26 PAX @ Cruel Hall Friday 18 August 2017 – Jack Webbs and Hill Sprints

26 PAX post at Cruel Hall Friday 18 August 2017.


The 26 PAX were YHC Blue Mule, Foxtrot, Black Lung, Bagger Vance, Swampfox, Mattress Money, Vegemite, Accounts Receivable, Dupree, Yardsale, CCR, OSHKOSH, Blackwater, Due Process, Books-A-Million, Olin Mills, Big Strick, Grisham, Spring Breaker Ricki Lake, Dine-N-Dash, Nightstand, Pre-Vac, T-Swizz, Blue Dad, Mike Boss, CAPSLOCK.


Long mosey around the area where the buses pull in and back to start for warm-o-rama.


WARM-O-RAMA: Good Mornings, squats, Willie Mayes Hayes, baby arm circles forwards and backwards.


40 count four-count flutter kick in cadence.


JACK WEBB PERMUTATION ONE: One pushup. One overhead arm press. Pyramid up to ten of each. Then do the same process from ten down to one. That totals 110 pushups and 110 overhead arm presses.


Mosey over to the covered pavilion.


THANG UNDER THE PAVILION: Team up in groups of threes. Two people alternate flutterkicks and overhead arm claps while one person moves from one end of the pavilion to the other. Round one was [for the life of me I can’t remember what the first movement was!]. Round two was burpee broad jumps. Round three was sprints there, back, and there again. Round four was Lieutenant Dans.


Mosey down to the hill for hill sprints.


HILL SPRINTS: Sprint up the hill then mosey back down. Repeat three times.


JACK WEBB PERMUTATION TWO: One pushup. One four count overhead arm pres. Pyramid up to ten of each. That totals 55 pushups and 110 overhead arm presses.


MARY: 20 WW2 situps, 20 four-count crunchy frogs, 20 four-count flutterkicks, 20 four-count hello Dollys, high planks.


It was a pleasure leading you gentlemen and I’ll see you in the gloom.


Blue Mule Out


Four PAX @ Titan Wednesday 16 August 2017 — Sprints and Miscellaneous

Four PAX post at Titan Wednesday 16 August 2017.


The four PAX were YHC Blue Mule, Crawfish, Porcelain, and Hardballs.


All PAX do a long mosey around the park to the concrete loop on the east side of the Parthenon. Each PAX sprints around the concrete loop while the other three PAX performs a stationary exercise. A round is complete when all PAX sprints around the loop. After each round the PAX perform a new stationary exercise.


Round One: Merkins

Round Two: Squats

Round Three: Overhead Arm Claps

Round Four: Lieutenant Dans

Found Five: Dips (Crawfish’s Pick)

Round Six: WW2 Situps (X’s Pick)

Round Seven: Overhead Arm Press (Porcelain’s pick)

Round Eight: Starjumps

Round Nine: Chest-to-ground diamond merkins

Round Ten: Burpees


Once all that was complete, all PAX mosey back to the starting point – with only one minute left, all PAX do LT Dans to end out the post.


It was a pleasure leading you gentlemen and I’ll see you in the gloom.


Blue Mule Out

21 PAX @ Sir Ellington Tuesday 15 August 2017 — Moby, Olivia Newton John, and Justin Bieber

21 PAX @ Sir Ellington Tuesday 15 August 2017. Weather was low 70s but very humid. This is the third Q by YHC during the Week of the Mule


The 21 PAX were YHC Blue Mule, DMish, Bagger Vance, Funyuns, Big Stick, Razor, Big Bang, Too Tall, Yard Sale, Calf Killer, El Maestro, Cowboy, Karamazov, CAPSLOCK, Binary, Dr. Smart, FNG (Black Lung), RBON, Prevac, Edible Arrangments, Dupree.


SHOCK AND AWE: One starjump, two burpees, three starjumps, four burpees, five starjumps, six burpees, seven starjumps, eight burpees, nine starjumps, 10 burpees. Total is 30 burpees and 25 starjumps to get things rolling.


Mosey to top of hill.


WARM-O-RAMA: Squats, willie mayes hayes, baby arm circles forwards and backwards.


40 count 4 count flutter kicks.


MOBY FLOWERS PUSHUP CHALLENGE: Put on the song “Flowers” by Moby. Each time the lyrics say “up” go to top of a pushup, each time the lyrics say “down” go to the bottom of a pushup. This is a tough challenge – TClaps to all PAX who completed all pushups without having to rest.


Mosey to building other side of the loop.


OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN AND STAR JUMPS: Put on the song “Physical” by Olivia Newton John. During the song all PAX perform flutterkicks or Jane Fondas or hello Dollys to the beat. Whenever Olivia sings “physical” or “animal” all PAX perform a starjump. Sounds simple but it is not – popping up off of your butt to do those starjumps gets you winded.


Mosey down the gravel path past the beefarm to the wooden fence.


JUSTIN BIEBER “BABY” MERKIN CHALLENGE: Put on the song “Baby” by Justin Bieber. During the song all PAX perform plankjacks to the beat. Whenever Justin sings “baby” perform a pushup. That’s a lot of pushups.


Mosey along the gravel path back to the starting point


SPRINTS: Good old fashioned sprints across the church parking lot. Sprint from one side, after a quick rest sprint back to the other side, rinse and repeat several times.


MARY: Flutterkicks, WW2 situps, and planks for five minutes to round out the time.


It was a pleasure leading you gentlemen and I’ll see you in the gloom.


Blue Mule Out

11 PAX @ Stonewall 12 August 2017 — Coupons, Coupons, and MORE Coupons

11 PAX swarmed to Stonewall Saturday, August 12, 2017 for the second workout in YHC’s Week of the Mule. Weather was cooperative – mid 70s and clear but very humid. Sun was up. Started at 6:00 on-the-dot as planned.


The 11 PAX were YHC Blue Mule, Deep Dish, Foxtrot, Faulkner, Hambone, Badboy, Cuba Libre, Binary, Crawfish, Blue Mule, Edible Arrangements, and Bagger Vance.


PRE-HUSTLE: T-Claps to the PAX (I believe it was Bagger Vance, Funyuns (who couldn’t stick around for the main workout), Hambone, and Edible Arrangements — my apologies if you were there and I left you out) who shoved off a zero dark thirty with their rucksacks in order to smash a ruckmarch before the thang.


SHOCK-AND-AWE: 10 burpees. Nine chest-to-ground diamond merkins. Eight burpees. Seven chest-to-ground diamond merkins. Six burpees. Five chest-to-ground diamond merkins. Four burpees. Three chest-to-ground diamond merkins. Two burpees. One chest-to-ground diamond merkins. That’s 30 burpees and 25 chest-to-ground diamond merkins. Makes you feel like you are shot out of a catapult! Many PAX still rolling in during the shock-and-awe!


COUPONS: Five coupons. Four are wrapped up bricks, weighing 25 pounds. One is a plate that is 30 pounds – weighs five more pounds but has a nice little handle. All PAX team up in pairs (one odd-man-out team of three) and take command of a coupon – gotta carry that thing around during the whole workout!


Coupon mosey to the stone wall next to the swings.


THRUSTERS AND BURPEE BOX JUMPS: One PAX performs thrusters while other PAX performs burpee box jumps. When the PAX performing thrusters reaches the designated amount of reps for the round, that PAX hands the coupon over to their teammate to perform the designated amount of reps for the round. When both PAX complete the thrusters, side-straddle-hop for the six. First round is five thrusters, second round is 10 thrusters, third round is 15 thrusters, and finally the fourth round is 20 thrusters.


Coupon mosey to the wire fence connected to the brick building.


DRAGONFLYS AND COUPON WALL SITS: One PAX performs 20 dragonflys (back on ground, hands on fence, lift entire legs and feet up and touch the top of the fence, one rep complete when feet placed back on ground, keep legs locked during this exercise) while other PAX grabs coupon and performs wall-sit. Round complete when each teammate has completed 20 dragonflys. Plank for the six between each round. Total of four rounds.


Coupon mosey to the basketball courts.


OVERHEAD ARM CLAPS AND COUPON DUCK WALKS: One PAX performs coupon duck walk while other PAX perform overhead arm claps. A round is complete when the all teammates have performed the duck walk for the designated length of the court. Round one is to nearest free-throw line, round two is to half-court, round three is to farthest free-throw line, round four is full-court. That’s a lot of duck-walking.


Coupon mosey to the soccer field.


COUPON SPRINTS: One PAX sprints with coupon, then hands it to teammate when sprint complete. If you aren’t sprinting, then pick between either preacher-sit or overhead arm claps. Round one sprint length of the soccer field and perform one burpee before returning, round two sprint length of the soccer field and perform two burpees before returning, round three sprint up the hill and perform three burpees before returning, and round four sprint up the hill and perform four burpees before returning.


Coupon mosey back to the start with a quick break at the water fountain.


MARY: 120 four-count Jane Fondas in cadence, switching legs every 20 count. Sounds easy on paper – you try it after lugging those coupons around for 55 minutes and tell me it is easy!


Pleasure leading you gentlemen and I’ll see you in the gloom!



Blue Mule

10 PAX @ Bomber 11 August, 2017 — Burpee Broad Jumps

10 PAX converge on Bomber Friday 11 August 2017 for the first workout in YHC’S Week of the Mule. Weather was nice – low 70s, clear, but humid. Beautiful sunrise. Started at 5:30 as planned.


The 10 PAX were YHC Blue Mule, John the Baptist, Hi Viz, Merlot, Porcelain, Hardballs, Mickey Mouse, Bad Boy, T Cell and En Fuego.


Mosey around driving range, short warm-o-rama of squats and arm circles and good mornings in order to get loose.


THE THANG: 100 BURPEE BROAD JUMPS: All PAX divide into teams of two. One PAX performs 10 burpee broad jumps out from starting line and then turns around and performs 10 more burpee broad jumps back to the starting line. While one PAX is performing these burpee broad jumps, the other PAX is performing a stationary exercise. A round is complete when both PAX have each in turn completed their round of burpee broad jumps and perform side-straddle-hops for the six. Each round involves both PAX performing 20 of these burpee broad jumps. All PAX perform 5 rounds, which totals 100 reps (20 x 5 = 20). Stationary exercises were as follows: round one merkins, round two LT Dans, round three overhead arm claps, round four squats, round five pick any of the previous rounds. 100 burpee broad jumps is a lot of burpee broad jumps – all PAX were huffin’ and puffin’!


Mosey back to the starting line.


TON OF INCLINE AND DECLINE MERKINS: All PAX pick a location on the concrete wall next to the parking lot. Six rounds of merkins. First round is five incline merkins followed by five decline merkins. Increase number of merkins performed in each round by two. This totals 120 merkins ( 5 x 2 + 7 x 2 + 9 x 2 + 11 x 2 + 13 x 2 + 15 x 2 = 10 + 14 + 18 + 22 + 26 + 30 = 120 ). That’s a lot of merkins – especially after those 100 burpee broad jumps.


Just enough time for Mary.


MARY: 20 count flutter-kicks, 20 WW2 sit-ups, two-minute plank.


And that’s all she wrote!


Pleasure leading you gentlemen and I’ll see you in the gloom.



Blue Mule

The Quad Killer

16 Pax came out to bust it this morning with some weights on the football field.

Warm up:
Carry weights from truck to football field
Luitenant Dan’s

Station AMRAP 5 minute with partner 30 sec break between rounds to switch to next exercise.
1. 10- front squat 115 or 135lb GET LOW
2. 10- power cleans 115lb or 20 deadlifts if can’t
3. 10-KB swings 53lb or 70lb
4. 7yrd-medicine ball throws back and forth 20lb
5. 10 Turkish Getups 10 or 35lb
6. 150 yrd lunge- hands on head, knee to ground
7. Run laps around field
8. Run bleachers

Comic relief was watching people attempt power cleans and front squats.

Skipped the abs and went straight to prayer. Good workout boys!


Showing “the Jugg’s” a little TLC

QIC: Iditarod

PAX: Schnitzel, Sea Gull, Yosef, Air Wolf, Black Lung, Pharaoh, Scraps, Ace, King, Jack, Aristotle, Monkey Bars, Grohl, Anchor (FNG)

15 Pax Post to show the Juggs some TLC this morning.

Warm O Rama:

1 Lap in MMC Parking lot.  Some Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, squats till all in

Good Mornings X 10 IC

Willie Mays Hayes x 20 IC

Michael Phelps x 10 IC

HillBillies x 10 IC

Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Butt Kickers x 20 IC

The Thang:

YHC Introduced “The Juggs” to the Pax.  4 Gallon sized Milk Juggs filled with Water.  Pax formed two lines for Indian Runs.  Lead Pax to hold 2 Juggs.  Trade off once spinter got to Lead.

Jugg Run to the trailhead playground parking Lot.  Circle up. YHC explained that “the Juggs” required TLC so that is what we’d give them.

Round 1-Baby, Baby, Baby-TLC-Plank Jacks for the first verse-1 Merkin for every Baby said.

Jugg Run to the Round about near the Island-Air Wolf Joined us on the Lifo at the round about.

Round 2-Creep-TLC-Overhead Arm Claps for the verses Every time “creep” mentioned do a burpee.

Jug Run the long way to MMC Parking lot

Round 3-No Scrubs-TLC Lunges for duration every time “Scrub” is mentioned perform squat.


1 Min of Flutter Kicks

Moleskin: YHC Shared about developing spiritual fitness along side our physical fitness. TClaps to Aristotle for ability to identify who was singing what parts during the Songs.  If you’d like to lead one you can sign up on out Google doc https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cbxj6R8HnkHW-oD5vGUX1S0RPDF95Y10WL1MFwH8zf0/edit#gid=0 .  Scraps is moving on Saturday so Pop up AO at his house 9am he’ll Q there will be heavy things to lift and he’ll even feed you some little Caesars or something. Reach out if you want to help.  Starting Next Week Yosef will be the AO Site Q for Bragg’s Isle.  If you want to lead one there reach out to him.



Stairs, Power Merkins & TANKS

QIC: Bagger Vance

PAX: Binary, Cinderella, Black Widow, Olan Mills, Greasetrap, Too Tall, Venus, Funyuns, Chum, Yard Sale, Boudin, Head Stud, D’Mish, FNG-Life Coach, Bagger Vance

72 and thick as the 15 RedPillers lined up in the gates at The Racetrack.  :30 call was made and YHC took off without the ceremonial “Let’s Mosey”… Cobains Foggy Pirate.

Mosey up towards the tallest building in Brentwood whilst side shuffling right and left and Politicianing.

Circle up on the first floor of the parking deck for:


Toe Touches x 13 IC

Alternating Shoulder Taps x 13 IC

Nolan Ryans x 13 IC

Ks x 13 IC

Side Straddle Hops x 13 IC


Head over to the outside stairs of terror for the displaining of the Thang.

Partner Up –

20 Squats at the Bottom

5 Power Merkins or 7 Atomic Merkins at each Landing…

20 Beetle Baileys at the Top

19 Squats at the Bottom

5 Power Merkins or 7 Atomic Merkins at each Landing…

19 Beetle Baileys at the Top

Most PAX completed rounds all the way down to 12 Reps

Time to Mosey

Crawl Bear down the sidewalk


Bear Crawl ala Abbey Road Style

Quick Mosey back to circle

Circle Up for High Plank Finish

In the high plank position, YHC, read from the recent Art of Manliness post and the stylings of Clement of Alexandria…

let the man who is rich in a worldly sense adopt in his own case the same considerations as apply to athletes. For the athlete who has given up the hope of being able to conquer, and to obtain the garlands, does not even give in his name for the contest; while the one who has conceived this hope in his mind, but does not submit to the fitting labors and diet and exercises, continues ungarlanded, and fails to gain what he hoped for.

In the same way let not a man who is clothed in this earthly covering withdraw his name altogether from the Savior’s contests, if at least he is faithful, and perceives the greatness of God’s kindness to man; and again, if he refuses exercise and contest, let him not hope to share in the garlands of incorruption without the dust and sweat of the arena; but let him at once submit himself to the word as trainer, and to Christ as judge of the contests; let his food and his apportioned drink be the new covenant of the Lord, let his exercises be the commandments, let his gracefulness and adornment be good dispositions, love, faith, hope, knowledge of truth, gentleness, goodness of heart, dignity; so that, when the last trumpet sounds for the race and the departure hence, passing out of this life as out of a race-course, he may stand with a good conscience before the president, acknowledged to be worthy of the heavenly home, into which he passes up with garlands and proclamations of angelic heralds.” —Clement of Alexandria

wise words from Paul from Cor 9:24-26…

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air.” —Corinthians 9:24-26


Keep the Kemps, Wallaces and Holmes in your prayers.  Prayers for Faulkner and his family as they are moving to London (England not KY) for the next three years.  Pray for us as husbands, fathers and significant others to be intentional and to pursue those in our circle.


Bagger Vance

The Hill – 8/10/17

Today was the first official launch of The Hill. It takes place at Franklin Road Academy – come on out!

Pax: Frugal (Co-Q), DMish (Co-Q), Binary, Black Widow, Cinderella, Spring Break, Grease Trap, FNG Ramses and FNG Buffalo Bill

Mosey to Football Field
SSH x 20
Willie Mays Hays x 10
Good Mornings x 10
Squats x 10
Forward BAC x 15
Backward BAC x 15
Overhead Press x 15
Merkins x 10
WWI x 10

Mosey to Amphitheater, partner up, and grab dumbbells for each group

Partner One: Dumbbell Bent Over Rows
Partner Two: Run Quad Loop

Partner One: Dumbbell Curls
Partner Two: Amphitheater Jumps x 5

Partner One: Dumbbell Triceps Kickback
Partner Two: Step Ups x 25 each leg

Partner One: Weighted Goblet Squat
Partner Two: Dumbbell Farmers Walk

Partner One: Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Partner Two: Mountain Climbers x 50 each leg

Partner One: Merkins
Partner Two: Run Quad Loop

Partner One: Weighted LBCs
Partner Two: Bear Crawl to Stairs, Lieutenant Dans Back

Partner One: Dumbbell Stiff Legged Dead Lift with Shoulder Shrug
Partner Two: Run Quad Loop

Return weights, mosey back to parking lot with a all you got sprint to the top of the stairs.

Circle of Trust

Glad He’s Leaving Early

QIC: PreVac (VQ)

PAX: Binary, Funyuns, Calf Killer, Grease Trap, Too Tall, Yard Sale, Spring Break on Ricky lake, Chum, edible arrangement, big stick, CAPSLOCK, Tidy Cats, foxtrot talks a lot, TOGA, Cowboy, Vegemite, Venus, El Maestro, PreVac (VQ), Bagger Vance

Bitterly cold as the 21 red pillers this a.m.

Quick Mosey around upper lot and back

Side straddle hop, Willie Mays Hayes, good mornings



25 Merkens every three minutes while running in between sets

South on Marchant up towards the Ag Center for the first set of Merkins in Ag Center parking lot…

Second set of Merkins around the loop towards Ellington mansion…

Third set of Merkins halfway up the hill loop

Mosey down the grass hill towards the Lilly pond

partner up in ones and twos…

PAX 1 AYG to top of Hill while PAX 2 waits flapjack 3X

PAX 1 politician up the hill I’ll PAX two waits flapjack 3X…

PAX one wheelbarrow uphill with PAX 2 flapjacks 3X…

PreVac out

BV takes over
Mosey back to parking lot for Duckwalk in the first two stalls then crawl bear the next six… Mosey around to the brick wall in the middle of the parking lot and grab some off for the six…

Head down to Playground for partner pull ups and squats 50 X each team

Stay with your partner in the stalls for sevens of Burpee’s and plank jacks… PAX one begins Burpee’s while PAX 2 hold people’s chair…

Three MOM:

Laney Lou X 13 IC
Superman x13 IC
Beast left leg x13 ic
Beast right leg 13 XIC
Plank progression one minute


great group of guys out again this morning. Awesome to have PreVac take the reins on his VQ. It was a run smoker for sure but we did get some upper body in as well. Chum & SBORL heading up a strong contingent of Hates.

>Continue to keep the Wallace and Kemp families in your prayers.
>>FRA AO on Thur am
>>>>Memphis launch on 19 August
>>>>>Give2Give http://f3nation.com/2017/07/29/give2give-august-1-31-2017/

BV for PreVac Out