QIC: Iditarod
PAX: Aristotle, Grohl, Scraps, Schnitzel, Ace, Noble Virus

Couple of Laps around the Courthouse with Politicians and side shuffles sprinkled in.

Good Mornings
Daisy Pickers
Sid Strattle Hops
Willie Mays Hayes
Big ole AC
Michael Phelps
Mosey to the top of the parking deck

The Thang:
Elevens-Merkins and Squats
Peoples chair for the 6
Burpees x 10
Mosey to the plaza
Merkin Stairs 5 x 10 x 15
4 Circuits-
Box Jumps & Merkins x 10
Step ups & Irkins x 10
Box Jumps & WW1s x 10
Step Ups & Derkins x 10
Mosey to new court house
Merkin Stairs 5x10x15x10
Dips & Diamond Merkins x10
Merkin Stairs 10x15x10x5
Mosey Back to Square

Flutter Kix


Anniversary Q

PAX: Bagger Vance, CAPS LOCK, Umbrella, Black Widow, Offshore, Cinderella, Olan Mills (QIC)

Still adjusting to being able to see everyone’s face at the beginning of the workout.

Dislclamer along with explanation that today is going to be a reproduction of my first ever post where I was quite certain afterwards that I would not make it to work that day.

Get things going with an Indian Run up Maryland Way to Franklin Rd and around the corner to Del Frisco’s parking lot. Friendly narration along the way reliving my inner dialog from that initial post.

Cirlce up for some:

  • SSH x10
  • Willie Mays Hays x10
  • Good Mornings x10
  • BAC x10
  • Reverse x10


Our obstacle: Stairs between garage and Holler and Dash.

Start with 5 merkins and 20 squats. Make your way to the top of the stairs stopping at each break in the steps for 5 merkins. At the top, 5 more merkins and 19 squats. Turn around making your way back down with the same merkin stops along the way. Rinse and repeat down to 1 squat.

For anyone that’s counting, that’s about 210 squats and 405 merkins.

Mosey back to the the parking lot.


  • Flutter kick x30
  • WWI x15
  • American Hammer x15
  • Good Mornings x10
  • Hi-Lo x10 (high plank J-Lo’s)
  • High Plank 1 min

Prayers out to Jigsaw and Spicoli.

BS with Noble Virus

Mozy around the square, finish with politicians 10x Good Mornings 10x Imperial Walkers 11x Hillbillies

Announced desire to do 10x 10 Burpee Sets (BS), an individual could call out BS to initiate a set at any time during the workout.

We Mozy’d to the new County Clerk Offices and completed:
2 Sets of (10x Derkens, 10x Dips)
Bear Crawled up the steps, patio and next set of steps

Mozy’d to the parking garage and set boundaries for a game of:
When animals attack – Bear crawl tag

Mozy’d up a level of the garage and completed:
Webbicide – Merkin suicides
Wall sits
Walk Like an Egyptian – line of lunges, person at the end then sprints to front while others hold

Mozy’d up to top of parking garage
Wave of Merkins – completed through a 5 count

Took the stairs down, completing a set of 15 squats at each level Mozy’d back to the square for a ring of fire


The Burp Tour, and other Fun Things

Gateway (burp) Island Tour

PAX: Mr. Roboto, CDL, Schnitzel, Grohl, Scraps

Warm up lap (even though it was pretty warm this morning)
X10 Daisy Pickers
X10 Annie’s
X10 Good mornings

Cash in with ATM (modified to x30 alternating shoulder taps x20 merkins)

Mosey to the new benches, x15 Derkins, x15 squats

Mosey to new building, used the parking lot for Circle Burp and Bulgarian Nutbusters. Also did quick paced step-ups around the parking curb.

Mosey to 3 way intersection for core burn: x25 WWII situps, x50 Scissor kicks, x50 Bicycles

Sprint to next intersection: Circle Burp

Mosey the long straight stretch to the next intersection. Finished last 1/3 as Politicians.

Aiken Legs: x15 burpees, x20 split lunges x30 squats

Mosey back to starting lot.

Finished w/ circle burp, COP with call your favorite ab exercise and reps. Included 6inches, Lolitas (rosalita’s), American Hammers, WWI’s, Bicycles, and crunchy frogs +2 AYG sprints to finish.

BoM, CoT.

Bullhorn: Top Gun is coming next Thursday in honor of its 32nd anniversary (5/16/18). You don’t want to miss it. If you’re interesting in watching it, holler at YHC

12 PAX at Titan 09 May 2018

PAX: Blue Mule on Q, Crawfish, Right Said, Hawkeye, Drone, Brother-In-Law, Third Degree, Princess Aurora, T-Cell, Porcelain, Reveille, Hacker (welcome from Jacksonville)

Nice weather. Sun is up. It’s the start of sweat season rather than gloom season.

Long mosey around the park over to the pavilion.

Warm-o-rama: Squats, good mornings, Willie Mayes Hayes, baby arm circles.

DIDs: Decline pushups, incline pushups, dips. Rep scheme: 3, 6, 9, 12, 3, 6, 9, 12, 3, 30 seconds match on each.

Mosey over to the large Greek pavilion.

11s: In front of the large steps. Burpee box jumps and decline pushups. Start with 10 burpee box jumps and move down from there. Got the PAX all huffin’ and puffin’.

Mosey over to the large parking lot.

Wind sprints – sprint across parking lot, do 10 merkins, sprint back across parking lot, do 10 merkins, rinse and repeat and change merkin count to 8, rinse and repeat and change merkin count to 6.

Mosey over to the parking area for mary.

Mary: Flutterkicks x50, Freddie Mercuries x20, American hammers x20, LBCs x20, mountain climbers x 30.

That’s all she wrote gentlemen. Simple but effective. That was a lot of moseying, sprinting, and merkins.


Blue Mule out.

50’s x 5

9 PAX: Umbrella (QIC), Offshore, Edible Arrangements, CAPSLOCK, Dr. Smart, Razor, Olan Mills, Black Widow, Numbtucks

It felt like summer to the 9 PAX who made the right choice to post at The Racetrack Wednesday morning.


Mosey to and around the track with side shuffles each direction, high knees and butt kickers.  Circled up in the mid field for:

20 SSH, 10 Good Mornings, 10 WMH, 10 BAC, 10 RBAC, 10 Air Presses


Count off in 2’s and partner up.  One partner runs the track loop while the other partner commences performing the following movements and flapjack through completion:

50 – Burpees Over Beam

50 – One Legged Squats (1 right leg squat + 1 left leg squat = 1 One Legged Sq)

50 – Manmaker (Merkin + 2 shoulder tap + 1 squat + 1 lunge each leg = 1 Manmaker)

50 – Pullups

50 – Toe to Bars (Modify with Knee to Elbow or Knee Raises)

Wait for the Six with LBC or WWII’s

Sprint the track – first half running forward, last half of loop running backward.

Mosey to the parking lot for Tabata x 4 rounds of Merkins and Tabata x 4 rounds of Squats.


25 Flutter Kicks, 25 LBC’s, 25 Alabama Prom Dates, 10 Good Mornings

Coffeeteria followed.  Great work by these 9 men today.  It was a privilege to lead them today.  God Bless.

Soccer Balls and Stone Walls 4/28/2018



Bagger Vance, Vegemite, Deep Dish, Red Writer (in from Knoxville), Crawfish


Circle up for:

  • SSH x10 IC
  • Baby Arm Circles (Both Ways) x10 I
  • Air Presses x10IC
  • Good Mornings x10 IC
  • Willie Mays x10 IC
  • Fast Merkins x10 IC (Pop-A-Lock receives marital advice on cadence)
  • Slow and Low Squats x10 IC


PAX begin Indian Run, with a catch. Man in the back must dribble the ball to the front of the line before passing it back.

Toured Fort Negley, stopping to appreciate history, and by admiring history, I mean at every sign or plaque or monument the PAX stopped running.

Commence 10xPushups, 10xSquats, continue to next sign/monument. Did about 15-20 signs, exercises switching between all types of merkins and squats with some abs thrown in. Lots of mumble chatter when burpees were chosen by the Q. One sign was reached via lunges.

At the top of the hill, PAX circle up in high plank. The soccer ball is passed between the circle members, with a merkin after passing the ball. Penalty for missing a pass is bear crawling after it. PAL and BV missed it. Once.

Bear crawled down a wooden sidewalk to the triangles of death. And by triangles of death I mean:

Triangle 1: Bear crawl around

Triangle 2: Crab crawl around, stopping for 10xMerkins 10xSquats at sign.

Triangle 3: Reverse crab crawl around, stopping for 10xMerkins, 10x Squats at sign.

Indian run to to hill near the gate.


Donkey kicks at bottom, Lieutenant Dans at top.

Must get to the top of the hill in reverse 3 times (it was a big hill).

Shoutout to BV for finishing the whole set before time.

Returned to parking lot for Ball of Man.

First Friday Lunch at Cookery next week.



Where Is Everybody?

Q: Ludwig Van OshKosh

PAX: CAPSLOCK, PSL, Floppy Disk, Umbrella, Offshore, Accounts Receivable, Cathy, Venus, Olan Mills, Ludwig

Upper 40s greeted the 10 PAX who made the correct decision to post at Cruel Hall. We postulated that the lower turnout was due to the marathon.

Moseyed down to the bottom of the bus loop for WOR.

20 SSH
10 WMH
10 Good Mornings
10 Air Presses
10 BAC
10 rBAC
10 S’nL squats — Venus and Cathy apparently didn’t hear the S’nL part


At bottom of bus loop, perform 10 burpees, backpedal up the hill, perform 10 WW1s at the top, run to corner/4-way stop to perform 10 jump squats. Run back down to start of bus loop. We did 4 laps on the loop, and on each lap the reps increase in increments of 5. So, for lap 4 that’s 25 burpees, WW1s and jump squats. It was unanimously agreed that the backpedal following the burpees put the quads on fire.

Moseyed behind the school (we can do that now!) to the rails for a row/merkin pyramid.

Perform 1 row, then 1 merkin, 2 rows, 2 merkins, etc. all the way up to 11, and then all the way back down to 1.

Head back to the parking lot for a Ludwig favorite, the bear crawl/crawl bear suicide.

30 flutter kicks
30 Mariahs
30 AST
10 Burpees oyo
10 Good Mornings

Great work today.

Reminder that the May 3rdF opportunity TN Walk for Williams is coming up on May 12 at Centennial Park. Reach out to Brother-at-Law for more info.

The Deck of Death

QIC: Iditarod
PAX: Grohl, Aristotle, Noble Virus, NPR, Yosef

Light rain, around 60 degrees.

Warm up lap with politicians, side shuffles, bear crawls, and crawl bears

GM’s x10IC
Daisy Pickers x10IC
WMH w/ forward arm circles x10IC
WMH x/ backward arm circles x10IC

Mosey to the pit stop rear adjacent to Gateway Island for the Deck of Death
Includes: standard deck of cards w/ 2 Jokers

Number or face card dictates the reps, Jack=11, Queen=12, King = 13, Ace=14. Jokers = any exercise and rep count at the discretion of the person who flipped it.

Shuffle and deal amongst the PAX. Broke the routine into thirds with mosey breaks.

Ran back to start, paid 10 squat exit price

Cot, BoM.

Bullhorn: The weather is warm, so the list of excuses is growing short for the fartsackers and sad clowns who haven’t been posting. EH your brothers, show some discipline, and spill some sweat. See you fellas out there.

Racetrack 4-25-18

Pax: Umbrella, Edible Arrangements, Pope, Dr. Smartt, Offshore, Too Tall, Numbtucks, Caps Lock, Olan Mills, Black Widow (QIC)

10 Pax showed up this morning to high 50’s temps and plenty of fun in store. I’m not one to be creative enough for themed workouts, but since today is YHC’s 39th b’day, I thought we would work with the numbers 3 and 9. Everyone is ready, off to the parking lot at the Hill Center.



SSH x 39

GM x 9

WMH x 9

Imperial Walkers x 9

BACF x 9

BACR x 9

Overhead Press x 9

Seal Claps x 9

Burpees  x 9

Head inside the parking garage and running up the ramps. 3 stops along the way for 3 different exercises x 9 reps each (merkins, DEEP squats, lunges).

We reach the last ramp leading to the top of the parking deck, and instructions were given that we would be enjoying 9’s today. WW1’s at the bottom of the ramp, back peddle up the ramp to the top, Burpees at the top, forward run back to the bottom of the ramp.

All in and we head over to the flat area of the top of the parking deck and line up against the wall. Next is 3 sets of sprints across the deck with 9 hand release merkins between each sprint.

Head down the stairs of the parking garage to the sidewalk next to Holler & Dash for some DID’s. Dips x 20, Irkins x 10, & Derkins x 9. 3 sets of these.

Mosey back towards the racetrack for a quick stop at the monkey bars. 9 pull ups followed by 9 rows x 3 sets.

One last mosey back to the parking lot for some Mary. WW1’s x 39, LBC’s x 39, & Plank Progression for last 1:30.

It was great to be out there with you guys this morning. Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

Black Widow