Nobel Virus Bday Q

Q: Nobel Virus for his 28th

Pax: Aristotle, Iditarod, Scraps, Yosef

Warmup: Mosey, side shuffle, politicians, Hillbillies, imperial Walkers, Daisy pickers, side straddle hops all x11

Indian Run to playground
Bear crawl steps, plank and wait at top, crawl Bear back down the steps.
11’s- merkens and squats across the parking lot
Burpee up downs- each pax(5) called the down 4 times
Lunge back up the path.
Indian Run back to MMC, person in the back dropped for 5 merkens
Partnered up, 100 lbc’s and 150 overhead arm claps, alternated while partner ran sprints
Circle of Fire

CoT, BoM.

The Forge – 9/29/18

16 PAX challenged themselves this morning. Pax in attendance included:Barney Fievel (Q), Numbtucks, Soccer Mom, Cheese Whiz, Ragdoll, Show Me, Sprinkles, Mic Drop, Netflix, Quickie, Pocahontas, Typo+, Stats, Ned Ryerson, Little Miss Piggy, Lovie (FNG)

Long mosey around outside perimeter fence of football field.

Stop by Barney’s beautiful black truck and pick up your coupon (20 pounds).


Warm Up:

15 SSH, 30 seconds Good Mornings OYO, 30 seconds WMH OYO. Other various stretches Barney called out.

Thang 1: Love Thy Neighbor

PAX took 10 seconds to partner up. 4 exercises with an assigned number of reps (below) must be completed as a 2-man group. One PAX begins assigned exercise while other PAX jogs out to the 50-yard line. That PAX jogs back to partner performing exercise and picks up where they left off. Repeat until assigned number of reps of each exercise are completed.

Exercises were:

  • 60 Blockees (coupon burpees)
  • 80 Block Merkins
  • 100 Block Squats
  • 120 Block American Hammers

Thang 2: MLBs (Merkins, Lunges, Bear Crawls)

Perform as individuals: Three stones act as distance markers. Beginning at the first stone, all PAX do 10 Merkins, lunge to the second stone marker, and finally bear crawl to the third marker. Mosey back to first marker and repeat going down by 1 rep each time.

Thang 3: Discount Deck of Death

Deck of Death with Coupons

Spades – Blockees

Clubs – Block Merkins

Hearts – Block Squats

Diamonds – Block American Hammers



Welcome new PAX: Lovie!

VQ & Ants – Broken Wheel – 9/25/18

The storms held off for Creeper to get his feet wet as Co-VQ. The ants, however, did not hold off according to Numbtucks.

10 PAX: Creeper (Co-VQ), Tebow (Co-Q), 3rd Degree, Numbtucks, Soccer Mom, Show Me, Stats, Barney Fievel, TypO+, Hush Puppy

Warm Up
Jog, SSH x 15, Inch Worms x 5, Imperial Walkers x 10, WMH, Squats x 10, Huggers, Roller Coasters, Merkins x 5

Merkin Mile – 4 laps around loop w/ partner
partner 1 does 10 merks @ halfway point of each loop while partner 2 planks
partner 2 does 10 merks after each loop while partner 1 planks

Indian Wall Sits – everyone on the wall while each PAX successively does 2 laps around concession stand

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire – bear crawl around pavilion one complete rotation CCW, then 10 merks each successively while all other pax in plank; RxR CW

Flutter Kicks, AH, Crunchy frogs, Side planks, Mountain climbers, Al Gore

Great work by Creeper leading us through the workout portion. I hope I used the word “successively” right because I doubled down and used it twice.

The Forge is happening this Saturday for those who aren’t attending the 4 year anniversary at Stonewall. 2ndF this Saturday night at TypO+’s house. Check slack for details.








Stonewall 22 SEP 2018 — Running, Merkins, Pullups, Gorilla Humpers, Repeat

PAX:  Blue Mule (Q), Foxtrot, Black Lung, Big Stick, Hustler, Wall Ball, Electron (FNG)

Very humid and hot conditions.  Unpleasant.  Gloomy at the start.  The type of weather conditions you’re really only going to work out at 0600 on a Saturday morning if there are PAX waiting for you.

MOSEY:  @ 0600 three PAX took off…. then another PAX arrived at 0602 … then another three PAX at 0605… resulting in a 10 minute long warm up mosey.

WARM UP:  Stretches and arm circles and other boring stuff.

THE THANG:  Split up into two groups by birthdays which changed randomly during the three waves of the exercise.  One group runs from playground to corner of park and back, approximately ~4 minutes to run there and back.  Other group performs stationary exercise.

-Round One:  Three rounds of there and backs with pull ups in between.  That’s ~15 minutes of pull ups.

-Round Two:  Three rounds of there and backs with push ups in between.  That’s ~15 minutes of pushups.

-Round Three:  Three rounds of there and backs with gorilla humpers in between.  That’s ~15 minutes of gorilla humpers.

MARY:  20 count hillbillies, 20 count imperial walkers, 7 burpees.

Apologies for the delay in the backblast — YHC wasn’t scheduled for Q, so I didn’t schedule time during the weekend to do the BB — had to wait until Monday after work.

Welcome FNG Electron, who jumped in head first and held his own like someone who’s been posting for years.


Blue Mule


PAX: Floppy Disk, D’mish, Dupree, Black Widow, Venus, Reefer, Big Stick, Olan Mills (QIC)

Disclaimer and a quick mosey around the bus loop, circling back up for an extraordinarily small Cruel Hall circle. 


SSH, BAC fwd & rev, Good Mornings, Willie Mays Hays, Slow and Low Merkins and some stretching. 


Mosey over towards the bus loop to the grassy knoll that used to be home to the portables…we’ll call it Mt. Portable. 

1st round of 11’s – Burpees at the bottom and Jump Squats at the top. People’s chair waiting for the six. 

2nd round of 11’s – Mountain Climbers at the bottom and WWI’s at the top. Plank and wait for the six. 

Mosey back over to the playground for some intervals

30 secs Pull Up’s AMRAP

15 secs rest

30 secs Dips AMRAP

15 secs rest

30 secs Rows AMRAP

15 secs rest

30 secs Push Up’s AMRAP

Rinse & Repeat

Mosey back up to parking lot for some Sprints


Alabama Prom Dates, J-Lo’s, Flutter Kicks

I appreciate the opportunity to lead you guys. 

Venus wanted everyone to know that he’ll be preforming with the ballet soon and thinks it will be a good date night option. More details to come. 

Much running at Sir E

Warm-O-Rama (All IC)

SSH x20
High Knees x15
Butt Kickers x15
SnL Merks x10
BAC f x15
BAC r x15
BigAC f x15
BigAC r x15
Squats x20
Good Mornings x10
Willia MH x10

THANG – a progressive Q. PAX were instructed to perform 3x Atomic Merks at each speed bump.

Mosey to the auditorium

Everyone in their own parking stall then perform a merkin-less burpee then broad jump to the next stall. We made our way all the way around the auditorium and stopped when we returned to our starting point.

Mosey down the bee hill to the green houses.

PAX hold a plank and perform:
10x Merkins
10x IC Alternating Shoulder Taps
10x Mt. Merkins
10x IC Alternating Shoulder Taps
10x Plank Jack Merkins
10x IC Alternating Shoulder Taps
10x Atomic Merkins

Recover… then: 20x IC Air Press, 20x IC Seal Claps

Mosey back up the bee hill and down to the bottom of the split lane hill.

7’s with a regular mosey about 100 yards up the hill. Exercises were squats and jump squats.

Mosey up the Marchant hill, allegedly the longest and steepest hill in the Hall. All PAX winded at this point. Plank/wait for the 6 at the top, then continue mosey back through the Ag Center, stopping at each speed bump encountered for 3x Atomic Merks.

Mary (all IC)
J-Lo’s x20
Merkins x10
Alternating Shoulder Taps x10
LBC’s x20
Boxcutters x20
Good Mornings x10

Floppy Disk

Animal Planet – 9/17/2018 Detention


Muggy morning.

Q: Pop-A-Lock

PAX:  Yumy?, White Russian, Dupree, Floppy, Cinderella, Edible Arrangements, PSL, Old Hickory, Reefer, Big Perm Ludwig, Dine and Dash, Calf Killer

Mosey around bus loop.

Late disclaimer. Introduction.

Welcome to Animal Planet, the workout with all the creature comforts….here we go.

10x SSH

10x GM

10x BAC (forward and reverse)

10x Squats


Started the fun with some crawling/jumping to connect with nature. The parking lot was longer than I remembered.

Partner 1: Crab crawl to end of parking lot stripes, 10 burpees, jog back

Partner 2: LBCs


Partner 1: Frog jump to end of parking lot stripes, 10 burpees, jog back

Partner 2: LBCs


Partner 1 and 2: Bear Crawl to end of parking lot stripes, 10 burpees, jog back

Stick Bug (Plank) for the six. Good call Cinderella.

Mosey to hill

Got ready to get some hee-hawing going. 1 Pax went all the way and added sound effects.

5 Spiderman pushups each side, mosey down hill, 5 donkey kicks, reverse mosey up hill

Repeat 4x

Mosey to covered area

Time to act like prey, and get more agile.

Gazelle Relay –

Partner 1: Sprint to halfway, 5 merkins, sprint back, repeat for full length.
Partner 2: Fish kicks


Repeat for left shuffle, right shuffle, and reverse mosey.

Mosey to parking lot

You’ve been prey, time to be predator. And kick up that heart rate….seeing as Cheetahs only have short spurts to catch their prey

Cheetah Relay –

Partner 1: Sprint to end of stripes, 5 mucktar and crys, sprint back

Partner 2: Burpees.


Repeat 3x.

5 flutters to finish time.


Words to live by: Vulgarity is no substitute for wit.

Quote of the day:

Lady Nancy Astor: Winston, if you were my husband, I’d poison your tea.

Churchill: Nancy, if I were your husband, I’d drink it.


Thanks for the warm welcome back. Excited to dive back in. Get excited for more zany Qs.

Welcome to The Trident 9.14.2018

12 PAX greeted the morning at the soft launch of our new AO The Trident. The morning was warm and humid so we got down to business right away.

PAX: Off Shore, Black Lung, Joey Freshwater, Razorback, Redskull, Yard Sale, Ludwig van Oshkosh, Toga, Umbrella, Old hickory, and the featured return of Pop-a-Lock.

Q: Boy Band

We started from the south parking lot behind the AIG building and mosey’d around the south garage and back to pick up any stragglers.  Circle up for WOR.

WOR: SSH, Squats, Good Mornings, Willie Mays, Baby Arm circles (forwards/backwards), Overhead claps.


We mosey’d to the bottom floor of the southern parking garage for the start of the workout which occurred as follows:

10x Merkins -> Sprint the up ramp; 10x Squats -> Mosey to next ramp; rinse and repeat until we reached the top.

The descent was as follows: 10x headbangers -> reverse mosey the ramp; 10x 4 ct flutter kicks -> mosey to the next ramp; rinse and repeat until in the basement.

We then moved to the side wall of the 1st floor of the garage for the next part of the workout: 5x Pull-ups, 5x Merkins; rinse and repeat x4.

Next it was on to the short wall for: 10x Box jumps, 10x Dips; rinse n’ repeat x4

Indian run back to the start. Time for some burpee suicides. Using the parking planters as our stops, it was 5 laps out with 5 burpees on each return to the baseline for a total of 25 burpees.

Following the suicides was a series of partner work at the wall. One partner was doing a static exercise and one doing a dynamic exercise, then flapjack as follows:

Wall sits/Lt. Dans x10; Wall Planks/Merkins x20, Overextended Plank/Supermans x10; Rinse and repeat x1

Mary: Flutter Kicks x30, Homer-to-Marge until time

Moleskin:  This was a great start to the new workout site. It was awesome to have so many PAX out for the dry run and I look forward to seeing you out there in the future.  100% attendance for coffeeteria made for a great discussion of future workout options. Next week will feature the prodigal son Pop-A-Lock’s return to dominance as he takes the Q.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen Joey Freshwater’s pimped out mini-van, you should. The LED lights and windshield tassels are amazing.

Animal Grid

High 60’s and gloomy.  Clouds did break some for a nice sunrise.  QIC: Porcelain.  Pax: Bad boy, hambone, frequency (kotters), TK, crawl space

Slow start after disclaimer.  Mosey around the Parthenon field to the ellipse behind the pagan temple. cop-20 sshs, 14 Willie mays Hayes, 10 slow and low squats, 10 slow and low merkins, 20 seal jacks.

Mosey to Parking lot north of Parthenon for the thang.  Around 50 yards from the first light to the second to last.  Movement repeats back and forth.

First trip out: Duck walk with 20 each leg Zebra butt kicks at the end (plank, one leg hi 90, Kick skyward).

Trip back: Crab walk with 20 crab humpers at the end.

2nd trip out: Frog hops with 20 Werewolf (dive bomber pushups) at the end.

Trip back: Sneaky gorilla (low squat, hands on ground lateral lunge to move turn 180 and alternate) with 20 donkey kicks at the end.

Third trip out-Crawl bear with monkey humpers at the end.

Trip back: Alligator merkin (2/3 back)-Inch worm (last 1/3 back) with cadence 20 low country crab at the end.

mosey to front of Parthenon for Mary.

20 cadence Starfish crunch- hold legs out, 1 left leg right elbow, 2 back, 3 right leg left elbow

20 cadence manatee- Superman position on stomach, left hand right ankle, right hand left ankle

 1 minute Dying cockroach hold

20 cadence Crunchy happy frogs

COT: Q school at stonewall weekend of 29th.  Good news on our prayers for bad boy’s family and spicoli’s remission are progressing well.

9/12/18 – The Racetrack – The Sequel

9 PAX got better today under perfect conditions at The Racetrack for a sequel to yesterday’s Convergence 9/11 workout.

PAX: T-Cell, CAPSLOCK, Joey Freshwater, Boone’s Farm, Razorback, Toga, Life Champ, Numbtucks, Umbrella (QIC)

Quick disclaimer followed by 10 burpees to get the blood pumping. Mosey up hill through parking garage for WOR:

15 x SSH
10 x Good Morning
10 x WMH
10 x Cotton Pickers
10 x LBAC Forward
10 x O/H Press
10 x LBAC Reverse
10 x Tempo Merkin
10 x Squat


Bottom start position was side of Holler & Dash where we performed:
Burpee Box Jump/Step Up x 1
Run up all flights of stairs to Maryland Way
10 x Atomic Merkin
RNR through the 11’s
PAX grinded through the stairs w/o much mumble chatter. For those that joined the Convergence yesterday, this was all too familiar. LBC’s and Plank for the Six.
Mosey back to starting parking lot for:

Burpee Jack Webb w/Overhead Press in place of Mary.



Reminded of Trident soft launch, Friendly Friday, Four Year Anny & Grow School, and 9/30 Golf Scramble.

CCR provided great reminder last week of Concentrica and importance of focusing on those relationships most important in the proper order. QIC followed up on those good words with thoughts from the book The Butterfly Effect. Every interaction we have each day leaves an impact; either positive or negative; either reflecting God’s love and mercy or the opposite. The challenge posed to the PAX today was to be mindful of each interaction we have today and the rest of the week, whether brief or over a long conversation, that it will leave an impact that is far greater than we will realize at the moment.

God Bless,