Chipper at The Skunk

Gloom Factor: High

PAX: BigStick, T Cell, Venus, Foxtrot Talks a Lot, Bagger Vance

0529:45 Disclaimer

Where’s BigStick? YHC was a bit fuzzy and pissy that #s were low due to the rain. Due to that, YHC set off on a blistering pace toward BigSitck’s hooch. Heading N on Granny White we saw said PAX and 2x’d back to meet him.

All IC X 13
SSH (5x attitude adjustment BURPEES)
(In comes BigStick)

Mosey to Pumpkin Patch and grab coupon for BS.

Back to lot for

Rip off from watching Fittest on Earth

50 Squat Thrusters
25 WWI Jacks
50’ Run
All w Coupon
R1-R3 Normal Run
R4-R5 Hallelujah Run
After R4 Plank Progression +/- 1’
R5 Mod after 10 Thrusters Bear Crawl to sidewalk Crawl Bear back, after 20 side shuffle to sw and back, after 40 bear crawl and crawl bear, after WWIJ drop coupons at YHC’s Rice Rocket and line up for Feather Run to get Paver back to Pumpkin Patch.

Pre Mary –
F Kix x 40 IC modifying hand position every 10x or so

Mosey to StartEx and plank for 6.


Well done HIM, thank y’all for posting. YHC was ready to go Scent of A Woman on The Skunk had he been a one armed clapper this AM. Certainly will feel that in the ole Hammies tomorrow.
4 year anniversary of F3 Nashville on Sat.
2 Man F3 Scramble on Sun w spots available.


IronPax Challenge Week IV – Mog Mile

Temp: 74
Gloom Factor: Noticeable
Big Stick Factor: Nil

PAX: Life Champ, Preacher Man, Foxtrot Talks A Lot, Razor, Money Shot, Cowboy (Respect), Bagger Vance

Mosey to Soccer Pitch whilst displainin the Thang
SSH, Imperial Walkers, Squats, Lunges, Merkins X 13 IC
Flutter Kix X 14 IC

3 Laps around soccer pitch (1 Mile)
50 Pull Ups
4 Rounds of:
25 Walking Lunges
25 Air Squats
4 Rounds of:
25 Merkins
25 Yard Sprint
100 Block Thrusters
50 Pull Ups
3 Laps around Soccer Pitch

Most PAX got everything but the last Mile in with the exception of Cowboy who finished the entire Mog Mile. T Claps Cowboy, great work brother.
That was a doozy, no wonder Gwood PAX save it for their Saturday hour long AO.
Zero MC this AM, don’t know whether that is good or bad but that is how it went down.

All clear scans for Spicoli and for Preacherman’s brother.
Some requests for accountability and strength as some PAX challenge themselves over the next month or so to get better.

Bagger Vance

The Skunk – 08.06.18 – “Bonnie Blair Witch Project”

7 PAX at The Skunk took a stab at this week’s IronPax challenge. It stabbed back.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Foxtrot-Talks-A-Lot, Cowboy, Venus, Big Stick, Money Shot, T-Cell


Mosey down the path and around the perimeter of the soccer field, tracing what would be our 400,for the main event, and back to the infield near our start point. COP, all IC:

  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 10
  • LBACs F x 10
  • Seal Claps x 10
  • Overhead Claps x 10
  • Air Press x 10
  • LBAC R x 10
  • SnL Squats x 10

Thoroughly warm, it was time to introduce everyone to the IronPax Challenge. For the month of August, F3 Greenwood is running a weekly challenge for F3 Nation. Complete the challenge, submit your time/score, and at the end of the month, a champion will be crowned. This week’s challenge was a wonderful start.

4 rounds for time:

  • 50 Air Squats
  • 40 Big Boy Sit-ups
  • 30 Merkins
  • 20 Bonnie Blairs aka Jump Lunges (both legs=1 rep)
  • 10 Burpees
  • 400m run

After demonstrating the proper standard for executing each exercise completely, the pain commenced. Roughly 27 minutes later, all PAX were finished and sucking wind.

With that, it was time for Mary. It was mostly a blur, but there were some LBCs, Plank variations, and some WMHs and Good Mornings to stretch it out.



  • This was my maiden voyage at The Skunk, and it was good to be with these guys. Probably helped that T-Cell helped to inject a little Westside flavor to the mix. Hope to visit again soon!
  • For any of you doing this challenge for the first time, prep your mind for the Bonnie Blairs. 20 each leg is no joke when your heart rate is already 160+ and you’ve still got a 400 ahead of you. Then you’ve got to do them 3 more times.
  • Cowboy has a black eye and a really cool story of how he got it. Ask him.


  • As mentioned above, the IronPax challenge is live. Follow @F3IronPax to keep up-to-date on challenges and learn how to submit your results.
  • Friendly Friday this week. Get those Sad Clowns out!
  • Ironclad Challenge wraps up this month. We’ve got a few guys wrapped up already, some well on their way, and others I’m not quite sure remember signing up. Finish strong!
  • Labor Day and 9/11 will be here before we know it. Plan on committing to some special Qs.
  • GrowRuck in Memphis the weekend of 9/22. There are still spots left, so sign up here. We need some Nashville representation!

PA out.


We Got Knocked Down But We Got Up Again

8 Pax showed up to get better in the gloom at the Skunk. PAX:Proton, OTP (Off The Premise; FNG Aarron Oaks), DriveTime (FNG: Carlos Castilleja), Life Champ, Razor, Cathy, Enfuego, and Cowboy YHC.

YHC came in a little hot as some last minute recon was needed to verify that Q elements were gonna work. With new faces the expectation to go by the book is stepped up, so Proper Disclaimer, Proper Count, and Proper Intensity were in the Q’s head.

WOR: Mosey around the parking lot with dipsy doodles, backwards, sides, etc.
Circle and the following IC
SSH x30, IW, HB, GM, LBAC, BigAC, Seal claps exch x 15
10 Slow & low merkins
10 Plaits (slow Suzanne Sommers Squats)
10 Plats (squat, hold at the down and IC) Feel the Burn! – Impressive we all made it.

The a brief mosey to the front of the school by the produce stand for some Chumbawamba! Tubthumping. We all got knocked down and we got up again. About 3:30 min of it in fact.

Then a mosey to the Lipscomb parking garage. Brief stop along the way for 20 dips 20 Carolina Dry Docs – rinse and Repeat.
Continue on to the Parking Garage

In the stairwell.
Hop up stairs
Merkins x as many steps as you hopped at the landing and at the top
Run down parking garage to stairs at the opposite end.
Out the door and back to the original stairs. All that for 3 rounds
7s at the hill Burpees at the bottom and Peter Parkers at the top.
Crawl Bear the 1st and the last trip up the hill
Indian Lunge Run – Lunges in a line with Indian Run Style rotation
To the Corner of Granny White and Shackleford
Half Sprint back stopping at our wall along the way for another set of Dips and Carolinas
Round back of the school and Sprint (AYG) to the home parking lot.

It was time, Count off, Name-o-rama, FNG naming, BOM


23 July 2018 Servais

Temp: 71 and perfect
PAX: Cowboy, Big Stick, Preacher Man, Foxtrot  Talks A Lot, Bagger Vance
Mosey to the dumpsters at the back of The Skunk, turn around and head back to main lot.
Triangle Up for Mary:
All IC X 13
Squats, (enter FTTAL) SSH, Imperial Walkers, AL Prom Dates
Bear Crawl Kickouts to sidewalk +/- 20 Meters
Modify or as I coined on Twitter WODify Servais
1M mosey around track
As Many Rounds as Possible:
19 Pull Ups
19 Merkins
19 Burpees
After each round jump up out of the mini playground pit and carry coupon in RX’d fashion down to the end of greenhouse and back. Coupons as follows:
25’ KB
5G bucket w cinder block inside
Ruck sack w 30’ plate
20’ Weight vest
16’ Med ball
Rarely if ever did the coupons stick in the order RX’d but we all got our turns. Q Fail on directions.
Plank 30”
Merkins x 5, Dips x 5, Merkins x 5
F Kix x 20 IC
MDM x 5
Homer, Marge, Mr Burns
MDM x 5
Most all got 4 rounds in the allotted time pre-Mary.
T Claps to FTTAL for posting w us even though he had some domestic duties that kept him from being on time.
Preacher Man with a strong showing today. Always good to see him crushing it.
Big Stick led from the front as usual.
Cowboy and I were grinding through today’s workout. Thank you for your willingness to switch ‘pons with me a couple times and for shouldering the load for FTTAL also.
Praying for Preacher Man’s brother, James as he battles cancer for a second time. Just finishing up chemo and this next week will be tough for him, his wife and their 1 year old baby.
Bring school supplies for the next two weeks for us to gather and take to Metro schools kids in need.
bagger vance

Miles of Smiles

Temp 75…Thick
Gloom Factor Nil
Foggy Pirate Not present nor accounted for

PAX: HeadStud, Preacher Man, Yard Sale, Vegemite, Foxtrot, Big Stick, Money Shot, Cowboy, Life Champ, Venus
QIC: Bagger Vance

0529:35 – Disclaimer



Partner up

Evo I –
Partner Indian Run to Lone Oak and Overhill

Evo II –
Partner 11s Merkins at LO OH intersection and Merkins 1/2 up OH

Time called at 0605 w most PAX on the 5/6 6/5 Merkin loop

Evo III –
Slowsey back to StartEx down tower w a short wall sit break for the 6 on BPT

Evo IV –
Bear Crawl 50’ down front stretch of track


NM: A great surprise to have Vegemite and Yard Sale post with us at The Skunk. Always a pleasure watching those two get after it. Today’s Q was inspired by YHCs noticeable lack of running in June, which will be rectified in July. Think that is the most mileage a non running Q has covered in quite some time. T Claps to Big Stick for allowing me to highjack his Q since he’s been KSAing all on his own as of late.
My greatest pleasure this AM was seeing that sea foam green Sequoia roll into The Skunk and knowing that none other than Head Stud was back in the game. Fantastic to have you back out in the G with us again brother.
Life Champ with the heart of a true Champion today. Back off a weeks long road trip with the Fam and getting it handed to him but like the Life Champ he is, he never wavered and never gave in to that voice of defeat.
Per usual, Big Stick led the way w Preacher Man. Way to get after it men.

BH: Lots of stuff going on this month.
Wed Am – Convergence at Titan 0530-0730. Should suck, should be some Burpees. All other AOs closed.
Wed – Party at your Grease Trap’s house to raise funds and awareness for Team Job.
Fri – 1st Friday Lunch
21 July Warpath and Tn Can Ruck


Grant me a ready spirit, a fearless heart, a right faith, a firm hope and a perfect love, that for Thy sake I may lay down my life patience and joy. ~Jan Hus

The third wheel

PAX: Cowboy, Money Shot, Floppy Disk

QIC: Floppy Disk

A light sprinkling of PAX this morning at the Skunk, though conditions were ideal. 60 degrees and low humidity for the first time in what seems like ages. 1.5 minutes of pleasantries then we got moving. Short mosey around the parking lot, then circle, er, triangle, up in the outfield for some WoR.

Warm-O-Rama (all IC)
SSH x20
Windmills x10
Cotton Pickers x10
Good Mornings x10
Willie Mays x10
Mountain Climbers x10
ASTs x10
BabyAC F x10
BigAC F x10
BabyAC R x10
BigAC R x10

BLIMPS. Simple, and effective. 5 sets total. We started with 25x of each exercise, then ran the big loop around the fields between sets (approximately 1/3 of a mile). Reps were reduced by 5x each loop: 20x, 15x, 10x, 5x.

Head to dugout for some step-ups, 20x each leg. 10x Irkins. Step-ups 10x each leg. 10x Derkins, Step ups 10x each leg. 20x bench dips, 15x bench dips.

Mosey back to the start for a quick Mary.

20x Flutter Kicks (IC)
1.5 minute low plank

I enjoyed it out there this morning. The weather was truly lovely. Conversation was intentional with such a small group. Money Shot and his family are fresh off a family beach trip to Surfside Beach, SC, which is just south of Myrtle Beach. He said it was much less annoying than Myrtle, which doesn’t make sense to me. Cowboy is heading to Nawlins this week for a conference. The theme is value-based care. It promises to be wrought with entertainment.

Your humble correspondent,
Floppy Disk

Agility Day, aka. ACL PT

PAX: Cowboy, Preacher Man, Big Stick, Hustler, Conga Line (FNG), Life Champ, Money Shot, Foxtrot TAL, Toga (QIC)

9 strong posted for a some soggy fun on the fields of glory.  It went something like this:

Mosey lap to field for warmup COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Good Mornings, Russian Soldiers, Scorpion Stretch

Mosey to soccer field for sports day:

Evo 1: quick feet in and out of cone course, plank till the six is done, merkins and repeato x6

Evo 2: side-to-side steps in and out of cones, hold table till the six is done, dry docks and repeato x6

Evo 3: 10 yd bear crawl, mosey to back of line and repeato x3

Evo 4: Shrimp/hip-outs 10 yds, mosey back and repeato x3

Evo 5: wrestler sit-outs 10 yds, mosey back and repeato x3

Evo 6: 10 Richard Kimbles OYO

Circle up for Mary: 20 reps of sit-ups, flutter kicks, rosalitas, and crunchy frogs with merkins and plank hold after each.  Finish with a full round of Jane Fondas.

NMM: Special welcome to Conga Line who picked a different’ish F3 workout for his first.  They’re all different, but  this one may have been more than the usual strange.  This may have been the first introduction of the Richard Kimble to F3 Nashville.  Look for it at a Toga Q coming to your AO in the near future.  On the lighter side of things, one would think that Big Stick would be good at agility drills.  Add one to your workouts and see things for yourself.  Also, if you plan to use cones, make sure to keep big spaces as Foxtrot’s giant skis man it hard for him not to knock them all over.

Stay Classy,


22 a Day

PAX: Cowboy, money shot, Off Shore, Venus, Bagger Vance(QIC)

Temperature 65, Gloom Factor: Low

Disclaimer given and Mosey began around the track stopping at the second set of bleachers for 10 deep squats. Continue around track over to the swings: 10 pistol squats each leg and 10 Swirkin‘s. Continue down Belmont Park Terrace to Shackleford.  YHC shared the tragedy of the 22 Veterans per day that take their own lives due to PTSD and other issues.  In this vein we performed 22 Merkins.

At this point and maybe earlier, YHC noticed that we were dragging Cowboy and decided to slow the mosey but continue the Duration of mosey.

22 deep squats at the corner of Belmont and Shackleford. Mosey up to the baseball field for 22 Nolan Ryan’s right side, 22 Nolan Ryan’s left side. Follow that up with 22 Mike Tysons.

Head over to the east side of Allen arena and knock out a 22 count of right foot on the wall left hand down with right hand up and left foot up, Flap Jack. Head over to the front entrance off Granny White and grab some wall for 22 count hip flexor stretch right side and left side.

This is where the real fun begins for the day as we continue to mosey over to the love nest of one Big Stick and Foxtrot Talks a Lot. Mosey up to the sidewalk in front of Foxtrot’s house and perform the following: 22 Mariah Carey‘s followed by 22 Gorilla Humpers in cadence followed by a deep, deep calf and hamstring stretch whilst pointing our sixes at the home of Foxtrot.

Heading back to we stopped off for 22 wall jumps.  An additional disclaimer was given here in honor of the shins of our fallen comrade, Head Stud.

Continuing South on Granny White we turned right on Lone Oak and did some side shuffles back into the parking lot where we circled up for the following.


22 – 8 count body builders, 22 – 4 count for Flutter Kicks, 22 high plank J Los, 22 – 4 count flutter kicks.



Good hearty PAX this am.  Not much WOR or MARY but some good fellowship on the Mosey.  Covered about 2.4 miles with some good body movement in there as well.  Cowboy was up for the running with his dusty knee.

Razor er Venus shared a great story with us at the end about a song he wrote with a band that will drop on Friday.  Be sure to check out Deep Deep Waters by American Authors on Spotify or iTunes.

Please also be sure to check out for more information on how we can help our veterans in coping with the epidemic of suicide among our heroes.


New AO launches on 24 May at Tennessee Preparatory School on Foster Ave as an outreach with 413 Strong Ministries.  Hit up me or TOGA for more info.  This will be a regular AO and we need HIM to sign up to Q, to lead and to support this initiative…it is why we are in F3…


Bagger Vance

Everyone has kryptonite

PAX: Preacher Man, Money Shot, Big Stick, Foxtrot Talks a Lot, Toga (QIC), Kathy, Venus

A magnificent seven posted for a moist morning to get a little better.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey 3 steps for warmup COP and disclaimer: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Willie Mays, Good Mornings, Scorpion Stretch, others…

Begin multiple rounds of “Screw Your Buddy”= the workout where your lack of speed and effort increases the work required by your buddies.  Each member of the PAX completes an exercise while the rest of the PAX continues doing another exercise.  The PAX must continue doing the exercise until every member of the PAX has completed the task.

  • E1: 75lb KB Farmer’s Carry while PAX holds People’s Chair
  • E2: Bear crawl and back while PAX executes merkins
  • E3: 10 pistol squats ea leg while PAX does situps
  • E4: 50x jump rope while PAX does burpees
  • E5: 15 kb swings while PAX does situps
  • E6: KB above head for Waiter’s Carry while PAX holds plank
  • E7: 10x Drinking Bird (single leg deadlift) ea. leg while PAX lunges

Circle up for Mary and close with COT: shoutouts for Foggy Pirate and Kathy’s neighbor (illness)

NMM: YHC realized on the way to the AO that The Skunk can occasionally have low numbers.  The plan of high reps while one member of the PAX completed a task would not have worked with a low turnout, but low and behold we had a lucky seven this morning.  Big Stick and FTAL even posted early!  Toga is not making that up.  It happened!  It also turns out that using this format allows one to see which exercises people struggle with the most.  Everyone has their own kryptonite.  Example:  Big Stick can’t jump rope, Kathy can barely stand on one leg for 2 seconds, Money Shot may hurt his back on kb swings, and Venus can’t count.., who knew?

Speaking of things happening, the mumble chatter proved uncontrollable and far ranging.  It turns out that Kathy is still haunted by something he witnessed after leaving a church meeting as a youth, Big Stick and FTAL described their inflatable mistress that is shared throughout the neighborhood, and dating members of certain religious groups can have unforeseen consequences.  Copious detail made it’s way into all of this, and you should speak to a Venus if you desire a more thorough explanation.

Stay Classy,