3S, 2Turkeys – 14 for a gloomy gobbler at Bomber

We had 14 PAX + a brief coupon delivery man (PA) for a gloomy gobbler. We fully utilized the 3S2T philosophy – Sauce, Sides, Serious Precipitation + Turkey & Turkey. Joke still didn’t land…We all learned that the human body don’t rust in the rain.

PAX: Porcelain, Blue Mule, Duplex, Right Said, Toothless, Hambone, Cub Cadet, Black Lung, Bicentennial Man, HiViz, T cell, River Dawg, Covenant Eyes

QIC: Crablegs

Conditions: Gloomy. ~58F with a nice, progressive rain shower that finished conveniently at the same time as the workout.


  • Most Thanksgivings begin with a bit of travel so PAX took a meandering road trip mosey around the McCabe clubhouse area. We were fortunate for no unnecessary slowdowns or disagreements about the radio.
  • Next was a brief, non-creative Warm-a-rama with highlights of the moroccan night club and OYO good mornings.


  • PAX counted off and picked partners because nobody should be alone on Thanksgiving.
  • We all headed to the coupon corner to gather up the necessary tools to prepare for the feast. We had cinder blocks, kettle bells, Ruck Plates, Bumper plates, Mule bricks and others – shout out Blue Mule, PA, Cub Cadet, EnFuego, T cell and Porcelain for the coups. Sorry if you brought a coup and I missed you here.
  • PAX began to prepare the Thanksgiving TURKEY. One partner took a turkey trot to the top of the hill and made room for the meal with 3 burpees at the top while the other was going for AMRAP of the Turkey exercises below.
  • T-U-R-K-E-Y
  • Turkins- strongly resemble Merkins
  • Upright Coupon Rows – to row the Mayflower
  • (plymouth) ROCKERs – similar to a coupon side lunge
  • Korn bread Koupon thrusters (like the band)
  • Elf on the shelf – American Hammer style movement with a coupon thruster in the middle, in order to both retrieve and place said elf on said shelf.
  • Yam Yurpees

PAX then brought their air chairs to the air table and passed the plate. Once the plates were sufficiently passed, we went back for seconds and modified the Turkey to swap the 3 burpees up top for 1 Yurpee and the Yam Yurpees with American Yammers, which are exactly what you think they are (+coupon).

PAX returned to the table for more plate passing, this time with double the plates. Perfect form was needed to impress the in-laws and most succeeded.


It was a pleasure to get back and lead the PAX at #Bomber. Many thanks to all getting out in the rain and making the most of the DRP. We missed our brothers in the Vandersack (s/o Pumpkin Spice, Vector, $$$nake). Prayers for Covenant Eyes’ friend Nathan and their family after the recent loss of his mother and for all of those lonely and without family during the Thanksgiving season (esp River Dawg’s Wife’s Ministry). There’s no room in the backblast to express my gratitude towards the PAX of F3 for helping my own acceleration.


  • Be on the lookout for info regarding Thursday workouts next week. #Atlantis is likely out, but we’ll see.
  • 11/23 – The FitTest Challenge at Nolensville High – 0600
  • 12/1 – 3rd F opp with Crievewood Baptist and Room at the Inn – details and sign up here
  • 1/16 – Gentleman’s Dinner at Jimmy Kelly’s – 1800 – HC here

Gobble gobble,


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