Sir E, that cruel friend

PAX: Spider Bite, PSL, Funyuns, Olan Mills, Braveheart, Skid Mark, Brown Nose, Karamazov, Pope, Black Lung, Blue Mule, CAPSLOCK, Donuts, Foxtrot Talks-a-lot, Big Stick, Prevac, Pop-a-lock, Bagger Vance, Cowboy, Offshore, Floppy Disk

QIC: Floppy Disk

A warmer than forecasted 40 degrees awaited the 21 brave men that waved the sirens call of the fartsack this am to post at Sir E. Pleasantries were dispensed, then we got moving. We started with a short capri lap around the church, crossing our fingers for an Aunt Bea sighting. Alas, we were disappointed. We circled up, introductions were made, disclaimers were given and the warmup commenced.

Warm-o-Rama (all IC)
SSH x20
Windmills x10
Good Mornings x10
Burpees x10 (modification for the 3 that posted at Detention yesterday for Big Bang’s burpee slaughter-fest was SSH)
Squats x20
High knees x10
Butt kickers x10
Plank Jax x10
Mtn Climbers x10
Baby Arm Circles F x10
Big Arm Circles F x10
Big Arm Circles R x10
Baby Arm Circles R x10

With that more than sufficient warmup in the books we headed over to the playground for a quick arm circuit: 10x pullups, 15x merkins (diamonds, derkins), 20x rows, 20x dips. That circuit was completed 3x varying the merkin style each round.

We then proceeded on to Sir E’s hallowed grounds and mosey’d up to the big house where further instructions awaited. Another circuit commenced: 25x atomic merkins, 25x jump squats, 25x reverse crunches, run the loop, WW1 sit-ups for the six. That hill is so steep. We were so tired. We should rinse and repeat…and we did. YHC had 3 rounds drawn up, but time was running short so we mosey’d on, this time to the big lot.

PAX were instructed to line up and when the word “GO” was uttered, sprint the length of the parking lot (approximately 75 yards). Once there, each man was to perform 25x plank jax.

Heavy breath ensued as we proceeded home via the long route. Once there, we circled up for a few minutes of abdominal exercises as follows.

Flutter Kix x20 (IC)
Ola Dolly x20 (IC)
Freddie Mercuries x20 (IC)
Low Plank 41 seconds
Good Mornings x20 (always a crowd pleaser to finish with these).

Several late arrivals this morning, most notably, Black Lung who strolled up about 10 minutes late so effortlessly. Not so notably, Big Stick. Foxtrot was sporting his D Henry jersey, which he not only filled out nicely, but also left an imprint of on the pavement during Mary. I do think it helped him run faster, though. My goal today was no burpees, at least for the guys that did 300 yesterday. For everyone else, however, it’s hard to complain about 10 reps of any exercise, amiright? Extremely questionable form on the pullups. I may bring a video demonstration to my next Q.

Keep Family Jewels in your prayers who is dealing with an impending separation in his marriage. It’s a reminder to take nothing for granted in your marriage, gents.

Two beer nights this week! Wednesday, 2/7 and Thursday, 2/8 from 8-10pm at Craft Brewed. Come for both, come for one, come for part of one. We want to see you there!

Finally, step up to Q, boys! There are lots of open spots on the calendar. I am always happy to co-Q so reach out if you’re interested in that.

Until the gloom,
Floppy Disk

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