We’re going to need more blocks!

Seventeen showed up for a glorious morning on the 4:13 campus.  Conditions= Seventy and Sunny (for real this time) and fun was had by all.

PAX: Bagger Vance, Red Skull, Detective Picachu, Hambone, T-Cell, Cowboy, Venus, Skinny Jeans (FNG), Jackie Moon, Olan Mills, Squirrel Nuts, Humble Pie, GMO, Iron City, Sleeves, The Stranger, Toga (QIC)

Warmarama in the parking lot then lineup to each member of the PAX to get their own block and then head to the basketball.  Half the PAX lined up on opposing sides of the court then begin block party=

Rev 1: 20 block merkins, 20 squats, 20 block sit-ups, bear crawl across and backwards run back: repeato x2

Rev 2: 20 curls, 20 lunges, 30 flutters while holding block press: crab walk across and backwards run back: repeato x2

Rev 3: 20 presses, 20 swings, 30 heels to heaven, lunge down and back: repeato x2

Rev 4: 20 skull crushers, 20 deadlifts: repeato x2


COT with Bagger taking us out and Red Skull pumping the coffee

NMM: It was great to see a strong showing for the newest class at The Stronghold.  These men are dealing with a big life transition at a time when there is so much going on in our world, nation and town.  It’s a great time for us all to support one another.

Last Dance 413 Class 001 2020

Temp : 32
Gloom : High

PAX: Red Skull, The Baby, Juicy Juice, GoalDLocks, Baby Joker, Benjamin Button, Dae Dae, Titan Man, Pop A Lock, Reveille, DanOSaur, Hot Route, Brother @Law, Pickachu, Bagger Vance

Pretty somber crowd this am as we embarked upon the last workout for this class. Quick dispensing of the Disclaimer then a down to and through the STEM bus lot.


15 Burpees
20 Squats
20 Merkins
20 Pistol Crunches
20 CDD
Run lap

Lead lap got five rounds in. We Flutter Kicked and waited on the 6.

Mary :
Olá Dolly x 13 IC
5 Merkins
Flutter Kix x 13 IC
5 Merkins
Plank Progression
MC at a fever pitch so we argued into 10 Burpees called out by YHC.
AL Prom date RT leg up, LT leg up
Plank Progression


Hard work today men. Thank y’all for persevering. Proud of this class of 413 and how they have stuck with the program. #BreakTheMold


2.13.20 – BOMBSandwich! @The Stronghold

Thursday February 13th 2020

Image result for shit sandwich meme

Gloom: not raining and 42°

PAX:  BrotherAtLaw, RedSkull, MichelanMan, BabyJoker, TitanMan, PawPatrol, DaBaby, Juice, Revielle, PopaLock, Danasaur, Dada, BenjaminButton, Goldilocks, TinCan, BaggerVance

QIC: Crawlspace

Warm up: (Bread) quick jog to the parking lot, set of 20 side straddle hops, Willie Mays Hayes, slownlow squats, slow merkins, lil baby arm circles, air presses, reverse lil baby arm circles etc…

Work: (The meat) B.O.M.B.S. with cinder blocks
Each PAX grabbed a partner and a cinder block then headed to the basketball court. Each individual does 60 of each letter of the acronym while trading jogs to the other end of the court with their partner. Cinder blocks were incorporated where possible (Overhead presses with cinder blocks, squats with cinder block etc.)

Bread: we wrapped up with a game of bean bag tag with a 10 merkin penalty if tagged or pelted. After 3 victims the bean bag is passed on. Just about everyone got some extra sprints and merkins in.

COT: We all want to continue lifting up Charlie and his family with prayers, thoughts and support, as well as TinCan’s mother. We closed out the workout with a brief prayer and continue to sharpen each other’s iron and move up the mountain together. Good work everyone!


YHC Crawlspace

Weight v Wait Vol iii

Weight v Wait Vol III

TEMP: 50

PAX: Cowboy, Money Shot, Red Skull, Pop A Lock, Hot Route, Brother @ Law, Reveille, Danosaur, Kurds, Black Widow, Floppy Disk, CCR, Ocho Cinco, Venus, Tampa Libra, Le Pew, Bagger Vance, Paw Patrol, Juice, Gold E Lox, Benjamin Button, Major Pain, Day Day, Lil Joker, Titan Man, Hedgehog, Baby

Mosey to front lot w coupons

IW X 13 IC
HB X 13 IC

Mosey to main building and circle up for



Mosey to the rails by way of the back sidewalk


SIDE LUNGE X 13 w Coup

Mosey to South side of B ball court




8 CT BB X 13 IC

To 1/2 court … 10 Merks


Classic BV Q Weight v Wait.

We all carry a weight, sometimes its visible like our coupons we carried. Sometimes its not visible like the dark things we don’t want exposed. Point is, we all have it and we all have others that are here for us to help shoulder that burden. We also wait on what is to come, that which is expected but not seen. We have a faith in something bigger than ourselves that sustains us.

The 413ers have both a Weight and to Wait for the next chapter to unfold. It is incumbent upon the F3ers to walk alongside and encourage them.

One parting shot from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits…environment plays a huge role in who we become.

Alive – Pearl Jam … aren’t we all glad to be alive?
The Waiting – TP & 💔… it’s what we’re all doing
Won’t Get Fooled Again – Van Halen cover of The Who … that’s part of the mission of 413 to break the cycle
Gimme Shelter – The Stones … again, what 413 does
The Promise – Sturgill cover of When In Rome … if you follow what’s laid out in front of you, there is something bigger waiting
I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts – X … just timed up perfectly w the worst part of workout
Sonic Reducer – Dead Boys … just really live this song and it’s one of my favorite Pearl Jam covers & they will be here on 2 Apr


All the Little Animals, 2×2

PAX: Reveille, FloJo, The Biking Viking (FNG renamed after COT), Mater, Shock and Awe (FNG), Lady Bird, Papa Smurf (FNG), Zoom, BLT, Lederhosen (FNG), Carrot Top, Pew Pew, DIY, Floyd, Brother-At-Law, FAMO, Casual Friday (Kotter), CAPSLOCK, Red Skull, Cargo, Bottle Cap, Chicken Hawk, Khakis, CCR, Sticks, G-String, Whiz, Le Pew, Sugarbird, Fungi, Offset, Toga (QIC)

Gloom Factor: Sunny and 70

32-33 (may have left someone out there?) redwoods posted to celebrate tourist season in Nashvegas.  Here’s how it went down:

Quick disclaimer then mosey to the gravel pit for warmup COP.  Begin tribute to National Noah’s Ark Day=

  • Bear Crawl down and back
  • Crab walk
  • Scorpion
  • Bear Crawl
  • Crab Walk

Form-up for indigenous peoples’ run to the parking lot in front of the STEM school.  Begin Dora 1-2-3= 100 merkins, 200 squats and 300 WWII sit-ups.

Mosey back to flag for a few minutes of Mary.

COT with YHC taking us out

NMM: Big thanks to Pew Pew and the @F3Louisville gang for joining the proceedings this morning.  Also, a big shoutout to all the EH’ing going on.  Having tried that at YHC’s own work conferences, getting 3 newbs out is a big accomplishment!

Lastly, there is of course no Noah’s ark day..,but maybe there should be.  Think of the greeting cards!

Stay Classy,



25 July 19 413 Class 020 Week One

Temp: 60
Gloom Factor: Nil-ish

PAX: Worm, Twenty-One, Sticks, Offset, Famo, Zoom, Pretty Boy Floyd, Carrot Top, Mater, Sug, Chicken Hawk, Wiz, Tool Time, Spider Monkey, Hot n Ready, Black Widow, BnB, CAPSLOCK, Porcelain, CCR, Brother @ Law, Hot Route, Red Skull, TOGA, Reveille, Pop a Lock, The Dude (FNG), Bagger Vance


0529:30 – Disclaimer

Mosey to Tennis Court/Parking Area

Squats X 13 IC
Supermans X 13 ICp
IW X 13 IC
HB X 13 IC


Burpees 10, 9, 1, 8, 2, 3, 7, 4, 5, 6
8 Count Body Builders x 5

413 Strong Q
4 Stations 4 Movements x 13 Reps w Mosey in between
413 & F3 Men pair off…413ers instructed to learn F3 Five Core Principles

Stop I
Squats x 13 IC
Merkins x 13 IC
Flutter Kicks x 13 IC (hands out to sides)
Squats x 13 IC

F3ers instructed to learn 413 Four Core Principles

Mosey to up main road w some side shuffle thrown in to little parking lot behind main building

Stop II
Jump Squats x 13 sgl ct
Atomic Merkins x 13 sgl ct
Flutter Kix x 13 IC (hands behind head)
Jump Squats x 13 sgl ct

Form up two lines for Indian Run back to Toga’s Gravel Pit with two speed bumps for 5 Burpee.
Flying EH on a runner, turns out that was Red Skull’s EH that was late and had been looking around for us at the StarEx.

Jump Lunges x 13 dbl ct
Peter Parker Merkins x 13 sgl ct
Reverse Thrusters x 13 IC
Jump Lunges x 13 dbl ct

Line back up and IR to Bus lot

Stop IV
Tuck Jumps x 13 sgl ct
Merkins x 13 IC
Reverse Thrusters x 13 IC
Tuck Jumps x 13 sgl ct

Mosey back to StartEx


Circle Up while one PAX from 413 recites F3 Five Core Principles as the remaining PAX Burpee’d for +/- 2 mins and one PAX from F3 recites 413 Four Core Principles +/- 1 minute.

Flutter Kix X 28 IC


Class 020 launched w/ a huge outpouring of support from the PAX. Love the idea of the F3ers and 413ers partnering up to get to know one another a bit and to learn each org’s Core Principles. T Claps to CCR for coming out pre-flight. Kotters to Reveille coming off the IR. Red Skull and I commented on how awesome it was to see all the F3 HIM out to support the new Class. Welcome FNG, The Dude, 413’s YOGA and Meditation guru.

5 Year Anniversary on 14 Sept, be there or be forever remembered as a guy who wasn’t there. Or not, who knows.


EMOM @ The Stronghold 27 July 2019

Temp: 73
Gloom Factor: Wet and Steamy

PAX: Boo, Paco, Lockbox, Stretch, Juice, T Rex, Big Country, Puddles, Notes, Right Said, Crawl Space, Life Champ, Hot Route, Hot n Ready, Red Skull, Porcelain, Brother @ Law, Toga, Change Order, Bagger Vance

0530:30 Disclaimer

Mosey to the tennis courts, yes, there used to be tennis courts at Stronghold and circle up for

SSH x 13 IC
Squats x 13 IC
Supermans x 13 IC
Scorpions x 13 IC
Iron Crosses x 13 IC



EMOM x 15’
5 Rows
10 Merkins
15 Squats

Break off into 1s and 2s for Indian Run to block pile. 1s go in front of STEM building to block pile, 2s go around back. Classic pincer mover from WWII.


EMOM x 15’
5 Block Swings
10 Block Thrusters
15 Low Merkin Plank Jax

Mary Up:
LBCs x 13 IC
5 Block Merkins
Flutter Kix x 13 IC
5 Block Merkins
Ola Dollies x 13 IC
5 Block Merkins
Flutter Kix


That was a real smoker. Literally, dudes had steam coming off them during and after the workout. Always a good sign, that and Lockbox retching off in the corner. Much better attitudes and better effort this week than last. Well done yall. YHC gave some unsolicited advice on those two things you can control, Attitude and Effort at the end…it was free advice but likely pretty good nonetheless. T Claps to T Rex for owning his bad attitude and lackluster effort last week as well as at Detention on Monday.

BH: Continue to pray for the wives of our brothers that are struggling with health issues.
Pray for Dupree’s church as they recover from an arsonist attack earlier this week.
Pray for the men at 413 as they interview and for signing day on 2 July.

BV, Out

6 June 1944

Temp : 72 and Muggy

Gloom Factor : Nil

PAX: Paco, Puddles, Lockbox, T Rex, Stretch, Boo, Juice, Big Country, BnB, Bad Boy, Reveille, Red Skull, Hot Route, Bagger Vance

QIC: Bagger Vance

Mosey to STEM lot for WOR:
Squats X 13 IC
Merkins x 13 IC

6 – 6 – 19 – 44
Run 400 M

6 Burpees
6 8 Ct Body Builders
19 Squats
44 Flutter Kicks IC
Run 400M

6 Burpees
6 Man Makers
19 SGL LEG Lunges
44 Hello Dollies IC
Run 400M

6 Burpees
6 8 Ct Body Builders
19 Jump Squats
44 Dragon Flags/Heels to Heaven
Run 400M

6 Burpees
6 8 Ct Body Builders
19 SGL LEG Side Lunges
44 Superman Plank IC
Run 400M

At this point Boo and Lockbox were jawing pretty obnoxiously about who was fastest.
We stopped on the run back on the back sidewalk to pair off and sprint to a pole at some 200M away. While the rest of us had some good natures fun YHC left Juice back to fire the starting gun and see who was faster Boo or Lockbox. While Boo claims a KY Derby like foul on Lockbox, the record shows that Lockbox took race one. (By the way, Juice smoked them like a 4 alarm fire, dude is quick.)

Slowsey back to startex where we had time for some plank for the 6 and 20 Flutter Kix IC.


Today we honored the brave souls who fought for our freedom and that of the world at Normandy 75 years ago. Most of the guys in that circle of trust would have been on the front lines had they been around 75 years ago. It’s pretty amazing when you’re around the 18-25 year old set how courageous our grandfathers & great grandfathers were in the face of the Axis of Evil. Thank yall now and forevermore.

First Friday Lunch tomorrow. Location : TBD.
Prayers up – Offshore and fam are fostering a child beginning any day now.
Ludwig, Penny Loafers and Dupree’s Ms and their roads to recovery.
Stretch’s granddad Ed.
All those traveling.
June 21 Leader’s lunch Q’d by Vector. Hit me up for details.



Down & Back & Down & Back Again & Again & Again…

PAX:  22 of Nashville’s finest looking men got up early and pushed their baseline a little higher today.  From 4:13 strong we had: Paco, Puddle, Boo, T-Rex, Juice, Lockbox, Notes, Big Country, & Stretch.  Rounding out the PAX today we had Baggervance, Brother-At-Law, Foxtrottalksalot, Toga, Caps Lock, Red Skull, Hot-and-Ready, Hot Route, Porcelain, Casual Friday, FNG – Soccer Mom. I’m missing someone so tell me if I left you out.

QIC: TheJeweler

Gloom Factor: I’d have gone on an early morning picnic.

Disclaimer: The disclaimer was given and emphasis was put on not being sued.

Warm Up: 400m trot around the building from the parking lot back to the B-Ball courts.  Circle up.

20 SSH, 10 GM, 10 WMH, 10 FBAC, 10 BBAC, 10 Air Presses, 10 Hillbillies, 10 Imperial Walkers.  Sprint drills across the courts: High Knees, Butt Kicks, A-Skip, & B-Skip.  Short jog over to the power pole near the court to start the thang.

The Thang: You’ve heard of it, maybe you’ve even seen it, and if you’re really lucky, you’ve done it before… that’s right gents, it’s TABATTA time. 4 Rounds!

One 4min song equals 1 round.  Each song is broken up into 20s intervals with 10s recovery.   One round looks like this:

Sprint 20 sec, 10 sec rest, 20 sec SSH, 10 sec rest, Sprint 20 sec, 10 sec rest, 20 sec Merkins, 10 sec rest, sprint 20 sec, 10 sec rest, 20 sec LBC, 10 sec rest, sprint 20 sec, 10 sec rest, 10 sec lunges.  That’s one round.  We did 4 straight through.  The boys were feeling it, especially those that took off on the first sprint!

During the tabatta  ~20 people didn’t recover correctly.  That equals 100 additional penalty merkins to reinforce the correct way to recover.  Q said that we would take care of this later.

Mosey over to the concrete block pile and pax grabbed 11 blocks and moseyed to the basketball court.  Count off 1s & 2s.  Ones on one side, 2s on the far side of the court.  Partner up with the man directly across from you.

Concrete block relay races.  1s with the blocks sprinted across the court carrying the block and passed off to their partner who sprinted back to the other side.

Penalty merkins… were renamed to Recovery Merkins (I think it has a nicer ring, maybe we call them reinforcement merkins b/c it’s not about penalizing someone for doing something wrong, we want to grow and do things better in the future).  PAX did 10 in cadence.

We did ~10 (maybe more) relay races and 10 sets of recovery merkins in between each race for a total of 100 merkins.  2 sets were windshield wiper merkins, and one set were dolphin merkins.  We did have one PAX go green face and make use of the grass to the side of the court.  Not gonna lie, the PAX was music to my ears as they counted out those last ten Merkins in cadence.  This strong group of men was loud and clear as we tried to wake up the neighborhood!

MARY:  We circled up on the court, 10 WW1s hold the last one at 45 degrees.  20 American Hammers. 50 SSH. TIME!

Announcements & Prayer Request: I’m gonna forget some but continue praying for Ludwig’s wife’s recovery, Steven’s (aka Boo if my memory is correct) grandmother is in the hospital, some of the 4:13 boys are back on the street as well and we just pray that God reaches down and affects their life in the right way in the coming weeks.  The boys set the baseline a little higher today… we will always have tough situations, and curve balls thrown our way, but if we keep working hard, and pushing ourselves in all aspects of life, that baseline of what we can face keeps going higher and I believe that’s how we become leaders by example and men of virtue.

It was an honor to be out there with you F3 Men of Nashville, and an humbling to lead the 4:13 group today.

YHC TheJeweler

The Girls at 413

Beautiful morning at The Stronghold this am with the HIM of F3 Nashville and the HIM in training of 413 Strong.  There was a bit of sadness hanging in the air as we found out that since our last post 4 of the 413ers had made the easy decision and left the program.  That’s how life goes sometimes.

Temp: 68
Gloom Factor: Nil

Play Station, Khakis, Black Widow, Sir Topham Hat, D’Mish, Hot Route, Danosaur,  CAPSLOCK, Reveille, Paw Patrol, Legally Blonde, Red Skull, Mitch, Jersey Money, Big Cat (F3 Chapel Hill), Dubs, Toga, Shaq, Lil Jon, Baby, Bagger Vance


Grab some Coupons and return to the circle for Disclaimer.  Oops, someone wasn’t listening…Burpees while we wait.

Mosey to the STEM Building lot with Coupons passing them between partners who held them in various positions…Regular, Hallelujah, Middle School Prom.

Fall out for WOR:

SSH x 13 IC, WMH, x 13 IC, IW x 13 IC, HB x 13 IC



To the rails for Fran

21, 15, 9 Pull Ups (Rows) and Thrusters.

Had to sub out for Merkins not Rows R1 due to poor recon from the Q.  Good news is we found some other railing options by the cafeteria where we continued R2& R3.

One girl, Fran, down and two more to go…


Barbara 5 Rounds

20 Pull Ups (Rows)

30 Merkins

40 LBCs

50 Squats

Rest 3 Minutes…except we ran and planked for the 6 for our rest.

All in, good mosey back to StartEx for our third and final sweetheart of the day…

Mary –

Flutter Kix x 13 IC

4 Merkins

Ola Binary x 13 IC

4 Merkins

FKix x 13 IC

4 Merkins

Ola Binary x 13 IC

4 Merkins

Hold Plank final :30


NMM: Well done this AM men.  Shaq, that one was for you…Red Skull I am sorry for NOTHING.

Today marks a rap on our Third class or is it Fourth with 413? Regardless, it was a lot of fun.  Praying for each of you to go do great things and live out the role only YOU can play in God’s Larger Story.


The Buffalo stampedes tomorrow at Shelby Park Community Center 0530.

The Gauntlet on Saturday 0500 Nolensville HS.

Memorial Day “Embrace the Suck” CSAUP is only 25 Days away.  Get ready for the Mayhem…

0500 Murph


0700 5 Mile Speed Ruck


Bagger Vance