CruelHall Leadership Lessons

26 PAX: Bagger Vance, PSL, Floppy D, Fox Trot, Big Stick, Dine-n-Dash, Yard Sale, Accounts Receivable, Lumberg, Calf Killer, CCR, Yumi, fox hole, Swamp Fox, The Strangler, Reefer, Black Lung, Skid Mark, umbrella, Donuts Pre-Vac

QIC: Dupree

A nice and cool 61 degrees greeted 26 PAX last Friday. Thinking that it would be good day for some encouraging partner work, and being inspired by Q’s reading for IronClad challenge, Q gave the disclaimer.

Taking the long loop around the bus loop, Q surprises PAX with a left turn into the new parking lot. FoxTrot and Big Stick stumble into finding us in circle and much mumblechatter begins with the arrival of FoxTrot who stood next to BV.


SSH xs 15
Willie Mays xs 15
Good Mornings xs15
Baby Arm circles xs15
Reverse xs 15
air press xs 15
Squats xs 15
Merkins xs 15

Count off 1’s and 2’s – 1’s look to your left, 2’s to your right and that is partner for the day. Each exercise is done together. Q quoted Andy Crouch from his book “Strong and Weak:”
Leadership begins the moment you care about others flourishing more than your own. Q was really moved by this statement this summer and let that wisdom guide our workout together.


Bear Crawl up the bus hill with partner. Once you get to the gate, jog back down to the bus hill.

Lunge up the bus hill with partner (these felt especially good after PSL’s beatdown at detention). Run back to the bus loop.

Burpee broadjump up the bus hill with partner. This one was a favorite of the PAX.

Then mosey to playground where we with our partner did three sets of 10 pullups, 20 rows, and 25 dips. Pre-Vac prevacced.

Line up under pavilion. With partner do 11’s – burpee/mountain merkin combination. That sucked.

Flutters xs 30
WWI’s on your own – 15
Good Mornings to close us out.

COT – Q school and 4 year F3 anniversary September 29th.

Q reminded PAX that some are faster, some are slower, some in great shape, some are just beginning, but we all need each other. Today we practiced caring more about the other than ourselves. For some of us that sped us up. For some of us that slowed us down. But we did it together. We all need people to walk with in life together. If we truly want to be leaders, care more about the flourishing of others than your own.

Always an honor to lead.