When: 2/9/2018

QIC: Grisham

The PAX: 21 men decided to get after it Friday morning.  Pax included:  Brother-in-law, CCR, Rooster, Lewd Wig, HVAC, PreVac, PSL, Donuts, Nex-Tech, Cathy, Venus, Brown Nose, Umbrella, Swamp Fox, Black Widow, Off Shore, 3rd Degree, Yard Sale, Big Stick, Bagger Vance, Grisham

Slightly below freezing.  Need a good slow warm up.

Warm Up:

  • Mosey around the circle
  • Shoulder circuit to warm up
  • Grinder PT (1X 10 X of SSH, Deep Squats, Lunges, SL Deadlifts, Carolina Dry Dockers, ‘Mericans, Supermans, sit ups,


Part I – Strength Work:

  • 1 X 10 Hand Stand Push Ups / 1 X 20 V ups
  • Grab a coupon. Partner up.  2 warm up, 3 work sets Row X 10 w/ coupon on chest.

Part II – Metcon:

  • 21 – 15 – 9 :
    • Half the Pax takes off toting coupons up the hill to the big house at Elington.  Once there, perform 21 – 15 – 9 of Turkish get ups (coupon encouraged, but optional) and push-ups . . . leave coupon, run back and perform below . . .
    • Other half of Pax performs 21-15-9 of Pulls ups and burpbees, then run up to the big house and performs above.  Totes coupons back.
  • Mosey to parking lot & circle up
    • 25 Flutterkicks
    • 20 Rev. crunch


Great work this morning. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Sir E, that cruel friend

PAX: Spider Bite, PSL, Funyuns, Olan Mills, Braveheart, Skid Mark, Brown Nose, Karamazov, Pope, Black Lung, Blue Mule, CAPSLOCK, Donuts, Foxtrot Talks-a-lot, Big Stick, Prevac, Pop-a-lock, Bagger Vance, Cowboy, Offshore, Floppy Disk

QIC: Floppy Disk

A warmer than forecasted 40 degrees awaited the 21 brave men that waved the sirens call of the fartsack this am to post at Sir E. Pleasantries were dispensed, then we got moving. We started with a short capri lap around the church, crossing our fingers for an Aunt Bea sighting. Alas, we were disappointed. We circled up, introductions were made, disclaimers were given and the warmup commenced.

Warm-o-Rama (all IC)
SSH x20
Windmills x10
Good Mornings x10
Burpees x10 (modification for the 3 that posted at Detention yesterday for Big Bang’s burpee slaughter-fest was SSH)
Squats x20
High knees x10
Butt kickers x10
Plank Jax x10
Mtn Climbers x10
Baby Arm Circles F x10
Big Arm Circles F x10
Big Arm Circles R x10
Baby Arm Circles R x10

With that more than sufficient warmup in the books we headed over to the playground for a quick arm circuit: 10x pullups, 15x merkins (diamonds, derkins), 20x rows, 20x dips. That circuit was completed 3x varying the merkin style each round.

We then proceeded on to Sir E’s hallowed grounds and mosey’d up to the big house where further instructions awaited. Another circuit commenced: 25x atomic merkins, 25x jump squats, 25x reverse crunches, run the loop, WW1 sit-ups for the six. That hill is so steep. We were so tired. We should rinse and repeat…and we did. YHC had 3 rounds drawn up, but time was running short so we mosey’d on, this time to the big lot.

PAX were instructed to line up and when the word “GO” was uttered, sprint the length of the parking lot (approximately 75 yards). Once there, each man was to perform 25x plank jax.

Heavy breath ensued as we proceeded home via the long route. Once there, we circled up for a few minutes of abdominal exercises as follows.

Flutter Kix x20 (IC)
Ola Dolly x20 (IC)
Freddie Mercuries x20 (IC)
Low Plank 41 seconds
Good Mornings x20 (always a crowd pleaser to finish with these).

Several late arrivals this morning, most notably, Black Lung who strolled up about 10 minutes late so effortlessly. Not so notably, Big Stick. Foxtrot was sporting his D Henry jersey, which he not only filled out nicely, but also left an imprint of on the pavement during Mary. I do think it helped him run faster, though. My goal today was no burpees, at least for the guys that did 300 yesterday. For everyone else, however, it’s hard to complain about 10 reps of any exercise, amiright? Extremely questionable form on the pullups. I may bring a video demonstration to my next Q.

Keep Family Jewels in your prayers who is dealing with an impending separation in his marriage. It’s a reminder to take nothing for granted in your marriage, gents.

Two beer nights this week! Wednesday, 2/7 and Thursday, 2/8 from 8-10pm at Craft Brewed. Come for both, come for one, come for part of one. We want to see you there!

Finally, step up to Q, boys! There are lots of open spots on the calendar. I am always happy to co-Q so reach out if you’re interested in that.

Until the gloom,
Floppy Disk

Stonewall Sandbaggin’

QIC: Hambone
PAX: Vegemite, Kangaroo Jack/Mac (FNG), Spider Bite, Black Lung, Pop-a-Lock (Nebraska), FTTAL, Deep Dish, Jeweler, Bad Boy, Crawfish, Bicentennial Man, Big Stick

The Saturday men of F3 Nashville posted to see what an hour of working out would do to their bodies, minds, and souls.

SSH IC x 20
Toy Soldier IC x 14
Merkins IC x 10
IST IC x 15
Squats IC x 17
Merkins IC x 20

Grab the sandbag and rucks. Mosey out a bit and back the parking lot.

Grab the sandbags and repeat the cycle:

Decline Merkins x 10
Decline Merkins x 10
Dips x 20
Dips x 20
Sandbag Squat x 30
Ruck Lung x 30
Ruck Overhead Press x 30

Split into two teams of 6 or 7 and head to the hill. Run up the hill with ruck. Losing team selects a member to mosey up and back with the sandbag

Sick Cycle

3 Sets:
Seal Claps x 20, Overhead Claps x 20


3 Sets:
Merkins x 10, Air Press x 15


3 Sets:
LBCs x 20, Low Flutter x 20

Run, drop sandbags at parking lot, head to back side building for Mary.

Return Home.


Prayers for the F&F of Bad Boy and Jeweler. Prayers for the Pax for guidance throughout the week.

XC day

PAX: Mr. Roboto, Noble Virus, Papa Juan, Grohl, Scraps, Iditarod, Aristotle, Yosef
Weather: lovely 49F, 10-15 mph wind

CDL used his cross-country knowledge base to work PAX how he knows best: Running.

Mosey from MMC parking to Prentice Fridge & A/C parking for WOR
X9 IC? Goodmornings
X10 OYO Inch worms

Mosey across the street to the Underpass of Thompson Lane bridge over College.

The Thang:
X20 Pushups
X20 Squats
Spring the concrete hill up to Thompson, and mosey the road back around to the bottom.

Repeat x3

Mosey back to the Corner of Abdominal Pain.

YHC advised we had completed approx 2.5 miles of running.

X30 flutter kicks
X30 American Hammers
X30 Rosalita’s

CoT and BoM. And there was much comradery today

Bullhorn: PT test Thurs Feb 8th.
FYI, Yosef will be out of pocket due to travel the week of 2/12-2/16. That means the Thurs 2/15 workout is up for grabs. Hit the Google calendar signup, or let Iditarod or myself know.

A Most Excellent Adventure

Penned by Aristotle

QIC: Aristotle
PAX: Noble Virus, Scraps, Schnitzel, NPR, Yosef, Nuggets McPatty, Grohl, Iditarod
Weather: Mid-20’s and windy

9 PAX grunt and sweat on an adventure through history via Bill and Ted and learn to ‘Be excellent to each other.’

Long warm up lap around the Square –shake things up by going clockwise.

Circle up for short WOR:
SSH x 20 IC
GMs RBAC x 10 IC

The Thang:
Mosey to the parking deck between Walnut and Maple.

YHC explains the basic plot to ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ for the few poor souls who have never seen it. Declares exercises will loosely relate to the military historical figures they traveled through time to kidnap and pass their history test –in order to save the world through the inspirational music of the Wyld Stallyns.

Excellent! [Enthusiastic air guitar]

Round 1: Napoleon Bonaparte
Starting on the bottom floor of the deck, keeping all things low to the ground like our French warrior-Emperor.
Elevens – Squats and Mericans, but Bear Crawls in between.
Much grunting by PAX. Bear Crawls = Waterloo

Round 2: Genghis Khan
Travel back to 1209 to rampage like the infamous Golden Hordes.
Escalator (of sorts) between each level of the parking deck, sprinting in between each one.
PAX were instructed to yell out random exercises. YHC picked the loudest one, and all sprinted to the next level:

Level 1: Burpees x 10 OYO
short sprint
Level 2: Lt. Dans x 20 OYO
long sprint
Level 3: Overhand claps x 25 IC
long sprint to the top due to time

Round 3: Joan of Arc
At the top, on your 6 for a full view of the sky. Go back to 1429 to share Joan’s divine vision to lead the French army to victory over the English.
MARY/Ring of Fire/choose your own ab exercise
PAX were encouraged to ‘Be excellent to each other’ in their choice of ab smokers:

Iditarod: Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
Yosef: Crunchy Frog x 10 OYO
Nuggets: LBC x 20 OYO
Scraps: Crab kicks x 20 OYO (a move of Scraps’ own creative invention)
Noble Virus: Freddie Mercury x 20 OYO
Grohl: WW1 x 10 OYO
NPR: Hello Dolly x 20 IC
Schnitzel: American Hammers x 20 OYO
YHC: Mosey back to Courthouse for all to count-off whilst planking.

COT and Prayer for all to be excellent to each other by remembering history, and through the Spirit doing the Greatest Commandment and the second one just like it.

Detention – 1/29 – The Debt Snowball

PAX: Floppy Disk, Donuts, Yard Sale, Calfkiller, PSL, Ludwig van Osh Kosh, CAPSLOCK, Rooster, Accounts Receivable, Juan Valdez, Frogger, Vegemite, Dr. Smartt, Edible Arrangement, Greasetrap, Numbtucks, Harvey Updyke, Pop-a-Lock, Offshore, Umbrella, Drone Zone, Lunch Lady, CCR, Kamel Toe (FNG)

QIC: Braveheart

25 PAX started the week off right at Detention, got a bonus personal finance lesson via Dave Ramsey, and had a lot of grace for YHC on my VQ.


Mosey the usual loop, with lunges halfway up the bus hill, and backwards run on the back half. Disclaimer.

SSH x 15
Good Mornings x 10
WMH x 10
BAC + reverse x 20
Air Presses x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15 (+1 on a false start)
Butt Kickers x 15

Count off by 4s for circuits later.


Mosey back to bus loop. Explained the origin of my F3 name Braveheart being the Producer for the Dave Ramsey Show. Dave teaches the Debt Snowball (paying off debts smallest to largest to gain momentum) as part of the 7 Baby Steps, so with the number 7 and reps increasing from smallest to largest was the theme.

1) Modified Stairway to Sevens:

bottom of the hill: 1 Burpee, run up to
1st speed bump: 1 Jump Squat
2nd speed bump: 1 Carolina Dry Dock
top of hill: Lunges, 1 per leg

Run around the small loop and repeat adding a rep each time up to 7 total. The running loop was added in last-minute per a question from CAPSLOCK, which prompted a few grumbles but I liked the added cardio. Compared to 11s this didn’t seem difficult at first but the lunges burned by the end.

Mosey to playground/pavilion.

2) Circuits:

1s: Rows
2s: Dips
3s: TableTops
4s: Merkins

x 30 reps, rotate each circuit, then rinse/repeat with 45 reps (way too many)

Cut this short for time, back to parking lot for Mary.


Hello Dollys x 15
Flutter Kicks x 15
Mariahs x 15
Freddie Mercurys x 15
Jane Fondas x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15
Low Plank


Another reminder to sign up for opportunities to serve, check Slack for details.


Thanks to CCR for helping me plan my VQ and to my first FNG Kamel Toe for waking up early to see what F3 is all about (despite inadvisably wearing 3 layers of shirts/pants and wool mittens on a warm 38 degree morning).

– Braveheart

Famous people

QIC: Yosef
PAX: CDL, Aristotle (and friends), Iditarod, Noble Virus, NPR
Weather: 23 degrees F, clear, no wind.

6 PAX posted for an education on some important historical people.

Warm Up lap
X20 side straddle hops
X10 slow good mornings
X10 slow willie mays hayes
X10 high knees
X10 butt kicks

The Thang: Mosey to the long side of the parking lot, introduced PAX to Wilt Chamberlain. In honor of his 100 point game, PAX completed the following:

X100 LBC’s
Sprint 100 yrds (length of parking lot)
X100 squats
100 yrds
X100 swim kicks
100 yrds
X100 lunges (50 per leg)
100 yrds

Mosey’d a bit to shake everything loose and then circled up to introduce PAX to Bruce Lee, and his workout.

x20 American Hammers
x20 LBC’s
x20 toe touches
x20 Crunchy Frogs
x20 heel taps
x20 swim kicks = 1 set

Full Bruce Lee is 6 sets, but we only had time for 3 sets.

Moved on to Johnny Cash, and his Ring of Fire:

PAX circles up and gets into plank position. Gave 3 pax a choice of their favorite ab exercises. The results were shoulder touches, bicycles, WW1 situps. All Pax held plank, while pax one at a time completed all three exercises x10 reps, and then resuming plank while the pax to the left goes, until the circle is complete. It just keeps on burning.

Mosey back to start.

CoT & BoM.

Snow Covered Hills

When: 1/19/2018

QIC: Grisham

The PAX: 19 men decided to role out of bed and get after it Friday morning.

At 21 degrees, it was a little chilly at the beginning, but after the warm-up started, the weather was perfect.

Warm Up:

  • Mosey around the circle
  • Shoulder circuit to warm up
  • Grinder PT (SSH, Deep Squats, Lunges, Dive Bombers, Supermans, sit ups, pushups, Carolina dry dockers, etc.


Part I – Strength Work:


  • 3 X 10 Hand Stand Pushups / Alternating w/ 20 V-ups
  • Grab a coupon. Partner up.  1 warm up, 3 work sets Row X 10 /alternating with clapping ‘Mericans .

Part II – Metcon:

  • 11’s  – Pull ups and snowy reverse burpbees at the bottom of the hill.
  • Mosey to parking lot & circle up
    • 15’Mericans
    • 15 situps


Really great to see everyone out this morning. Have a great weekend!

Winter Wonderland

QIC: Yosef
PAX: Aristotle, Iditarod, Papa Juan, Schnitzel
Weather 5 degrees F, Wind: 0.

T-claps to pax for posting despite brutal cold and icy/snow conditions.

Warm up lap
Side straddle hops x15
Extra slow good mornings x10
Willie Mays Hayes x12
Lt. Dan’s from one curb to the next, approx. 10 yards.

To keep Pax warm and dry, we went on a Mosey tour of Gateway Island and that which surrounds it.
1st Stop: The Island. Partner up and one stays and does dips on the planter, while the other partner runs to the first building and drops 10 Merkins. Runs back. Switch. Then partner runs to gazebo and drops 20 Merkins, runs back, switch. A good little triceps toaster, and kept the hands dry.
2nd stop: The Crossroads. MC ensued regarding Bone Thugs. We had no harmony. Crossroads had a particularly dry patch, so 25 squats, 50 LBC’s, 20 Russian twists (or American Hammers), 15 burpees.
3rd stop: The playground. WWI sit-ups on the picnic tables while PAX takes turns doing AMRAP pullups on the monkey bars.
4th stop: The Crossroads. Short on time, so 25 side straddle hops and depart.
5th stop: Finish, CoT and BoM.

Bullhorn: Temps should warm to above freezing for next week, so don’t be a sad clown. Put on your discipline britches and mosey on down to the Square for a workout.

Mr. Roboto’s VQ

PAX: Schnitzel, Aristotle, Yosef, Iditarod, Mr. Roboto (QIC)

Mosey for a while then circle up for warm ups. Then the partner routine which included one partner running two laps around the square while the other started 50 Burpees, 100 overhand claps, 150 Merkins, and 200 squats alternating til all reps complete. Then we did 11’s. 10 squats 1 burpee, 9 squats 2 burpees…etc while lunges in between each exercise from curb to curb. Ended with around the world with your favorite exercise for the last 5 minutes or so.


Bullhorn: Join Iditarod for the special kids 5k/15k if you want to give a race a whirl.