Mission Accepted

QIC: Hi-Viz

PAX: Megatron, Bicentennial Man, Blue Mule, RightSaid, EnFuego, Firefox, T-Cell, Princess Aurora

CONDITIONS: Brisk and, dare I say, perfect. 55 degrees.


Quick mosey through Sylvan Park.


  • 20X SSH (Joined in progress by PA.)
  • 10X Good Mornings
  • 10X WMH
  • 15X LBAC
  • 15X LBAC (Reverse)
  • 20X Slow-N-Low Squats
  • Quick lap up the stairs, down the length of the upper parking lot and back down the hill and around to the front entrance to the community center for reference.

Time for the PAX to diffuse a bomb. Partner up for a modified DORA. Partner One runs the lap referenced above. Partner Two makes progress toward 100 of each of the following and both switch when One wraps the lap.

O-Overhead Claps
B-Bulgarian Split Squat

Bonus: Those who finished early got to choose-their-own-adventure until all- in.

Mosey to the baseball diamond for some “BJ Gaddour Bullshittery,” which is becoming a standard component of YHC’s Qs. Same partners. One holds a bear crawl plank, while the other advances to the base. Once there, Partner Two makes the trek, while Partner One holds the plank. Continue all the way around. Tougher than it seemed in YHC’s noggin’.

Mosey to the cars for Mary:

30X Flutters
20X WW2s
20X Freddy Mercurys (Mercuries?)
10X Shoulder-Tap Planks
10X J-Los



Thanks to PA for the BOMB inspiration on the Slacker. I appreciate the mere suggestion I do dangerous things in the interest of public safety, but for the record, there’s a reason the Director hasn’t given me a gun. Someday, perhaps…

Great group out there today. Let’s keep the momentum going into the Fall.


  • Stonewall at 7 Saturday at Sevier Park.
  • Cold weather F3 Nashville gear is up for sale, until October 12th. Need some minimum orders to get these printed. Get you some.

Have a good weekend.

Bomber – 09.22.17 – “Hamm Bros”

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: T-Cell, Firefox, Bicentennial Man, Hi-Viz, 3Putt, Third Person, FNG The Calvin Megatron

While setting up for the workout, YHC misplaced his phone in the mulch. Well, buried actually. After a quick and successful scramble to locate it, YHC made a an equally quick and successful scramble back to the cars just in time for launch.


Mosey up the hill along the path and then circle around the upper parking lot with some butt kickers, high knees, and lateral shuffling. Back down to the cars for COP, all IC:

  • SSH x 20
  • SnL Squats x 15
  • Shoulder Taps x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 15
  • LBAC F/R x 10

In the interest of leaving room for explanation, we moseyed over to the Jungle where the PAX were introduced to the temporary installation of rings and parallettes. After splitting into pairs, YHC explained today’s workout:

With four stations consisting of two exercises each,  PAX pairs performed one exercise at their station in tabata-like fashion doing AMRAP in 40″ and resting 20″ before flapjacking with their partner. After 6 rounds total (3 sets of each exercise), PAX pairs rotated to the next station. Those stations were as follows:

  1. Chin-Ups/Lateral Raise Iso Hold (5lb dumbbell in each hand)
  2. Bodysaws (feet in swing)/Hamstring Curls (heels in swing)
  3. Ring Rows/Hand-Release Merkins
  4. Pistol Squats (swing seat for counterbalance)/L-Sit (on parallettes, tucking and/or resting as needed)

Thoroughly “pumped,” it was time for 4MOM:

  • Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
  • WWI Sit-Ups x 20 IC
  • LBCs x 20 IC

Mosey back to the lot for COT/BOM.


Welcome to FNG Eric Ashley NKA The Calvin Megatron*. Hailing from Ocilla, GA, The Calvin Megatron was once a Mercer Baptist and moved around a bit before settling in Nashville and taking his position as a Presby pastor with West End Community Church. Should you ever have questions on Reformed theology, it seems there is no shortage of resources amongst the PAX. Count The Calvin Megatron among them.

*as is typical of someone with low idea productivity like myself (this is fact. An aptitude test told me so), I’m more quality over quantity when it comes to brainstorming ideas. That requires time to think, something the COT does not allow. So, still a bit disappointed with my naming, my late afternoon train of thought went something like this: Eric is a Georgia Bulldog fan. Oh! Another Calvin is former Georgia Tech receiver Calvin Johnson aka Megatron. There you have it. 


  • Bagger Vance on the Stonewall Q tomorrow, and it sounds like he’s cooked up something delicious for us. Back on at 7am tomorrow.
  • Now is the time to sign up for the GrowRuck event on November 18, and experience a unique opportunity to push your limits and learn valuable lessons alongside your F3 brethren.
  • Warpath 72 in Franklin Oct 7 at 5am. Contact Big Bang for more info.

PA out.

Heads you get Lemon, Tails you get T-Cell. It’s a Win/Win!

Q’s – Lemon and T-Cell

Pax – Princess Aurora, En Fuego, Porcelain, Bad Boy, Bicentennial Man, and FNG FireFox

Since it’s Florida/TN week, seems appropriate to quote the old ball coach, Steve S, and say that “God smiled on Sylvan Park this morning!” Beautiful day for Lemon’s VQ.  Lots of talk pre-workout from Bad Boy on how beautiful Knoxville is. AGREE! Good omen for the upcoming win against the

The Thang

Lemon took the reigns of his first VQ. Mosey up and around the clubhouse for the warm-o-rama. Was joined mid-run by FNG, Chris Pau (FireFox). Great to have a new man join the ranks.

COP consisted of 20 SSH, 10 Good Mornins, 10 Willie Mays Hays,  a dose of little tiny baby arm circles and presses, and 10 merkins for good measure.

Made our way over the parking lot to utilize the the medians. Each round consisted of high-knees to first median, backward mosey to the next, lunges to the next, and then bear crawls to final median. The first round we did 5 burpees at each median. The next round we followed the same script except we did 10 merkins at each stop.

Lemon then led us down the hill for a round of 7’s. It was dips at the bottom and squats up top.

YHC took over her for some baked bread. Chibatta was in the oven and we were cooking baby. Burpee Tibata for 4 min.

In honor of football season, we worked on the coin toss. If it was heads, we headed up the hill. If it was tails, we jumped on our six for a pax-picked Mary.  Because of some confusion, we will be using Bit Coin only at the next Bomber.


Welcomed FNG Chris Pau from way of CA, via Raleigh-Durham, via Chatt Town. Heard out about us from The Next Door website. Great to have an FNG join.  He will be known as FireFox.

50% headed to Dose for coffeeteria.  ALWAYS the highlight of a successful Bomber.

Bomber – 09.08.17 – “Hands-free”

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Bicentennial Man, T-Cell, Crawfish, Porcelain (LIFO), Third Person

6 PAX posted at Bomber for a medium dose of pain administered by YHC.


Mosey over to the lot at McCabe Pub, passing Porcelain along the way. Circle up and hold People’s Chair to wait for his company. “Umm, does anybody see him?”

Ok, so we scratched that and went back to retrieve him. Moseyed back over to Love a First Sight to check out the cute puppies and kittens while we warmed up. COP, all IC:

  • SSH x 30
  • SnL Squats x 30
  • Planks Jacks x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 15
  • Merks x 15
  • Air Press x 15

Step on over to the stone bench for some muscle pumping DIDs paired with Box Jumps.

Round 1: Dips x 15, Irkins x 10, Derkins x 5, Box Jumps x 10

Round 2 Dips x 20, Irkins x 15, Derkins x 10, Box Jumps w/ Squat at bottom x 10

Mosey back to stone entrance and backpedal up the hill. Pause for Jumping Dans x 10, and then head down to the lot and pair up for modified Dora.

  • Burpees x 50
  • 4ct Flutter Kicks x 100
  • Squats x 150

Quick stop at the wall and hold dip position. 10 Leg Lifts L/R. RnR.

Head over to the jungle gym where each PAX is to do Pull-Ups x 20 while the rest do an ab exercise.

  • Crunchy Frogs
  • J-Lo’s
  • Freddie Mercuries
  • Hello Dollies
  • Butterfly Crunches
  • Boxcutters

Mosey back to the long wall by the lot for Irkins x 10 IC



Glad to see Bicentennial Man keeps coming back. Already seeing improvements in his fitness, and hopefully he feels it, too. All of us are also pondering the disappearance of Lemon and The Baptist. Guys, it’s 60 degrees, not 30. You’ve got a solid two months until hibernation.


Since I’m writing this from the future, tclaps to all the guys who completed the GORUCK Tough Fri/Sat. For those of us who didn’t make it, let’s make a pact to do the GrowRuck together on 11/18. I speak for all of us when I say we won’t regret it.

PA out.

It’s Not About You

Why do we post Back Blasts?
As my dad would have said to me when I was a kid, “Because I told you to!” Obviously, that didn’t work for me then and it doesn’t work for us now as GAM, grown ass men.
I have been thinking a lot lately about the importance of the Back Blast coming off the Memphis launch, a host of new and reworked AOs and a great Nantaan call recently.
As I understand them, the Back Blast is the following:
  • A recap of the workout
  • A place to recognize those who posted
  • A way to track numbers and growth
  • A way to commemorate a break through
  • A way to commemorate someone splashing merlot for posterity
  • A way to make announcements
  • A way to document new and different exicon from the PAX
  • You’re a leader and part of Qing a workout is writing the BB
I’m sure there’s more on that from DREDD & OBT in Freed to Lead but I can’t get my hands on it right now.
All the above is great and I wholeheartedly agree with #1-8 and with the Nantaan of the Nation and the Great Weasel Shaker at WWHQ in their excellently penned Freed to Lead (which I still can’t find). But to me, the real reason we post the BB I realized today when I got a text from country code +44. At first glance I thought it was spam. Upon further inspection, it was from the one and only Scribe of F3Nashville Faulkner. So, without blabbing on, here’s what he wrote (I edited the very end)
“Been doing three F3 workouts a week by following the backblasts. Off days I run 4 miles. Miss the camaraderie and spiritual support. Tell everyone I said hey. Praying for those mentioned in backblasts, particularly the Kemps. Glad to see how F3 is growing … In this pic, I just finished Edible Arrangement’s latest Qed workout. The park I work out in mainly behind me. Hope you’re well.”

The title of this post is from the people at GoRuck.  I was constantly reminded of this over the past weekend in the 9-11 Memorial Ruck.  Ultimately, the BB isn’t about us being too busy, too lazy or too indifferent because it’s not about us and how we feel about posting the BB…it’s what someone else gets out of it.
So if not for #1-8 and for F2L, do it for the Faulkner’s, the Rooms2Go and others that find themselves DR for an extended period of time and that miss y’all, that miss F3Nashville and miss the 15 Burpess every minute for 10 minutes from that jerk Funyuns!

10 PAX @ Bomber 11 August, 2017 — Burpee Broad Jumps

10 PAX converge on Bomber Friday 11 August 2017 for the first workout in YHC’S Week of the Mule. Weather was nice – low 70s, clear, but humid. Beautiful sunrise. Started at 5:30 as planned.


The 10 PAX were YHC Blue Mule, John the Baptist, Hi Viz, Merlot, Porcelain, Hardballs, Mickey Mouse, Bad Boy, T Cell and En Fuego.


Mosey around driving range, short warm-o-rama of squats and arm circles and good mornings in order to get loose.


THE THANG: 100 BURPEE BROAD JUMPS: All PAX divide into teams of two. One PAX performs 10 burpee broad jumps out from starting line and then turns around and performs 10 more burpee broad jumps back to the starting line. While one PAX is performing these burpee broad jumps, the other PAX is performing a stationary exercise. A round is complete when both PAX have each in turn completed their round of burpee broad jumps and perform side-straddle-hops for the six. Each round involves both PAX performing 20 of these burpee broad jumps. All PAX perform 5 rounds, which totals 100 reps (20 x 5 = 20). Stationary exercises were as follows: round one merkins, round two LT Dans, round three overhead arm claps, round four squats, round five pick any of the previous rounds. 100 burpee broad jumps is a lot of burpee broad jumps – all PAX were huffin’ and puffin’!


Mosey back to the starting line.


TON OF INCLINE AND DECLINE MERKINS: All PAX pick a location on the concrete wall next to the parking lot. Six rounds of merkins. First round is five incline merkins followed by five decline merkins. Increase number of merkins performed in each round by two. This totals 120 merkins ( 5 x 2 + 7 x 2 + 9 x 2 + 11 x 2 + 13 x 2 + 15 x 2 = 10 + 14 + 18 + 22 + 26 + 30 = 120 ). That’s a lot of merkins – especially after those 100 burpee broad jumps.


Just enough time for Mary.


MARY: 20 count flutter-kicks, 20 WW2 sit-ups, two-minute plank.


And that’s all she wrote!


Pleasure leading you gentlemen and I’ll see you in the gloom.



Blue Mule