Olympic Themed Racetrack

5 PAX (Numb Tucks, Black Widow, Harvey Updike, Deck the Hollis, & Offshore (QIC) braved the 38 degree rainy racetrack this morning to enjoy an Olympic themed workout.

Warm-ups – Mosey from the racetrack to the parking garage to formally disclaim any liability and quickly move into the pre-olympic burn.

SSH x 15

LBAC x 10 & reverse

Willie Mays x 10

Overhead arm press x 10

Seal Claps x 10

Buttkickers x 10

High Knees x 10

Good mornings x 10


In true Olympic fashion, the PAX completed the following x 25 and ran the parking deck up 6 flights of stairs back across top and down between each workout.

O – Overhead/Wall Merkins

L- Lunge across bottom parking deck

Y – BurpYes

M – Merkins

P – Plank Jacks

I – Irkins

C – Clerkins

S – Squat Jumps

For those that finished flutter kicks awaited x 30, LBCs x 30, WWIIs x 15. The PAX then Moseyed back to the Racetrack completing the Olympic beat down and capturing 3 miles of Cardo between the pre- and post-Mosey and stairs.



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