Block O Rama

QIC: Iditarod

PAX: Godfather, Aristotle, Sea Gull, Schnitzel, Hawk, Papa Juan, G-String, NPR, Iditarod (QIC), Grohl, Derty, Ace, 2.0 FNG King, 2.0 FNG Jack, FNG Rev. Scraps

Lap through parking lot second lap sprinkle in some bear crawl, crawl bear, politicians.
Good Mornings x 12 IC
Willie Mayes Hayes + Baby arm Circles x 20 IC
Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC
Tempo Merkins x 10 IC
Mosey to Construction Yard
Stop at the bridge for 10 Burpees OYO
Pick up the 6-Once all in instruct to find partner each pair gets one Cinder block from construction site Mosey to three way intersection for instructions for the remainder of the workout

The Thang
Partner work with Blocks-P 1 performs exercise while P2 runs to 3rd street light and returns.
Rd 1
Plank for the 6

Rd 2
Bench Press
Once finished started alternating Blockees(Burpees with a Cinder Block) with Partner-Work till all in then 1 or 2 minutes more.

Return blocks to site
Squat Jumps for Mud Removal
Once all in AYG back to MMC Parking lot.  Plank for the 6


2 x 2.0’s in attendance children of  Ace-Fittingly dubbed King and Jack-The Queen, Ace’s M would have been proud of the hard work put in by her suit. FNG Rev. Scrappy has a tendency to finish others un eaten leftovers.

YHC shared about devotional time this morning spent in Mark where Jesus says to the Pharisees and Sadducees-Give to Ceasar what has his image give to God what bears his (Man).  Prayed for PAX.

Please sign up on slack as we are using that for communication and linking to mothership F3Nashville PAX. Email CCR for a slack invitation

Also I’ve created a Q signup Spreadsheet on Google Docs

Floppy’s Title Here

*Detention – 7/31/17*
*QIC*: Floppy Disk

*PAX*: Yard Sale, D’Mish, Ludwig von Oshkosh, En Fuego, Red Bag, Grisham, Due Process, Leatherneck, Accounts Receivable, T-Swizz, Tidy Cats, Bagger Vance, Edible Arrangement, Too Tall, Dupree, Spring Break on Ricki Lake, Foggy Pirate, Dine ‘N Dash, Wet Noodle, Dry Rub – FNG, Boudain – FNG, Venus – FNG, Vegemite, D-List, Floppy Disk

*Warm-O-Rama* (all IC)
SSH x20
Windmills x15
Good Mornings x15
Butt Kickers x15
High Knees x15
BACs F x10
BACs R x10


Rihanna – This Is What You Came For – Plank Jax and Mtn Climbers for duration of song. Every time she says “You” do a merkin and Plank Jack.

PAX fall in to two lines. Indian Run from CH parking lot to corner of Hogan and Marchant. Various exercises while waiting for the six.

Backpedal up Hogan hill approximately 100 yards, resume regular mosey to Crievewood Baptist parking lot. Various exercises while waiting for the six.

7’s – All Burpees! Run up/down parking lot hill between.

Mosey back to CH playground for 3 sets of:

10x Pullups
20x various Merkins (regular, Irkins, Derkins)
10x big boy dips or 20x bench dips

Mosey back to start, circle up for a little bit too much Mary.

Ola Dollies x20 (IC)
Crunchy Frogs x20 (IC)
J-Lo’s x20 (IC)
10x Hand-release Merkins (OYO)
20x Bridge-style Mariah’s alternating regular, right leg on left knee, left leg on right knee (IC)
Alternating Shoulder Taps x20 (IC)

Welcome FNG’s Dry Rub, Boudain and Venus!