG), Shoota, Oregon Trail, Old Hickory, Creeper, 3rd Degree, Staples, Waterboy, Double Bird (FNG), Smokey (FNG), Show Me, SexEd, Pocahontas, Topper (FNG), Chubbs (FNG), Reboot (FNG), Hoser, Cowbell, Nimbus, Gig ’em, Tebow

We’ll have to run it by our attorneys to see if Franklin can take credit for all six FNGs for #Franklin150 – decision pending.

Mosey to football field for disclaimer & Warm up:
SSH, IW, Merks, Squats, 30s stretch oyo, Burpees
(the free stretch may have thrown some PAX – “what is this?” “what do I do?” – comfort zones abandoned already)

THANG 1 (Tebow QIC):

1.1) Side Shuffle Suicides: from goal line, shuffle 5-yd increments and back, ending at the 50 yd line – 1 burpee every direction change (fyi, this was a lot of shuffling; not mad about it)

1.2) Triplet under the bleachers:
10-1 reps of
steel beam pull ups, low plank MC, iron mikes
(merlot spotted shortly after)

1.3) With partner at midfield for Dora style work:
Partner 1 exercises (MC merkins x 50 / AH x 100 / jump squats x 150)
Partner 2 runs to the fence (approx. 80 yds) for 2 burpees over the fence (“Trump burpees” as suggested by PAX, has a nice ring) and back, switch (scale: burpee + 2 tuck jumps x2)
Then, one final trip to the fence all together

THANG 2 (Gig ‘Em QIC):

After jumping many fences Tebow passed the baton to Gig’em. Pax were grateful.

2nd warmup: Mosey around track. Bearcrawl bleacher section. Rinse and repeat.

2.1) Partner up. One partner planks for 60 seconds. Other partner amraps burpee side jumps over planking Partner. Switch. Rinse and repeat. This was rough. Pax pressed through.
2.2) Mosey around track. Crabwalk bleacher section (approx 80 yards). Karaoke across field to underneath bleachers.
2.3) Partner up: Pull-up holds for 20 seconds. Other partner does 7 hand release Merkins. Switch. 5 sets each. 10 HRM on set five. Last pull-up hold is to failure. Excellent effort by all. Mosey to field.
2.4) Stay with partner: in style of Dora, one partner does big boy sit-ups while the other partner canary hops for 20 yards. Does five burps. Crawl bears back to goal line. Switch. Repeat 3 times. Mosey to other side of track.
2.5) 200 yard sprint. Shoota references track experience and suggests we stagger lanes to make fair. Suggestion box was closed. Maybe next time. To the sled.
2.6) 5 pax at a time took turns & unleashed fury on the Nolensville Knights blocking sled.
Intensity was off the charts. Great seeing men getting after it. Nice finisher.

Grateful for the opportunity to lead you men. What a great AO. See you in September boys. Keep stretching because there is no growth in the comfort zone.