Backlast for Stonewall July 28th

Skid Mark, Edible Arrangement, Deep-dish , Hambone, Cowboy and Foxtrottalksalot as Q.

A fresh 6 AM start for the crew of six… The Job Rocker Max was in full effect… We paid homage to U2 today. The full Joshua Tree album and Rattle and Hum album were the back to back play lists.

We began with the F3 disclaimer, whilst engaging in little baby arm circles, and notified all parties that we had two doctors, a lawyer, a miracle worker, and a hambone present for any thing that could go wrong.

Warm up

20 baby arm circles
20 air presses
15 Imperial Walkers
15 hillbillies
10 will Mayes lays
11 good mornings
12 skorpion stretches
10 super mans
10 count quad stretch on each leg
15 merkins

The thang:

Run with heavy Job Rocker Max speaker (sold by Costco for $99) a long path to the side of the community center with railing and wall.

Proceed with the following 11’s excercise.
Begin with wall sit for 10 seconds (no hands and exercising perfect form as suggested by Sergio from Lululemon….keep your bellybutton pressed to your backbone) as 1.
Then 10 burpees.
Then 20 second wall sit using the Sergio technique.
Then 9 burpees.
Then 30 seconds wall sit again with Sergio’s masterful technique.

And all the way down to 1 burpee and a 100 second wall sit….again….applying Sergio’s belly to backbone revolutionary technique, along with a lot of grunting and groaning. @hambone was next to me and whispered in my ear that he was actually doing Kegels as well. Apparently they can strengthen your lower parts area and help you pee better. Who ever knew? Thanks Hambone.

A few waited in plank for the rest to finish. We then moseyed to the parking lot with pavers behind the community center and perched the Job Rocker Max on one of the grassy median islands.

We divided into two teams.

The Wolverines were Foxtrottalksalot,  Cowboy and Hambone.

The Poster Children were Skid Mark, Edible Arrangement and Deepdish.

Team relay.
Each man had to complete two laps around the parking lot circling the other curbed island. Each man had to complete one full lap bear crawling the loop.
Then each team needed to complete the following together:
300 Air squats
200 dry docks
100 Merkins.

Round 1 went to the Wolverines as Hambone crushed the merkins and dry docks. Cowboy saved the team at the end with his stamina.

Rinse and repeat for round 2.

The winner was not clear for this round. Some highlights included Deepdish’s cry for mercy around his bear crawl lap. In a very whiny tone, he said “Guys, I don’t know if I can do this?” At which point Edible and Skid Mark both recommended a gynecologist and that he modify if necessary. Apparently Deepdish immediately realized what a pussy he sounded like and sucked it up to finish the crawl portion. Good job DD.

Moseyed from parking lot thru tennis courts with EA carrying large 40 pound Job Rocker Max playing ‘Van Diemens Land’ as we ran thru the quiet park. It was a nice touch for all 6. Cowboy had his arms stretched out wide as if to say “thank you for this beautiful day”. It warmed my heart. We all did a self hug.

We turned and headed for the home stretch and the song ‘Desire’ came on. Stopped at the playground in time for each to get in 20 pull-ups.

Then Mary. Everyone got their chance to Q their favorite Ab exercise.
Skid started with 30 flutter kicks.
Hambone did 20 LB AC’s
Foxtrot 13 J Lo’s
Deep – 15 crunchy frogs
EA – 20 Freddy Mercury’s
Cowboy – 15 high lows (it had two names like Marge and something)

Group finished with 15 Alabama prom dates and 10 WW2 sit ups.

Cowboy led us out in prayer.

100% coffeeteria participation. Cowboy and Foxtrot enjoyed a good ole cappuccino and reminisced about how such a small drink can provide so much happiness.

We told stories about theft, stray bullets, and other random things.

Until next time.


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