Stonewall – 09.29.18 – “Four-More-Years!”

Twas a beautiful morning to celebrate F3 Nashville’s 4th anniversary, and, if you ask the 33 PAX who posted at Stonewall, they’ll tell you as much.

On September 13, 2014, a Charlotte man named Uncle Q’d the first workout at Sevier Park and thus began something life-changing in Nashville. Over the next few months, many men posted, some for their first workout and others who hadn’t missed since day 1. To honor some of the guys there in the infancy of F3 Nashville, YHC put together a Q-list and some greatest hits to celebrate.

QIC: Hi-Viz, Probe, T-Cell, Torch (Blood Clot proxy), Princess Aurora, Bad Boy

PAX: Funyuns, Zoolander, Crablegs, Bagger Vance, Tortoise, Big Bang, Care Bear, Bartman, Harvey Updyke, Dupree, Third Degree, Electron, Boyband fka Skidmark, Cowboy, Right Said, Bicentennial Man, Foggy Pirate, Big Stick, Foxtrot Talks A Lot, Black Lung (LIFO), Grisham, Pop-A-Lock, Hambone, Umbrella, Shootah, Waterboy, Vector



After a perfectly executed disclaimer by YHC, Viz took the PAX off on a medium mosey over to the Community Center parking lot for a little COP:

  • SSH
  • SnL Squats
  • LBAC F/R
  • Merkins


Broke out a classic with the Merkin pyramid. PAX perform 1 Merkin on “down” count followed by 1 Air Press. 2 Merkins, 2 Air Presses…10 Merkins, 10 Air Presses, and all the way back down to 1. Let’s just say everybody’s merkin form deteriorated by the time we started going back down. A lot.

Mosey over to the soccer field for some sprint work. 50 Dan Jansens. Sprint goal to goal. 25 Squats. Sprint goal to goal. 50 Ski Jumps. Sprint goal to goal.


Mosey up to the tennis courts for Hell in a T-Cell. Line up across the sidelines for suicides. All PAX begin at the same time and keep repeating the pattern until time is called.

  • Round 1: Standard running
  • Round 2: Standard running
  • Round 3: Broad Jump out, backpedal in
  • Round 4: AYG Sprint to the last line and back


PAX braced themselves for the Blood Clot special they knew was coming. BURPEE APOCALYPSE. Burpees beginning at 10 and working all the way down to 1. This was followed by continuous SSH and dropping down for three Burpees each time down was called. 5ish rounds. Ended this session the only way we could: Double Shot of Jack x 12.

Princess Aurora

Mosey over to the base of Sunnyside Hill for a modified F3 staple: Sevens. Run up to the path, Clerkins at the top, back to the start, Jump Squats. Simple, yet effective.

Bad Boy

Mosey to the parking lot to break in the brand new F3 Deck of Cards. My memory is getting a little hazy at this point, but I believe we drew the following:

  • 25 Burpees
  • 50 Squats
  • 25 Plank Jacks

Hi-Viz (pt 2)

Closed it out with 5MOM.

  • Flutter Kicks
  • Hello Dollies
  • LBCs
  • Plank progression
  • J-Lo’s



It’s truly an honor to be a part of this great brotherhood we call F3 and to have the opportunity to lead you. There were faces I’d never seen, faces I hadn’t seen in a while, and face I’ve been seeing consistently these last 4 years. I’m glad to know that each one of them belongs to a man who is committed to bettering himself for the sake of his community. The G-School that followed was a great opportunity to discuss how to more fully engage each one of you and reach those we’ve yet to reach, and I’m very confident that we’ll be seeing a lot more new faces this time next year. But hopefully not Blood Clot’s.


  • T-Cell has instituted a monthly program called The Twelfth Man. Starting this month and rotating monthly, a PAX will own sharing leadership lessons and planning an opportunity to hear from local leaders. See T-Cell for more details.
  • A couple of launches are forthcoming. The official launch of The Trident down at Seven Springs and The Pound coming later this month, Thursdays in Nolensville.
  • Please continue to pray for the family and community of Darth Visor and those down in F3 Alpha and Cherokee where he posted.
  • We are asking Q’s to always make sure there is a phone in the group in case of emergency, especially when you are away from the starting point. Additionally, Bagger has reached out to a few of our PAX in medicine to coordinate a sort of condensed version of the Basic Life Support class. The idea is that this will not be an official class for which you receive certification, but it will provide enough knowledge to be dangerous in the event of an emergency.
  • As always, and especially for Darth Visor, Go Tigers.

PA out.

The Hill 10/4/18

23 PAX crushed it this morning at the Hill.

PAX: Frugal Macdoogal (QIC), Bagger Vance, Dupree, Hot N Ready, Pop-A-Lock, Red Skull, Poutine, Venus, Cowboy, White Russian, Money Shot, Calf Killer, Dilly Dilly, Princess Aururoa, Old Hickory, Razorback, Tap Out, Joey Freshwater, Too Tall, Cinderella, Dr. Smartt, The Strangler, Prevac

Disclaimer and prayer then mosey to the amphitheater.

WOR: SSH x10, GM x 10, WMH x10, FBAC x10, RBAC x10, Overhead Claps x10, Seal Claps x10

After warmup, we got into groups of three and got some bands and jump ropes from the weight room.

Rotation One:

  • Partner One: Explosive Band Jumps x 3 then Broad Jump x 3
  • Partner Two: Hold the Band
  • Partner Three: Jump Rope
  • Rinse and Repeat x 3

Rotation Two:

  • Partner One: Quad Loop
  • Partner Two: Derkins
  • Partner Three: Wall Sits

Rotation Three:

  • Partner One: Quad Loop
  • Partner Two: Irkins
  • Partner Three: WWI

Rotation Four:

  • Partner One: Quad Loop
  • Partner Two: Merkins
  • Partner Three: LBCs

Rotation Five:

  • Partner One: Quad Loop
  • Partner Two: Amphitheater Jumps
  • Partner Three: Jump Rope

Return the bands and jump ropes and mosey to the top lot.

Final Exercise:

  • 7s – Start at the top lot, run up the hills to the football field fence.
    • Tuck Jumps up top
    • Burpee speed bump in middle
    • Atomic Merkins down low

We ended with 20 WWI and 25 Heels to Heavens then called it a day.


It’s mornings like this when we see the difference that F3 is.  It’s far more than a workout as we hurt with those who are hurting and have the chance to pray for brothers outside of Nashville that we’ve never met.  We prayed for Darth Visor’s family and friends and the F3 Atlanta guys as they deal with the loss of their brother.  We prayed healing for Kool Aid from F3 MECA.  We live in a world where we see brokenness and darkness and death.  But we serve a God who brings healing and hope in the midst of pain.  We serve a God who has conquered death.  We serve a God who uses ordinary people like us to influence and love those around us as we live out Jesus Christ in our lives.  Praying for strength, energy, hopefulness, continued growth, God’s presence and intentionality to you all this morning.

Don’t forget the First Friday Lunch tomorrow 11:30 at the Cookery.


T-Cell Racetrack VQ

Conditions: Dark, Humid.

QIC: T-Cell

Pax: Bagger Vance, Black Widow, Umbrella, Olan Mills, Life Champ, Joey Freshwater, Offshore, Cinderella, Old Hickory.

The Thang:

Excited to lead my first time at The Racetrack. Since this has become my new “normal”, I’ve loved getting to know this Pax and this AO. Lot’s of goodies. After a quick disclaimer in which BV reminded me I was not a professional, off we went.

Mosey to the top of the garage with the instructions to hit every step on the way up. I’m convinced they added extra stairs in this garage because it’s WilCo and they could spend the money. Mercy. Home base would be the top of the garage for the first session.

COP – SSH X 20, Willie Mays Hays X 10, Merkins X 10, Mtn. Climbers X 20, Good Mornings X10, Little Baby Arm Circles X 20.

Started with some parking lot shuffle. Ran up the line, shuffle across, reverse down with a burpee at the bottom. Repeat for about 20 or so parking spots. Upon completion, we did this again but with broad jumps up the line.

Headed back down the stairs and over to the Hub. Excited to knock out some DID’s with this group. Black Widow reminded me that DID’s are a T-Cell brainchild. He’s right. First workout I ever Q’d 4 years ago at Titan, these babies were introduced.

Quick mosey down to REI and back up.

Got to baking some fresh ciabatta with box jumps on the way. Mosey back up to top of garage for another round of Parking Lot Shuffle and some Mary while BV discussed dressing up like Billie Jean King for Halloween.


Keep Darth Visor in your prayers. Great reminder that EVERY day is a gift. Even better reason to start the morning with the men of F3. Also a reminder that we all need to be prepared for moments like these at workouts.

Olan Mills was the 6th man. He also reminded us to stay on guys with our EH’s. OM was a BV EH and was head locked for a year before saying yes. So stay on em!


Partner work and a few tunes

PAX: Pop-A-Lock, PSL, Tiny Dancer, Cathy, Big Stick, D’Mishonuts, Old Hickory, Dr. Smartt, Black Lung, Dilly Dilly, Too Tall, CAPS LOCK, Venus, The (Scranton) Strangler, Joey Freshwater, Red Skull, White Russian, Razorback

QIC: Floppy Disk

19 PAX + 1 wandering BV red pilled this morning at Sir E for a CUMC-centered workout. We rolled out with a warmup mosey at 5:30 on the nose, with the disclaimer dropped in the first 100m. We did the almost figure-8 around the church and circled up in the lower parking lot for some WoR.

Warm-O-Rama (all IC)
High Knees x15
Butt Kickers x15
BACs F x10
BACs R x10
Air Press x10
Deep Squats x15
Good Mornings x10
Willie MH x10

PAX instructed to count off 1-2 for partner-work. Before the partner work, though, we did a quick round of Bring Sally Up… always a PAX pleaser.

Head over to the playground and with your partner do 4x rounds of the following:

  • 5x Pullups (legitimate, lock-out)
  • 15x Merkin variation (Regular, Irkins [on planking partner], Dirkins [on planking partner], Hand Clap)
  • 15x Rows (partner holds your legs)
  • 20x Dips

7’s on the playground hill. Start with 6x Hydraulic Squats at the bottom and 1x Jump Lunge at the top. Backpedal up the hill. With our quads burning we did some quick ab-work. Partner 1 run the loop around the church while partner 2 performs AMRAP LBCs. Switch.

Mosey to the start, with just enough time for Peaches by Presidents of the USA. Perform a Merkin on each “Peach” or “Peaches”.

10x Good Mornings (IC)

Floppy D

Westeros 100118: 7s & Double QPs

PAX: Right Said, Blue Mule, En Fuego, No Bars, Cockpit (Both visiting from F3 Swamp Rabbit in Greenville, SC.)

QIC: Hi-Viz

Conditions: PDP (Pretty Damn Perfect)

Mosey to front steps of the school.
Squats X 20 IC
Reverse LBAC X 15 IC
Good Mornings X 20 IC

Hold People’s Chair for a minute.

Mosey to the tennis courts.
Quarter Pounder 1 (Bear Crawl between stations.)
-25 Merkins
-50 Squats
-75 Carolina Dry Docks (#CrowdPleaser)
-100 LBCs

Quarter Pounder 2 (Lunge Walk between stations.)
-25 Merkins
-50 Squats
-75 Monkey Humpers
-100 Flutter Kicks

Hold Bridge for a minute.

Mosey to the drop-off loop.
7s: Merkins on one side of the loop. Squats on the other.

Mosey to the parking lot.


NMM: Nice to have No Bars and Cockpit with us from Swamp Rabbit. Great effort all around.

Have a great week.

Beary Generous Q @ Broken Wheel

17  PAX in Attendance: BloodClot, Creeper, Sterno, NumbTucks,  Barney Fievel, Tebow, HushPuppy, Stats, SoccerMom, ShowMe, Foxy (FNG Jason), Typo+, MicDrop, Altidore, Nimbus 1500, MuRSA  & 3D (QiC)

NumbTucks, Creeper and BloodClot @ 5:15 for a burpee-less pre-party showing with YHC doing 6 Pullups, 12 Carolina Dry Docks and 18 Plank Jacks per round. We did 7 rounds in 10 minutes (1 round every 1.5 minutes, this will be shortened next time as we were not winded enough!). Random running music playlist including my new faves Greta van Fleet, Boston & Led Zeppelin…You’re welcome…


  • Jog around parking lot x 1
  • GM OYO while YHC gets Bluetooth Jambox all set…
  • SSH IC x 10
  • LBACs x 10 Forward and Reverse with Big ACs intermingled
  • Tempo Squats IC x 10
  • 30 seconds GM OYO with specially-requested 5 Burpees by Barney Fievel…happy to accommodate…

The Thang(s) 

Dancing Bear Pyramid: PAX perform 1 Merkin and then recover to perform 1 Dancing Bear (Andean Bear from Nashville Zoo on news…basically a jump squat and OHP). R&R going up in 1 rep of each until 10 & 10. Then back down the other side of the pyramid back to 1. Thanks to Probe for the Merkin/OHP version of this done recently at the 4yr anniversary convergence for the idea.

Bearway to Heaven: Bear crawl and then crawl-bear Sprints from parking lot lines (every 2 lines = 1 station) with Burpee Speedbumps at every station (10, 8, 6, 4, 2) all set to the 8:16 minutes:seconds of Stairway to Heaven. It rocked! YOU TRY IT!


Partner Carry Variations: Piggy Backs, Wheel Barrows and Med-evac/Partner Drags the parking lot and flapjack with partner for the return


It’s kinda my thing… Bear crawl and Crawl-Bear the bridge (5 squat penalty for stoppage)…

Pax perform various Mary exercises throughout the Q, Flutter kix, WWI, WWII, LBCs, etc. No time for official Mary…maybe next time

CoT/Numbers/Names/Christening of FNG


  • Each breath is a generous gift. Pax were charged to live in a way that reflects this. The Generous portions of exercises were inspired by this…sort of…
  • Welcome Foxy! Great job on the EHing Typo+! #GiveItAway
  • Thanks ShowMe for making my day with the loud gag noises and eventual Merlot Spill during CoT. No greater feeling of having worked the PAX well than when a seasoned vet. tosses his cookies!
  • Make sure to sign up for Q slots for F3 Nolensville on under Q Sign up (created a link in this sentence)
  • If you can bring or Venmo $ for coffee supplies to Numbtucks or Tebow (@jstntucker or @nathan-Wright-34) that would be great as supplies are needed as well as a new Shovel Flag for the launch of our upcoming Thursday AO.
  • 2nd F Opportunity in Franklin: F3Dads event this Sunday, Oct. 7th @ 3pm in Pinkerton Park. Kid-friendly AO then snacks and fellowship. Bring out the fam! BloodClot on Q.
  • 3rd F opportunity in Franklin: Marriage Tune up Series Date: Thurs Oct 4th Location: 320 Main Street Suite 200 Franklin TN 37064 (above the TN bank on square) Time: 530am
  • Come on out to The Forge Saturday.
  • Everyone is getting stronger, faster and better the more you post. GREAT WORK!

3D, out!

Time Catches Up to All of Us

PAX: Boone’s Farm, Black Widow, Olan Mills, Offshore, Umbrella, Toga (QIC)

Six redwoods posted for another edition The Purple Cow.  Here’s how it went down:

Quick disclaimer then mosey to parking lot at center of park.  10 rounds of 10 merkins, 10 WWII, 10 squats EMOM then mosey to monkey bars.

  • 3 rds of 10 pull-ups and 10 squats
  • 3 rds of 6 chin-ups and 10 lunges
  • 3 rds of 4 close grip pull-ups and high knees

Mosey to basketball court for ascending shuttle runs EMOM.  We started with 5 lengths in minute 1 and made it up to 15.., nowhere near The Mule’s record of 18.  Indigenous people’s run back to BMS parking lot for Mary.

NMM:  Another Schwetty morning at the Cow and oh what fun we had!  That said, mumble chatter was at a minimum for some reason.  Maybe everyone was still hungover from the Titans’ victory?

Stay Classy,