Westeros – 6/10/19 – Junk in my barn

11 Pax on a damp, humid Monday

QIC: Cub Cadet

PAX: Crawl Space, Trapper Keeper, Pumpkin Spice, B&B, Vector, High Viz, Porcelain, D-frost, Crab Legs, Reveille

The Thang

Extended Play Disclaimer

Warm Up: Mosey from AO to back soccer field, 50 SSH, 10 WMH, 15 GM, 15 Windmills, 15 Hairy Rockettes, 30 sec SOYO, 1 min Merkins at own pace

The Workout

Staying on soccer field, pax pair up behind objects on a line. Object included Jeep Tire, ATV Tire, 5 gallon water jug, filled sandbag, 20# container of chicken feed, 20# ammo can full of rocks, and a 4”x4”x3’ beam.  One pax runs / pushes / carries object 50 yards to other side of field, other pax in pair does a moving exercise to the other side.  Moving exercises included: lunges, frog jumps / jog, sprint, backwards jog, side-shuffle, and carioca. At opposite end, do LBC waiting for all in.  Partners switch, with alternate carrying object back down the field while first partner now does moving exercise.  At starting end, do high plank waiting for all in.  Move one station / object to the right and repeat thru all 7 objects.

As an impromptu interlude, conduct modified bear crawl / low crawl / baby crawl on-line looking for High Viz’s wedding band which flew off due to the high speed at which he was conducting his Jeep Tire. Treasure was recovered safely within 3 minutes.

Repeat set as above, changing exercises at the ends of the field to SSH and wide Merkins, while waiting for all in.

Last man up run from field, around school, traffic circle and back to AO.  Last man ran with 8# medicine ball, leaving it at the front end of the line on ground for last man to pick up.

Wrapped up with 30 flutter kicks.

Announcements: Leadership luncheon and other events greater than 30 days out.

Prayers for: Alicia (co-worker of Q), Vector Family travel to Peru, Spicolli, and Gilligan.  Prayer of thanks for recovery of High-Viz’s wedding band.

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