Birthday Bash at Stonewall

It was 70s and glorious at 0600 as the PAX arrived at Stonewall for a morning of childhood reminiscence.

QIC: Skid Mark

PAX: Edible Arrangement, Black Lung, Deep Dish, Hambone, Care Bear, Cowboy, Vegemite, V-Squared (late arrival from Chattanooga due to internet schedule confusion

We started with a mosey around the community center and back to the parking lot for some warm-o-rama.

WOR: SSH x30, LBACs x15 f/b, Don Quixotes x10, Imperial walkers x10, Hillbillies x10, Squats x20, Merkins x10


As it was my daughter’s 4th birthday party today, I thought we could sum up what life has been so far for a 4 year old..

Newborns go “back to sleep” and can’t really roll over – LBCs x50

Tummy Time – Reverse Snow Angels x1min 

Next they try to roll over – Scorpions x10 

Finally they get it – Superman – Banana – Rolling from superman position to a banana shape with legs and arms off the ground. On the Qs call.

Time to work on our pulling up from the floor to a sit/stand.

10 Headbangers, 5 pull ups EMOM x10 minutes

Next it was time to start moving:

Bearcrawls x20ft > Duck walks x20ft > Mosey x40ft then do everything in reverse (reverse mosey, reverse duckwalk,  and crawlbears). Rinse and repeat x3

Bearcrawls x20ft > Mosey 20ft > Sprint x40ft, then do it all in reverse again. Rinse and repeat x3

At this point we are getting more stable on our feet.  We took a mosey around the southwest corner of the park and back to the pavilion for some playtime. Children initially don’t play well together and instead do separate games on their own while standing next to each other.

30s Exercise with 10s rest alternating: AMRAP Monkey Humpers and AMRAP Picnic table prom dates (legs on a picnic table bench, back on the floor, lift the hips to the sky repeatedly)

Potty training time: Sprint 50yds from the pavillion to the port-o-potty: x5

Finally, children learn to play well together, time for a group exercise. Everybody assumed a plank position in line. The PAX at the front of the line then proceeded to do 10 rows on the climbing rope and went back to the end of the line.  Rinse and repeat with 5 rows per PAX.  

Mary: LBCs x15, Flutter Kicks x15, American Hammers x15, Freddy Mercury’s x15

-At this point, Foxtrot-talks-a-lot showed up to wish us well and then drove off to Portland brew.


Coffeeteria was attended by all but Vegemite…including FTTAL who seemed to show up only for the 2nd F rather than the 1st F. Welcome to V-squared who was visiting his parents in Nashville. Unfortunately, our website suggested the workout was at 0700 and he showed up a mere 50 min late. He put in some miles after coffeeteria to make up for the missed workout.


Racetrack – 7’s, DID’s, & Flying EH’s

No idea what the temp was, but it was nice for a summer morning in July. I showed up to the Racetrack, and to my surprise, the parking lot was already full of 17 PAX ready to get to work. 5:29am with a quick disclaimer, and then we’re off.

PAX: Bagger Vance, Ebola, Big Bang, Joey Freshwater, Red Skull, Chiwawa (FNG), Tool Time (FNG), Cuervo (FNG), Umbrella, Offshore, Vegemite, Lumberg, Toga, Shoeless Joe, Hot N’ Ready, Maryland (Willy Loman), Black Widow (Q)

Mosey around the back loop at the racetrack, and then circle up in the grass for some WOR.

GM x 10

SSH x 10

WMH x 10

BAC x 10

RBAC x 10

OC x 10

SC x 10


Head over the little hill towards the back of the racetrack. Line up for some 7’s. Starting with Burpees at the bottom, bear crawl up the hill, and then Turkish Get Ups at the top. SSH while we wait on the six.

All in, and we line up in a single file line to IR up Maryland Way to the parking lot next to the parking garage. It was on this run that we passed who would soon be known as “Cuervo” while he was out for a morning jog. After some flying EH’s, and him seeing a fellow Willy Loman coworker with us, he decided to file in. Line up on one side of the parking lot for another set of 7’s. Jump squats on one end of the lot, sprint to the other, hand release merkins, and then sprint back across the lot. Plank and wait for the six.

All in, and we head to the stair case for a little more cardio. Run up the stairs to the top of the parking deck. Once all in, 10 burpees. Run to the other side of the parking deck, and 10 more burpees. Back down the stairs, and stop next to Holler and Dash.


Dips x 20

Irkins x 15

Dirkins x 10

R&R x 3

Single file line again to IR back to the monkey bars at racetrack. Split up into 2 groups. Group 1, start doing AMRAP pull ups while Group 2 runs the inner lap. Flap Jack (or flip off, whichever you want to call it). All in, and head back to the parking lot for Mary.


J-Lo’s x 20

LBC x 20

WW1 x 30

Low Plank x 30 Seconds

Men, it was a pleasure to be with you this morning. Hard work by everyone out there. Welcome FNG’s Chiwawa, Tool Time, & Cuervo!

Please continue to pray for Preacher Man’s brother battling cancer, as well as Olan Mills father, and Spicoli.

Black Widow

Purple Cow 7-23-18

Temps were a comfortable 70 degrees as 7 PAX started the week off the right way at Purple Cow this morning.

PAX: Life Champ, Olan Mills, Backlash, Boone’s Farm, Toga, Offshore, Black Widow (Q)

Disclaimer and then 5:30am we head out of the BMS parking lot to GWP and circled up in the main parking lot for WOR.

SSH x 20

GM x 10

WMH x 10

IW x 10

Merkins x 10

MC x 10


Decided to pull out an old favorite and introduce some of the newer PAX to BLIMPS on the soccer field. Lined up on one side of the soccer field where each PAX would perform the exercise below, and then run the short length of the field and back before moving to the next exercise.

Burpees x 15

Lunges x 20 each leg

Imperial Walkers x 25 each leg

Merkins x 30

Plank Jacks x 35

Squats x 40

SSH while we wait for the 6. All in, and head to the basketball court. Partner up for Partner Wheelbarrow work.

P1 – In wheelbarrow position with P2 holding feet, start at the baseline of the court and begin moving forward. At first FT Line, perform 5 merkins, Mid Court 5 merkins, next FT Line 5 merkins, and final Baseline 5 merkins. Flap Jack for return. All in, Rinse & Repeat.

Head over to the playground for 3 rounds of the following. Plank and wait between rounds so all can begin together.

Pull Ups x 10 (Partner Support if Needed)

Swerkins x 15

Dips x 20

Line up for an IR back to BMS.


J-Lo x 20

LBC x 20

WW1 x 25

American Hammers x 20

Good Morning x 10


Really good work this morning by everyone. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to lead. Remember your school supplies as you post the next couple of weeks.

Black Widow


Detention – 6/23/18

70 degrees and lower humidity made for a nice weather respite as 19 PAX posted to start their week off properly.

PAX: Grease Trap, Edible Arrangements, Big Perm, Vegemite, Dilly Dilly, PSL, Yard Sale, CCR, Donuts, Accounts Receivable, Too Tall, CAPSLOCK, Frugal MacDoogal, Dupree, Yumi, Calf Killer, Skid Mark, Dine ‘n Dash, Ludwig van Oshkosh (Q)

Capri lap around the parking lot and circled up for WOR:

20 SSH

10 WMH

10 Good Mornings

10 Seal Claps

10 Air Presses

10 Butt Kickers

10 Squats (Slow ‘n Low)


We started off with wheelbarrow 11s to set the tone. (Hat tip to Funyuns for this gem from a while back)

We partnered up and each partner performs 10 merkins on one end, then P1 wheelbarrows about 10 yards and both partners perform one Carolina Dry Dock on the other end. Flapjack the wheelbarrow on the way back, then each partner does 9 merkins, etc.

Now that the upper body was worked, time to work the legs. Moseyed over to the Crievewood parking lot at the bottom of the hill.

Round 1 – Lunge to the top of the hill and perform 20 deep squats at the top. Jog back down to the bottom and SSH for the 6.

Round 2 – Broad jump to the top of the hill and perform 20 deep squats at the top. Jog back down to the bottom and SSH for the 6. Yard Sale made it to the top when the rest of the PAX were only about halfway up. (more on this later)

Round 3 – Reverse lunge to the top of the hill and perform 20 deep squats at the top. Jog back down to the bottom and SSH for the 6.

Legs are feeling it, so time to mosey to the playground for some more upper body work.

3 sets each of: 15 swerkins, 15 rows and 15 dips.

Still plenty of time left, so lets mosey down to the bottom of the bus loop. Bear Crawl to the top, perform 10 merkins. Glutes were really feeling it at this point. On the way up Donuts started doing a Wide Bear Crawl, aka the Megan Barry Crawl. I think we need to add that to the lexicon.

Head back to the parking lot for Mary.

7 burpees, then 7 Mountain Climbers

6 burpees, then 6 Mountain Climbers

5 burpess, then 5 Mountain Climbers

20 LBCs

30 Flutter Kicks


Good work today by all. Good reports about TN CAN RUCK. And apparently WARPATH was especially great, since no one posted for it. Yard Sale commented that was an easy workout, compared to ones I’ve led in the past. I’d say if you do actual broad jumps by squatting down and jumping as far as you can, rather than doing bunny hopskips up the hill, you might’ve had a different opinion.

Bagger is heading up a school supply drive over the next two weeks. Feel free to bring any supplies to any workout, and they’ll be collected and donated.





PT test results

Surprise Army PT Test, unless you were warned on Tuesday. 2 minutes, all you got Merkins, WWII situps, and 2 mile run for time.

Here are the results and notes, just like my XC coach used to do.


Nobel Virus: 46/61/16:10 = 67/77/69 = 213 and PR’s in all metrics!  Last Test:40p/40s/17:01 = 61/55/59=175

Papa Juan: 85/54/18:36 = 100/82/61 = 243. You missed having Scraps to pace you on the 2 mile, previous was 17:04

Schnitzel: 51/40/16:03 = 75/58/75 = 208. Previous score is 169 from Chad’s records, but I don’t have the splits for each exercise.

Grohl: 55/51/22:27 88/79/27=194.  PR’s on pushups and run, including an over 1 minute improvement on the run! 51/63/23:17 last time around.

Yosef: 71/86/13:53 94/100/94=288. Down from 77p and 95 situps, but improvement from 14:30

Omaha: 42/42/28:54 63/57/0=120 First time out was a surprise PT test, now you’ve got a starting place

Iditarod: 80/64/16:33 100/87/74 = 261 Big PR on Merkins, consistent on situps, slight slide on run previous 48/41/18:19

CDL: 53/73/12:49 79/97/100=276 Huge PR’s!: 53/40/18:19 last time

Smokeboots – 7/11/18

75 degrees and muggy greeted the 4 PAX who posted this am.

It was unanimously agreed that eating poorly leads to irritable bowel syndrome when you run.

PAX: Donuts, Bagger Vance, Black Lung, Ludwig

World Cup Westeros 7/2/2018

Apologies for the late backblast.

PAX: Third Person, Right Said, Vector, Crab Legs, Hi -Viz ,TCell, Hambone Voucher, En Fuego, Baptist, Rocket League (FNG)

QIC: Pop-A-Lock

Met at the new overhang/awning for a oddly-shaped circle warmup. It’s World Cup season, setting a theme for a wet and wooly Westeros.


Stuff. There were BAC, Seal claps, and other festivities.


Mosey to the field.

Forward, Reverse, Side shuffle, and Criss-cross halfway across the field. 3 burpees when you get there, 3 when you get back.

Quick mosey to recover.

4 full on sprints, one burpee at each end.

Mosey around the big field to recover.

Now that we’ve warmed up, time for soccer. Heavily modified Indian run – pax space out. Man in back dribbles the ball in between each pax. When he passes you, do three squats. Otherwise do SSH. Got through the line once before it was time to move on.

Next we move to the grinder portion. PAX count off, then partners do 15 Death-by-froggers. This entails PAX 1 in high plank, PAX 2 jumps over, crawls back underneath, does 5 merkins, then flapjack. Did in sets of 5. Total body crushing exercise.

Another modified Indian run – pax in back dribbles ball to front then leaves it for the back. Do around the field a couple of times.

Circle of love. All PAX in high plank. Pass soccer ball between pax. Every pass you do one merkin. If you miss you do 3 burpees. Halfway through switch to crab position. Pass with the feet. Every pass do 3 Alabama prom dates.


Props to Hambone for the very appropriate Rocket League moniker for our new, fast FNG.


Round of 16

PAX: Bowflex (Willy Loman), Tiny Dancer, Prevac, Dilly Dilly, Hambone, Cowboy, Blue Mule, PSL, Big Stick, Brother-at-Law, CCR, Donuts, Dupree, Venus, Edible Arrangements, Big Bang (Ruck), Funyuns (Ruck), Bagger Vance (Ruck)

QIC: Floppy Disk

A pleasant 70 degrees met the 16, err… 19 determined redpillers this am at Sir E. It looked like it might be a smaller group, but 5 rolled in hot just before we started our mosey. BV, BB, and Funyuns were there, but they were doing their own Ruck workout this morning. Figure 8 (almost) mosey around the church, then circle up for some warmup.

CoP (all IC)
SSH x20
Imperial Walkers x15
Good Mornings x10
Hop Kicks x11 (for CCR)
Willie Mays x10
Mountain Climbers x10
Plank Jax x10
BaC F x10
BaC R x10
Cherry Pickers x2 (for Big Stick)

Count off 1-4. 16 made for 4 round groups. Head to the playground.

Group 1: 10x Pullups
Group 2: 20x Merkins
Group 3: 20x Dips
Group 4: 20x Inverted Rows

Move to the next station once complete. We did 3 total sets varying the Merkins with Derkins and Diamonds. Plank/wait. All in. Head to the chains!

3 sets of: 20x single arm bicep curls, 20x single arm upright rows.

Head up the steep hill to the big lot for some 4 corners work. Bid adieu to Prevac. Each exercise done for roughly 90 seconds, then mosey to the next station until all stations completed.

Group 1: Burpees
Group 2: Jump Squats
Group 3: Carolina Dry docks
Group 4: Freddie Mercuries
Mosey back to the start, pick up BV, BB and Funyuns for a little Mary.

1:00 Low Plank
2:00 various stretches (a real crowd pleaser): Piriformis, Lower back, Hips
5x Burpees OYO


Twas a pleasure as always to lead this am.

Great to have Bowflex from Knoxville out with us. He offered a free beatdown in return for today’s workout in Knoxville. I’ll be there in a couple of weeks so I may take him up on it. Hopefully BV, BB and Funyuns got some good Ruck work in this am. They looked sweaty enough, but it’s possible they just walked to Tidy Cats house and used his hose.

Warpath and Tin Can ruck coming up on 7/21. Check Slack for deets. Think about signing up for the St. Jude Half-marathon/Marathon and joining/supporting the Kemp’s team, Team Job. Details here:

Floppy Disk


When: 7/9/2018

QIC: Grisham

The PAX: 21 men started the week off right.  Pax included:  Brother-at-law, CCR, Skid Mark, Vegemite, Edible Arrangement, PSL, Juan Valdez, Accounts Receivable, Lewd Wig, Holler back girl, A-Fib, Floppy Disk, Dine ‘n Dash, Too Tall, Black Lung, Big Perm, Reefer, Dilly Dilly, Doughnutz, Bagger Vance, Grisham

Beautiful morning. Low 70’s and not nearly as muggy as it has been.

Warm Up:

  • Ginder PT (SSH / Squats / SLDL / Lunges / Shoulder Circuit / Car. DD / ‘Mericans / Supermans / Sit-ups / Car. DD


Part I – Strength Work:

  • Every 2 min for 4 rounds – 8 HSPU / 8 V-ups
  • Grab a coupon. Partner up.

Part II – Metcon – TABATA:

  •  For this TABATA we did 20 sec of work, 10 sec rest, then partners flap jack
  • (1) Row / sit ups with coupons
  • (2) Pull ups / clean thrusters w/ coupon
  • (3) Box jumps / burpees over coupon
  • (4) Toes to Bar / KB swing w/ coupon
  • (5) ‘Mericans / Supermans

REturn Coupons and mossey to circle – American Hammers X 15 & REv. Crunches X 15


Great work this morning. Hope everyone has a great week.


QIC: Noble Virus
PAX: Noble Virus, Iditarod, Schnitzel, CDL, Aristotle, Yosef, Woodshed
Warmup lap around the square with a Mozy, cherry pickers and politicians.
7 merkins- 4 sets in honor of July 4th
17 burpees and 76 LBCs in honor of 1776.
Mozy to the parking garage
Bear crawl up the incline with 17 burpees in the middle
17 Star planks (opposite arm/leg reach)
76 Side Straddle Hops
Mozy to the courtyard
17 burpees
17 box jumps
76 American Hammers
Mozy back to the square
17 burpees
Circle of Fire
Modified Indian run, PAX in the back dropped and did 8 burpees to complete the set of 76. Remaining PAX lunged, bear crawled, broad jumped instead of running.