Sweating must be Contagious…F3Franklin Battleground 5/14/18

Pax in attendance:

19 strong with 3 FNGs, two EH’d by guys that were FNGs last week! Exciting stuff…

In no particular order: Tortoise, Torch, Big Bang, Blood Clot, Gig’em, Numbtucks, Barney Fievel, Cahone, Bartman, Shocker, Hack Face, Zoolander, Hoser, Unicorn, Chopper, Flinstone (FNG), TPS Report (FNG), Goal-line (FNG) & 3rd Degree (QiC)

After the pre-party for some, and the gathered Mumble chatter in the light of the sun-rise and balmy 70s to start, off we went @5:45. Mosey around the petri-dish goose-pond then circle up on the literal poop-deck for warmorama:
25 SSH, 15 SJ, 10 TempoMerkins, 15 BAC forward and reverse with the last few as BigACs, 15 IW, 10 TempoSquats
Then we done DID it:
Derkins, Irkins and Dips in sequence. x3, x6, x9 & x12 each. R&R skipping the x9 for 51 total of each. Arms are pumped! On to the DeathStar to get sharpened.
With so many PAX, we split into 2 groups (A&B) for AYG sprints by group (for most it was AYG) to the top of the ramp and then an exercise called by Q. Then Mosey around to next ramp all the way up. We found out BC has 0 patience and DQ’d his sprint after floor 3 every time. Class Clown…
Exercises to the best of my remembrance:
Clap Merkins x10, Pullups x10, Toetaps x10, ManMakers x10, Imperial Squat Walkers x15, Pullups x5 ToeTaps x5 and then sprint to the top of the garage up the last ramp.
R Karaoke long side, mosey shortside, L Karaoke long side, Bear Crawl shortside, Politician run (Back-pedal) Long side, Bear Crawl short side, Politician run (Back-pedal) Long side
25 Flutters IC, 25 Freddie Mercuries, 15 WWI situps, 25 LBCs
CoT, Count-off, Name-o-rama, FNG christening x3 (almost had a Huevos, but the legend has not yet been born), Announcements (F3 Dad’s this Sunday @ Pinkerton Park at 3pm. Kid-friendly AO and snacks afterwards. Hit up BC if you can bring drinks…) 3rd F this Thursday at the Tenney Group @ 5:45am covering James Chapter 2.
Prayed for Spicoli after a word about not only making sure we sharpen each other physically, but that individually we let God’s Word Sharpen us daily… Hebrews 4:12.
BOOM! Sweat-fest continues…

New Year’s Day Convergence – 01/01/18 – “Better Than Yesterday”

QIC: Princess Aurora

The PAX: Bagger Vance, D’Mish, Big Bang, Spicoli, Tortoise, Bartman, T-Cell, Porcelain, Bicentennial Man, Concrete, The Jeweler, Babe the Blue Ox (FNG), Braddock, Hambone, Blue Mule, Grisham, Edible Arrangement, Deep Dish, Numb Tucks, Braveheart, Frugal MacDoogal, Big Stick (LIFO), Cowboy, Hi-Viz, Hustler (LIFO), Pretty Plies (FNG), Ludwig Von Osh Kosh, Offshore, Venus, Private Sandman, Webelo (FNG), Black Widow, Funyuns, Leatherneck

35 brave souls (33 of which were on time) dove headlong into a crisp start to 2018. At 7 degrees with the wind giving us a real feel of -6, this is and will probably continue to be the coldest F3 Nashville workout on record.


Started with a quick mosey down and back up the parking lot to give folks enough time to sign the standard FRA waiver, and then quickly headed over to the track, throwing in some side shuffles along the way. Circle up at the 50 for disclaimer and WOR, all exercises IC:

  • SSH x 20
  • SnL Squats x 18
  • WMH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 18

Count off 1 through 5 and line up in columns along goal line. Instructions are for PAX 1 to alternate Walk Duck and Backpedal every 10 yards through the 50 before sprinting to opposite end zone. Remaining PAX are to begin when PAX in front gets to 10 yard line and to SSH while waiting. RnR back across the field. That’s Round 1. Round 2 was the Simian Shuffle alternating left and right, and Round 3 was Duck Walk and Broad Jump Squats (Jump Squat immediately followed by Broad Jump) #crowdpleaser.

Next up was a modified mile run. PAX perform 20 Merkins and 18 Squat Jacks followed by a lap. Repeat x3 and plank and wait for six. Big Stick and Hustler decided it was a good time to show up somewhere around Lap 2, and we were glad to have them!

Count off 1 through 5 and line up in columns along the goal line again. This time, PAX 1 sprints the length of the field while remaining PAX cycle through 18 reps each of Carolina Dry Docks, WWI Sit-Ups, and Jump Lunges. Once PAX 1 crosses the opposite goal line, he signals to the next PAX to begin his sprint. Continue to complete the cycle until the last PAX crosses. In keeping with my mantra for this year of “Better Than Yesterday,” we decided to up the speed a bit. First round was completed in 2:40, so the goal was 2:30. After crushing that in 2:08 or something, we decided to take a crack at the two-minute barrier. 1:57!

Through with the huffing and puffing, we circled up for Mary.

  • LBCs x 18
  • Flutter Kicks x 18
  • Rosalitas x 18
  • Side Leg Raises L/R x 18
  • Plank x 18″ plus…

…to send us out, one at a time, each PAX performed 18 Merkins. Upon completion and moving counterclockwise, the next PAX began his reps. We were probably 10 PAX in when it was wisely decided that each PAX would go when the previous one got to 9.

All in! COT/BOM with Shout-out by Bagger.


  • TClaps/Darwin Award to Big Bang for rocking short sleeves. That’s a lovely shade of red on your arms now.
  • Welcome FNGs Tyler Jones aka Babe the Blue Ox, Ben Weber aka Webelo, and David Gensheimer aka Pretty Plies. F3 is glad to have you, especially if you’re the kind of man who would make his first post in these conditions.
  • Big thanks to Frugal for offering up The Hill and more importantly for the coffeeteria.


  • Warpath with F3 Franklin begins at 0500 this Saturday. 300 minutes of fun!
  • Prayers for those who have lost loved ones this year. Reach out as you are able and take time to cherish your own loved ones.
  • Having the opportunity to lead the NYD workout for 4 years now has been amazing. Thank you all for going along with my shenanigans and cursing me (lovingly) under your breath. It’s truly a privilege, and I’ve enjoyed watching this thing continue to grow. Keep at it this year!
  • Go Tigers.

PA out.


Just Another Bomb Track


Tampa Libra, Bro at Law, Tiny House, SBRL, Funyuns, Traffic Jam, Cinderella, Yard Sale, Preacher Man, D Mish, Frugal MacDugal, Foggy Pirate, BV


40 and perfect

Double loop up stairs and down HCap ramp

WOR in West End Zone:

All IC X 13



Evolution I

B urpees

O ne Arm Plank Jax

M erkins

B ig Boy Sit Ups

S quats

Start in end zone, each yard line indicates number of reps


(Those 50 Burpees in the middle had a large degree of suck)

Evolution II

Lt Dan length of End Zone

AYG on the diagonal to East EZ

Dan Lt length of EZ

AYG on the diagonal to West EZ

FKix, Plank Progression for the 6

Evolution III

Crawl Bear up bleachers side shuffle Plank to steps and Bear Crawl down. Raccoon walk on lowest seats to steps and Crawl Bear up. Side shuffle Plank to steps and crawl Bear down. Superman Plank on low step for 6.

Evolution IV


Balls to the Wall

Donkey Kicks


Evolution V

Indian Run


Beast R x 10 IC

Beast L x 10 IC

Mariah L x 10 IC

Bridge x 10 IC

Mariah R x 10 IC

Superman x 10 IC

Scorpion x 20 IC


NM: Light crowd at The Hill this AM but work was dispensed nonetheless.  Such a great venue to Q.  Check out the sign up sheet for next opportunity.


GrowRuck 05 still open for sign ups.  Call me, Funyuns, Big Bang or Hambone for intel.

Rob Jones Journey Marathon coming up 7 November at Shelby Bottoms.  Looks like we will start at 0700, run two nine mile loops and one 8.2M loop.

Spitballing the idea of our own Grow School the first weekend of December.  Reach out to Floppy, CCR, D’Mish or myself for intel.


Bagger Vance


The Real Superhero

THE PAX: Yard Sale, Black Widow, Foggy Pirate, Frugal McDugal, Torch, Tortoise, Sanctions, CCR, Bad Boy, T Cell, Dr. Smartt, Loveboat, HVAC, Leatherneck, Crawfish, Big Bang, Floppy Disk, Spicoli, Edible Arrangements, Grease Trap, Grisham, CAPSLOCK, Iron Lung, Accounts Receivable, Third Degree, D’Mish, Princess Aurora, Col Flo Dotty, PSL, T Swizz, Blood Clot, Big Stick, Dine n Dash, Sterno, Funyuns, Blackwater, Hi Viz, Olan Mills, Cinderella, En Feugo, Lump, Walter White, Dupree, Bartman, Tidy Cats, Lewd Wig

QIC: Bagger Vance

47 HIM were present this AM at Detention to honor the life of Job Kemp and to support Grease Trap and Katie Kemp and their family.  Cobains to the 4 who posted at The Skunk, poor comz on my part.

0529 – one minute call

0530 – mosey down Hogan, side shuffle right then left on Trousdale, BearCrawl speed bump 1-2, crawl bear 2-3, deep lunge 3-4, Politician length of portables.  Finish w 5 HSPU and circle up

With 47 HIM, there was a bit of a lag so we SSH’d for the 6.


SSH x 13 IC


Willie Mays Hayes x 10 IC

High Knees x 13 IC

Butt Kickers x 13 IC

Hillbillies x 13 IC

Deep Squats x 13 IC

Imperial Walkers x 13 IC

Ok Mornings x 13 IC

High Plank and Count 1-5…Funyuns, Floppy Disk, D’Mish and CCR to the center to help with


In groups of 5 (Job’s age) we break out and perform the following:

B urpees

A tomic Merkins

T oe Touches

M ountain Climber Merkins

A lternating Shoulder Taps

N olan Ryans

Batman is Job’s favorite superhero.  We did all exercises in reps of 29 (Grease Trap’s age) and mosey’d a loop at the end.  We AMRAP’d BATMAN until 0610.

Circle Up back at the Main Lot

Flutter Kicks for the 6


Heels to Heaven x 20 IC

Yoga of some sort x 10 IC

Mariah Careys x 10 IC R then L

Scorpions x 10 IC

Flutter Kicks x 20 IC



The theme of the day is to honor Job and The Kemp family.  Over a few texts last evening, we decided to break into groups of 5 and disperse over the Detention campus and perform the BATMAN sequence.  As per normal, YHC left out Floppy Disk and had to download w him on the fly.  Also as per normal, FD did an excellent job.

D’Mish delivered a great heartfelt prayer in BOM.  Thank you for reminding us all how much Grease Trap has been a beacon of hope and a glaring example of faithfulness and grace.  May the Lord’s mercy rest upon him, Katie, Penny, Zeke and their entire family.  Thank you GT for the humility and dignity you have displayed during this emotional experience.  Thank you for letting us be near to yall and be engaged with yall.  Thank you for not shutting us out and for drawing us into your family.

Funyuns sent me a text after the Q that this was a great reminder to him and to me about what is different and special about F3.

Thank you for allowing me to lead yall and thank you for being such good leaders in and of yourselves.  This is not mine and it’s not yours, we have a responsibility and duty to give F3 away to others.

For the sake of the next story that will come up in the lives of those of us F3ers in Nashville and Franklin, please reach out to someone and invite them to come see what F3 is all about…and make sure you let them know, it ain’t about you!


Bagger Vance

It’s Not About You

Why do we post Back Blasts?
As my dad would have said to me when I was a kid, “Because I told you to!” Obviously, that didn’t work for me then and it doesn’t work for us now as GAM, grown ass men.
I have been thinking a lot lately about the importance of the Back Blast coming off the Memphis launch, a host of new and reworked AOs and a great Nantaan call recently.
As I understand them, the Back Blast is the following:
  • A recap of the workout
  • A place to recognize those who posted
  • A way to track numbers and growth
  • A way to commemorate a break through
  • A way to commemorate someone splashing merlot for posterity
  • A way to make announcements
  • A way to document new and different exicon from the PAX
  • You’re a leader and part of Qing a workout is writing the BB
I’m sure there’s more on that from DREDD & OBT in Freed to Lead but I can’t get my hands on it right now.
All the above is great and I wholeheartedly agree with #1-8 and with the Nantaan of the Nation and the Great Weasel Shaker at WWHQ in their excellently penned Freed to Lead (which I still can’t find). But to me, the real reason we post the BB I realized today when I got a text from country code +44. At first glance I thought it was spam. Upon further inspection, it was from the one and only Scribe of F3Nashville Faulkner. So, without blabbing on, here’s what he wrote (I edited the very end)
“Been doing three F3 workouts a week by following the backblasts. Off days I run 4 miles. Miss the camaraderie and spiritual support. Tell everyone I said hey. Praying for those mentioned in backblasts, particularly the Kemps. Glad to see how F3 is growing … In this pic, I just finished Edible Arrangement’s latest Qed workout. The park I work out in mainly behind me. Hope you’re well.”

The title of this post is from the people at GoRuck.  I was constantly reminded of this over the past weekend in the 9-11 Memorial Ruck.  Ultimately, the BB isn’t about us being too busy, too lazy or too indifferent because it’s not about us and how we feel about posting the BB…it’s what someone else gets out of it.
So if not for #1-8 and for F2L, do it for the Faulkner’s, the Rooms2Go and others that find themselves DR for an extended period of time and that miss y’all, that miss F3Nashville and miss the 15 Burpess every minute for 10 minutes from that jerk Funyuns!