Westeros – 11.18.19 – “Woooow”

13 PAX kicked the week off with a short but sweet Owen Wilson birthday tribute and not so short hardcourt throttling.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Black Lung, Crablegs, Crawlspace, Drago, Harvey Updyke, Hi-Viz, Pumpkin Spice, Right Said, Siri, T-Cell, Vector


Mosey over to the WEMS circle drive for a little COP:

  • Overhead Claps
  • Werkins
  • E2K
  • Newton’s Cradle
  • Werkins
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Lunges
  • SSH
  • Overhead Press
  • Newton’s Cradle

Happy birthday, Owen Wilson. Now let’s mosey over to the tennis courts for 4-line suicides across both courts. RnR x 3. With the last one complete in 55 seconds, the PAX were challenged to complete one more in 45 seconds or less or else do it again. First try was a success!

Still on the tennis courts, PAX lined up for some 11s with Prisoner Squats and Hand Release Merkins traveling by Broad Jump out and Crawl Bear and back. (For the sake of time, once 8 HRMs were completed, running was subbed for the Crawl Bear)

All in and the PAX split into two groups to head over to they playground for some Pull-ups. Each team would complete 150 Pull-Ups while the other did Flutter Kicks.

Mosey back to the parking lot for some Mary:

  • LBCs
  • Alabama Prom Dates
  • Single Leg APDs
  • American Hammers
  • Long Slow Flutters



Not much to report other than Crablegs not catching on to the Owen Wilson COP until the very end of the workout. I like to this he’s focusing his mental energy on doctor things.


  • 11/23 – The FitTest Challenge at Nolensville High – 0600
  • 12/1 – 3rd F opp with Crievewood Baptist and Room at the Inn – details and sign up here
  • 1/16 – Gentleman’s Dinner at Jimmy Kelly’s – 1800 – HC here

Pleasure as always, gentlemen.

PA out.

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