Strategy & Tactics

Date: 9-30-17

QIC: Edible Arrangement

PAX: Crawfish, Bagger Vance, Lemon, C-Lo (Memphis), Edison, Three putt, Foxtrot, Badboy, Deep Dish, Binary, Lothar (8 year old FNG), Blue Mule, Top 40

Decided to try out the Workout In a Box (WIB) – Stonewall Edition #2. Hambone turned me onto this a few weeks ago.

Just as a box has four corners, 4 areas of workout were identified (more less the 4 corners of Sevier Park). PAX were numbered off 1-4. Each PAX was responsible for mini Q’ing two exercises at their corresponding number/corner. As a group we ran to each corner and would do 2 exercises decided upon by each corresponding PAX’s corner before running to the next corner.  The goal was to always keep moving.

I took some ribbing about who was leading the workout and other ragging about delegation of authority, my day job, etc. I just found it easiest to explain that YHC was the morning’s Strategy and those Redpillers that showed would be the Tactics.

Warm up:

  • 10 Burpees to get the blood flowing
  • Run to top of hill/flagpole and circle up
  • SSH
  • High knees
  • Butt kickers
  • Windmills
  • BAC forward, BAC reverse, seal claps
  • Willie Mays
  • Good mornings

The Box / The Thang (in no particular order):

Corner 1:

  • Deep Dish: Diamond merkins, thrusters
  • Edison: Squat jumps, alt shoulder taps
  • Three putt: Pull ups, merkins

Corner 2:

  • Badboy: Lt Dans, wide merkins
  • C-Lo & Top forty: Cotton pickers, plank jacks
  • Badboy: Purple snakes

Corner 3:

  • Crawfish: Imperial walker squats, and something else
  • Foxtrot: V-ups, kamikazes
  • Bagger: Some sort of yoga thing

Corner 4

  • Lemon: Bear crawls, crawl bears
  • Binary: Hello dollies, hillbillies
  • Blue Mule: Man makers, flutter kicks

It should be noted that somewhere between Corner 1 & 2, Foxtrot and Top 40 broke off to do some butt/back stretches or something that sounded to be inspired by Sergio at the Green Hill’s Lululemon.

Additionally, Bagger’s spirit animal, the Crawl Bear, is a force to be reckoned with. I can attest to this as I write this bblast with no distal right middle finger.


  • Tempo merkins, Freddie Mercuries, box cutters, Ab ABC’s


  • Great to have C-Lo (F3 Memphis) out and his son (FNG Lothar – 8 years old) who joined us for some Mary and get the scoop on how F3 Memphis is growing
  • GrowRuck 11/17-11/18
  • F3 gear sign up
  • Prayers for those in TX, FL, Puerto Rico
  • Continued prayers for the Kemps

On the flip side,



No Skunks or Big Sticks at The Skunk

PAX: Foxtrot Talks-A-Lot, En Fuego, Funyuns, Toga, Foggy Pirate, Erector Set, Venus, Leatherneck, Offshore, Floppy Disk

QIC: Floppy Disk

10 Redpillers accumulated in the gloom at The Skunk this morn. Nothing but fresh, 60-degree air met us as we began our short warmup mosey. Circle up in the big field for some…

Warm-O-Rama (all IC)
SSH x20
High Knees x10
Butt Kickers x10
Good Mornings x15
Willie Mays Heys x10
BAC F x10
Front Claps x10
BAC R x10
Swimmers F x10
Swimmers R x10

Warm enough, anyway, so let’s get to it.


BLIMPS – 20x reps of each exercise followed by a mosey around the big field (approximately 0.33 miles). Everyone got in 3 sets before time was called on this portion.

Split into 2 groups and short mosey to the baseball diamond for some F3 Baseball. Group 1 at home, Group 2 at 2nd base. At each base perform 20x Merkins, 20x Mtn. Climbers, 20x Jump squats. Group exercise to next base as follows:

Home > 1st : Broad Jump
1st > 2nd: Bear Crawl
2nd > 3rd: Crawl Bear
3rd > Home: Lunge

Just enough time before Mary to line up on the soccer field baseline for AYG to the opposing baseline. 20 second rest then AYG back.

Mary (all IC)

Flutter Kicks x20
Hello Dolly’s x20
Freddie Mercuries x20
High Plank rotation
J-Lo’s x20
Low Plank 30s hold

Good work today, gents! Really enjoyed my maiden voyage to The Skunk. APB for Big Stick. I’m beginning to wonder if “bachelor party” is just code for Sunday Night Football at home.

Cleared up F3 name confusion. It’s Erector Set not Erection Set, for better or worse, haven’t decided yet.

Foggy Pirate was on point this morning with proper lens fogging form…just the one.

Continue to pray for the Kemps. Sign up for the GrowRuck! I’ve never done one of these things, either, so don’t feel intimidated. We’ll get through it.

Love your families and friends well, men. They are a gift.

Floppy Disk

Mission Accepted

QIC: Hi-Viz

PAX: Megatron, Bicentennial Man, Blue Mule, RightSaid, EnFuego, Firefox, T-Cell, Princess Aurora

CONDITIONS: Brisk and, dare I say, perfect. 55 degrees.


Quick mosey through Sylvan Park.


  • 20X SSH (Joined in progress by PA.)
  • 10X Good Mornings
  • 10X WMH
  • 15X LBAC
  • 15X LBAC (Reverse)
  • 20X Slow-N-Low Squats
  • Quick lap up the stairs, down the length of the upper parking lot and back down the hill and around to the front entrance to the community center for reference.

Time for the PAX to diffuse a bomb. Partner up for a modified DORA. Partner One runs the lap referenced above. Partner Two makes progress toward 100 of each of the following and both switch when One wraps the lap.

O-Overhead Claps
B-Bulgarian Split Squat

Bonus: Those who finished early got to choose-their-own-adventure until all- in.

Mosey to the baseball diamond for some “BJ Gaddour Bullshittery,” which is becoming a standard component of YHC’s Qs. Same partners. One holds a bear crawl plank, while the other advances to the base. Once there, Partner Two makes the trek, while Partner One holds the plank. Continue all the way around. Tougher than it seemed in YHC’s noggin’.

Mosey to the cars for Mary:

30X Flutters
20X WW2s
20X Freddy Mercurys (Mercuries?)
10X Shoulder-Tap Planks
10X J-Los



Thanks to PA for the BOMB inspiration on the Slacker. I appreciate the mere suggestion I do dangerous things in the interest of public safety, but for the record, there’s a reason the Director hasn’t given me a gun. Someday, perhaps…

Great group out there today. Let’s keep the momentum going into the Fall.


  • Stonewall at 7 Saturday at Sevier Park.
  • Cold weather F3 Nashville gear is up for sale, until October 12th. Need some minimum orders to get these printed. Get you some.

Have a good weekend.

Daft Punk

QIC: Scraps

Pax: Iditarod, Black Lung, Aristotle, NPR, Papa Juan, Seagull, Schnitzle, Yosef, Mr. Roboto, Grohl

10 Pax posted surprisingly, even though Yosef forgot to send a reminder. Sad Clowns, they are not.

Scraps took the VQ, and did not disappoint. Its like he’s led before.


Big lap of the parking lot, which included politicians and side to side, each side, and ended with a bear crawl.

13x Good mornings, x17 Willie Mays Hays, x9 big arm circles forward, x7 big arm circles backwards, x 11 imperial walkers, x 12 rock a billies.

The Thang:

Scraps introduced Pax to the French acid electronic stylings of Daft Punk. Truth nuggets a plenty throughout.

1) FIRE DRILL to Around the World (Each Pax yells “Fire”)- Merkin, roll right, merkin, roll left, back up to high knees

2) GET LUCKY to Get Lucky- Flutter kicks….”Up all night”- Al Gore- “Get Lucky”- Merkin

3) 100 MORE TIMES- to One More Time- PARTNER GOAL 50 Merkins, 100 crunches, 150 squats- while one sprints down and back

4) Bropees- to Harder, Better, Faster Stronger

5) Television Rules the Nation- Spell that out on your back with your feet all caps

6) Technologic- Patty Cake Merkins

The Thang soaked all the time, and appropriately smoked the Pax.

Cot & BoM: Scraps advised the Pax to use the words we’re insulted by to streghten us, not to be ashamed of what we’re called. Prayed out.

Bullhorn: Tuesday is open for Q if someone wants it.

Aristotle shared some positive news about the youngest on the way. Continued prayers are appreciated


Bodybuilders at Titan

PAX: The Jeweler, Stein, Right Said, Blue Mule, Big Brother (FNG), Olan Mills, Tesla (FNG), Reveille (FNG), Third Degree, APU (F3 out of town — I forget where), Jackpot (FNG), Third Person (QIC)

A full dozen came out to Titan to see what the morning brought. Nice to see such strong number, including  a bunch of new guys.

Start off with 10 burpees right at 5:30 to get the blood flowing. Long mosey to the other side of the Parthenon for

WOR (all IC): SSH x 20, GM x 10, WMH x 10, Toy soldiers x 10, LBAC forward x 15, LBAC reverse x 10


Figured it was time to reintroduce the 8 count body builder to the PAX. We did 10 OYO then broke it down Dora style. All PAX partnered up. The idea was partner 1 would run around the Parthenon while partner 2 did an exercise and flapjack. 150 merkins, 150 plank jacks, 150 jump squats per partnership — after finishing each set of 150, 10 bodybuilders to be completed before moving on to the next exercise. A lot of MC/confusion/standing around about when to do the body builders. I probably could have explained it better. It all got figured out in the end.

10 more jump squats as a group and then mosey to the playground.

Pull up time. Each PAX grabbed some bar and did 10 pull ups, lap around the porta-pottys, 8 pull ups, lap, 6 pull ups, etc. Plank and wait

Everyone finished just in time for 3 MOM. Flutter kicks x 30 IC, LBC x 30 IC, Plank x 1 min. Fin



-Great to see numbers at Titan. Tclaps to Olan Mills for EHing 3 guys. Welcome to Big Brother, Tesla, Reveille and Jackpot — ask them about their names at the next work out. Apologies to Reveille who was running around the park looking for the shovel flag, which we didn’t have, before he found us. I blame Crawfish

Continued prayers for Grease Trap and family


Third Person


Little, Tiny Bells

PAX: Foxtrot, CCR, Funyuns, Brother Outlaw, Big Stick, Binary, Black Widow, Caps Lock, HVAC, Tampa Libre, Tiny House, Kathy, Razor, Capt Emilio, Blood Clot, Cindy, Blue Mule, Toga, Frugal McDougal, PREVAC

QIC: Toga

20 unsuspecting hard chargers posted at The Hill for some fun with weights.  This is what they got:

Mosey to weight room to acquire all the 25 lb dumbbells and any kettlebells less than 45 lbs..  Head out to the usual lifting area.

Big circle for “8 Minutes in Hell” (8MH) kettlebell series: 1 min 2 hand kb swings, 30 sec kb cleans each hand, 30 sec kb snatch ea hand, 30 sec kb clean and press, 30 sec reverse kb lunge ea leg, 30 sec kb single leg deadlift ea leg, 1 min goblet squats, 30 sec single hand kb swing ea hand, 30 sec kb push press each hand

Rest while doing hip extend/press/reach over combo

Repeato 8MH series then make two back-to-back circles for Russian Hammer Convey belt= each group passes KBs in one direction for one minute then reverse.  Put the weights away, say goodbye to Frugal #keymaster, and mosey to football field.

Complete 8, 100 yrd sprints with with 45 sec rest between each.

COT- Cinderella took us out

NMM:  YHC is a big fan of the kettlebell workout, but there was some concern about having enough lower weight bells for the PAX.  Doing that series is not the time to be a hero, and most of the PAX (not HVAC of course) quickly down shifted to a more reasonable size bell or one of the dumbbells.  It’s also mandatory that someone always bring some music to one of these things.  20 dudes in a circle grunting repeatedly gets weird fast, and the smooth stylings of Audioslave help get through that.

Once on the field, the PAX did an awesome job of maintaining a pace on the sprints.  This was important since nobody knew how many we were going to run.., except for Blood Clot who thought he knew.  Fun was had by all!


  • Winter F3 swag packages are coming.  Expect sweatshirts, hot cocoa and snowman building kits, Aunt Bee to model
  • Grow Ruck 11/17-18
  • Franklin CSAUP 10/7= Warpath.., see Blood Clot
  • Prayers for Grease Trap and M on their trip
  • Bring your own mug to any Crieve Hall workouts.., #cheap
  • Come to The Skunk on Mondays

Stay Classy,


Lucky 13’s at TITAN – 09-20-17

Crawfish, Third Person, Porcelein, The Jeweler, Floppy Disk, Calfkiller, New Mexico (Visitor from F3 Raleigh), CCR (YHC)

YHC got a wild hare and decided to make the trek up north of Hogan Road to visit the boys at Titan this morning.  Q calendar was clear, so decided to sign up to ensure my HC.  Floppy D and Calfkiller completed the clown car and came along despite the looming threat of winter up north.

5:30am sharp we went on a brisk mosey in search of the BLACK MIATA.  After hearing Crawfish say that they almost got in a fight with him the last time they ventured into his garage, i decided to circle up for WOR just outside the garage to draw him out.  No dice.

WOR (all IC)
SSH x 20
GM x 10
WMH x 10
Slow and Low Merkins x 10
HOPKICKS! x 10 (Most of Titan  PAX’s first time aka VH)

Mosey back toward the Parthenon with a quick stop for an homage to my boy Aunt Bea.  Modified barnyard shuffle with merkins and jump squats x3 at either end.  We did 25  for a total of 75 merks and 75 jump squats.  Blood is now flowing.  Time for

At the bottom of the parkway of pain, we started a set of 13s…because 11s just don’t cut it anymore. Turkish getups at the bottom and mountain merkins at the very top. It was a LONG way up there. 208 yards to be exact. To make it better, we added a three-burpee speed bump every time we crossed over pavement (three speed bumps). The way up was long, the way down was much better as we coasted easily downhill with the glorious parthenon centered as our backdrop. Somewhere along with way we modified to ensure completion. This may be worth trying again with no barnyard shuffle to see if anyone can finish. As PAX completed, we performed AMRAP WWI situps as we waited for the 6. Floppy and Jeweler were standouts (shocker).

All in. Time for a 200 yard AYG from the bottom to the top. Three burpees on top, mosey together to each speed bump for 3x burpees untill we reach the bottom. Circle up for a quick Mary. Flutter kix x40 IC. Low plank to close it out.


It was really great breaking out of the routine to get up to Titan. I highly recommend it for those that have never been…or been awhile. Great AO and even better dudes that we rarely get to see. Glad to have New Mexico from F3 Raleigh (South Wake) join us….he showed up just in time for the Thang, but made up for it.

Until Next Time,



PAX:  FTTAL, Big Stick, Too Tall, Venus, Funyuns, Off Shore (FNG), umbrella, D’Mish, Toga, Binary (Respect), PreVac, Floppy Disk, Dupree, PSL, Chum, Blue Mule, Walter White, CAPSLOCK


72 and humid this am for the 19 that made the decision yesterday to get better today.

Took @unt Bea’s Capri lap and sprinkled some Politician in at the end.


  • All IC X 13
  • SSH
  • WMH
  • BAC F
  • BAC R

High Plank for a quick read:

From A Warriors Faith:

Though blinded, the irrepressible Job recovered from his wounds and began facing a new set of obstacles with his characteristic humor and resolve. He married the girl of his dreams, hunted elk, climbed Mt. Rainier, graduated college with honors, influenced countless people around him, and was looking forward to being a father—before his life was tragically cut short by a hospital medical error.

Count off 1s &2s and partner up.


  • 20 Burpee’s x 3 rounds (60 total)
  • 15 Pull up’s x 3 rounds (45)
  • 60 Single Count Alternating Leg, Lunge Jumps x 3 rounds (180)
  • 25 push up’s x 3 rounds (75 total reps)
  • 1,000 m row or 1,000 m run x 3 rounds (3,000 meters total)

All Work set done with eyes closed.

P1 leads P2 with eyes closed out on run to designated flag and flap jack back to playground to begin next Work set.

Plank for 6 then a quick read:

From Biggles’ Obituary

Blinded by a sniper’s bullet in Iraq, Ryan Job retained his characteristic determination and persistence. He climbed Mount Rainier, trained for a triathlon and became a spokesman for an organization that helps wounded veterans transition to civilian life.

Mr. Job’s younger brother, Aaron, served three tours of duty in Iraq with the Marines. The Seattle Times profiled the Job family during Aaron Job’s deployments in 2003 and 2004.

A story on Ryan Job, a former Navy SEAL, reaching the summit of Mount Rainier appeared in July 2008.

The men’s mother, Debbie Job, of Issaquah, said her son had taken on the challenge of blindness with the same strength with which he confronted other challenges in his life.

“He was determined not to be a disabled guy,” his mother said Friday by phone from Arizona.

Ryan Job underwent an eight-hour surgery Monday to rebuild his face. The recovery seemed to be proceeding smoothly, his mother said, though her son reported some discomfort Wednesday night. A nurse checked on him at 3:30 a.m. Thursday. He was found unresponsive at 5 a.m. She said the hospital had not determined the cause of death.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen like this,” said Debbie Job. “It’s a total shock.”

Neighbors of the Job family on the Sammamish Plateau recalled Ryan Job as a strong, physically active young man who had been determined to join the elite Navy special-operations force, despite the grueling training regimen. Mr. Job regularly swam across Beaver Lake a few miles from his home and ran for hours before dawn, said Neil Iovino, a neighbor who watched the Job boys grow up.

“His goal was to be a Navy SEAL and it didn’t matter how hard it was,” Iovino said.

Ryan Job was born in 1981, the eldest of three children. He graduated from Issaquah High School in 1999 and joined the Navy in 2002. Mutual friends in San Diego, where he trained for the SEALS, introduced him to his future wife, Kelly. The couple married in 2007.

Mr. Job was on patrol in Ramadi, Iraq, in 2006 when a sniper’s bullet struck his rifle. Pieces of the shattered weapon tore through his face, destroying one eye and severing the optic nerves of the other.

After his injury, Mr. Job spent time in military hospitals in Maryland, Florida and finally Palo Alto, Calif.

He and Kelly moved to Arizona in 2007 with the help of the Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation. The California-based organization assists armed-forces veterans severely injured in the line of duty on or after Sept. 11, 2001.

The foundation found a condo for the couple to live in, arranged for furniture and helped Mr. Job enroll in an online college program to complete the business degree he’d begun at the University of Washington.

“He was a great spokesman for the organization,” said Lein, whose father, Howard Lein, founded the Arizona chapter of the Sentinels.

A 2007 story in The Arizona Republic quoted Mr. Job as saying he and his wife wanted to return the generosity others had shown them.

“Once I’m back on my feet, we’d like to help the next group of guys make the same transition.”

Debbie Job said her daughter-in-law is pregnant with the couple’s first child.



Awesome to be with y’all today and to see all the hard work and teamwork that went into Sir E.

It is always good to remind ourselves that even with adversity we can do work.

It is always good to remind ourselves that during adversity we need men to come alongside and guide us.

Please take my words to heart, find someone to mentor you and find someone to mentor. Go up a generation or two for the mentor, someone that’s been through the shit and gotten out alive. Seek someone younger than you to mentor that may still see things through rose colored glasses or that needs to be pushed and nudged to be made aware of their potential.


Lots of good stuff coming up to get involved with:

BV Out

Burpee Breakdown

PAX: Princess Aurora, Deep Dish, FTTAL, Commie (B’ham), Grease Trap, Calf Killer, Edible Arrangements, Bagger Vance (Q)

It was about 95* this am with at least 95% humidity as we neared 0700 and the PAX was starting to round out.  The bell rung and off we went to the east field by the Arc Loader.

YHC was noticeably winded post Pre-Pre and Pre so the WOR was pretty sloppy and fast…much like some other things YHC is known for.



SNL squats x 13 IC

Tempo Merkins x 13 IC

Plank Thrusters x 13 IC

(Insert Princess Aurora)

Jump Squats x 13 IC

Hillbillies X 16 IC (this is where Q passed out standing up)

SSH X ??? at this point we all started to mock Deep Dish and whatever the H he calls SSH

The Thang:

Bear crawl up the ramp at the Ark Loader
Lt Dan up the ramp at the Ark Loader
Mike tysons x 13 IC
Somehow we got up the ramp at the Ark Loader again and went onto
Round 2 –
Grab some wall in the Concrete River
Box Jumps x 20
Nail Salon for the 6
Round 3 –
Partner Up for
Human Sleds up to the Flag Pole
Flap Jack
Stay at the top
Round 4 –
Mosey to
Tennis courts (Insert MC from Greasetrap reminding me i promised no running today…started to Politician at that point which seemed to me to not be running)
Four corners X 2
Escalators x 10
squats, Merkins, thrusters, jump squats
RNR x 15
Round 5 –
Partner Rafter Burpees x 15
Round 6-
Hill Work
One legged dogs alternating to the Utility Pole
Reverse lunge
Side way lunge R/L
Round 7 –
10 pull ups
P2 squat
Flap jack
Mary Up
Start with Plank Progression
YHC realizes there’s still plenty of time left
to the Hill
Round 8 –
sprints w partner (another lie from YHC to GT and Calf Killer…incidentally this is where CK ran over to Port a Potty for a quick natural break)
Wall sits
Politician Hill sprints w partner
Mosey back down to big kid swings
Reverse Crunch x 13 IC
Flutter Kix x 13 IC
(CK craps himself)
Pistol LBC rt leg up
(CK craps himself again)
Pistol LBC lt leg up
Burpees called out as punishment for CK’s lack of bowel control
10x Rest
10 x Rest
Reverse Burpees called out
Awesome to be back at the Mother Church of F3Nashville.  T Claps to Commie for posting with us from F3 Birmingham.  T Claps to Deep Dish for dragging me around 12S those last 3 Miles.  That being said, I did bust DD doing some sort of cheat with the swings whilst we were Pistol LBC-ing.  Great to have the real men of The Shire…Grease Trap, Edible Arrangements and Calf Killer take it North a few miles and post with us.  FTTAL is always good from a soliloquy…not sure what it was about this time maybe Boston, Defiance Fuel and Sergio from LuLu if i had to guess.  I was a little disappointed when we left out and there were no OGs in the PAX but my spirits were lifted when i saw PA come dashing from the lot with those AWFUL purple and orange gloves.
Lots of things coming up soon for yall to participate on the reg and some new things as well.
*Warpath 5.4 is coming up on 7 October.  Should prove to be a real suckfest for those of you interested in getting out of your comfort zone and getting pushed and pushing others.  True HIM down in F3Franklin leading the way.  Hope to join based upon Fall Break commits.
**Continue to lift up the wounded and injured F3 PAX…Hambone’s ankle looks like Albert Haynesworth sat on him and Iron Lung’s back is giving him fits.
***I am planning on joining @RobJonesJourney for at least a portion of his Marathon here in Nashville on 7 November…here is a link to his website and his interview with Jocko
****GrowRuck 05 coming up on 18 November
Honored to Lead and Be Lead by Yall
Bagger Vance

Bomber – 09.22.17 – “Hamm Bros”

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: T-Cell, Firefox, Bicentennial Man, Hi-Viz, 3Putt, Third Person, FNG The Calvin Megatron

While setting up for the workout, YHC misplaced his phone in the mulch. Well, buried actually. After a quick and successful scramble to locate it, YHC made a an equally quick and successful scramble back to the cars just in time for launch.


Mosey up the hill along the path and then circle around the upper parking lot with some butt kickers, high knees, and lateral shuffling. Back down to the cars for COP, all IC:

  • SSH x 20
  • SnL Squats x 15
  • Shoulder Taps x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 15
  • LBAC F/R x 10

In the interest of leaving room for explanation, we moseyed over to the Jungle where the PAX were introduced to the temporary installation of rings and parallettes. After splitting into pairs, YHC explained today’s workout:

With four stations consisting of two exercises each,  PAX pairs performed one exercise at their station in tabata-like fashion doing AMRAP in 40″ and resting 20″ before flapjacking with their partner. After 6 rounds total (3 sets of each exercise), PAX pairs rotated to the next station. Those stations were as follows:

  1. Chin-Ups/Lateral Raise Iso Hold (5lb dumbbell in each hand)
  2. Bodysaws (feet in swing)/Hamstring Curls (heels in swing)
  3. Ring Rows/Hand-Release Merkins
  4. Pistol Squats (swing seat for counterbalance)/L-Sit (on parallettes, tucking and/or resting as needed)

Thoroughly “pumped,” it was time for 4MOM:

  • Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
  • WWI Sit-Ups x 20 IC
  • LBCs x 20 IC

Mosey back to the lot for COT/BOM.


Welcome to FNG Eric Ashley NKA The Calvin Megatron*. Hailing from Ocilla, GA, The Calvin Megatron was once a Mercer Baptist and moved around a bit before settling in Nashville and taking his position as a Presby pastor with West End Community Church. Should you ever have questions on Reformed theology, it seems there is no shortage of resources amongst the PAX. Count The Calvin Megatron among them.

*as is typical of someone with low idea productivity like myself (this is fact. An aptitude test told me so), I’m more quality over quantity when it comes to brainstorming ideas. That requires time to think, something the COT does not allow. So, still a bit disappointed with my naming, my late afternoon train of thought went something like this: Eric is a Georgia Bulldog fan. Oh! Another Calvin is former Georgia Tech receiver Calvin Johnson aka Megatron. There you have it. 


  • Bagger Vance on the Stonewall Q tomorrow, and it sounds like he’s cooked up something delicious for us. Back on at 7am tomorrow.
  • Now is the time to sign up for the GrowRuck event on November 18, and experience a unique opportunity to push your limits and learn valuable lessons alongside your F3 brethren.
  • Warpath 72 in Franklin Oct 7 at 5am. Contact Big Bang for more info.

PA out.