Agility Day, aka. ACL PT

PAX: Cowboy, Preacher Man, Big Stick, Hustler, Conga Line (FNG), Life Champ, Money Shot, Foxtrot TAL, Toga (QIC)

9 strong posted for a some soggy fun on the fields of glory.  It went something like this:

Mosey lap to field for warmup COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Good Mornings, Russian Soldiers, Scorpion Stretch

Mosey to soccer field for sports day:

Evo 1: quick feet in and out of cone course, plank till the six is done, merkins and repeato x6

Evo 2: side-to-side steps in and out of cones, hold table till the six is done, dry docks and repeato x6

Evo 3: 10 yd bear crawl, mosey to back of line and repeato x3

Evo 4: Shrimp/hip-outs 10 yds, mosey back and repeato x3

Evo 5: wrestler sit-outs 10 yds, mosey back and repeato x3

Evo 6: 10 Richard Kimbles OYO

Circle up for Mary: 20 reps of sit-ups, flutter kicks, rosalitas, and crunchy frogs with merkins and plank hold after each.  Finish with a full round of Jane Fondas.

NMM: Special welcome to Conga Line who picked a different’ish F3 workout for his first.  They’re all different, but  this one may have been more than the usual strange.  This may have been the first introduction of the Richard Kimble to F3 Nashville.  Look for it at a Toga Q coming to your AO in the near future.  On the lighter side of things, one would think that Big Stick would be good at agility drills.  Add one to your workouts and see things for yourself.  Also, if you plan to use cones, make sure to keep big spaces as Foxtrot’s giant skis man it hard for him not to knock them all over.

Stay Classy,


22 a Day

PAX: Cowboy, money shot, Off Shore, Venus, Bagger Vance(QIC)

Temperature 65, Gloom Factor: Low

Disclaimer given and Mosey began around the track stopping at the second set of bleachers for 10 deep squats. Continue around track over to the swings: 10 pistol squats each leg and 10 Swirkin‘s. Continue down Belmont Park Terrace to Shackleford.  YHC shared the tragedy of the 22 Veterans per day that take their own lives due to PTSD and other issues.  In this vein we performed 22 Merkins.

At this point and maybe earlier, YHC noticed that we were dragging Cowboy and decided to slow the mosey but continue the Duration of mosey.

22 deep squats at the corner of Belmont and Shackleford. Mosey up to the baseball field for 22 Nolan Ryan’s right side, 22 Nolan Ryan’s left side. Follow that up with 22 Mike Tysons.

Head over to the east side of Allen arena and knock out a 22 count of right foot on the wall left hand down with right hand up and left foot up, Flap Jack. Head over to the front entrance off Granny White and grab some wall for 22 count hip flexor stretch right side and left side.

This is where the real fun begins for the day as we continue to mosey over to the love nest of one Big Stick and Foxtrot Talks a Lot. Mosey up to the sidewalk in front of Foxtrot’s house and perform the following: 22 Mariah Carey‘s followed by 22 Gorilla Humpers in cadence followed by a deep, deep calf and hamstring stretch whilst pointing our sixes at the home of Foxtrot.

Heading back to we stopped off for 22 wall jumps.  An additional disclaimer was given here in honor of the shins of our fallen comrade, Head Stud.

Continuing South on Granny White we turned right on Lone Oak and did some side shuffles back into the parking lot where we circled up for the following.


22 – 8 count body builders, 22 – 4 count for Flutter Kicks, 22 high plank J Los, 22 – 4 count flutter kicks.



Good hearty PAX this am.  Not much WOR or MARY but some good fellowship on the Mosey.  Covered about 2.4 miles with some good body movement in there as well.  Cowboy was up for the running with his dusty knee.

Razor er Venus shared a great story with us at the end about a song he wrote with a band that will drop on Friday.  Be sure to check out Deep Deep Waters by American Authors on Spotify or iTunes.

Please also be sure to check out for more information on how we can help our veterans in coping with the epidemic of suicide among our heroes.


New AO launches on 24 May at Tennessee Preparatory School on Foster Ave as an outreach with 413 Strong Ministries.  Hit up me or TOGA for more info.  This will be a regular AO and we need HIM to sign up to Q, to lead and to support this initiative…it is why we are in F3…


Bagger Vance

Everyone has kryptonite

PAX: Preacher Man, Money Shot, Big Stick, Foxtrot Talks a Lot, Toga (QIC), Kathy, Venus

A magnificent seven posted for a moist morning to get a little better.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey 3 steps for warmup COP and disclaimer: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Willie Mays, Good Mornings, Scorpion Stretch, others…

Begin multiple rounds of “Screw Your Buddy”= the workout where your lack of speed and effort increases the work required by your buddies.  Each member of the PAX completes an exercise while the rest of the PAX continues doing another exercise.  The PAX must continue doing the exercise until every member of the PAX has completed the task.

  • E1: 75lb KB Farmer’s Carry while PAX holds People’s Chair
  • E2: Bear crawl and back while PAX executes merkins
  • E3: 10 pistol squats ea leg while PAX does situps
  • E4: 50x jump rope while PAX does burpees
  • E5: 15 kb swings while PAX does situps
  • E6: KB above head for Waiter’s Carry while PAX holds plank
  • E7: 10x Drinking Bird (single leg deadlift) ea. leg while PAX lunges

Circle up for Mary and close with COT: shoutouts for Foggy Pirate and Kathy’s neighbor (illness)

NMM: YHC realized on the way to the AO that The Skunk can occasionally have low numbers.  The plan of high reps while one member of the PAX completed a task would not have worked with a low turnout, but low and behold we had a lucky seven this morning.  Big Stick and FTAL even posted early!  Toga is not making that up.  It happened!  It also turns out that using this format allows one to see which exercises people struggle with the most.  Everyone has their own kryptonite.  Example:  Big Stick can’t jump rope, Kathy can barely stand on one leg for 2 seconds, Money Shot may hurt his back on kb swings, and Venus can’t count.., who knew?

Speaking of things happening, the mumble chatter proved uncontrollable and far ranging.  It turns out that Kathy is still haunted by something he witnessed after leaving a church meeting as a youth, Big Stick and FTAL described their inflatable mistress that is shared throughout the neighborhood, and dating members of certain religious groups can have unforeseen consequences.  Copious detail made it’s way into all of this, and you should speak to a Venus if you desire a more thorough explanation.

Stay Classy,


16 April 2018 MARSOC short card, et al

Temp: 34

Gloom Factor: High

PAX: FTTAL, Money Shot, Life Champ, Cowboy, Cathy, Funyuns, Venus, Preacher Man, Bagger Vance (QIC)

Disclaimer 0530

Quick Mosey east then back west in lot Side Shuffle R/L, Politician

WOR:  High Plank while YHC get his $#!+ together.

Cherry Pickers, Merkins, SSH, Chain Breakers, Squats, Mtn Climbers ALL X 10 IC

EVO I : Head over to the West Side of the School for 13 HSPUs OYO

EVO II : MARSOC Short Card w Mosey

  1. 30 Push-ups
  2. 30 Air squats
  3. 30 Crunches
  4. 10 Burpees
  5. 10 Windmills (Mosey)
  6. 30 Push-ups
  7. 30 Mountain climbers
  8. 30 Flutter kicks
  9. 10 Burpees
  10. 10 Cherry pickers (4-count) + (Mosey)
  11. 30 Push-ups
  12. 30 Star jumpers (or jumping jacks)
  13. 30 Back Extensions (“supermans”)
  14. 10 Burpees
  15. 10 Chain breakers (4-count) + (Mosey)
  16. 30 Push-ups
  17. 30 Lunges
  18. 30 Binary’s
  19. 10 Burpees
  20. 10 Putin Pounders (4-count) + (Mosey)
  21. Max sets P1 holds the “Up” position of the pull-up on the rails while P2 holds his feet Flap Jack and RnR x 3


Wall Work

Wall Sits, Wall Sits w hip flexor stretch, Supermans, Wall Sits, Supermans w Peter Parker, Wall Sits w hip flexor stretch, Supermans w Mtn Climbers, Wall Sits w one leg on ground (switch), Supermans w one arm up, Wall Sits…


Plank, Flutters, Plank, Burpees 1 min, Low Plank


Spotify Playlist (Les has Premium, apparently, I am not on her account thus we found out about all the Spring Cleaning BOGOS at Publix):

Crazy Train , Killing in the name , Run Like Hell, Spirit of the Radio, Harvester of Sorrows, Unthought Known, Kashmere, Knockin on heavens door GNR, NIGHT MOVES, Paranoid, American Girl, Cult of personality, The Call of Ktulu


PAX instructed to Partner up for accountability and for someone to push them through the MARSOC portion of the Q.  Those 30 Merkins at the beginning of each rotation started to suck as we got on with it.

Not much MC during today’s event, seemed to be lots of MidWife noises though.

Great to have the Legend, Funyuns post with us up in this part of town.  He is the rare PAX like Big Bang that can successfully float from Nashville to The Shire to Franklin with open arms and a hearty welcome from all HIM.  If you haven’t posted to a different AO in a while, I would encourage you all to do so.

Thank yall for allowing me to lead and to hone my skills with yall.  Always a pleasure to see the HIM of F3Nashville get smoked with a smile and grimmace.


Continued prayers for Spicoli, El Maestro, Olan Mills.  Foggy Pirate is down in the back and looks like he will be out for 6-8 weeks on a rehab program.

Keep the EH alive…



7s and 6s

PAX: Life Champ, Cowboy, Money Shot, Foggy Pirate, Bagger Vance

QIC: Bagger Vance

49 and humid for five Misfits this morning.

0529 30 disclaimer given…

0530 headlamp turned on and off we go.

Mosey around track and over to the top swing set for


PAX squared off and commenced with

All IC x 13

Heavy breathing deep squats, Imperial Walker, hillbilly, OK mornings, Willie Mays Hayes with baby arm circle forward and reverse

PAX partnered up by YHC to perform what turned out to be the first fail of the morning… PAX instructed to do 42 pull-ups to start today

What YHC realized was twofold 1) PAX hands are about four sizes too small to grasp the makeshift pull up station and B) we need to get better at pull ups

After about 60 to 90 seconds of bodies flailing around and modifying pull-ups for Rows, YHC dropped the grenade on that portion of the morning and we went over to the hill on Belmont Park Terrace.

PAX instructed to stick together although some of the speedier ones left their brothers behind heading up the hill.

Evolution I

Simple seven Burpee‘s at the top six squats at the bottom flap jacking exercises each run up and down the hill… We cranked out five rounds of this before moving onto the next evolution.

Evolution II

Head over to Lipscomb for dirkins, thrusters, irkins, thrusters combo on the rail.  Reps of 7s &6s flap jacking the exercises and one RnR

To the wall for 42 Mike Tyson Merkins…21 performed and then wall sits followed by the remaining 21. It was at this point that Foggy P made some pretty racy comments about YHCs midwife noises and the volume during a certain private act btwn husband and wife.  It wasn’t until after all was said and done that all remaining PAX wondered why FP went there.  By the by, Life Champ gave a nod to Bigstick by taking a leak right out there in the middle of the way.

Evolution III

Cover and Move southbound on GW to corner of GW and Lone Oak. 42 ASTs and then head back to Caballo Blanco as a team for


42” plank, F kix IC 42x, Supermans 42x sgl ct, Pistol LBCs 40x IC, SSH x 20 IC


NMM:  see above


  • Keep praying for recovery for Toga and his knee.
  • Spicoli will have his results in by this week.
  • Convergence happens this Friday to honor Spicoli at 0530 at the Battleground AO off McEwen. Please plan to make it, happy to get some clown cars loaded up and heading that way.


Bagger Vance


Snow Day w/ Crazy 8

PAX: Money shot , Bagger Vance, Iron Lung, foggy pirate, Cathy, razor, Big stick,
Q: cowboy

Prevalent Mumble Chatter heard “Damn, I should have checked the weather before I threw out that HC last night.” Foggy Pirate. Iron Lung running around the parking lot “he never stops”

A set of Crazy 8 HIM PAX braved the elements at The Skunk. And stink was there. Those conditions were a terrible combo. 8 hours of rain followed by a couple hours of snow.
30 sec was called and then 5 Burpees to wake up. A mosey to the ballfield. Some Mumble Chatter about lots of 90 degree turns.
As we turned onto the baseball field YHC realized the tragic calamity that was about the ensue. The plan was to work in 4 stations (bases) on the ballfield. The ballfield was a muddy mess with at least 1/2″ of water over the infield. One would think that sitting on YHC’s couch Sunday afternoon amid the rain outside would have prompted pondering the condition of the field. Yes, one would think. But YHC did no such pondering of any significance.
As my Garmin used to say “recalculating route” went off in my head. A diversion to centerfield grass.

WOR: Disclaimer (after gentle reminder by bagger) and the WOR began
SSH, Good Mornings, Sumo Squates (slow & low), Willy Mays Hays (all IC x15)
Mosey to the 1st base dugout fence

The Thang:
Count off 1-4 (nice even pairs). Since the bases are a mess we will station at the dugouts, centerfield grass and behind homeplate
1st base – 3 Balls to The Wall x3
2nd base – 15 Merkin-Groiners x2
3rd Base – 44 Sumo Squats
Home – 60 American Hammers (now called Russian Hammers after campaign influence of recent times)
When finished at the station, plank and wait. All PAX progress to their next station when YHC called move by Bear Crawl to next station.
After 2 stations YHC decided to take this party to the state-of-the-art JT Moore tennis courts to pull the PAX in closer and step up the intensity if possible.
We completed the other two stations 3rd Crab walk between and 4th broadjump
After that painful 1st round YHC was smelling a dumpster fire. So Rinse and Repeat Round 2 was modified with everyone together on the same station. Starting at 1st station together, moving together. Better.

Next was Indian Run around the entire field with 5 burpees at each corner.
At last corner 11s – Dips and Derkins between the bleachers and the dugout bench.

Mary: Mosey to the parking lot for a slightly less conventional Mary
Circle up for 21s – SSH IC of 2 – 1st 10 are out loud as PAX. The remaining 11 to 21 are silent. The goal is everyone stops at 21 together. If we fail to stop together we do it again. The goal was to get in 5 perfect. We got 2.

It is clear YHC has waited too long to be on Q. Needed the practice and needed the pressure. No HIM is as agile as Bagger with the Q-adjustment on-the-fly. I can aspire to that.
I have spent a lot of time with my Dad recently. He is 82 and not as mobile as he once was. He and my Mom moved to Hendersonville, Tennessee about 1 1/2 years ago from Oklahoma where he lived all his life. I haven’t lived in the same town as him for 35 years. This season of life is a chance and a challenge. A chance to have some meaningful moments with he and my Mom as they age in what will most certainly feel like a short final season. A challenge to live with the man he is today and not bring my expectations of the man I expect him to be. As he is dealing with and coming to terms with his new set of physical limitations of being 80+, I am finding how to personally journey with him there. I find I am disappointed with his lack of interest in getting better and more mobile, and I realize that disappointment is about my fear. My fear of what it will be like when I get there. I have to find a way to enjoy him in the health place he is in, find the moments to grab and cherish, sit with him in the tough transitions of life because I think I am guaranteed to be in many of those same tough transitions into a more limited life in my future. This winter has been a tough one for me getting out in the gloom. My frequency of posts in recent months took a big dip. I found my drive to get out of bed seems less than last year. I think I can find that drive again, but it often takes a challenge from the brethren of F3.
Doing hard things has always given me energy. I am grateful for the chance to do hard things with the HIM of F3.

Lucky Horseshoe Comes to The Skunk

PAX: Venus, Life Champ, Preacher Man

QIC: En Fuego

A breezy 22 degrees greeted the 4 PAX at the Skunk this morning – Super Bowl hangover had nothing on these men, much to the delight of YHC who at 5:28 was fairly certain he’d be flying solo on this Q.  Following a short mosey, disclaimer and COP, we proceeded with The Thang:

Lucky Horseshoe (courtesy de Racetrack, courtesy de Toga – though this time I believe we applied the down and distance correctly).

  • Run carved .25 mile lap around the baseball fields.  Avoid ice patches.  20 merkins
  • Lap 2, 20 merkins, 20 storm squats
  • Lap 3, 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 scorpion dry docks
  • Lap 4, 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 scorpion dry docks, 20 WWIs
  • Lap 5, 20 merkins, 20 storm squats, 20 scorpion dry docks, 20 WWIs, 20 lunges.  Not a lot of mumble chatter by this point
  • Lap 6, 20 storm squats, 20 scorpion dry docks, 20 WWIs, 20 lunges
  • Lap 7, 20 scorpion dry docks, 20 WWIs, 20 lunges
  • Lap 8, 20 WWIs, 20 lunges
  • Lap 9, 20 lunges
  • YHC calls for the Victory Lap; Preacher Man says check your time.  Following checking of said time, YHC realizes we have 30 seconds left.  Hold plank while thanking Preacher Man for keeping us honest with the clock.

Mosey back to close out in prayer – lifting Toga, Head Stud and his wife Emily, and Life Champ’s buddy in Knoxville up in prayer.  Great work by the PAX – 2.65 miles all in including moseys.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead and be a part of all things F3 with you

En Fuego

The Negroni and the Risotto Ball

Eight (really! 8 at The Skunk) redwoods came to get stronger and avoid running.  Here’s how it went down:

Grabs YHC’s weight collection plus Life Champ’s kettlebell and mosey to the baseball field for the following:

30 sec AMRAP of each exercise: elevated APD, superman merkins, goblet squats, dips, burpees, kb swings.  Rest 30 sec between each exercise then decrease by 5 secs each round till there is no time to rest and you immediately switch exercises.  That’s seven rounds for those keeping track.

Partner up with P1 grabbing two weights for 200 yd farmer’s carry while P2 holds plank.  Flapjack

Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary= Jane Fonda center, back and front on each leg.  You just have to experience it, but the groans and people not completing all the reps was evidence enough that we need to do it again.


NMM:  Apparently Kathy discovered some all you can eat pasta situation with Negronis and all the risotto balls you can handle.  While that may sound interesting to some, the PAX can assure you that there are ramifications.  Venus actually tried to keep up with the flatulence but couldn’t handle the pace.

Special welcome to FNG Daniel = Money Shot.  See Cowboy for an explanation.

This may be Toga’s last F3 visit for awhile as the knee surgery is imminent.  You guys will be missed, but YHC plans to be back out in the summer and running faster than ever.  YHC has never been accused of being fast, so the bar is purposely being set low.

Stay Classy,


PAX: Cowboy, FNG – Money Shot, Foxtrot, Foggy Pirate, Life Champ, Toga, Venus, Kathy

20 or 21, Whatever it Takes

A jaunty four posted for some fun in the sun at The Skunk.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey about 6 ft. for warmup COP: SSH, imperial walkers, hillbillies, mtn climbers, scorpion stretch, good mornings, T-stretch

EMOM CoP: Complete 10 merkins, 10 WWII situps, 10 squats every minute on the minute for 20 minutes (Note: we did 21 in case Foggy Pirate lied about the count).

Grab some weights for death crawl circuit: P1 completes 10 yd death crawl (bear crawl with 45 lb kettlebell) and back, P2 overhead tricep press with dumbbell, P3 db curls, P4 kb swings.  Rotate and repeato x3

Mary: flutter kicks, leg raises w heals to heaven, Alabama prom dates


NMM:  Apparently YHC should have done more promo on Slack after seeing the numbers CCR pulled to Detention #CHallMafia.  Nevertheless, we got after it, and Kathy seemed pleased to be back in the elements after the subzero NY conditions.  Apparently he’ll be wearing very little to future workouts due to the thickening of his blood that took place over the holidays.  Similarly, Razor initiated a new workout where you get in some extra miles chasing burglars #NotBilbo from your car prior to leaving for the workout.  No dude is too big after joining F3!

Thanks to everyone for letting me Q while not moving more than a few feet from the cars.  Hopefully it was enough to get the week started right.

Stay Classy,


Co-Q Get’s Garth’d – Field Trip Must Go On

PAX: Foggy Pirate, FoxTrot, Venus, Chum, TripleD, Big Stick

QIC: En Fuego

Four hours after arriving home from Garth and wondering if YHC is #muchtooyoungtofeelthisda@#old, and a mere 9 hours after receiving a text from Leatherneck stating #bringmetwopinacoladas cause I #aintgoingdowntilthesuncomesup, YHC arrived at The Skunk knowing the Co-Q was now just a Q, but the Field Trip to Higher Education Must go on.

Bus #1 departed at 5:30 sharp, with 5 #friendsinlowplaces moseying from J.T. Moore down to the Lipscomb University Soccer Field.  Bus #2 apparently departed at 5:31 with Venus and Big Stick on board.  With Green Hills streets just like a #river, ever-changing as they flow, Bus #2 and Bus #1 never actually met #inanother’seyes, but good to run into them 45 minutes later at the COT.  Following a quick COP on the Lipscomb Soccer Field, Bus #1 proceeded with…

The Thang:

11’s at stairs leading down to the field – Burpees at top, Jump Squats at bottom.  Stairs apparently are slippery when wet, and steeper than their visual from Granny White would suggest.   With Leatherneck still a member of the #americanhonkytonkbarassociation and no one for YHC to hand the Q baton, it’s time for YHC to improvise.

Backward mosey to the dugout, where FoxTrot mumbles once seeing USMNT practice on the field, their performance being barely #morethanamemory.  At Dugout:

Circuit of tricep dips, urkins and derkins.  Start at 5 reps, R&R x 4 adding 5 reps each round.  Foggy impressed us all with his ability to rep out some derkins x 20.  YHC lead modifier of said derkins.

Time left to kill, we’re going Dean Smith 4 Corners.  Cut the soccer field into a third, Lieutentant Dans from one touch line to the other, perform 20 WWIs, bear crawl to corner flag, 20 flutter kicks, Lieutenant Dans back to the other touch line, 20 Mariah Careys.  No time to bear crawl to fourth corner, it’s time to mosey back.  Bus took a slower pace on the way home, perhaps slightly affected by FoxTrotTalksaLot deciding to FoxTrotPopsaSquat #shameless? No judgment passed along from this PAX.

COT and closed it out in prayer, all thankful that He is the reason for the Season.

Solid work by each of the PAX – thankful and appreciate the opportunity to lead and work alongside each of you.


En Fuego