Lucky Horseshoe Comes to The Skunk

PAX: Venus, Life Champ, Preacher Man

QIC: En Fuego

A breezy 22 degrees greeted the 4 PAX at the Skunk this morning – Super Bowl hangover had nothing on these men, much to the delight of YHC who at 5:28 was fairly certain he’d be flying solo on this Q.  Following a short mosey, disclaimer and COP, we proceeded with The Thang:

Lucky Horseshoe (courtesy de Racetrack, courtesy de Toga – though this time I believe we applied the down and distance correctly).

  • Run carved .25 mile lap around the baseball fields.  Avoid ice patches.  20 merkins
  • Lap 2, 20 merkins, 20 storm squats
  • Lap 3, 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 scorpion dry docks
  • Lap 4, 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 scorpion dry docks, 20 WWIs
  • Lap 5, 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 scorpion dry docks, 20 WWIs, 20 lunges.  Not a lot of mumble chatter by this point
  • Lap 6, 20 storm squats, 20 scorpion dry docks, 20 WWIs, 20 lunges
  • Lap 7, 20 scorpion dry docks, 20 WWIs, 20 lunges
  • Lap 8, 20 WWIs, 20 lunges
  • Lap 9, 20 lunges
  • YHC calls for the Victory Lap; Preacher Man says check your time.  Following checking of said time, YHC realizes we have 30 seconds left.  Hold plank while thanking Preacher Man for keeping us honest with the clock.

Mosey back to close out in prayer – lifting Toga, Head Stud and his wife Emily, and Life Champ’s buddy in Knoxville up in prayer.  Great work by the PAX – 2.65 miles all in including moseys.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead and be a part of all things F3 with you

En Fuego

The Negroni and the Risotto Ball

Eight (really! 8 at The Skunk) redwoods came to get stronger and avoid running.  Here’s how it went down:

Grabs YHC’s weight collection plus Life Champ’s kettlebell and mosey to the baseball field for the following:

30 sec AMRAP of each exercise: elevated APD, superman merkins, goblet squats, dips, burpees, kb swings.  Rest 30 sec between each exercise then decrease by 5 secs each round till there is no time to rest and you immediately switch exercises.  That’s seven rounds for those keeping track.

Partner up with P1 grabbing two weights for 200 yd farmer’s carry while P2 holds plank.  Flapjack

Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary= Jane Fonda center, back and front on each leg.  You just have to experience it, but the groans and people not completing all the reps was evidence enough that we need to do it again.


NMM:  Apparently Kathy discovered some all you can eat pasta situation with Negronis and all the risotto balls you can handle.  While that may sound interesting to some, the PAX can assure you that there are ramifications.  Venus actually tried to keep up with the flatulence but couldn’t handle the pace.

Special welcome to FNG Daniel = Money Shot.  See Cowboy for an explanation.

This may be Toga’s last F3 visit for awhile as the knee surgery is imminent.  You guys will be missed, but YHC plans to be back out in the summer and running faster than ever.  YHC has never been accused of being fast, so the bar is purposely being set low.

Stay Classy,


PAX: Cowboy, FNG – Money Shot, Foxtrot, Foggy Pirate, Life Champ, Toga, Venus, Kathy

20 or 21, Whatever it Takes

A jaunty four posted for some fun in the sun at The Skunk.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey about 6 ft. for warmup COP: SSH, imperial walkers, hillbillies, mtn climbers, scorpion stretch, good mornings, T-stretch

EMOM CoP: Complete 10 merkins, 10 WWII situps, 10 squats every minute on the minute for 20 minutes (Note: we did 21 in case Foggy Pirate lied about the count).

Grab some weights for death crawl circuit: P1 completes 10 yd death crawl (bear crawl with 45 lb kettlebell) and back, P2 overhead tricep press with dumbbell, P3 db curls, P4 kb swings.  Rotate and repeato x3

Mary: flutter kicks, leg raises w heals to heaven, Alabama prom dates


NMM:  Apparently YHC should have done more promo on Slack after seeing the numbers CCR pulled to Detention #CHallMafia.  Nevertheless, we got after it, and Kathy seemed pleased to be back in the elements after the subzero NY conditions.  Apparently he’ll be wearing very little to future workouts due to the thickening of his blood that took place over the holidays.  Similarly, Razor initiated a new workout where you get in some extra miles chasing burglars #NotBilbo from your car prior to leaving for the workout.  No dude is too big after joining F3!

Thanks to everyone for letting me Q while not moving more than a few feet from the cars.  Hopefully it was enough to get the week started right.

Stay Classy,


Co-Q Get’s Garth’d – Field Trip Must Go On

PAX: Foggy Pirate, FoxTrot, Venus, Chum, TripleD, Big Stick

QIC: En Fuego

Four hours after arriving home from Garth and wondering if YHC is #muchtooyoungtofeelthisda@#old, and a mere 9 hours after receiving a text from Leatherneck stating #bringmetwopinacoladas cause I #aintgoingdowntilthesuncomesup, YHC arrived at The Skunk knowing the Co-Q was now just a Q, but the Field Trip to Higher Education Must go on.

Bus #1 departed at 5:30 sharp, with 5 #friendsinlowplaces moseying from J.T. Moore down to the Lipscomb University Soccer Field.  Bus #2 apparently departed at 5:31 with Venus and Big Stick on board.  With Green Hills streets just like a #river, ever-changing as they flow, Bus #2 and Bus #1 never actually met #inanother’seyes, but good to run into them 45 minutes later at the COT.  Following a quick COP on the Lipscomb Soccer Field, Bus #1 proceeded with…

The Thang:

11’s at stairs leading down to the field – Burpees at top, Jump Squats at bottom.  Stairs apparently are slippery when wet, and steeper than their visual from Granny White would suggest.   With Leatherneck still a member of the #americanhonkytonkbarassociation and no one for YHC to hand the Q baton, it’s time for YHC to improvise.

Backward mosey to the dugout, where FoxTrot mumbles once seeing USMNT practice on the field, their performance being barely #morethanamemory.  At Dugout:

Circuit of tricep dips, urkins and derkins.  Start at 5 reps, R&R x 4 adding 5 reps each round.  Foggy impressed us all with his ability to rep out some derkins x 20.  YHC lead modifier of said derkins.

Time left to kill, we’re going Dean Smith 4 Corners.  Cut the soccer field into a third, Lieutentant Dans from one touch line to the other, perform 20 WWIs, bear crawl to corner flag, 20 flutter kicks, Lieutenant Dans back to the other touch line, 20 Mariah Careys.  No time to bear crawl to fourth corner, it’s time to mosey back.  Bus took a slower pace on the way home, perhaps slightly affected by FoxTrotTalksaLot deciding to FoxTrotPopsaSquat #shameless? No judgment passed along from this PAX.

COT and closed it out in prayer, all thankful that He is the reason for the Season.

Solid work by each of the PAX – thankful and appreciate the opportunity to lead and work alongside each of you.


En Fuego


GrowSchool 2.0

0600 Time to Go…Couple of Stragglers coming in on Two Wheels
Mosey to Soccer field w side shuffle L/R, Politician, High Knees and Butt Kickers
WOR (Princess Aurora)
All IC
SSH X 20
The Dirty McDuece
Count off 1s and 2s to partner up
Round I
Merkins, Squats, Ola Dollies x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round II
Atomic Merkins, Lunges, LBCs x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round III
CDD, Jump Squats (OYO), Reverse Crunches x 12 IC
Run 400M
Round IV
Burpees (OYO), Jump Lunges, Flutter Kix x 12 IC
Run 400M
High Plank on Hill for some of the Genesis of F3 Nation.
Looooong Aunt Bea like wandering mosey around the football field, softball field past the playground through the woods, slalom through the red tips.
Plank Progression in parking lot. More on F3Nashville’s beginnings.
Cross country over to JOHS baseball field back up to rear parking lot. Plank progression on Leadership, Fartsacking and the like.
Why do they call it Mary, CCR? From the famous car ride scene in Something About Mary…look it up.
High plank, low plank, flutters x30 IC, American Hammers x20 IC, Mariah’s x13 IC, j-los x13 IC, 10 burpees oyo
Goal today was to replicate the Qs of OBT & DREDD of GrowSchools and GrowRucks of the past. Must say, think we nailed it! Great work by Qs to explain what we do, why we do it and how we do it. Nice work by the PAX in chiming in w the MC and hard work. Probably the most Forward Leaning Rest/Listening Position/High Plank on record.
Proud to be a part of this great group of men. Thank yall for your hard work and dedication to the reinvigoration of male leadership in our communities.
If anyone knows of some small men that may need this, please a little EH on em.
Lots of great stuff going on right now…many opportunities to serve. Please reach out to me if you feel led to serve in any of the roles we mentioned this am or in any other way we would love to help.
I will get all of the GrowSchool info in one document and see about getting it on the interwebs.
Bagger Vance
Bicentennial Man, Brother @ Law, Right Said, PA, CCR, Floppy Disk, FTTAL, TOGA, T Cell, Traffic Jam, HiViz, Bad Boy, Pappa Lock, Frugal McDugal, Life Champ, Dupree, Numbtucks, Nimbus 2K (FNG), Black Lung, Hambone, Crawfish, PreVac, Lewd Wig, Foggy Pirate, Chum, Vegemite, Big Stick, Deep Dish, Cowboy, BV

Warm Feelings at The Skunk

6 warm blooded creatures posted for some frosty fun at The Skunk.  Here’s how it went down:

Warm-up COP: Russian Soldiers, Copperhead squats, Imperial Walkers, Scorpion Stretch, Good Mornin’s

Go grab some weights for the following:

10, 9, and 8 reps of rows, jump squats and dive-bomb merkins

1 min each for single arm snatch, single arm swings, goblet squats, deadlifts, burpees

7, 6, and 5 reps of rows, jump squats and dive-bomb merkins

1 min each for single arm snatch, single arm swings, goblet squats, deadlifts, burpees

4, 3, 2 and 1 rep of rows, jump squats and dive-bomb merkins

1 min each for single arm snatch, single arm swings, goblet squats, deadlifts, burpees

ab fun including, leg raises, v ups, pull overs, oblique crunches and weighted WWI’s

NMM:  YHC was truly a bit concerned when there were no other participants at 0526.  Thankfully En Fuego rolled in with Venus and Kathy rolling up and hanging in their sled while YHC and En Fuego started the warm-up promptly at 0530.  Big Stick rolled in somewhere around 0540 after claiming a failed Foxtrot pickup.

Hilarity ensued as everyone went through the sets, and we learned that Kathy’s special purpose is the dive-bomber merkin.  Who knew!?  It’s also interesting to see how people gear up when the temperature drops.  We had everything from tights, Venus/Razor’s ode to Mike Tyson and Kathy’s fourteen layers.  It could be that Kathy was still cold from the ruck.  He said it went well and was not overly taxing.

Special thanks to Bagger for letting me take the Q so I could make sure of no running on the bum knee.

Stay Classy,


PAX: Big Stick, Kathy, Toga, Venus, Leatherneck, En Fuego

QIC: Toga

We Focus on the Second F (with YHC Hopeful it’s not Historically Bad)

PAX: Life Champ, Foggy Pirate, Leatherneck, Venus, Erector Set, En Fuego, Cathy

QIC: En Fuego

Six other PAX braved an En Fuego VQ – arriving to a 46 degree gloom under some breezy skies.  Mumble chatter begins with PAX discussing all time worst VQs and the corresponding exercises.  YHC’s mind starts sweating as the lists are tossed out – hearing the sounds of exercises about to be partaken.  Alas, too late to rewrite the script, the 5:30 bell tolls and we’re off.  Here’s what we did:

Quick mosey followed by COP: SSH, WMH, GMs and Scorpion Stretch.  YHC instructs that today’s theme is the Second F – and from this point forward you won’t do another exercise without your partner.  With that, commence fireman’s carry mosey to the soccer field:

The Thang:

Partner 1 begins suicide utilizing length of soccer field – 1/3rd, 2/3rd and full length with one burpee, two burpees, three burpees at the respective stops.  The Second F twist is Partner 1 never takes their eyes off Partner 2, always facing Partner throughout length of suicide (so half the suicide is backwards run).

Partner 2 commences the following, with Partners flapjacking until the below is complete:

  • 100 Burpees
  • 100 Jump Squats
  • 100 Merkins
  • 100 Lunges
  • 100 LBCs

Following mumber chatter consensus on a growing disdain for backwards running, we’re all in and commence fireman carry mosey back to parking lot.  YHC later realizes VQ lesson #1 – never go back to initial place of COP until it’s officially Mary time – because we aren’t there yet.

With same Partners grab a parking spot lane – wheelbarrow across lot to opposite parking block in your lane.  Partner 1 completes 5 urkins followed by 5 derkins while Partner 2 performs back and forth jump over parking block until Partner 1 completes.  Flapjack and R&R x 3.

Slight mosey back to initial COT spot – confusion reigns again with PAX thinking it’s over (confirming VQ lesson #1 a second time).  Nope, we’ve got 3 minutes for Mary’s – where we complete group ABCs recited around the horn at a level slightly ahead of 3-year old’s pace followed by a plank closeout.  VQ officially a wrap.

COT: TAP for Leatherneck’s brother-n-law, T-Cell and Leatherneck with babies forthcoming and Cathy’s in-laws both battling pneumonia.

Great job to each of the PAX – 1.65 miles total on the suicides.  Thankful and am appreciative for the opportunity to lead and work alongside you!


En Fuego


The Q is Optional or Missed Chance for Waffle House

PAX: Preacher Man, Offshore, Toga

Q: Toga

A hearty three posted for some fun in the sun at The Skunk.  Here’s how it went down:

Do three laps around the parking lot with interspersed high knees, butt kickers, karaoke, and backwards runs.

Warmup COP with the usual: SSH, Imperial Walkers, merkins, scorpion stretch…

Mosey around track and run to pavilion: Bulgarian split squats, irkins, Bulgarian other leg, derkins, squats

Lap around track to 2nd field bleachers, leg raises, Chuck Norris merkins, pistol squats rt and left, Bruce Lee merkins

Mosey around track to first field for WWII sit-ups, dips

Mosey to tennis courts for arc loader.  Realize tennis court is too slick and move the loader to the road beside the school.  Repeato x5

Mosey to parking lot for polar bears and crab walks.

Mosey back to flag for variable speed Freddy Mercury, Dead Cockroach, 3 minute high plank

COT: Preacher Man took us out (pays to go with a professional)

NMM:  Where to begin with this one?  First, thanks to Preacher Man and Offshore for posting in what looked like some serious gloom.  The rain actually abated (@Bagger, that means to lessen or decline) as soon as Preacher Man rolled up.  Coincidence?

Now to the cavalcade of Qs that were to be on this morning.  First up was Funyuns (Ranked #17 of Gas Station Snacks).  To be honest, YHC had one finger on the alarm trigger to fartsack this morning, but YHC remembered that Funyuns was Q and wouldn’t have many people on a rainy morning.  Fortunately Offshore remembered to read Slack and knew we were Q’less (Get it?  I kill me sometimes.).

We also learned that Funyuns contacted Big Stick to be the designated Q, but his whereabouts remain unknown.  It’s rumored that he’s taken up residence in Fox Trot’s pool house and must have assumed the workout was canceled when he heard rain gently beating on his tin roof.  It’s a bit of a theme, so you better wear your Q shoes when you post at The Skunk.., you never know when it might be your turn.

Stay Classy,


Royal H Burpee Returns

16 October 2017

PAX: Foggy Pirate, Detention, LifeChamp, Preacher Man, Bagger Vance


It was a brisk 49* this am as the 5 RedPillers took to the Skunk.  We kept looking for FTTAL and BigStick but at 05:30:01 they were nowhere to be found.

Took off around the Jogging loop, could be Yogging, not sure we made a note of all four corners that would be used throughout our time together this morning.

Oh wait, damn, forgot about the Slaughter Starter:

10 Burpees, 9 Squats, 8 Burpees, 7 Squats, 6 Burpees, 5 Squats, 4 Burpees, 3 Burpees, 2 Burpees, 1 Burpee

Then to the Yogging track…

Rectangle up at the Backstop for Disclaimer and WOR:

All IC x 13 –


Explanation of the four corners


Royal H Burpee Burpees x 5 corner 1

Merkins x 10 corner 2

Squats x 20 corner 3

Reverse Thrusters x 40 corner 4

Rinse N Repeat w slight variation


Royal H Burpee Burpees x 40 Corner 1

Merkins x 20 corner 2

Squats x 10 corner 3

Reverse Thrusters x 5 corner 4


Royal H Burpee Burpees x 5 Corner 1

Merkins x 10 Corner 2

Squats x 20 corner 3

Reverse Thrusters x 40 corner 4


Reverse Thrusters x 40 start ex

Squat Jumps x 20 Corner 1

Merkins x 10 Corner 2

Royal H Burpee Burpees x 5 Corner 3

Mosey to Parking Lot for Flutter Kicks for the 6


Curb Crawl 7s w Merkins

Flutter Kicks, LBCs, Mariah Carey for the 6

5 Regulation Burpees til time


NM: nice to have Detention out from Knoxville this am.  Thank you for joining us.  Pleasure to lead yall this am.  As you can see, it doesn’t take much to have a good Q.  I say that to encourage yall to get out here and Q one day soon if you haven’t done so. Plenty of opportunities to sign up and Q this week and next. Check in with Binary for the excel link.

Bullhorn: discount code for Tough Mudder for 15 Sept 2018 is online…$89

Still room for anyone who wants to join us for GrowRuck05.  Give me a shout if you would like to learn more about the opportunity.

31 Marathons in 31 days with Rob Jones on 7 Nov, check out his website for more details:



Good things from pumpkins

PAX: Foggy Pirate, Fuego, Erector Set, Big Stick, Toga, Venus/Razor

QIC: Toga

5 unsuspecting PAX members and one Q showed up to keep the walls of JTM Middle upright in the gloom.  Here’s how it went down:

Warmup COP: SSH, hillbillies.., usual stuff

Thang: Mosey to the front of the school for quad fest ’17= 20 alternating lunges (4 count) and 30 sec wall sit. 19 alternating lunges (4 count) and 30 sec wall sit.  Continue to 1 lunge and final wall sit.

Mosey to parking lot for high knees, side shuffles, karaoke, and then circle up for Mary= flutter kicks, bridges, pole smokers (vertical and then alternating sides), WWII

NMM:  Isn’t it a bit late in October for that humidity?  C’est la vie.  Quad Fest is always a hoot as the PAX almost immediately sees what they have in front of them.  When the Q asked for jokes to help pass the time during the wall sits, the PAX was graced with the presence of multiple cars arriving to watch the PAX get through the sets.  Was it a drug deal, pumpkin sellers there to make sure we didn’t pilfer a pile, or Venus’ parents?  Many theories were discussed.

Whoever has Q tomorrow, know that the crew from The Skunk did no upper body work.  Game on for tomorrow.

Stay Classy,