Bean Juice

Right Said, Cowboy, Money Shot, High Flyer, En Fuego, Princess Aurora, Toothless, Crawlspace, Bareback, Jug Band, Cowbell, Bicentennial Man, Michelin Man, Reveille, yours Q-ly Tampa Libra

SSH X 25, WMH x 10 oyo, Good Mornings x 10, Smurf Jacks x 10, hip flexor stretch x 6


  • Mosey to the field for what Money Shot referred to as “a real creative workout”
  • Sprint length of the field and back to the 10 for 2 burpees, 10 prison squats, 10 sec hold
  • Spring the length of the field and back to the 10 for 4 burpees, 20 prison squats, 20 sec hold
  • 6, 30, 30….10, 50, 50
  • R&R with 10 Air Presses, 10 Peter Parkers, 10 push up hold….40, 40, 40 before calling time


  • 10 flutters, sprint, 10 flutters, sprint back
  • 20 flutters, sprint, 20 flutters, sprint back
  • 50 heel touches, 15 single leg LBCs each side, 40/15, 30/15, 20/15


  • Grow Ruck 10/10
  • CSAUP with details forthcoming
  • Prayers for those recovering from surgery
  • Prayers for Awaken Nashville and prayer/fasting throughout Feb
  • Hot Chicken lunch on Thursday

III Pillars – 12.31.19 – “B.A.L.L.S. dropped”

6 PAX turned up for their final workout of 2019 at III Pillars. Considering most would likely be asleep before the ball dropped, the plan was to do a little drop of our own.

QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Covenant Eyes, Crablegs, Moneyshot, Pumpkin Spice (LIFO), Trapper Keeper


After rolling in HOT and delivering a disclaimer before the car door was even closed, the PAX were off to the track for a little COP at midfield.

  • SSH x 20
  • SnL Squats x 20
  • LBAC x 20
  • Overhead Clap x 20
  • RLBAC x 20
  • WMH x 20

Mosey to the back of the east end zone and explain the meat of today’s celebratory workout: a descending ladder of the circuit below:

  • Burpees
  • Air Squats
  • Lunges
  • Leg Raises

PAX performed 10 reps of each exercise and completed one 200m lap. SSH  for the six and repeat again with 9, 8, 7,…1. Pumpkin had to peace out before 5 to go doctor some people, but the rest finished the countdown and ran the last lap together.

Quick skip over to the playground for some push-pull action. Each PAX was to perform 40 (20+20) pull-ups, and rest/wait for bar vacancy with Merkins. Most were busting out sets of 3-4 by the end. Lactic acid burns so good!

All in and it was back to the parking lot for dealer’s choice Mary:

  • Hello Dollies x 20
  • American Hammers x 20
  • Happy Crunchy Frogs x 20
  • LBCs x 20
  • WWIs x 20 OYO



Appreciated Pumpkin Spice and Moneyshot for pushing the pace on the 200s, and big props to Crablegs for his dedication to full reps on the pull-ups. It’ll pay off. Covenant Eyes, Crablegs, and YHC took a field trip to the OG III Pillars coffeeteria: Starbucks at the Green Hills Mall. Conversation was delightful with topics including podcasts, specialists vs. generalists, and Crablegs’s love of the villain.


Prayers for a New Year of focus and follow-through.

  • 1/1/20 – New Year’s Day convergence at FRA
  • 1/16/20 – Gentlemen’s Dinner at Jimmy Kelly’s. Spots MIGHT be available, so see Reveille.

All for now. Go Tigers!

PA out.

Tuesday at Bernie: 11/19/19

Gloom Factor: 43° and drizzling

PAX: Bi-Centennial Man, Cowboy, Crablegs, En Fuego, Money Shot, Silver Medal, and Trapper Keeper (QIC).

Took a little mosie to the front side of SPs and up the stairs and back around, then traveled up to the middle of the field where the PAX warmed up.

SSHs × 15 IC
Squaats! × 15 IC
WMHs × 15 IC
Good Mornings × 10 OYO
LBACs × 15 IC
RLBACs × 15 IC

PAX then mosied from the field around to the bottom of Bernie hill.


PAX performed 6 sets with 3 stops.
Set consisted of: 5 burpees at the bottom of Bernie hill, then run up Bernie hill to the edge of the field (1st stop) where 10 squats were performed. Then PAX bear crawled across the width of the field to half way point (2nd stop) where 15 air presses were performed. Then PAX traveled from the mid point of the field to the other side by way of side lunges. PAX traveled back to starting point by reversing the mode of travel but without performing exercises.

Note: Side lunges were switched when traveling back to mid point.

After all 6 sets were complete, 30 burpees, 60 squats, 90 air presses, and 120 SSHs were performed.

At the end of the 6th set, 5 more burpees were performed for good measure.

Mosied back to parking lot for Mary.

Alternating Shoulder Taps × 10 IC
Flutter Kicks × 10 IC
Hello Dollies × 10 IC
90° Leg Raises × 10 IC
LBCs × 10 IC
Merkins × 10 IC
SSHs × 30 IC

Always an honor to lead the HIM!

~Trapper Keeper

THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE…[ones who show up at 0530 with a wind chill of 11 degrees]

244 years ago this week the “most powerful fighting force on the planet” was established: the United States Marine Corps.  YHC’s father was a Marine officer in Korea and landed in Incheon on 10 November, 1952.  Happy Birthday Marines!

QIC: Silver Medal

PAX: En Fuego, Moneyshot, Bicentennial Man, High Flyer

CONDITIONS:  Wind chill of 11…what do you think it was like?

MOSEY (“slow calculated ice dance”)

Started with a long mosey trot around the church parking lot then back up around the back of the retirement center g-i-n-g-e-r-l-y placing every step.  Heading back to the main parking lot a skidding/sliding noise was heard by all, but alas, it was just bicentennial who had discovered that sliding on the ice [on his feet] was easier than running on it.  Pretty impressive.  Skipped typical WOR because who really needs to warm up anyway in these temps?

THANG (modified heavily)

Audible 1- The impending ice looming, YHC decided the night before to pivot and not go off-campus…some “field” training would be perfect.  So three on-campus main events were planned. (Audible 2- we only really got to one of them).

  • MARSOC Short Card.  Straight from the USMC Special Operations Command website.  If you haven’t done this, try it.  Simple 15-20 minute routine but a good one that will get the heart pumping without moving out of a 3’ radius.
    • 30 Merkins
    • 30 Squats
    • 30 LBCs
    • 10 Burpees
    • 10 Windmills
    • 30 Merkins
    • 30 Mountain climbers
    • 30 Flutter kicks
    • 10 Burpees
    • 10 Cherry pickers (4-count)
    • 30 Merkins
    • 30 SSHs
    • 30 Supermans
    • 10 Burpees
    • 10 Chain breakers
    • 30 Merkins
    • 30 Lunges
    • 30 Hello dollies
    • 10 Burpees
    • 30 American Hammers (modified count)
    • 50 dips (modified from AMRAP pull ups as bar was inaccessible)
  • In preparation for his Korea deployment in 1952, my father attended the USMC’s Mountain Warfare Training Center in Pickel Meadow CA (in the Sierras).  So to remember that we headed up to field for second and third acts that would include plenty of mountain “crawling” training.  Gate is frozen shut.  The locking device was plastic so we decided not to break it.  Ice was everywhere so jumping it posed risks.  Mosey around to Bernie Hill gate (which was also in the same frozen condition).  But who would have thought, Bernie Hill was [almost] completely dry.  So….
    • 3 rounds of El-Capitans/Everest combo (Lt Dans uphill);
    • 4 rounds (I think) of uphill Bearcrawl.
  • Long mosey back to main parking lot for some Mary that included ample J-Los, Freddie Mercurys, WWIs, Flutters, WMHs, and extra stretching that didn’t occur during WOR.

Lots of time was wasted with slow mosey and botched plans.  The lack of continuity was frustrating but on a day like today, you just keep moving.


  • Prayers for Hipster’s recovery
  • Prayers for High Flyer’s “you know, um, procedure” this Friday.  Moneyshot’s prep advice was duly noted by all.

I appreciate you guys making it out there this morning.  Had some curveballs thrown but we kept moving and made it through.

Silver Medal

III Pillars – 11.05.19 – For Fawkes Sake


QIC: Princess Aurora

PAX: Bareback, Crablegs, Deuce (WL – Jackson, MS), En Fuego, Moneyshot, Silver Medal, Toothless

“Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason, and plot. I know of no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.”

After coming in on two wheels, YHC delivered the above quote, frustrations with Amazon failing to deliver on time, and a disclaimer, and it was showtime!

The Thang:

Following an easy breezy mosey ending in the middle of the football field, the PAX circled up for a rousing warm up involving:

  • SSH
  • LBAC
  • Overhead Claps
  • Reverse LBAC
  • Good Mornings
  • SnL Squats
  • WMH

YHC explained that on this day, the fifth of November, the PAX would commemorate the infamous Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot with a little routine dubbed “For FAWKES sake!” The PAX wo

  • Flutter Kicks (2ct) x 23
  • Atomic Merkins x 23
  • Windshield Wipers x 12 ea
  • Knee Jumps x 23 #crowdpleaser
  • E2K x 12 ea
  • Smurf Jacks x 23

Take a lap. Plank and wait for the six. RnR x 2 for three total rounds, 69 reps per exercise, or 414 total reps, the number of years since Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the House of Lords. #math

Keeping with the theme of blowing things up, PAX paired up for some mini-B.O.M.B.S.  While P1 performs reps of first exercise, P2 runs 30-yard repeats until reps are complete and switches. Repeat for each exercise until both partners have completed all reps. Al Gore for six.

  • Burpees x 10
  • Overhead Claps x 15
  • Merkins x 20
  • BBSU x 25
  • Squats x 30

Wouldn’t be a Guy Fawkes tribute without a V for Vendetta reference in the form of V-Ups x 11! Our co-conspirators await, so mosey back to the rendezvous point — uh-oh! looks like the search party is onto us — pick up the pace and give it all you got to the finish!

But alas, just as with Fawkes, the plan was foiled, and the PAX were found guilty of treason  and sentenced to 15 Burpees.


Always a pleasure to lead the men of III Pillars, and the new regulars of which the group is comprised. Great job by En Fuego (and Crablegs) on reinvigorating AO attendance via the Swaggy P games, and I’m confident the momentum will carry over into the frosty months ahead. Glad to have Deuce join the crew once again, especially since I talked him out of posting at Sir E. Sorry, Boyband!


  • TAP for Toothless’s MIL’s upcoming eye procedure
  • Tclaps to the PAX who participated in the Star Course Saturday: En Fuego, Leatherneck, and Umbrella as a 26.2 team, and Big Bang and Tortoise for the 50-miler. Shake their hand next time you see them!
  • Less than three weeks until The Fittest. Who will be our six? Vote on Slack!

PA out.

10/29/19: 1 Year Spiceaversary

Location: III Pillars

Conditions: Cool enough

QIC: Pumpkin Spice

PAX: Bareback, Bicentennial Man, Covenant Eyes, Crablegs, En Fuego, High Flyer, Hipster, Moneyshot, Princess Auroroa, Silver Medal, Toothless, Twin Peaks


Warmorama :

  • SSH x 15
  • LBAC x 15
  • rLBAC x 15
  • Moroccan Night Clubs x 15
  • WMH x 15

The Main Event:

The PAX made their way to the basecamp of Mt. Covenant and excitedly listened to the instructions for their impending punishment. Being my 1-year F3 anniversary, this was a SPICE themed workout. The PAX would Bernie all the way up Mt. Covenant and perform a series of exercises at the top, do a core exercise while waiting for the six to finish their exercises, then run back down to the bottom and SSH for the six before the next round starts. The exercises at the top were:

  • Round 1: 10 Squat Jumps
  • Round 2: 10 SJs, 20 Plank Jacks
  • Round 3: 10 SJs, 20 PJs, 30 Incline Merkin Hammers
    • Incline Merkin Hammers were invented for this workout. This is a partner exercise, whereby Partner A is on their six with their knees bent at a 90 degree angle. They do a variation of American Hammers while Partner B does Incline Merkins using Partner A’s knees for hand placement
  • Round 4: 10 SJs, 20 PJs, 30 IMHs, 40 Clerkins
  • Round 5*: 10 SJs, 20 PJs, 30 IMHs, 40 Cs, 50 Extenders (Gas Pumps)
    • We were running out of time, so we elected to forego the trip down and up Mt. Covenant after Round 4 and simply added on the 50 Extenders to the end of Round 4

** After Round 3, we collectively paused for some Sottek Stretches, with each Sottek brother giving us a 10 count to stretch our right quad, left quad, then both quads

The PAX then hustled back to the Shovelflag to finish it out.


  • The PAX openly expressed their excitement when we immediately charted course for Mt. Covenant. They knew the joys that awaited them.
  • Princess Aurora miraculously found the PAX in the middle of Round 1 up Mt. Covenant — how he found us, we may never know.
  • By the third trip up Mt. Covenant, the quads were burning so hot that you could smell the smoke in the air.
  • During the inaugural use of the Incline Merkin Hammer, the PAX commented on the precarious nature of the position of the Merkin partner whilst performing their part of the exercise. Thankfully no one slipped and got to know their partner in a certain undesirable kind of way.
  • On our final trip down Mt. Covenant, Moneyshot affectionately referred to the tortuous implementation of Bernies today to be more of a Bernie Madoff kind evil. He’s not wrong.
  • Hipster got tripped up on a last minute AYG to the Shovelflag and it looks like he will be on the mend for a couple of weeks with some strained muscles. Be praying for him to have a swift recovery!
  • T-claps for En Fuego with the strong tailgate coffeteria game, per usual.


  • Continue to be praying for Bad Boy, who has suffered a meniscal tear and will be out for a bit. We can’t wait to have you back brother! And we look forward to some coffeteria sightings in the meantime.
  • It has been a tremendous blessing to join you HIM for the past year. T-claps to Crablegs for EHing me 1 year ago. Not only did I become more physically healthy in the past year, but I’ve grown in my self-discipline, ability to lead, and made many new friends in the process. Thank you guys for helping me grow in these and other ways this past year. It’s been a privilege to join you!

– Pumpkin Spice

Making Ken Burns Proud

14 HIM came out Tuesday to get better, accompanied by an old school country playlist. Ken Burns, and mama, would have been proud. Here’s how it went down:

PAX@DFrost  @TK  @Right Said  @Cunning Linguist  @cowboy   @moneyshot  @bicentennial-man  @en_fuego  @slimfit  @Toothless  @smokey (from Charlotte, respect)  @Crablegs  @princessaurora  and YHC  @Hipster

Score – Sons of the Pioneers, Jimmie Rodgers, George Jones, Cash, Merle, Buck, Ray Price, Hank, Willie & Waylon, Clint, The Oakridge Boys, The Kendalls, and The Judds

Opening Act – Mosey to field, lap around the track, Warm O Rama

Thang 1 – stadium seats, AMRAP leg circuit. 1 min each exercise, with a 200m run in between each.

–  Single leg drop left
–  Single leg drop right
–  Box Squat
–  Bulgarian Split Squat left
–  Bulgarian Split Squat right
–  Monkey Humpers
–  Step Up left
–  Step Up right

Thang 2 – playground, group circuit, each set includes:

– 30 merkins
– 25 hanging leg raises
– 20 spidermans
– 15 lying leg raises

2 sets, sub dry docks for merks on set #2

Thang 3 – playground, group plank circuit
45 seconds on, 15 off for the following:

–  plank
– low side plank left
– low side plank right
– low spidermans

Finale – Mosey back to lot, time

Solid showing all around, ESPECIALLY Team Faith. Honor and a privilege to lead.

III Pillars…2 Workouts

III Pillars, 3 Sept 2019

Conditions: late summer cool with a side of heat

PAX: – TK, Silver Medal, Tchaikovsky, Twin Peaks, Bicentennial Man, Money Shot, Princess Aurora, En fuego, Right Said, Hi-Viz, Pumpkin Spice, Crablegs (QIC

Warm-A-Rama: SSH, OH & Seal Claps, Good Mornings, Lunges, Imperial Walkers.

Main Event: 

12 PAX split themselves evenly among two workouts:

  1. Ironpax Week 1
  2. The Tougher Workout

Ironpax Week 1 is as follows:

  • Broad jump 10yards, followed by 10 burpees, 10 Bonnie Blairs, 10 Big Boy sit-ups. Repeat x 2 for a total of 30 yards, bearcrawl back to the start (30yards) and repeat the whole thing x 5.

Workout 2 went as follows:

  • Suicide ladder on the 60 yard field
    • Travel to 10 yard line with a lunge, then at the line: 1 burpee, 2 squats, 3 J-Lo’s, bernie back to the start.
    • Lunge to the 20 yard line: 2 Burpees, 4 Squats, 6 J-Lo, Bernie Back
    • Lunge to the 30: 3 Burp, 6 Squat, 9 J-Lo, etc until the 60 yard line
  • Suicide ladder #2
    • Sprint to the 10, 1 egg drop/yo yo (sort of a backwards burpee, rolling on the back and standing up without using arms or hands), then back to start
    • Sprint to the 20, 2 egg drop/ yo yo,
    • repeat to the 60
  • Part 3: PAX joined up with their brethren still completing the Ironpax challenge and did the workout along with them.

COT + Announcements:

Shamelessly copied from Toothless:

  • Iron PAX 2019 is in full swing, catch the workouts on Mondays across F3 Nashville or other days if they’re offered – if you’re the Q on another day and have PAX who typically don’t post on Monday’s consider leading PAX through the Iron PAX challenge for the week
  • F3 Nashville 5 year anniversary is coming up on September 14, sign up form is a yes and no kind of RSVP so even if you’ll be DR, sign up and say you won’t be joining so the count is more accurate

Storming Mt. Covenant – III Pillars – 08.20.19

Conditions: A little toasty, with a healthy dose of clouds to provide a strong, dark gloom

QIC: Toothless

PAX: Cunning Linguist, Tampa Libra, Lumbergh, Crablegs, Money Shot, Sideline, Cowboy, Hipster, En Fuego, Pumpkin Spice, Princess Aurora

The Q rolled in hot and had a speedy disclaimer, but proclaimed himself Captain Hook for the morning due to a broken finger. The PAX started off with a crisp mosey over to Mt. Covenant Landing (parking deck)


  • SSH x 20
  • Windmills x 15
  • Good Mornings x 15

Main Event: Storming Mt. Covenant

PAX began at the bottom of Mt. Covenant and were given the following set of exercises to complete. Markers (frisbees) were set so that the hill was separated into three sections.

  • Squats x 30
  • Run until 1/3
  • WWI x 50
  • Bernie Sanders to 2/3
  • Flutter kicks x 70
  • Lunges to 3/3
  • Air press x 90

Rinse & Repeat

The PAX managed to complete one repeat of the above exercises. The Q introduced an additional exercise at the top between the two circuits. That exercise was “walking the plank” by way of the sneaky gorilla. PAX lined up head to toe and held a one-armed plank to mimic their one-handed captain. The PAX at the front of the line would sneaky gorilla (knuckles to the ground, traveling side-lunge) to the end of the line, call next, and the new front PAX would begin. Only one full cycle through the line was completed before PAX had to mosey back down to start the second circuit.

After the second circuit, PAX moseyed back across Hillsboro. The frisbees were collected, and it was proven that the West side needs a lot of help with their frisbee skills as we almost lost a few frisbees from errant throws while coming down the hill. At the first median after crossing the road, the Q called a halt and added a sneaky gorilla to the second median followed by a sprint to the post.

Swaggy P:

This workout also marked the beginning of the Swaggy P games! These games are a friendly competition between those at the West side Tuesday and Thursday AO’s, Atlantis and III Pillars. Rules & Regulations are posted in Slack, but points are primarily gained through attendance, with heavy bonuses for recruitment. You can follow along with the official scoreboard here, but the initial scoring is as follows with Team Faith jumping out into a strong but attackable lead:

  • Team Fitness: 9
  • Team Fellowship: 6
  • Team Faith: 15


  • Iron PAX 2019 signup is live, link is here and posted in #bomber on Slack as well
  • F3 Nashville 5 year anniversary is coming up in September, sign up will be out soon to help Q with numbers when planning for the workout as well as any food

As always, it was an honor to lead!

Back to School. Shaking off the Summer Rust

The IIIP crew had become a little rusty over the summer so YHC felt the need to “edumacate” the PAX a little as we head back to school.

QIC: Silver Medal

PAX: En Fuego, Lumbergh (Respect), Princess Aurora, Moneyshot, Twin Peaks, Crablegs, Sideline (FNG), Toothless

CONDITIONS:  Honestly, conditions were utterly oppressive.  Really.  80+ degrees.  Perfect!


Started with a Capri Lap around the church parking lot to make sure we would be seen toward the front of the grounds in the event PA, Crablegs and Toothless decided to show up (note the previous evening HCs).  Back up to the field for some WOR (SSH x 15, WMH x 15, LBAC x 15)…still no sign of the three who have apparently gone UA.


As we mosey to the playground, YHC proceeds to talk to the PAX about the various structures upon which different schools base their curriculum(s)(i)(a)? FNG Sideline was quick to intervene after noticing my obvious struggle with Latin, informing me that the plural of curriculum is “curricula”. All of that prep school Latin is finally paying off for him I see.  Back to the workout.  Many schools are based on the STEM curriculum; others, like St Paul, are on the STEAM program.  (The PAX later learned how painful Art really is).

Partner Up 1 / 2

SSwerkin – The PAX learned the SCIENCE behind pushups and that they are actually not bodybuilding chest exercises.  They are part of the calisthenics family since they are body weight only, and actually more core exercise than anything – using your full body.  The PAX learned that F3 actually has a version to help them better feel the pushup as a full core exercise.  (Total team 100 – one exercise / one does lap)

T –  Turkish Get Up – We learned that Turkey has the 3d fastest growing population in the use of mobile TECHNOLOGY for e-commerce. (One partner exercise AMRAP, other lap – goal is 3 laps each)

EEverest – The PAX learned that Mt Everest is part of two countries: Nepal and Tibet, which is a part of China.  The Chinese have been by far (for better or worse) the largest investor in the ENGINEERING of the road and trail infrastructure of the mountain for years.  (Start from bottom of Bernie Hill.  “Everest” up, lap around track, RnR sans lap)

AApple Turnover  The PAX learned that Apple has recently released an unprecedented augmented reality program in six cities whereby you can walk the cities and the phone can display digital ART against the landscape.  (20/20/20yds flop bearcrawl/crabwalk/bearcrawl, lap, RnR, lap)

MMexican Jumping Bean Pull-ups  The PAX learned that the Mayans were one of – if not the most – well known experts in MATH.  From the discovery of absolute 0/zero to the Mayan, calendar.  The Mayans are a large part of the modern day country of Mexico.  (Total team 50 – one exercise / one does lap)

Few minutes to spare to talk to the PAX about COMMON CORE CURRICULUM as we mosey back down to the parking lot.  After a brief AOQ-infused penalty, we proceeded to finish up with some Captain Thors. (10/40)


  • September 14 – F3 NASHVILLE 5-yr celebration.
  • [Former Skunk] AO now posting at St Paul in Green Hills on Mondays.  Meant to be collective training ground – if you’ve got an upcoming endurance event on the calendar (ruck, run, etc.) come post and get your training on with your fellow PAX.
  • Continued prayer for Boone’s Farm

It was an honor to lead this morning.  Stay sharp and listen to your teachers!

Silver Medal