It Takes 2 To Tango at The Trident

2 PAX showed up for a cold, wet, and gloomy morning at The Trident.

QIC: Boyband; PAX: Old Hickory

WOR: We started with a mosey to pick up a coupon (8x8x16″ cinderblock, approx. 28lbs) from the back of the lot. Then to the parking garage to get out of the wet.  Good mornings, Leg swings, Willie Mays, Low and Slow Squats, and Low and Slow Merkins were performed.

Thang:  As my shoulder continues to be an issue and oldhickory had been blasting his chest at the gym lately, YHC decided to do a leg/core heavy workout.  This was a 2 station workout, one end of the parking garage to the other, about 75yds apart. Station 1 (near side): Coupon work. Station 2 (far side): Core work.  Mosey between each site with a 2 burpee speed-bump in the middle.  Each set of exercises was RnR’d x2 for a full set of 3 laps.

Station 1 exercises: Coupon Thrusters x15; Kettle Bell Swings x20; Deep Squats (squat until your butt hits the coupon laying on the ground) x30

Station 2 exercises: LBCs x30; Dragon Flags x20; J-Lo’s x10 (each side)

Mary: Flutter kicks x20, Box cutters x15, Freddie Mercury’s x10


Another glorious morning in the bag. As the season turns colder, we should all focus inward and remember the things that make us love F3 and bring us out in the early morning.  Then put on some layers and get out there.  As a native Floridian (I’ll admit it, and don’t hold it against me I’m not going back) I have already started wearing my workout pants and jacket.


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