Pounding the Q’s 1st Year

Gloom Factor:  Frosty beard and stars
Pre-Party:  Hibernating
PAX in Attendance:  Nimbus1500, Creeper, Huggy, Type O, Professor X (Respect), Scrooge, Sterno, Old Hickory, Leatherneck, and Staples (YHC and QiC)
Warm Up:  Show Me lap, good mornings, huggers, Tebow stretch, disclaimer

Today is a trip down memory lane for me as we marked a year since I joined this group of HIMs.

Thang 1

Mosey to Defiant’s painground to visit the site of my first posting.
(5) sets of (5) reps OYO

    • Pull-ups
    • Copenhagens
    • Burpees

Thang 2

Mosey through the neighborhood to the invisible curb (where I broke my foot) at the Rec Center.
(3) sets of curb work OYO

    • Derkins
    • Calf Raises
    • Buy-out partner carries in honor of Netflix, Altidore, and Hambone who carried me to the truck in January

Thang 3

Mosey up the street and around Mill Creek Brewery.  Unfortunately, time ran short and we had to cut the man-maker/coupon work awaiting us.

Mary at the Parking Lot

LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, Low and Slow Squats

Number Off/Name-a-rama/COT
Prayer Requests

  • Continue to lift up LMP and his wife and family
  • Professor X’s friends dealing with cancer
  • Prayer for Sterno and his family and their baby on the way
  • Prayer for my Mom (and Dad) as we will move her into a care facility next weekend


  • Christmas Party this Saturday at our place (see Slack for details and side dish/dessert sign up)
  • Christmas Eve service opportunity with GlenGarry and family (serving lunch at the Rescue Mission)

FitTest Prep + Some Block Work

Conditions: 42 and almost raining, not as bad as the weather app said.

12 PAX in Attendance:  Barney Fievel, ShowMe, SexEd, Nimbus 1500, STERNO, Gaylord Focker, Stats, Mickey Mouse, GlenGarry, Professor X, Huggy, & LMP.

Warm-Up/Disclaimer – Did the ShowMe lap, totally missed the disclaimer.

In Honor of/Preparation for fit test, we got some reps

First THANGs First: Hand Release Burpees on the 48 seconds

As a trial run to improve times, we did 5 sets of 10 hand release burpees every seconds to shave some time off our opening act Saturday.

Mosey to the BC Bridge for more FitTest reps

Second THANG: BearCrawl/CrawlBear the Bridge

Then Run Half Mile Loop

Third THANG: CrabWalk/BroadJump the Bridge

Then Start the Half Mile Loop in Indian Run

In the interest of time…stopped at the sheds

Forth THANG: Partner Block Work

50 Block Merkins between partners – Rotating run to the Batting Cages

100 Block Squats between partners – Rotating run to the Batting Cages

150 Block Curls between partners – Rotating run to the Batting Cages

Finish the Half Mile Loop back to the parking lot



  • 3rdF (Faith) opportunity: We’re raising funds for Safe Families that will be our “buy in” to the FitTest on November 23rd. Any raised funds can be sent to the @F3Nolensville Venmo account or can be handed over in another fashion to Numbtucks.
  • 2ndF (Fellowship) opportunity: GAME NIGHT this Thursday Night (the 21st).  Starts at 8:30ish – Location details coming…
  • 1stF (Fitness) opportunity: FitTest face off against the fittest from the other Middle Tennessee regions at Nolensville for the FitTest Challenge, Saturday November 23rd at Nolensville High. Please come and be a part of this. Even if you’re not competing, we need at least two non-competing participants to help monitor and time people.
    • It also appears that there there is a bit of a convergence pre-party in the works, stay tuned for updates from Barney on slack…5:15am is what it’s looking like.
  • Prayers For LMP & Fam – They’ve got a Doctor’s appointment today and are expecting some results.


KISS at Broken Wheel

Keep it simple Staples… a necessary reminder when the Q has forgotten he is on the schedule (#Barneysavestheday).

PAX in Attendance:  Show Me, Barney, Nimbus1500, Stats, Huggy, 3rd Degree, Sex Ed, Professor X (Respect), Creeper, Glen Garry, Tebow, Kermit, TV Guide, Hushpuppy, and Staples (Q).

Pre-Party:  3rd Degree led Kermit, Sex Ed, and Staples in (10) burpees on the minute (Barney with the victory lap).

Warm Up:  Show Me lap, intro, disclaimer, stretch

The Thang:  Head to the track for an Indian Mile.  PAX then proceed back to the parking lot for some coupon work.  Line up on the light pole and exercise.

          • (10) Blockies
          • (20) Block Squats
          • (30) Block Flutters
          • (40) Block Rows
          • Q instructed PAX to await the 6 and use their time wisely (some recovered, some mosey’d)
          • Sprint to the far light pole, recover.
          • Sprint to the blocks, recover.
          • Rinse and Repeat

With (2) rounds completed, head back to the track for a second Indian Mile.  The rumor (unconfirmed) was a 9-ish minute pace.  Return to the parking lot for some core work including block flutters, LBC’s, high plank, and WWI’s.

CoT:  Roll call for PAX, a word of encouragement, prayer requests, and prayer.

Announcements:  2ndF opportunity upcoming this week at TypeO+’s (check Slack for details); fitness challenge in the works; Gaunlet is next month (make your mind up now to rock it).

Prayer Requests/Praises:  Barney’s mother and Staples’ mother; praise for answered coaching prayer.

Thanks all!

Getting FAT at the Pound

Gloom Factor:  Gloom fartsacked; perfect morning.

Pre-party:  Kermit led Creeper, Old Hickory, and Staples in a surprise preview of the Thang.

PAX in Attendance:  Kermit, Creeper, Old Hickory, Nimbus, Stats, Inspector Gadget, Barney, Scrooge, Sex Ed, TV Guide, Professor X (respect), Show Me, Hushpuppy, and Staples (QiC)

Disclaimer/Warm Up:  Show Me lap, disclaimer, SSH, Imperial Walkers, Good Mornings, WMH, Tebow stretch, and Toy Soldiers.

The Thang:  Partner up for encouragement and mosey to the track to get in some FAT (feet, arms, and tummies) work.  The goal was 6 (big) laps with speed bumps at each side.  Side A’s exercises were (20) squats, (20) merkins, and (20) overhead presses.  Side B’s exercises were (20) WWI’s, (20) LBC’s, and (20) flutter kicks.

The HIM’s brought their A-game and knocked out some reps and miles.  All in, we covered 2.5 miles and did (100) or more reps of each.  Time caught us and we moseyed back to the parking lot.

CoT:  Count off, Name-o-rama, a word (this community of men is a blessing to me and I pray it is to you all, and, I thank each one of you for sharpening me), prayer, and announcements.

Post-Party:  Stats, Creeper, Nimbus, Show Me put in some additional work.

Announcements:  3rd Thursday lunch is today at Oscar’s at 11:30am, F3 Dad’s camp is next weekend at the Ocoee, Wild Beast Feast is September 7th at 6:00pm at Staples’ place

Prayer Requests:  Soccer Mom in Uganda, prayers for safe travels for all headed DR over the coming week/weekend (especially ocean going PAX)

Crawl Heavy Sack Work

14 PAX on this mildly humid morning…not terrible though.

Pre-Party: There was one, but I don’t know who or what did what.

PAX: Stats, Staples, Kermit, Nimbus1500, ShowMe, Glengarry (FNG), ProfessorX, TVG, HotnReady, ToolMan, Barney, and more…


ShowMe Lap and some OYO stretching while I gave a Stats assisted disclaimer


Interval Training w/some new moves

    • Side Gorlillas 30 Sec.
    • Sit Thrus 30 Sec.
    • Switches 30 Sec.
    • Stationary Gorillas 30 Sec.
    • 5 Step Bear Crawl to 5 Step Crawl Bear 30 Sec.
    • Vertical Jumps
      • X2 then 60 Second Rest
    • The Square Sequence 1:30 (Not sure how to describe the hoppy, stationary bear thing we did, I guess you had to be there.  Couple sit thrus then advance in a square pattern doing the hoppy thing & sit thrus at every corner)


In my sack, there were 21 balls.  Each ball had a number and mode of transportation written on them.  There was one 5 ball (that we never found), with the rest numbered between 10 and 30.  The mode’s of transportation available were Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, Right Leg Hop, Left Leg Hop, Broad Jump (which we never found…thank goodness) & Crab Walk.

Unfortunately, not all  PAX got their hands on my balls.  One at a time, they’d call an exercise, pull a ball from my sack and huck it as “far as possible”.  We’d then use the mode of transportation listed and once we made it to the ball, we’d do the exercise the thrower selected in the quality reflected on the ball.

We definitively found all the bear crawl balls.


Just to change it up, we took a break by running the 1/2 mile loop, then 3 there and backs with BearBrawls, then back to my Sack to finish up.


The mumble chatter was a little lite this morning.  I think it was a combination of not much time/ability and the fact that Numbtucks and 3rd Degree were absent…we coulda done better.



Oregon Trail ReDeux (Featuring Egg Suck and Ride & Caught Up In The Country))

Conditions: Perfect

15 PAX in Attendance: Tebow, Stats, Typo+, Nimbus1500, Creeper, TV Guide, Nacho, Snowball, NumbTucks, Barney, Staples, Mickey, Kermit, Toad & Ragdoll .

PreParty: Partner swap Prairie Grass Pullups (50 total) with AMRAP HipDips while the Medic played us some “Egg Suck and Ride”

Warm up:
Oval up…struggled with circle early.  Brief disclaimer in to 20 SSH, 10ish Arm Circles both directions and Good Mornings OYO.

Mosey over to Independence, MO (Nolensville First United Methodist Church) to gear up for our journey.

Assemble the Wagons: Partner up
Partner 1 in wide PLANK while Partner two begins their IRON Hulk swapping every set, ascending from 1 Merkin:4 AirPresses to 10 Merkins:40 AirPresses

Our sound track for the morning drew some early mumble chatter…might have been the opening “Square bales, flatbeds” line?  Can’t speak for everyone, but it fired me up!

Now that our transportation is taken care of, we rode over to the Kansas River (Mill Creek) via speed mosey.

Ford the River
Crabwalk feet first, then sideways, flip sides then backwards over the bridge.

Short Mosey to the Soccer Field

Bear Hunting
Partner 1 begins Crawl Bear away from Partner 2, while Partner 2 does 5 Pistol Squats on each leg.  Once partner 2 completes his Pistol Squats, he Bear Crawls until he catches Partner 1.  (Flip sides, Rinse and Repeat the length of the high plains of Nebraska (Nolensville Soccer Fields)

Short Mosey

Carry your Kill
Now that we’ve got lots of bear meat, we need to get it back to the wagon via Partner Carries from the Soccer Fields to Mill Creek Brewery.

Base of the mountain 
The weight of that meat on those wooden wheels gave us fits.  10x (Broken Wheel) One Legged Hops on the Right Leg, 10x CDDs, 10x One Legged Hops on the Left Leg, 10x Mountain Climbers.  Rinse and Repeat from the Mill Creek sign to the other side of the parking lot…to get us to the base of the Rockies.

Quick Mosey

BurpBack Mountain 
Gotta do what you have to keep warm with your partner in the Rockies.  PAX 1 did Politicians up the Hill and Bear Crawled down 2X, while PAX 2 did Burpees then swap.  Only one round for time

Indian Run back to home base

In honor of the origin of the name Oregon, thought to be from the French Canadian word Ouragan (Hurricane), we completed a quick Hurricane Hoedown.

10 Hands up High Flutter Kick – 10 Slightly Reclined Flutter Kick – 10 Flutter Kicks

Post Party
Nimbus1500, Mickey, Kermit & RagDoll

3X (10) DIDs

Rocky & The Rockettes


15 PAX made it out this morning, in what I hope is one of the last twenty something degree mornings of the year.

PAX: Nimbus1750, 3rdDegree, Tebow, Inspector Gadget, Kermit, Netflix, Stats, Sterno, Hot n Ready, Staples, Typo+, OldHickory, ShowMe, (shoulda done this earlier, now I don’t remember)

Warmup – delayed Capri lap due to technical difficulties. We tried out some new “Boxer Jacks” and a pretend jump rope progression.

Rocky I & II
-Mosey around the ballpark to the snack shack.
-50 Frog hops in to 50 Duckwalk steps X 4-5 depending on how long your duck stride was.
-50 Alternating “one arm” merkins with a clap merkin at the end. Each down counted as one
-Split into 2 groups    (Swap)                                                                                                                         Group A: 25 Bulgarian Split Squats (Each Leg)                                                                       Group B: 25 “One Arm” pullups…or at least they would’ve been if it wasn’t             so slick (seriously, that was the only thing preventing one arm pullups!)

Rocky III
-Partner up for the Apollo beach run (ie. jog around the 1/3 mile track with a partner and race to the finish line from the bench by the bridge)…then hug it out

Rocky IV
-Snowy Sled Pull (Push…cause a pull would’ve been awkward…like if you had hung under a dude before over the bridge…not saying I ever did that)
PAX 1 bear crawl drives PAX 2 while  PAX 2 pushes against PAX 1s                           shoulders.  Down and back 3 times, alternating Alternating drivers.                    -50 Hanging leg lifts off the bench, not quote the dragon flag I was hoping for…


I’m sure I’m missing a post party and other things, but Yo F3 PAX, I DID IT!

Oh yeah, I think we finished with some more boxing jacks upon Sterno’s request.


Soggy Balls

13 PAX this soggy/cold morning for a little diddy I learned Down Range.  #TheBallSack

Pre-Party: NumbTucks & Nimbus1500 – 1hr Speed Ruck

PAX: NumbTucks, Inspector Gadget, Stats, Altidore, Soccer Mom, Tebow, Gaylord Focker, FNG (Abby), Staples, Kermit, Typo Positive, Creeper & Nimbus1500


  • Tempo Merkins IC x 10
  • Windmills IC x 20
  • LBAC Backwards/Forwards x 20
  • Mosey around the parking lot
  • Jump Squats x 10

The Thang:

In my sack, there were 21 balls.  Each ball had a number and mode of transportation written on them.  There was one 5 ball (that we never found), with the rest numbered between 10 and 30.  The mode’s of transportation available were Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, Right Leg Hop, Left Leg Hop, Broad Jump (which we never found…thank goodness) & Crab Walk.

Each PAX got a shot at my balls.  One at a time, they’d call an exercise, pull a ball from my sack and huck it as far as possible…most times (Typo and NumbTucks are on probation).  We’d then use the mode of transportation listed and once we made it to the ball, we’d do the exercise the thrower selected in the quality reflected on the ball.

I might miss one or two, but we got in some:

  • SSH
  • WWI
  • Merkins
  • Iron Hulk Modified (1:4 Merkins/OverHead Press)
  • Burpees
  • Double Shot of Jack Burpees
  • Lunges
  • American Hammers
  • Swats
  • Lt. Dan’s
  • Mountain Climber Merkins
  • Missing one, someone help me out if you remember.

The mumble chatter was everything I’d hoped for.  We burned through our time allotted and went strait to the count and nameorama.  Welcome to our FNG (Abby)!

Post Party: 15 DIDs

Let’s ​Get to Work!

Better late than never for Tuesday Broken Wheel…14 Pax came to work Tuesday at the Broken Wheel. Pre-party began with burpee sprints at 5:15am. I’m sick of this boot on my foot…

PAX: NumbTucks(QIC), Soccer Mom, Creeper, Tap Out, Kermit, Cheez Whiz, WMD, Tebow, MURSA, Show Me, Netflix, Typo +, TV Guide, Stats

Up Straddle Hop IC
Baby Arms Circles IC
Merkins IC
Squats IC

Mossey to the stairs. Partner up
10 rounds of 10 merkins each person. While one partner does a set the other holds Al Gore. 

Now split up in two groups using the stairs. 11’s!!! 
At the bottom perform 10 burpees crawl bear to the top and perform 1 Merkin, bear crawl back down. Halfway through my fingers are frozen due to wet gloves at the beginning so we move on to the benches.

20 Dips
15 Irkins
10 Dirkins 
How about 3 sets?

Mosey to the bridge in honor of 3rd Degree being sick.
Bear Crawl across. We count how many people had to stop during the crawl and perform the number of burpees of people who stopped as a team. Crawl bear back. 

Mosey to lot and we are done! 

Numbtucks Out…